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Invasion Blood Debt | Mandalorian Enclave invasion of Eternal Empire-held Panatha



870 ABY

"When one chooses to walk the Way of the Mandalore, you are both Hunter and Prey."

The Eternal Empire's day of reckoning had come.

For too long, their ardent support of the villanious Sith-Imperial regime had gone unnoticed or forgotten by the powers of the galaxy. But the Mandalorian people, victims of the Sith's genocide, did not forget. And they did not forgive. Whatever claims that the Empress made of severed ties rang hollow. No matter how it was spun, there was only one fact: when it had been to support Sith tyranny or save Mandalorian lives, the Eternal Empire had sided with the Sith.

And now they would pay for that choice in blood.

Slowly, unseen by most of the galaxy, the Mandalorian Enclave had been biding its time and gathering its strength. They had proved themselves once in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong for their homeworld of Kestri. And they had proved themselves twice against the pirate armadas, criminal syndicates, and underworld cabals that infested the surrounding regions of Wild Space. But for the first time in a near decade, Mandalorians were taking the offensive. Their strike would aim to cripple a would-be successor state to the Sith and send a resounding message to the galaxy: for those that had chosen the wrong side of the Sith-Mandalorian war, their time was numbered.

The Enclave's chosen target was as symbolic as it was strategic. The tropical paradise of Panatha was the homeworld of the Zambrano family, the spawn from which the Dark Lord of the Sith had been issued. But it also served as vital provider of war materials for the Eternal Empire, and its Epicanthix warriors were renknown across the galaxy. A decisive strike could cripple the Eternal Empire, and bruise them enough that retaliation would be out of the question.

The Mandalorian Enclave struck in the dead of night, catching the paltry fleet guarding the planet off-guard. The strike frigates and heavy cruisers of the forward Mandalorian fleet easily incinerated them, moving to take position in the atmosphere as Mandalorian forces issued towards their mission objectives. Every son and daughter of Manda'yaim knew that their advnatage of surprise would not last them. Soon they would be outnumbered, and most likely outgunned.

But they were Mandalorians. And their glory burned eternal.

Objective I
Iron Mountains, Panatha

A small task force of elite Mandalorian operatives are tasked with infiltrating the mines of the Iron Mountains. These mines are quite valuable to the war economy of the Eternal Empire and Panatha -- it would be a shame should anything happen to them.

Objective II
Canthar, Panatha

The main forces of the Enclave are tasked with sacking the city of Canthar. Large military units are directed with destroying the city's defensive systems, particular point-defense emplacements and shield generators. Meanwhile in the chaos, small death squads have been tasked with eliminating high-value targets, important to both the war effort of the Eternal Empire as well as their morale. Their death is a sentence for the crime of collaboration with Sith, and Mandalorians are the judge, jury and executioner.

Objective III
Atmosphere/Orbit, Panatha

Mandalorian naval elements are tasked with holding atmospheric and orbital superiority of Panatha, fending off likely counteracts from Eternal Empire forces. Provide air-to-ground assistance for Mandalorians in Operations Erebor and Shattered Triad, and prepare for the final strike.

OOC Thread
Eternal Empress
Lady Ingrid L’lerim Ragal Terassi Vandiir
Eternal Empress of the Eternal Empire, Lord Commander of the Wardens of the Shroud, Archon of the Primyn Group
Empress of Terraris, Supreme Commander of the Terraris Command, Head of the House L’lerim, CEO of the HPI Consortium
Objective: Arrest Darth Carnifex and Darth Prazutis, and send them to the Ashlan Crusade.
Location: Palace, Canthar (capital city), Panatha
Equipment: 2x Sigra vibroblade | 2x Striith vibrosword | The Soulsabers | Heilagr MK. I Assassin Armour | The Last Gift || Empyrean gland | OPBC-01m
Writing With: Carnifex-Demiurge Carnifex-Demiurge | Siv Dragr Siv Dragr | Obran Obran | Volo Skaigh Volo Skaigh
Allies: Open
Enemies: Open
[ Empire Forever ]
<"High Nelvaanian"> | ~ telepathic communication ~ | << comm. channel >>

Panatha; it has always been an interesting point in the Eternal Empire. They were given perpetual independence even before the Eternal Empire began to expand at all. The only reason for this was the alliance of Darth Tacitus and Darth Carnifex. It is arguable that the former emperor made a decision out of cowardice, because he was afraid of the Sith ruler, or it was a political game. Maybe both, maybe neither. In fact, it wasn't important anymore. Although Tacitus lived and returned, not many knew about it and he no longer ruled the Eternal Empire…

However, the ruler of Panatha, unlike a significant part of his family, is not a Sith Lord. Adriel Zambrano, a good man whose only sin was to be born into a bad family but to lead the planet and his people as best he can. The first ordeal was a few years ago when the Eternal Truth attacked the planet, then, shortly after the death of Lord Vandiir, the joint work between the two empires was a kind of resealing of the alliance of the Sith Empire and the Eternal Empire, when they liberated and saved the planet.

In fact, the game between the two factions started at that time. Both sides wanted to use the other for their own purposes. And Panatha was stuck between the two empires, so to speak. Not long after, the planet and more that belonged to this region belonged to the territory of the Eternal Empire, although they could still retain their independence. Adriel and Ingrid had a good relationship with each other and let Panatha do what it wanted.

Meanwhile, the Third Civil War also ended, the Eternal Empire and the Sith Empire officially continued on separate paths, but so far this has had no effect on Panatha. Not until the minute Ashlan Crusade attacked the planet. It was really just a blockade and a show of force, not a real attack. Eventually, the common local population, the Eternal Empire, the Mandalorians, and Kainate thwarted Ashlan Crusade’s plans and each other's plans too.

Not completely; for as a result of these events, Empress L'lerim exiled Darth Carnifex and Darth Prazutis from the planet, considerable consequences followed this event. Ingrid and Adriel didn't talk anymore, although Panatha was able to maintain her independence, but the price of that was that Carnifex and Prazutis could not return. If this ever happens, Panatha and the other planets will lose their independence and separate rights. They will be only one planet amongst the rest of the Eternal Empire, nothing special.

The locals took the Empress' orders amiss and revolts slowly began against the Eternal Empire, guerrilla battles against the military. It was still quite localized at first and then spread all over the planet very soon. And this was already an act that neither STRATCOM nor the Empress could leave without a word. That is why a smaller army was sent there to deal with this situation. However, something they were not expecting…

That the Enclave will also launch an attack on the planet, in part for reasons similar to what Ashlan Crusade did in the past. But while it was possible to negotiate with the Crusaders, the Mandalorians were another matter. On the planet, the Eternal Imperial forces were trapped between two fires, a situation that became chaotic as everyone fought against each other. And then we didn’t even mention the fact that Carnifex and Prazutis were secretly back on the planet.

However, such an attack cannot go unpunished. Thus, the Empress and STRATCOM sent a larger army and fleet to the planet for a single purpose. Eliminate both threats. Panatha's rebellion had to be suppressed in its infancy, and at the same time the army of the Mandalorian Enclave had to be driven out of the planet and liberated…


"Times change, one thing is eternal, the Empire. No one thinks that the reign of a ruler is eternal. There is no such thing; that is why the Empire is the most important. This is one of the greatest sins of the Sith, allowing personal cults. Once the Eternal Empire has made this mistake, it will not happen again. Ever since I took the place of Darth Tacitus on the throne om I accept that the old Ultranauts see him as a god. But I will never let that happen to me, or anyone else who will follow me on the throne.

