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Approved Tech Dar'jetii Beskar'gam (Verd Beskar'gam v.2)

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Dar'jetii Beskar'gam
  • Intent: In the name of fairness and consistency, the purpose of this submission is to update and scale down the capabilities of a submission that was approved prior to the current standardization of the Factory.
  • Development Thread: Will gladly do so if requested.
  • Manufacturer: MandalTech
  • Model: Dar'jetii Beskar'gam
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Beskar, Armorweave
  • Classification: Multi-Role (Anti-Ballistic/Blaster/Lightsaber)
  • Weight: 19 kilograms
  • Quality: Class 10
  • Audio/Visual Recorder
  • Photochromatic Visor
  • HUD (Heads-up-Display)
  • Macrobinocular Viewplate w/Infrared Scanner
  • Oxygen Filtration System
  • Oxygen Tank (4 minute supply)
  • Flame-Retardant Armorweave Body Glove
  • Leather Utility Belt
  • Armorweave Cloak
  • Hologram Projector
  • Beskar Concealed/Retractable Blade
  • Crushgaunt

Dar'jetii Beskar'gam is the name bestowed upon the suit of armor owned by Isley Verd. Crafted by Mandalorian metalsmiths at the employ of Clan Verd of Mandalore, the first incarnation of this armor saw its wearer through several successful operations. However, due to the sustained sessions of "creative interrogation" wreaked upon Isley during his incarceration within a Sith facility, the armor's electronic systems were damaged beyond repair. As such, following his eventual escape, Isley returned home to Mandalore and petitioned repairs to be made by the craftsmen of MandalTech. The end result was the second, and current, incarnation of the Verd Beskar'gam; which was they personally adorned with aesthetics by its owner.

In particular, the gold paint that formerly represented his desire to seek vengeance upon the enemies of the Mandalore was replaced with red. While this hue traditionally symbolized honoring one's father of blood or adoption, Isley's mindset was that of giving honor to the "father figure" he looked up to for many years: Mandalore the Rebuilder. The black paint, however, remained as a representation of Isley's desire to bring to "justice" those who would cross him or harm those he cared for.

Due to the fact that he did not utilize the funding of his Clan in order to make the repairs to his armor, and instead relied upon his personal resources, its overall capabilities pale in comparison to its original incarnation. To begin, this version of the Verd Beskar'gam is devoid of the cloaking device that characterized the original; in addition to lacking the majority of the original's arsenal. In fact, the total of this armor's offensive capabilities culminate in the form of a conceiled, wrist mounted blade, a wrist-mounted rocket launcher, and a single crushgaunt. Furthermore, the armor has lost some technical and mobile capabilities, as it is also lacking the slicing interface and jetpack found in the original.

However, the armor does retain the most vital components found within the original incarnation; with the vast majority of these components being found within the armor's helmet. Furthermore, the Dar'jetii Beskar'gam, while inferior to its original form in many regards, is superior in a single aspect: coverage. The reforged series of plates, while a small percentage thinner than the original as to "stretch" the total sum of body coverage, protects a larger portion of the body than the original. These plates are affixed to a body glove composed of armorweave, thereby granting the user a great degree of personal protection from multiple ails. All in all, the second incarnation of the Verd Beskar'gam may be inferior to its original form due to a lack of armaments and technical equipment, but it fulfills the ultimate purpose of protecting its wearer exceptionally.
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