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Private A Sorcerous Dance

Empress Regent
Lady Ingrid L’lerim-Ragal
Empress Regent of the Eternal Empire, Overlord of the Eternal Empire, the Emperor's hand
The Red Witch; Director of Blackwatch; Baroness of Vengard, Head of the House L’lerim, CEO of the HPI Consortium
Location: Adrian’s suite, Tower Vandiir
Equipment: Adrian's former shirt and boxer | Lingerie | Mid-thigh socks | (everything is Gildenweave)
Tag: Adrian Vandiir Adrian Vandiir

Ingrid was with Adrian again because she had to come to Dromund Kaas for some more formal matter. Ever since she became the Empress Regent, she had only seen her fiancé when they had just gone to war. The woman missed the status a few months earlier when she could spend most of her time here as a double agent. She knew she would have even less time soon. For the time being, she has been able to postpone declaring Tacitus dead, but who knows how long she can do that.

Sure, they could be a puppet emperor, as Adrian had just suggested, but then she would have even more work than if she were given the title of Empress. She was just alone in the middle of a workout, accompanied by some battle droids, when the tsudakyr telepathically signalled to her that Adrian wanted to talk to her and the Sith Lord would return to his suite in about half an hour. This was a much more convenient method than being notified by a secretary.

As for the workout, she was still done because she only had a few minutes left. She didn't know what it might have been, which is why her fiancé had sent her this message, but luckily she didn't usually over think things, so she didn't deal with her in particular now. After the workout, she even took a relaxing and relaxing bath. Her own training was much more strenuous than what Adrian was part of at Zeltros.

Not knowing if anyone else would come with her lover (if so, she wasn’t ashamed), she put on more comfortable home wear. Just underwear, and one of Adrian's previous shirts and boxer shorts. Ingrid tried to keep some of these when Adrian probably replaced his entire wardrobe with the outfit, or outfits made from the new shape-changing material. So, in addition to the "clothes" already worn, she put on a mid-thigh sock next to them.

She was pretty much done by the time the man arrived, so she stepped out of the bath with wet hair. Her long red hair now just fell freely, the still wet curls fell on her shoulders and falling on her back. She was no longer wet enough to hurt her clothes, but seemed to have washed her hair recently. When Adrian arrives alone, she smiles kindly at the man, but she doesn't go any closer, as she didn't know what the Sith Lord wanted to talk about yet.

”How has your day been so far, handsome? The tsudakyr “said” you wanted to talk to me about something. There's nothing wrong, is there?”

There was only a hint of concern in her voice, but it was also more of a curiosity. And through the Force, not even that was felt, because she was deeply suppressed in herself as always, though it may be because of the Force-bond that Adrian could feel it.