The former ruler has also always insisted that we are not like the Sith, but for this the personal cult must also be let go. No ruler is eternal; our goal today is to prove it to our enemies and to see it for ourselves. This view only weakens our nation, our empire. We, all of us, have to serve the state, the Empire, the whole thing, not one single person. That one person cult is for the Sith, not for us, we are better than this.

Recently, I told it several times I cannot emphasize enough how important the outstanding work done by you, by the people of the fleet and the army. Not only in Realspace, but also in the Netherworld. Without your talent, we could not have defeated Omni, we could not have destroyed Bryn'adûl. And I am sure that you will continue to play a key role in countless victories in the near and far future.

Many of you were there when the Ashlan Crusade attacked the planet, we were able to defend it. Now it is the Sith who has turned against us and covered the planet with the flames of rebellion. The day has come when we will also show the Galaxy that we are no longer following in any form the path our ancestors have taken. We follow a different path, a better one, which makes us even stronger, even more united, since in the years of our existence, most of the time, we could only count on ourselves.

We will fight for our own future so that the Sith can no longer influence our Empire or others in the galaxy. In addition, today we are showing the Mandalorians why our Ultranauts are one of the best forces in the galaxy. We, our soldiers have defeated their armies in the past, and today it will be no different.

Today, we face no less than two adversaries, enemies, to end the chaos caused by our former allies and restore order on Panatha, once and for all. At the same time, it’s time to show the Galaxy and the Mandalorians that we can defend ourselves, not just excel in attack. By the end of the war, I do not want to see any enemy Mandalorians in Eternal Imperial space.

I know you can achieve all this because you are the best, the Empire's finests! Everyone will learn this today!

For the Empire!

Lady Ingrid L'lerim, Eternal Empress of the Eternal Empire​


A lot has happened lately, especially since Panatha, she has had to save her daughter, including her upcoming alliance with Ashlan Crusade. At the time, she did not even reckon that Panatha had begun to rebel, nor that the Mandalorians had arrived on the planet; with far from friendly intentions. After a while, however, the situation began to escalate greatly, not to mention that both sides were attacking the Eternal Imperial forces on the planet. When the Enclave arrived on the planet in greater numbers, it could no longer go unanswered.

That is why she instructed the army and the fleet to respond immediately. And in a situation like this, she had to be present too, she couldn’t say she would stay home and do nothing for she was always there in the first line, she never ran away from any battle. In particular, different agents from Nite and Blackwatch also reported to her - independently from each other - that Carnifex is on the planet and possibly Prazutis as well. Fortunately, the woman was unable to be angry or feel any such negative emotion, so she was able to make a rational decision with a cold head.

It would have been best to drop a quantum bomb on the planet; fortunately, however, such a thing never came to mind. These were not members of the Bryn'adûl, but intelligent and sensitive creatures. One might argue with this, but the Bryn'adûl was only an animal in the woman's eyes, not a meaningful way of life. Therefore, the bomb was ruled out; the woman did not commit any war crimes. At Byss, too, the one who used the bomb was Tegan Starfall Tegan Starfall , not the Eternal Empire.

She arrived before her own troops; she didn't need a ship to come here. During the trip, Ingrid was able to cheat. The fact that the woman was part of the Netherworld and was able to travel between the two worlds at any time played a major role in this. She took advantage of just that, and so the red-haired woman arrived in the capital in a few minutes from her own home. The situation was already quite chaotic, though the main army would only arrive and land on the planet soon. It was time to put an end to this rebellion and attack in this place.

The spies did not lie and were not mistaken, she immediately sensed the presence of Prazutis and Carnifex, so she headed in the direction the former emperor was. They had an unresolved case. In the whole affair, she regretted only Adriel Zambrano, maintaining good relations with the ruler until she exiled the other two Zambranoes from the planet. Family; she understood, even if she didn't like it. As she headed for the palace, MANIAC sent her holodata, which was recorded by cameras and drones.

One of the Mandalorians had just executed Adriel Zambrano in those moments. The old man did not deserve this fate, he was a good man, his only sin was the Zambrano blood. However, the woman's time was running out. She reached into the Force and teleported, she made the missing distance in such a way. Ingrid arrived a place further away than where Carnifex was. She deliberately dampened the power of her necklace to make the former emperor could feel she was here. The Empress didn't want to hide this time. In armour, she entered the other room as she pulled out her two swords. She didn't come to talk now, that time is over. Although she made a promise to Kahlil Zambrano Kahlil Zambrano once, at Denon, but she may not be able to keep what she promised.

"What you and Lord Prazutis received as an offer last time was fair, Lord Carnifex. But you abused my trust and Panatha's freedom. This time, I will not allow you or Lord Prazutis to leave this planet. Then Pietro Demici Pietro Demici and Ashlan Crusade will decide your fate." she said in her usual cold voice. "From this moment on, Pacanth Reach does not exist. Panatha has no independent rights, all five planets of Pacanth Reach have the same rights as any other planet in the Eternal Empire. No more exceptions."

As Ingrid spoke, MANIAC had already forwarded the behest and the command to STRATCOM so that they too knew what decision the Empress had made. Who in the meantime has already taken an offensive position, though she has not yet attacked the former Sith emperor; she even gave him so many chances to answer the woman's words.


Guardian Angel | Light of Ashla
Eina L’lerim-Vandiir, the First
Princess of the Eternal Empire and Terraris; Angelic mascot and representative of the Ashlan Crusade
Matriarch of the Valkyrja; Leader of Sanctuary; Liaison of the Fjölkyngi Smiðr Guild
Objective II.: Help others, accompany the souls to the Nether
Location: Iron Mountains, Panatha
Equipment: Sverð Fyrstr (weapons) | Skrúð Engill Fyrstr (armour) || Empyrean gland | OPBC-01m || Current appearance / form
Writing With: Tyr Mereel Tyr Mereel
Allies: Open
Enemies: Open
[ Preliator ]
<"High Nelvaanian"> | ~ telepathic communication ~ | << comm. channel >>

Eina's condition was still not entirely well; the more than a year the parasite kept her body occupied did not pass without a trace. The parasite almost completely devoured her soul, so it took time for her whole soul to regenerate. Because of this, she was cured at home by the Sanctuary's Nexus. In addition, she spent as much time as possible with Geiseric Geiseric . The whole thing, the relationship was still weird for Valkyrja, but since they found each other and love wasn’t about the pain, it was quite acceptable and offered very warm and good feelings to her.

She still had seizures, very rarely, but she did, and fortunately she had fewer and fewer of them. Because of these and her condition, Eina promised both Gei and Isla that she would try to avoid fighting until she was completely well and only do the regular Valkyrja's tasks, i.e. accompany the fallen's souls into the Netherworld and help those who need it. After all, no one wanted to could have another attack during a fight and lose her lives as a result. However, the woman was as stubborn as her mother and father, so it was impossible to keep her away from Panatha.

Because she was able to journey between the two worlds in moments, she pursued a wandering lifestyle. She had been present since the beginning of the uprising, when she just felt weaker when she went home, back to Gei, who was typically there with her in the Nether, in the Sanctuary. She was also there the day the Mandalorian army arrived. And since then, she has had a lot of work to do. The locals were warriors and fought on both sides. Eina and the other Valkyrja had a lot to do these days and weeks.

