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Character Ingrid L'lerim

The Red Witch; Emperor's Hand

Name: Ingrid L’lerim
Other name(s): Lady Ingrid L’lerim-Ragal, The Red Witch / Valeria Ragal (agent codenames), Beldame (by her husband)
Ranks: Special agent/assassin (CIS); Monarch (on her husband’s planet; Baroness; Director
Titles: Lady of Christophsis, Baroness of Vengard; Director of Blackwatch
Species: humanoid
Race: human (with Valkyri ancestor)
Birth date: ABY 830
Age: 28 years

Faction: The Confederacy of Independent Systems, Eternal Empire, Agents of Chaos
Birthworld: Nelvaan (Eternal Empire) / Dyadalmash (warship)
Homeworld: Christophsis and Neelvan
Occupation: Special Agent and assassin / Baroness
Allegiance: The Confederacy of Independent Systems, Christophsis, Eternal Empire and Agents of Chaos

Sex: Female
Height: 184,5 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Eye color: blue
Hair color: red
Skin color: white/pale
Voice sample: Female imperial agent from SW mmo / Ciri from Witcher 3
Force Sensitive: yes (after this game)

Tubrok Ragal (aka 2B) – husband, chieftain/ruler, alive
Nava Ragal – brother-in-law, alive
Szelin Ragal – sister-in-law, alive
Jon L’lerim – father, general, alive
Steph L’lerim – mother, ex-agent, alive
Gunn’hild L’lerim – sister, spec ops soldier, alive
Aesa L’lerim – sister, agent, alive
Yrsa L’lerim – sister, officer (navy), alive
Herja L'lerim - sister, unknown, alive

Thanks for her parents she has a dual personality. With her family and friends she is direct, friendly, flirtatious and always have a good mood. But others, she is stiff, cold, spacer and she looks ruthless and cruel. Of course if she doing her job she is acting any personality what her job require.

Ingrid is tall, and thin (not sickly thin, just ethereal or elegant) woman with blue eyes and medium length red hair.
When she not working, she likes to wear military uniform, otherwise she wears armor, or inconspicuous dresses. When she is at home, she needs to wear noble dresses.

Genetic anomaly – She has a unique genetic model, she is a perfect combination of her parents. That means she inherited every talents, skills which her parents knows. She is talented every one of them.
Quick learner – She can learn things, skills faster than others thanks for her intelligence.
”Cold blood” – She is not a force sensitive, but she learns how to control perfectly her emotions and feelings.
Secret Identity – She always use shadow hologram, so just few people know which is her true appearance. Even her people on Christophsis doesn’t know her true face.

Mistrustful – She has hard to trust someone else, this is the reason why she only have a few friends.
Stubborn – She is determined to do what she wants and almost always refuses to do anything else.
Loyal – She is loyal to her faction or her people; even if she need to sacrifice her family or her loved ones.
Never forget, never forgive – She never forget and never rest until she get her revenge.

"You're a Cipher agent. Specializations in disguise, seduction, infiltration, assassination."
―Watcher X. (sw mmo)

Infiltration – Expert
Espionage – Expert
Hand-to-hand combat – Expert
Marksmanship – Master
Explosives – Intermediate
Disguise – Master
Seduction – Master
Assassination – Expert
Play-act – Master
Manipulation – Expert
Military training – Intermediate
Driving (fighter, biker and small spaceship) – Intermediate
Politics – Expert
Polity – Expert
Diplomacy – Intermediate

Languages Known:
Galactic Basic – Native
High Nelvaanian – Native
Binary – Fluent
Mando’a – semi-fluent

Ingrid L’lerim was born on a warship name Dyadalmash in the later CIS territory, 26 years ago (BBY 630). Her father was the commander of the ship, her mother was an agent, first on her planet Nelvaan, then after the foundation of the CIS, agent of CIS. Her parents birthed on Nelvaan, and after Ingrid and her sisters birth they lived there. She had a normal childhood, When she was five years old the CIS was founded, her normal life was overturned. Just like her planet, her parents were joined the CIS too. Ingrid’s father joined again to the army, her mother become and agent again. At this point she hand her sisters were rarely seen their parents. The most of the time private teachers and educators – both humans and droids – deal with them. She learned many things under these years. She becomes an educated and intelligent young girl. Her parents desire she need to become skilled at military and agent qualification as well. Her parents said, if the mandalorian children aren’t young to fight or learn the art of war, their children neither. So Ingrid was no choice. Important thing, she never regrets her parents decision even if the cost was her childhood.

The training oftentimes were cruel and hard, but she never retreat or hesitated. She wants to become the best, wants to her parents be proud to her. And there they were. By the age of sixteen her agent’s training were nearly completed. In the last ten years she trained every day (minimum half of the days). But there was a cost, she had many talents and abilities, she can manipulated others, or seduce them, but she don’t know how to trust someone who not part her family. After she crossed the age of six she don’t have friends, only her younger sisters. She learned seduction, but not love. So her situation was complicated.In this year - when she was 16 – she went to Scarif’s Military Academy, where finally practicing her skills, and she try to make friends. The problem was she can acted everything, bur can’t show her true feelings just to few people. With time they becomes a true friend of her. Two years later she finished the academy with the rank of lieutenant. She don’t apply to any ships, or base, she go to the Intelligence Agency and she applied there to an agent. She showed her talents and what she knows, the IA employ here as an agent and assassin.

