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Blood, Sweat, and Sand

Petranaki Arena, Geonosis

Over the course of centuries, the hulking behemoth in the midst of a literal wasteland had gone by many names. "Arena of Justice", "Execution Arena", and it's literal title "Petranaki Arena" had all been labels it earned through the spilling of blood within its walls. Today, it would earn yet another name; applied by the trio set to face off within its walls: the Proving Grounds. Prior to this momentous occassion, a challenge had been sent out across the stars; transmitted across the holo-net and communication channels. It beckoned warriors of every culture and race to the world of Geonosis to fight within its famous arena; all in the name of glory and prestige...and for the Mandalorian walking throughout the internal corridors of the Arena, there wasn't any other bait in the Galaxy.

And so Isley Verd accepted the challenge posed to him by the Geonosians, and so too did two others. Together, they would meet within the circle of blood and sand in the hopes of securing for themselves a slice of glory. The beskar-clad warrior was the first to navigate through the winding halls of the Arena's interior and come to a halt before the gate; where he was halted by a duo of Geonosians. They checked his weapons, armor, and tools; which consisted of a lightsaber, a duo of disruptor pistols, his jetpack, and a handful of grenades, before flipping the switch that caused the metal gate to rise. Simultaneously, the other two gates, from where his opponents would enter, began to open as well; and Isley made his way into the arena. Straightway the crowd began to roar, for yet another display of carnage was about to unfold before their eyes.

Coming to a halt about one-third of the way into the arena, he took a moment to take stock of his surroundings. There was nothing save sand, high walls, a trio of "sacrificial" pillars, and the recently-slain carcass of a Nexu; a relatively straightforward terrain. Immediately, the Mandalorian's hands flew to his utility belt and he wrapped his fingers about the hilt of his lightsaber, in addition to one of his disruptor pistols. He had no idea who, or what, he would be going up against...but he sure as kark was looking forward to it.

Atlas Kane

The room in which the Young Knight was supposed to prepare for battle was quite dark and empty. Empty, save for a couple of Geonosians who were eyeing the young man who would face a great challenge in a couple of moments. That young man was Yasuo, a Jedi Knight working for the Fel Imperium. He had seen the challenge that was issued over the HoloNet and decided he would join in, since it would certainly be a fun and interesting experience. He didn't know exactly who he would be fighting, but he knew that it wouldn't be easy. Everyone could have joined, or no one. His opponents would either be the person who issued the challenge or many, many Bounty Hunters and other people who wanted to earn some glory and reputation, but Yasuo was prepared for anything.

Yasuo had spent the last couple of moments before the gate opened meditating. He wanted to calm himself down, so that he wouldn't get nervous and make foolish mistakes that could cost his life. One small mistake could mean death for all he knew. The two Geonosians cam up to him and eyed him for the last time, then they went up to the gate and opened it. When Yasuo walked out, the sun almost blinded him with its intensity and his eyes had to readjust to the bright light inside the arena. He kept walking a bit until he was about a fourth of the way to the middle of the arena, before stopping and looking around. The Arena was pretty simple. There wasn't much terrain to use during combat which meant that only the fighter's skills could bring him or her victory. He spotted one of his opponents. He was a Mandalorian and he was reaching for something, which was revealed to be a Lightsaber and a gun. Yasuo readied himself for the fight. He grabbed his Lightsaber and entered a Soresu opening stance.

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The Admiralty
And there he stood, lightsabre in his hand waiting for his other two opponents to appear in the arena. Today would be a day of Glory, or defeat depending on what perspective you were looking from.

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