The fighting was quite harsh, considering that both the Mandalorians and the locals were considered a warrior culture, as was the Eternal Empire. They, the Valkyrja had quite a lot of work to do. She had been using her "angelic" form almost all the time even at home lately, she really felt the best in this form, so it was today. She found a group of kids who wanted to "play" guerrilla fights. Eina understood and accepted that the children had been learning to fight since they were a child, but she did not accept being sent them to the battlefield by the adults.

So she tried to steer them to a safe place when a Mandalorian attacked them. Although the woman wanted to stay out of the fighting, she didn't seem to have a chance to do so. While fighting the kids ran away, she didn’t know where they went because she didn’t have time to deal with them. At the end of the fight, she managed to defeat her opponent in a fair combat, and in such a fight, defeat resulted in the death of the Mandalorians. Eina didn't even notice that anyone else had seen the fight and that she had killed the person. The woman knelt in front of the fallen, the man was worthy. She held out her hand softly, her hand glowing in a faint golden light.

"I forgive you for attacking children. You are a worthy warrior, come with me, join us to the Valkyrja, or allow me to accompany you to the Netherworld to have your soul with your people." she asked softly and kindly.

The soul accepted her offer and reached out to the warrior. Eina knew there were so many faiths, but in the end everyone went to the same place, regardless of religion. As she reached the soul, the soul lit up in golden light, the woman with the golden red wings rising from the ground, holding a golden sphere above her hands, the soul. After a brief concentration, she opened a tiny rift that went unnoticed by others, sending the fallen warrior's soul through it. The golden light was gone, the soul was already safe. And the woman with the angel wings took on Tyr Mereel Tyr Mereel at that moment. She smiled kindly at the man.

"His soul is already safe, he cannot be in trouble anymore." she said kindly, with the same voice that the Eternal Empress had.


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Objective: Eliminate High-Value Targets
Allies: Obran Obran | Volo Skaigh Volo Skaigh
Enemies: Carnifex-Demiurge Carnifex-Demiurge | Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir

“Any last words?”

The cold metal barrel of Siv’s heavy blaster pistol pressed firmly into the temple of the older man. The Sith spawn. The puppet King. The man was a pale imitation of his nephew, poor compensation for the Dark Lord of the Sith. Siv had thought they would find Carnifex on their homeworld, but he had eluded Mandalorian justice yet again. Perhaps the death of his uncle would draw the coward out of his hiding.

The man gulped, a slash running red across his cheek as the blaster barrel dug into his loose skin, framed by receding grey hair. The King of Panatha had been able to put up a fight, at least; two deep grooves running down Siv’s chest plate were a testament to that. But now the King’s blade lay broken, the hilt-half in the hand of Obran Dragr as a trophy.

“Tui rdlamb ka vuod duii' vess, omk dui vioq ryhhil vuod duii' pyrd,” the King finally rasped, licking his dry lips as he closed his eyes and postured upward, preparing for the end.

With a single shot from his blaster, Siv gave it to him. The King crumpled to the floor.

Smoke issued from the blaster barrel as Siv raised his weapon, staring at the corpse that lay before him. Around the three Mandalorians were the bodies of the Imperial Guard. Had this been a frontal assault, it would have been more of a fair fight. But Siv was an expert in bounty hunting tactics, and that was essentially what it had been. The three Mandalorians had been able to ambush the King and his retinue at the exact moment the Enclave had struck; and with the upper hand, there had been no way to stop their fury.

“The Dark Lord’s puppet King is dead,” Siv finally declared after a long, baited silence. The hall was empty, but for the three Mandalorians and the corpses that surrounded them. Distant explosions from the attack on the city echoed through the throne room, but it had been only quiet since the execution of the King. “Tag the body, but leave it for the Eternal Empire to find. It'll serve as a message: they're next.” He scraped the blood off of his vibrodagger down a gauntlet, cleaning the blade.

For now, Siv Dragr did not make any more moves. For now, he was intent to wait and see who would come to try and rescue their dead King.


QEMD-15 Echo

Sirens wail, I might as well be dead.
Objective: Defend the City
Allies: EE
Enemies: Enclave
Tags: Open

Echo strode through the empty streets of the city, every step echoing out in a large BOOM. His massive footfalls shook the ground, the buildings around him shuddering. From the top of his head, sirens were wailing out from his loudspeakers. The eerie cry of the sirens echoed out across the city, creating an almost serene environment. Then, Echo began blaring a message alongside the sirens, the message echoing out across the city.

"Attention: the Eternal Empire is issuing a threat level Gamma announcement. All civilians are to make their way to the evacuation shelters immediately. Do not attempt to escape the city. Attempts to leave the city may be intercepted by hostile forces. As of this time, the planet of Panatha is currently under siege by a group of terrorists known as the Enclave. Their intent is currently not known, but assume them to be extremely hostile. Repeat: do not attempt to leave the city. Find a safe area or head to the emergency shelters until the all-clear has sounded." The message blared, then repeated, as the siren continued to blare on...

Echo's job was a fun one. His job was to ensure that all of the Mandalorians that attempted to attack the city were exterminated, by any means necessary. He was effectively there to establish a quarantine around the city. He would make sure that anybody that got in, wouldn't be getting out... Besides, that armor wouldn't protect them from being popped open like a tin can...

Then, Echo's sensors pinged something. He was detecting multiple unidentified lifeforms approaching. Finally... The Mandalorians had decided to come out to play. "Virus detected. Quarantine active." Echo said, the message echoing throughout the city. "Virus identified: Mandalorian. Cure: Euthanization." Then, he began striding towards where the sensors pinged.

Echo's cure would be most effective. The streets would run red with Mandalorian blood.

They had come to die.
Captain in the Eternal Navy



Pre-battle training with her Revenant Warriors

"Come on girls, try harder, i want one of you to draw my blood today please. How about the first one to wet their blades gets to taste my blood before we fight the mandos?" And she smiled at them bearing her teeth. One of the armoured women charged her and swung her blade, Asaaj parried in a flash and stabbed the woman through her forearm. "That was reckless of you, and all it took was a little offer of reward." She reached into the force and pulled the women to her feet, dark mist swirled around her other hand and twisted towards the Revenants wounded arm, leaking under the armour. Asaaj felt as the warrior's flesh knitted back together under her armour.

As she focused, she felt the sting as one of the warriors blindsided her and swung at her neck, pulling the blade at the last moment to prevent decapitation, Asaaj felt her blood running down her neck into her collar.

She turned round to her would be assassin, the Sephi leader of her Revenants. "Good girl," she said to her, "I had hoped that one of you may take the initiative, our enemies will not wait until we are ready to fight, and nor should we." She pulled her collar down as the woman removed her face plate "now, as promised, drink from me." The Sephi fed on her crimson reward, taking as much as Asaaj would allow her.

They completed the training session and Asaaj changed out of her blood soaked uniform before returning to the bridge. The AI looked at her impatiently, clearly a mission profile had come through earlier than planned, Asaaj started reviewing them and looked over the pad at Night Queen, raising her eyebrow "I'm not late you know."
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Objective: to provide medical and humanitarian to any that need it
Location: Entering Panatha system
Tags: open

Equipment: Beskar'gam, lightsabers, healing supplies, 3 thermal detonators, Ef-m401e Rampage

Ship: The Tal'din
4× second hand modified Exodus class frieghters

Multiple loaned A6knar medical dropships

Several assorted volunteer freighters and other vessels

Anashja Tal was saddened and furious that it had come to this, her hastily thrown together fleet travelled, hot on the hyperdrive trails of the main mandalorian fleet towards Panatha. The Enclave were blinded by their hatred of the Sith and now were heading into war against the Eternal Empire. For a her distrust of the Eternal Empress, the empire was her home and she had many friends their, she counted even the Empress' adopted daughter as a close friend. The Mandalorians had darksiders in their own ranks but were now chanting No Sith, No Exeptions as they charged to battle based on old and suspected alliances.

