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Approved Tech Tal'galar - Saberstaff of Isley Verd

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Tal'galar - Saberstaff of Isley Verd

  • Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide Isley Verd with his main, iconic lightsaber.
  • Development Thread: A Song of Fangs and Fear (Pearls)
  • Manufacturer: Isley Verd
  • Model: Saberstaff
  • Affiliation: Isley Verd
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Beskar (casing)
  • Classification: Saberstaff
  • Size: Two-handed
  • Hilt Length: 48 centimeters
  • Blade Length: 145 centimeters (each)
  • Blade Color: Red
  • Weight: 2 kilograms
  • Other Features: Water-proof Casing

Tal'galar is the name Isley Verd bestowed upon his signature weapon: a saberstaff constructed by the work of his own hands. The creation of a lightsaber to truly call his own was one long in the making, for the one in his possession was simply loaned to him by his former mentor, Gregor Gideon, during his brief time within the Sith Empire. However, as time went onward, Isley felt the need to craft his own weapon: one that would cater to his strengths and preferences entirely. As such, following his session of personal growth and training on Tatooine, Isley set about creating his own lightsaber. The end result was Tal'galar: a saberstaff fabricated as two separate lightsabers, joined as one. As a whole, the saberstaff does not fundamentally differ from those seen throughout Galactic history, save for its ability to function underwater. This was accomplished through constructing the saber through a process known as Water-proof Casing.

Housed within Tal'galar are a total of four mediums which produce the blade and determine its color: a pair of crimson, synthetic crystals and a pair of Krayt Dragon Pearls of similar hue. In the typical fashion, each of these were meticulously meditated upon during the lightsaber's construction in order to imbue them with his signature in the Force. As a result, Tal'galar is truly an extension of Isley and demonstrates the same affinity for conducting Force abilities as any other saber constructed through this traditional method. One of the most unique features about the saberstaff is its outermost casing, which is composed entirely of Beskar. While rare, the metal used to case this saber was actually the final leftovers from his re-forged suit of armor.

Although he has been away from Mandalore for years now, and has all but lost his way in the eyes of his people, Isley's Mandalorian pride can clearly be seen through the name and color of the saberstaff. Tal'galar is a word from the Mandalorian language meaning "to spill blood"; which is a fitting title to bestow upon his personal saberstaff. Furthermore, its color, black, holds the meaning of "justice". All in all, Tal'galar is a weapon that is as unique as the warrior wielding it; and is poised to protect and serve its master for as long as he lives.

Image Source: Redferret
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