Another two years later before the CIS collapsed she got a job, she needs to return to the Military Academy and she gets a few target to keep an eye of them and she needs to know everything on them. The Agency thought there were an infiltrators or spies. The suppositions were wrong. One of her target was Tubrok Ragal (or 2B), the young monarch and chieftain of the planet Christophsis. No one understand why he is here, Ingrid figured out. She seduced him for the information, but “unfortunately” later they fall in love. That was the time when her double life started. Later in this year the first CIS was disbanded, and Ingrid needed to find a job. ‘Cause she don’t have a better idea she gets a bounty hunter licence and worked as a bounty hunter in public. Not public she exploit her strengths and worked as an assassin or agent. She was picking up the Valeria Ragal, or The Red Witch name. No one know how she looks, she always ware disguise. When she not worked she was with Tubrok, on his planet, and their relationship become more and more deeper.

In BBY 854 the CIS was reformed once again, of course Ingrid came back to her faction and sign for work. With her agent and assassin career she was reinstated/assigned to her job as an special agent and assassin as well. In this year Tubrok engaged her and grant to her a nobility rank on his planet after she said yes. Months later they kept the wedding too. The interesting part of the wedding was she used her disguise device under the ceremony, so her people still don’t know her real appearance, just what they saw under the years, which is different than, the original. She still kept in secret her true identity. Only her new family, Tubrok’s closest friends, and the military staff saw the real Ingrid. In the last two years as a Special Agent, Ingrid reports to Viceroyalty. In particular, she would be reporting to the Viceroy of Manda and would conduct espionage/assassination/etc. as directed by her superior Valencia Hadley. She is Ingrid political handler. At the most of the time Ingrid worked out of the CIS, but sometimes she have a job inside her faction, founding spies, assassinate traitors. When she has no work she return to her husband’s side.

And now, when the blaze of war are lighting up, she has more work than before…

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The Red Witch; Emperor's Hand
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The Red Witch; Emperor's Hand

Chapter 1 - In the service of the CIS
01. Smart Meetings (Dominion, aborted) - CIS
02. Still the same (Private, aborted)
03. The Corrupted (Invasion, finished) - CIS
04. The Path We Tread (Private, aborted)
05. New opportunities (Private, aborted)
06. A touch of evil (Faction, finished) - CIS
07. Red Wine and Remembrance (Faction, aborted) - Eternal Empire
08. Pounding rain: The Rookery (Faction, finished) - CIS
09. Frosted Feathers | Ichtor VIII (Faction, finished) - CIS

Chapter 2 - The Force, at home, as an apprentice
10. Birds of Prey (Private, ongoing)
11. Break in your stride (Faction, aborted) - CIS
12. Splinter Cell (Faction, aborted) - Eternal Empire
13. First Blood (Faction, finished) - Agents of Chaos
14. Base Delta Zero (Faction, aborted) - Eternal Empire
15. Benevolent Gods (Faction, finished) - Agents of Chaos
16. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot (Faction, aborted) - Eternal Empire
17. Crumling Atlantis (Faction, aborted) - Eternal Empire and Agents of Chaos

Chapter 3 - Rise of the Emperor's hand
18. Raiders of the Lost Vault (Dominion, finished) - Eternal Empire
19. This I Vow (Dominion, finished) - Eternal Empire
20. Space Race (Open, aborted)
21. Shadow Games (Private, aborted)
22. The Knights' Tomb (faction, ongoing) - Agents of Chaos
23. Secure Containment Procedures (domionon, ongoing) - Eternal Empire
24. A Jedi a Day Keeps the Bounty Hunters at Play (private, aborted)
25. A Promise Delivered (Dominion, finished) - The Sith Empire
26. The Endless (Faction, ongoing) - Agents of Chaos

Chapter 4 - Still apprentice, but a Sith Knight (Current chapter)
27, Housekeeping (domionon, ongoing) - Eternal Empire
28. Schism's Dawn (finished, ongoing) - The Sith Empire
29. When the Cherries Blossom (domionon, ongoing) - Eternal Empire
30. Ever Onwards (faction, ongoing) - Eternal Empire
31. For a Safe and Secure Society (domionon, ongoing) - Eternal Empire
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The Red Witch; Emperor's Hand
Gat Tambor Gat Tambor she is not vicelord (neither her husband), when I registrate I discussed this with Darth Metus Darth Metus he said Christophsis is the good planet to Ingrid and I can write this, he suggested :) So this is not a vicelord title, just a noble rank, nothing more :)
But she and her husband (with their people) soon leave the CIS forever, if it happens I'll pull off the title too.