She paced on the bridge of her flagship, a small corvette compared to the larger freighters, but by far the most advanced ship. The rest of the ships has been packed with medical supplied and converted as quickly as possible into medical vessels. She wished that she more time to do a better job, but the contractors had done fantastically given the time and limited resources. There was two dozen much smaller independent medics accompanying her, she hoped it would be enough to stem the flow of blood from what was going to be a brutal battle. She wished she had more military escort, and hoped that all of the ships switching their transponders to galactically recognised humanitarian would be enough to keep them safe. What she really wished though is that she had not had to kiss her son and husband goodbye, knowing that their mother and wife was flying into the most dangerous mission she had undertaken. He was a good husband and had spent the previous evening and night doing everything she wanted and everything he could to try and relax her, she cradled her lower abdomen and stroked it gently, wondering whether now was really the best time for all that.

"Captain" The pilot called over, "we are moments away from the Panatha system, I hope the force smiles on us today."

There was a thud as the ship dropped out of hyperspace and her flotilla entered the system. War was already entered and she scanned the vessels. The air over Panatha was already a streaked with contrails of mandalorian and I Imperial fighters.

Anashja held her breath for a moment as the her technicians calculated the flagships, based on positioning and comm traffic. She send a simultaneous message to all of them.

"I am Anashja of clan Tal, I am a member of both the Eternal Empire and the Mandalorian Enclave. Today I am representing neither and wish to only provide humanitarian relief to the innocents caught in our war. I plead with all parties to respect the notion of humanitarian action and allow us to proceed un-molested." She cut the transmission and sent a second, data only transmission to all ships that would listen, her flotilla was here to help, anyone that wished to work with her was welcome organisers on the ground could rally civilians for her to protect. She hoped she would get positive responses to both transmissions but prepared herself for the worst.​
Eternal Fleet Command


The ancestral seat of House Zambrano, shrine world of the Sith’ari, home world of the Epicanthix, and now, a contested territory under the Eternal Empire. Since the declaration of a formal alliance between the Empire and the Ashlan Crusade, the world has since become a subject of controversy. In the wake of the failed Ashlan mission to cleanse Panatha of the Sith, questions have been raised pertaining to the world’s status and its nigh-unshakeable association with the most powerful Sith bloodline in galactic history. Nevertheless, while it still enjoys protection as a suzerain, it also has fallen under increased scrutiny by the Empire, given the unrest spreading among the warlike Panathan natives, with a few radical sects agitating for open rebellion to throw off the perceived yoke of the Eternal. As such, the world has seen an increased influx of military forces, in anticipation of such an event.

Unfortunately, those forces, while robust, were ill-prepared for what was to come next.

Emerging from the crime-infested depths of Wild Space, Mandalorian raiders overwhelmed Panatha’s paltry orbital defenses and began to land forces in the capital city, intending to enact their revenge on the Sith and their perceived associates after years of humilitation and genocide under Operation: Decimation. Taking advantage of chaos wrought by the Mandalorian assault, the warlike Panathan natives have chosen this as their moment to cast off the yoke of the Eternal, taking up arms to throw the Eternal Empire off their world, while beating back the Mandalorian.

Caught in the middle of a Panatha-Mandalorian sandwich. the Eternal military is charged with retaking control of the planet, knowing that to let their world be sacked by raiders or swallowed by the flames of rebellion would make for an embarrassing display, given cold relations with the titans of the Galactic Alliance and the New Imperial Order far to the east, along with the looming predator of the Maw Brotherhood to the north...


Objective I: Search & Destroy

One of the most inhospitable locations on Panatha, the Iron Mountains normally contain little of importance outside of minerals to refine into durasteel and other alloys used by the Eternal Empire’s military complex. Today however, their importance equates to more than simple mining. Blackwatch has acquired solid intelligence that the upper echelons of the separatist movement are holed up in a series of tunnels within the Iron Mountains, with ancillary intelligence suggesting that they will be attempting to coordinate their efforts with Sith-Imperial contacts via a clandestine meeting at a secret location within the mountains.

By decree of Empress L’lerim, this meeting shall not go unanswered. The conspirators shall meet the full measure of Imperial justice, and the Enclave will not go unopposed in pursuing their objectives.


Objective II: Not One Step Back
  • Location: Canthar - Panatha
  • Time: Late Afternoon
  • Weather: Torrential Rain, Light Flooding

A major flashpoint of the Mandalorian incursion, the battle for the capital city is set to be among the most crucial in the theater. Unfortunately, with the Mandalorians having seized the initiative in landing troops, vehicles, and other critical war assets throughout the city, the severely outnumbered Eternal Imperial units have been forced on the defensive, down but not out. While tensions have broiled over with the radical Epicanthix sects, the Empire has not forsaken its duties to the people of Panatha, taking it upon themselves to protect spiritual leaders, government officials, and other VIPs from the Mandalorian raiders. Among the most sought after of these VIPs is Guvaith Rook, who as Weaponsmaster of Clan Rook transferred the once-sacred secrets of beskar smithing to the Sith-Imperial Engineering Corps. In exchange for the Eternal Imperial security, Rook has offered to give up the secrets of beskar smithing, making him a critical asset to be safeguarded at all costs!

Another potential target of the Mandalorians is the Hasi’ Sulemi, which stands as the spiritual center of the Epicanthix religion, the foremost God of their pantheon being Kaine Zambrano. While their God-King has been ordered into exile from Panatha, worship has been allowed to continue, though controversy yet still lingers pertaining to this decree. Nevertheless, considered to be a symbol of the Panathan people and a sacred site, protection has been afforded to the temple by many of the Empire’s allies, not only to deny the Mandalorians a moral victory, but also to protect the priceless Sith artifacts hidden inside.

Finally, the city’s shield generator will likely be a major target of the Mandalorians as well. As it is the only thing standing between orbital bombardment, it is crucial that this installation be protected, until relief arrives from orbit!

Our objective here is threefold: Protect the VIPs, the Panathan sacred sites, and the shield generator from Mandalorian defilement! In addition, hold the city until reinforcements arrive!


Objective III: Key Escort
Fresh from victories against the Ssi-ruuk and the Bryn'adûl, the Eternal Fleet faces its next test in the Mandalorian. Starting on the back foot with Mandalorian atmospheric and space supremacy already established, the Eternal Fleet must not only fight to regain control over the battlespace, but also deliver desperately-needed support and reinforcements to the beleaguered defenders on the ground. To that end, a pair of Deterium-class Armored Transport Destroyers have been deployed along with the regular fleet to be run through the gauntlet of the Iron Fleet, loaded with the much-needed support that is hoped to turn the tide of the battle for the surface.

The objective is simple. Escort the transport destroyers through the Mandalorian lines and ensure that the Empire reigns Eternal over the domains of blue and black!


High Imperator of Vandemar

Aurelian Sigismund
High Imperator, Princeps and Shield of Vandemar, Grandmaster of the Legions

✠ Objective: III. Helsreach

✠ Location: Orbit of Panatha

✠ Gear: Mantle, Urizen, Lancer-blaster

✠ Assets:
Legion Fleet
Ship Class and Name
Weapons | Shields | Hull in %
Bucephelus-class 'Omnia Vincit'
100 | 100 | 100​
10x TIE/vn, 8x Stormeagle, 2x TIE/HB
12x Boarding/Drop Pod​
Vindictus-class 'Morbus Sire'
Vindictus-class 'Lachrimae'
100 | 100 | 100
100 | 100 | 100​
2x Stormeagle, 1x Boarding/Drop Pod
2x Stormeagle, 1x Boarding/Drop Pod​

Battlefleet Vandemar
Aresus-class 'Viribus Unitis'
Aresus-class 'Lord Hiperias'
100 | 100 | 100
100 | 100 | 100​
Olympia-class 'Dawnbreaker'
Olympia-class 'Stormbringer'
Olympia-class 'Sword of Light'
Olympia-class 'Red Eclipse'
100 | 100 | 100
100 | 100 | 100
100 | 100 | 100
100 | 100 | 100​
2x TIE/BV, 1x TIE/ba
2x TIE/BV, 1x TIE/ba
2x TIE/BV, 1x TIE/ba
2x TIE/BV, 1x TIE/ba
3x Velites-class'Ardent Raiders'
2x Velites-class'Ultima Squadron'
100 | 100 | 100
100 | 100 | 100​
2x Ala-class 'Parma Primus'
2x Ala-class 'Parma Secundus'
100 | 100 | 100
100 | 100 | 100​
  • On Omnia Vincit:
    • 1x Century Agema (80)
    • 4x Legions (12.000)
  • On Morbus Sire:
    • 1x Legion (3.000)
  • On Lachrimae:
    • 1x Legion (3.000)

✠ Tag(s):


Panatha System, Orbit over Panatha
During the deployment of Operation: Helsreach
The new Eternal Empire. The Sith Empire. Two names, one stolen and one revived more often and refurbished that noone can really understand or give a single feth about its claimed difference and innovation. Two realms ruled by some Force sensitive overlords, where was the difference? Nobody knows and nobody would again, give a single feth. Sithspawn, netherspawn. Fire and steel were the responses to both.

Vandemar was not here to make any prisoners or to hold a philosophical debate. They were here to fight and triumph, to send another defeat into the direction of the Force lackeys. The Mandalorians are the perfect brothers in arms. A warrior culture, based around the values of combat, strength and family. That is something to be valued, to be recognised and supported.

With his arms on the metal bar directly in front of the Strategium table, Aurelian Sigismund observed the start of a large battle, in space and on the surface. With him in the lowest pit were the present member of the High Command. His aide and First Spear Augustus Tassar Augustus Tassar was ready to descend upon the world in assistance of the ground forces, taking his Rim Guard Legions to fight against the abominable enemy straight on.
Today Aurelian would stay in space, the upcoming naval battle was decisive and the claimant fleet of the Nelvaanian Empire was here in strong numbers. Several legion commanders and Imperators were gathered in the Strategium, just as Battlefleet officers to listen to the devised tactics for this very engagement.


Panatha System, Orbit over Panatha
During the deployment of Operation: Helsreach

The Vandemarian navy was with both its arms present, the Legion Fleet compromised of three ships and the Battlefleet with fifteen ships, six of them heavy cruisers. The combination was put together by the High Imperator, rating the possibility for a mixed operation of space battle and ground support as too high to ignore.

The Legions ships were a trio of heavily armored boxes, brawlers, blockade breakers and invasion ships. Painted in blue and gold, the ships rough hulls were covered in weapon emplacements above a strong hull and even stronger interiors. Boarding and drop pods were ready to be used against enemy ships or to quickly send down troops to support the surface operations. Six Legions were present in total, not a huge amount of troops, but a tremendous amount of fighting capability and breakthrough potential.

The Battlefleet was deployed in one of its standard compositions. A squadron of heavy cruisers, accompanied by escorts, easy and simple. The Vandemarian ships are fast and do not lack offensive capability, making them ideal for flanking or hit and run tactics. Balance coming from the composition, the cruisers are you usually heavy line cruisers with a carrier to protect from swarms of fighters, frigates aiding against smaller ships and strike craft attacks.

Today the forces of the High Imperator were positioned on the flank of the main Mandalorian forces, the Legions ships closer to the planet in a reversed wedge with the Vindictus-classes ahead on both flanks of the Omnia Vincit. The Battlelfleet was concentrated in a loose formation with the frigates ahead and the cruisers behind, the carriers at the back.

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Writing with: Shai Krayt Shai Krayt ( Lilanna Kelamvor Lilanna Kelamvor )
Kit: FS-18 Omega Phase Assault Rifle, KC-95 Blaster Pistol, Nelvaanian Longsword, Sk-RS Mk. IV Armor, Valdr Skær-Pattern Dual-Role Droid Control Unit
Forces: One company of Ultranauts
Objective: Prevent sabotage, neutralize raiders

The Iron Mountains were living up to their name.

A cold, cruel wind blew between the snow-capped crags lining the approach to the mining complex. Bleak red lights penetrated the gloom, gave the landing strip a sinister glow. Snow swirled, the wind continued to howl, and all the while the Major wondered what Fate intended for her, and why it had brought her to this freezing hellscape.

Oh, I know why I'm here. They all did.

The Mandos were kicking up a fuss again, this time in glorious fashion. A full-scale invasion of Panatha was underway, and this time there would be no half-measures. Where the Crusaders had erred, the Mandalorian Enclave would not. Or so they had led themselves to believe. Casting her eyes to the snow-filled sky, Corin watched as the last Styx-class dropship arrived. It had not been her decision to come here, but orders were orders. The IMMC -Iron Mountain Mining Complex- was a location of vital import to the powers that be, namely due to the vast mineral deposits buried deep beneath the jagged expanse of rock that made up the mountain range.

Rich in natural wealth, it went without saying that the complex made a tempting target to any ne'er-do-wells brave- or perhaps stupid enough to attack the place. And what with the Enclave invading, there was no shortage of those types milling around these parts just now. They were the reason her elite troops - First Company - had been brought in ahead of the main relief force. For as foolish and headstrong as these Mandalorians could be, they were nothing to scoff at.

Watching as the last of her fireteams hustled past her for the high-walled safety of the complex, Corin took the time to cast one last look out across the valley. With the weather being as it was, visibility was next to nothing, but that was okay. They had means of cutting through it. Whoever comes, we'll be ready, the Major thought, turning away. And who knew, maybe they would be.



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Subject 002 Tarnish

Ḍ̵̬̔o̷̜̫͐n̸͈͎̔'̶̣̲̑̐t̷̨̀ ̴̝͒Ḽ̷̏͝ò̵̼͝ö̶̝͑k̵͔̼̽
Objective: Search and Destroy
Location: Iron Mountains
Allies: EE
Enemies: Enclave
Tags: Corin Autem Corin Autem , Open


The Mandalorians believed they knew what this was. They believed that after the centuries of their people being persecuted, that they understood loss, that they knew anguish. And yet, here they were, looking for more. For all their prowress, the Mandalorians wasted their talents by choosing to die foolishly. Today, Tarnish would teach them the true meaning of anguish.

Tarnish trudged through the snow on the mountains. The cold didn't really bother him, he could barely feel it. Besides, a little snow wouldn't stop him when he was on the hunt... Nothing would stop him once he began hunting his prey... He could smell them already, they were close... So close... By now, it was too late for them. Tarnish already had their scent.

Tarnish stood up straight, looking around. Then, he gave out a loud, ear-piercing roar. The roar echoed all across the valley, the sound reverberating across the Mountains.

Then, Tarnish raised his commlink, contacting friendly Empire forces. "This is Tarnish... In position..." He reported.

Soon, there would be no escape for the Mandalorians.
The Two Who Were One




A world of endless green jungle and sparkling blue oceans. At its heart was Canthar, the capital city and cultural center of the martial Epicanthix. The city was massive, stretching out over an area over ninety-thousand square kilometers across the coastline where the rivers running down from the base of the Iron Mountains met the endless ocean.

Thousands and thousands of years ago, the ancient Epicanthix had manipulated the rivers and redirected them into a series of canal works that spanned the nascent city. The largest canal was the moat around the Royal Palace, which spanned two hundred meters in width from bank to bank. The base of each canal was inscribed with religious symbolism and great statues chiseled in the image of the Epicanthix Gods and their greatest kings rose from the water's placid surface.

Canthar was a maze of streets, alleys, and squares. Thoroughfares were narrow, only large enough for six Epicanthix to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and were intentionally made to not follow any linear path. At the city's heart was the Royal Palace, surrounded by the three Lesser Temples of the Gods. These Temples, minor replicas of the Greater Temples of Qocia, were each dedicated to the three Epicanthix Gods; Nereus, Nussyn, and Neaos. Edifices of these divinities could be found all over the capital alongside replicas of the half-mythical King Canthar for whom the city was named.

Everything about Canthar was designed from the perspective of a military strategist, its entire layout conceived with defensibility and battle in mind. Every street was a chokepoint, every structure a bunker, and the Epicanthix knew every shortcut and secret path. It had been the city that had withstood the holy fire of the Ashla and driven them away, but now the city again burned as the Iron Spear struck from beyond the firmament of endless space.


The Palace was on fire.

Smoke choked the halls, dozens of blazes burning freely as blaster fire filled the air. Amidst the cacophony was the whirling dervish of blades, most fighting within the Palace walls having devolved into quick and brutal hand-to-hand combat. The Epicanthix were extremely skilled, and they fought to protect their homeland and their king. Three dead men in iron suits accounted for every one Epicanthix that had fallen, but the shock of the attack had tipped the tide and the pressure was beginning to mount.

Blood obscured his vision, his breath harsh and ragged, the throbbing of his heart unbearably loud in his ears. The King of Panatha, Adriel Zambrano, stood alone against his enemies. His guard entourage had fallen mere moments before, selling their lives dearly in the defense of their King. But it had been too great a price, and now, cornered against the seat of his power, the King could now only rely on himself as three Mandalorians spread out in a semi-circle before him.

An errant blast had grazed his forehead, sending a cascade of blood down over the left side of his face. He couldn't see out of his left eye, although he didn't know if it was because of the blood or because the nerves had been damaged when he was struck. He held in his hands a sword, ornate but fiercely lethal, and held it close to him in a defensive posture. He was not the same caliber of a warrior as his son or his nephew, but he nonetheless could hold his own against great odds.

But those odds were slipping away from him, and he could sense that his end was near.

The nearest Mandalorian struck, and he riposted the blow and struck one of his own. He had no time to think, they attacked simultaneously, the cramped space around the throne acting as his last line of defense. Action and reaction engulfed him, striking and blocking and parrying on pure instinct rather than forethought. Blood slipped over his lips, hot and coppery, but he fought on despite the raging fatigue seizing his muscles.

He slashed at another Mandalorian, his blade leaving a silvery gash in the warrior's metal armor. His arm spasmed as the muscles contracted violently, his exhaustion and his age finally catching up to him as his blade broke upon the dagger of a Mandalorian warrior. The warrior's blade cut a deep gash from his brow to his cheek, blood seeping out to drip-stain the King's tunic. Adriel's gaze lingered on a piece of his broken sword until he felt the cold metal of a blaster press against his skull.

Any last words?"

Adriel looked up at his killers, their faces concealed by helmets emblazoned with symbols and iconography unknown to him. He did not know if they looked upon him with hate, mockery, or pity. His eyes then turned to look at the one who addressed him, the same one who now held a blaster against his temple.

This Mandalorian warrior resembled his compatriots, but the air of authority hung heavy from his armored shoulders like a shroud. Above all, he looked like a killer and had the warrior's helmet been removed he would have carried that dark gleam in his eyes. A gleam like his nephew's.

Having come to accept the fate that was being delivered to him, the King of Panatha mustered his dignity and stared deep into the Mandalorian warrior's visor.

In defiance, he rasped, "
Tui rdlamb ka vuod duii' vess, omk dui vioq ryhhil vuod duii' pyrd." He then licked his dry lips, the words almost choking him with the effort of their utterance, but the deed was done. Now he solemnly awaited his end, his mind frantically turning towards thoughts of his wife and his children. Their faces flashed in his mind as the trigger was depressed.

And then Adriel Zambrano knew nothing at all.


Throne room secure, moving to secure ancillary chambers."

Nine Mandalorians moved slowly and methodically, gun barrels sweep left and right as they systematically cleared the rooms bordering the grand imperious throne room. The news of the Epicanthix King's death had been met with quiet enthusiasm, another blow struck against the Sith oppressors that had upended all they had known. The urge for greater revelry was subdued by the danger that still surrounded them.

All clear, moving to the next one."

One member of the squad took up positions at the end of the long gallery that preceded the throne room entryway. All along the walls were bas reliefs and other ornate carvings of Epicanthix history, tapestries of marble and gold leaf that wove an enduring legacy stretching back thousands and thousands of years.

Large portions had been destroyed by blaster fire, some of it even looked deliberate. They had not come here to preserve the artwork of those who allied with their oppressors, they had come to destroy.

One of the Mandalorians, in a potential lapse of better judgment, angled his carbine towards one of the statues of an Epicanthix King and pulled the trigger. The bolt flew and struck the statues square in the neck, right where it met the shoulders, and the head toppled over and bounced along the marble floor; breaking as it did. A portion continued on towards the far end of the gallery, stopping only when it had struck something obscured in the darkness of the far entryway.

The offending Mandalorian only had half a second to contemplate what had stopped the stone when a blur of darkness engulfed his vision before passing as quickly as it came. His left arm felt numb like he'd slept on it for too long and restricted the blood flow. He angled his head down to look, the very action jerky and marionette-like.

His left arm was missing.

He could scarcely even comprehend that sobering fact when a cascade of blood began to spill out from a point halfway down his breastplate. He attempted to bring his right arm up to feel where the wound was, but discovered he couldn't move that arm either. His legs seemed to act of their own accord, his right foot making for a step before he suddenly spilled forward and collapsed; his body split into several different pieces.

All across the squad, their teammate's EKG readings flatlined. Pivoting where they stood, the other Mandalorians made a concerted advance towards their dead comrade's last known position. All they found was a smear of blood and his weapon, his body had disappeared entirely. They made a quick inspection of the gallery, finding nothing except for a few tattered remnants of a bodysuit and scraps of skin.

Sub-audible sensors began to pick up a faint noise, one whose origin could not be discerned. Analytics identified the sound like metal scraping on stone, almost like someone had taken a big piece of scrap and was purposefully dragging it across the floor. Efforts to locate the sound's exact positioning came up negative, although they did not have to wait long to discover its source.

While positioning around a curve in the hallway, one of the Mandalorians was suddenly struck in the chest and thrown across the hall. They struck the far wall and were pinned, a massive gash opened up in their chest where a giant sword emblazoned with brightly glowing runes had embedded itself. The man gurgled out something indiscernible before a pale green light engulfed his body, his vitals dropping to zero almost instantaneously as his body seemed to disintegrate within his armor. Pieces of his armor clattered to the ground, his helmet tumbled off, and revealed the withering skull underneath.

As if by an invisible hand the sword was wrenched free of the dead Mandalorian's chest, flying back through the air towards a point of darkness at the far end of the hall. Armored fingers coiled around the hilt, the darkness gradually receding to reveal a towering armored figure radiating with a dark malevolent aura. The figure wore a helm resembling a snarling skull, the open sockets illuminated by the baleful eyes that stared hatefully at the surviving Mandalorians.

What was most striking, however, was the cloak that hung from the figure's broad shoulders. Pieces of armor were interlaced with the soft black fabric, creating a soft metallic noise every time the figure moved or gestured. At a glance, it was clear that each segment of armor was originally part of a complete beskar'gam set. And there were dozens and dozens of armor pieces, each one bearing the signature marks of a different clan.

The figure angled the tip of His monstrous blade towards the Mandalorians.

And disappeared.

Confusion was quickly replaced by panic as the titanic figure suddenly reappeared in their midst, the edge of His great sword slashing through one of their own with enough force to completely cleave him in two. Blasters fired off wildly, ricocheting off of the giant's armor as He continued to methodically strike the Mandalorians down one by one. Each swing of His blade brought death, each blow carrying the weight of His lethal intentions. None survived the first strike, their wounds were too grievous or they were killed outright.

The last Mandalorian did not suffer their comrade's fate, her throat was constricted by an invisible hand as she was lifted up into the air and violently thrown through the throne room entry and into the throne room itself. Her body bounced twice before sliding to a stop halfway between the entryway and the throne.

Striding forward with thundering footfalls, the giant entered the throne with His sword held at his side. He stared silently at the three Mandalorians near the throne and at the body lying at their feet. With one hand, the giant reached up and disengaged the magnetic locks anchoring His ghoulish helmet to His gorget. Pulling it away, the face of Darth Carnifex, Dark Lord of the Sith, was revealed in all of its noble savageries.

He did not speak, He allowed the sharp intensity in His eyes to speak for Him. He glowered at each of the Mandalorians in turn, His glare accompanied by the sickening feeling of being naked and alone in the frigid cold.

His gaze briefly turned away from the Mandalorians to stare at the Eternal Empress as she entered through another doorway to stand tall and proud in their midst.

What you and Lord Prazutis received as an offer last time was fair, Lord Carnifex. But you abused my trust and Panatha's freedom. This time, I will not allow you or Lord Prazutis to leave this planet. Then Pietro Demici and the Ashlan Crusade will decide your fate." He could see that her eyes carried the same icy zeal as before, though it was noticeably sharper. "From this moment on, the Pacanth Reach does not exist. Panatha has no independent rights, all five planets of the Pacanth Reach have the same rights as any other planet in the Eternal Empire. No more exceptions."

He made no effort to refute the Eternal Empress' bold statements, He merely maintained eye contact as the silence grew ever more oppressive between all three parties. The tension was mounting, the eagerness for violence intensifying as everything began to reach its boiling point.

Very well," spoke the Dark Lord, shattering the silence. He raised His helmet back onto His head, the two segments of metal magnetically connecting with an audible clang.

"Let it begin."

Ironclad Wardog

ALLIES: Enclave | Vulcan Krayt Vulcan Krayt | Eliz Krayt Eliz Krayt | Open
ENEMIES: Eternal Empire | Sith | Confederates | Let’s just kill everybody
ENGAGING: Corin Autem Corin Autem | Open
GEAR: In bio | Basilisk War Droid | Standard loadout | shield

  • Shai and unit breach back entrance of mine
  • Entrance siren sounds off once the doors open
  • 7 troops stay by entrance as rear guard
  • The rest move in and look for information of mine layout


The time for the crusade finally came, and the powers of the Galaxy would learn from their grave mistake of supporting the Sith. The Eternal Empire had long since renounced their support of the Sith Empire, but only when the Empire was on its last legs. Either way, Shai didn’t care about politics. They supported them, they deserved a bolt to the head. Every last one deserved a long rest in a shallow grave.

Every Mandalorian deployed said their prayers when they shipped out, and they hoped their enemy did the same. No quarter will be shown to them, and their target was isolated quite nicely. After they did their job, they could simply slide down and go make some noise down in the capital with the rest of their comrades.

:: Alright ladies, let’s move it. Deployment was the easy part. Let’s get in there. :: She muttered over the comms as they moved through the mountain range. The majority of her unit was engaged elsewhere, with only a platoon to carry out their objective. Inside of a mine with all kinds of crooks and turns, that was all one needed. Especially when they were geared with shields, repeaters and missile launchers. In such cramped situations, the heavy ordinance would be questionable… they didn’t care. Their enemies weren’t the ones wearing Beskar.


Sure enough, their infiltration was the easiest part of their mission. Under the cover of night, with the winds and storms howling, the Mandalorians ascended up the mountains and traversed the rough terrain to get to the mine’s back entrance. Their armour was blacked out, their movements were quiet, and their slicing into the rear entrance’s was a swift action. :: The moment those doors open, we move in and stay frosty. We don’t know this layout so keep an eye out for terminals and signs. Anything past surface information will be useless once we’re in there. :: She radioed again. Her helmet projected no voice as she spoke, the annunciator shut off to keep a low profile.

Once they were inside, her immediate concern was to get a layout of her objective. She doubted that her enemy knew the mine, but they had information on it. Already an advantage on top of superior numbers. The sooner they could find a terminal, the quicker they can find alternate routes and the target...


Shore leave was a wonderful thing. Once that form was signed and the clearance given, the higher ups didn’t give a damn what the soldiers did, as long as it wasn’t irresponsible.

A unit of Mandalorians fighting for their people was far from irresponsible.

Their shields were already deployed and the few heavy gunners were at the ready along with their vode when the door opened. The scanners of the big ships indicated a big presence of Eternal Ultranauts on the mountain range, no surprise there. With civil unrest all over, Sith on their planet, and Mandalorians gunning for them in their capital, it was to be expected that the Eternal Empire would place a contingent of troops to protect some of their most valuable assets.

At least it wasn’t going to be boring.


Another thing to factor in was the avoidance of any obvious routes. It took longer to get to the back entrance of the mine, but it was worth it. No doubt they would eventually be noticed, and the siren of the entrance would alert the entire mountain of their infiltration.

The rear guard of the task force consisted of 7 soldiers. Already nicknamed the “Magnificent Seven” by their comrades, their responsibility was to protect any flanking from their enemy while the remaining group pushed into the mountain.

The rest of the platoon pushed on with their commander, shields and rifles at the ready as they moved along the routes, using signs to figure out a point of direction and reference.

Never Say No to Bacta.

G R A ' T U A
C U U N!


Location: Eternal Empire Space, Panatha, Streets of Canthar
Local Time: 23:06
Primary Objective: Knock Out Powersource Powering Canthar’s Defenses
Secondary Objective: Eliminate Eternal Empire HVT’s
Equipment: Loadout 1 + Goran’s Stand, No Medical Backpack. Crushgaunts Swapped With This. Carrying Several Detpacks and Door-breaking Charges Inside a Black Satchel
Vode: Sergeant Omen Sergeant Omen | Gwyneira Krayt Gwyneira Krayt | Thonn Rokkal Thonn Rokkal | Runi Kuryida Runi Kuryida | Voices of The Deep Voices of The Deep (Dima)
Aruetiise Allies: N/A
Aruetiise (Hostiles): Sith, Eternal Empire Elements, Lyssa Io Lyssa Io | Alessandra Io Alessandra Io
Engaging: Open For Opposition!


To say the giant Alor’ad wasn’t somewhat excited would be a lie.

For the first time in nearly a decade, they were now on the offensive against the numerous enemies of Mando’ade. It was time for them to strike back and strike true at those who were foolish enough to have the Mandalorians as their foes. The day of reckoning had come, and the Mandalorians were prepared to deliver vengeance upon their enemies. By beskad and tracy’uur, all who dared to wrong them would be cut down mercilessly in the name of the Mando’ade.

And they would start with the Eternal Empire, one of the numerous supporters of the Sith Empire. They would make an example out of them today, and send a message to those that have sided with the Sith. The pitiful aruetiise lived on borrowed time. With a large, devious smile on his face, the giant couldn’t help but praise the Buir’s brilliance for choosing Panatha as their first target. It was the homeworld of the Skanah Arue, the Most Hated Enemy of the Mando’ade. A being that most certainly fit the description of demagolka. It was symbolically very fitting to choose this planet for their first strike, aside from the strategic reasons that went into choosing the planet of Panatha.

From the night sky blotted with dark-grey clouds, the rain dribbled softly on the Supercommando’s jet-black beskar’gam. The giant remained crouched next to a piece of cover in an uninhabited alleyway, with his blaster rifle kept at a low ready stance. The sound of revolt and occasional blaster fire erupted in the streets in the distance, all around him. The local Epicanthix resistance group was causing quite the ruckus in the streets. The Eternal Empire’s garrison on the planet, coupled with Panatha’s Planetary Defence Force, were in the process of quelling the uprising. The uprising, however, gave the Alor’ad and his squad a valuable diversion from their operations here on the planet. That, coupled with the night and rain, the Alor’ad and his squad were given a surprise yet a very welcome opportunity to strike at their mission objective with the element of surprise. Their target location was not so far away now. Just three hundred meters left.

But the Alor’ad assumed it would get harder to retain their stealth at this time. It wasn’t so easy to remain undetected all the way here from their insertion point. A curfew was enacted by the Eternal Empire. Ultranauts -- one of the Eternal Empire’s elite -- patrolled the city in squads as they searched the numerous streets and alleys for the Epicanthix resistance. Though their vigilance was not sufficient to detect them yet, the Alor’ad knew their presence would eventually be revealed, whether by the Ultranauts themselves or by the Alor’ad’s actions. They were going to go loud, after all.

Without turning his faintly glowing white visor at his adoptive daughter to his rear, the giant spoke into their private com circuit, with his annunciator turned off.
<”Nervous?”> the giant asked in a soft tone, betraying the excitement he felt coursing in his veins. He was a seasoned warrior of the Mando’ade, this wasn’t his first mission. Like any being that called themselves a soldier or a warrior in the vast galaxy, so too did the giant had his own techniques -- coupled with his training -- to calm his nerves, preventing his excitement from getting in the way of his work and actions.

But the same could not exactly be said for Gwyn’ika. The giant had oversaw her training personally in adherence to the Resol’nare. Though blooded she may be, having killed aruetiise and the likes, she was still very much a foundling, and inexperienced. He could see her increased heart rate in his heads-up display. He would understand what she felt. The Alor’ad was in her shoes when he was a Foundling himself.
<”Are you scared?”> the giant would quip at his daughter, wondering her response as he kept his vigilance regarding his surroundings. Unmoving his visor may be, he was scanning his sectors.

<"No, of course not!">

The giant would chuckle at her response.
<”Don’t lie to yourself, verd’ika. There is no shame in admitting it,”> the giant said as he stood up and started moving in a combat pace with his blaster rifle raised before him. After letting go of the handguard for just a moment, the giant raised his left hand vertically overhead with his palm to the front and waved in large, horizontal circles for a second and grasped the blaster’s handguard once again, signalling Gwyn and his squad to rally to him. <”The key is to not let it take control of your body and your mind, dear.”> It was the body’s natural response to danger. They were trained arduously for a reason, practicing and exercising to a point where the actions you took in battle were primarily reactive.

<"I-I doubt you are, you're amazing, but are you scared too?">

The giant would remain silent at her inquiry at first, whether the Alor’ad himselfwas scared or not. He was afraid, but not for his well being.
<”Not for myself, no.”> Although the usual uncertainty of combat and the faint, natural fear for one’s own well being that came along with it always lingered at the back of his mind as a reminder, he welcomed Death. On a few occasions, he himself was startled in combat for a second or two, but that was rare. He was used to the dance of death. He had seen much, and would continue to do so, as long as he remained combat effective to further remain in the service of the Mando’ade. What he worried the most about was the well being of his vode, and his daughter now. Who would be the one to die here today on this damnable rock? He asked himself that question every time when he was dispatched to a mission with his vode, hoping the answer would be “nobody”, as much as that would not always be the case...

The Alor’ad switched to the squad’s com circuit from the private circuit between Gwyn’ika and himself. His demeanour would change from a loving and caring father to a seasoned warrior, as if with the flick of a switch.
<”Alright, vode. Remember the mission objective,”> They were all briefed with today’s mission before they were dispatched to the planet. They were to first knock out the capital’s powersource that fed the city’s shield generators and numerous defenses, along with their auxiliary generators built to kick in, in case the primary power source was knocked out. <”The generators powering the city’s defenses are likely guarded, with their wardens on high alert, thanks to the revolt,”> Reaching the end of the uninhabited alleyway, the giant cautiously peaked from the corner and gazed onto the street that stretched before him, checking both sides.

The streets were empty so far, with the most recent patrol passing by a few minutes ago, while they remained crouched and concealed in the alleyway. He confirmed this with his eye in the sky, his small probe droid. Alongside streaming the urban terrain into his and his vode’s HUD’s, the probe fed them further tactical data into their heads-up displays as it continued to carry out the given commands by the giant, loitering high in the sky with its stealth parameters engaged. There were patrols in the blocks all around them.
<”It’s clear, let’s move.”> The Alor’ad informed his squad over the commlink as he crossed the street in a sprint and went into another alleyway.

Remaining undetected at this pace until they reached the target compound, they would reach their target area soon.


Extending his left arm to the side at a forty-five degree angle above the horizontal with his palm down, the giant lowered his arm to the side, signalling his squad to stay low and take cover. Target building was within sight. It was a large compound. The Ultranaut presence in the area was nothing to scoff at, either. A number of patrols, sentries on elevated positions with several fortified strong points, they were ready to defend the generators from an assault that could have been launched by the Epicanthix insurgents.

But they were no insurgents. They were Mandalorians. It was time to see how the Empire’s cream of the crop infantry units would fare against the Mando’ade, whom their deeds regarded as legendary. Their heroic sagas -- both ancient and recent -- were spoken among the aruetiise in awe and fear of the Mandalorians.

<”Vode, disperse,”> The giant commanded over the squad com circuit as he repositioned himself to a more advantageous firing position looking at the main entrance of the compound, all the while he tried to keep his concealment the best he could. <”Pick your targets. Wait for my command to engage.”> The giant said, picking one of the two Ultranaut sentries that stood by the compound's entrance. When everyone was in position, he would give the command to open fire and eliminate the enemy opposition that stood before them and their mission objective.

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Objective: Let Panatha Burn
Allies: Vemric Keldra Vemric Keldra | Verin Oldo Verin Oldo | Aurelian Sigismund Aurelian Sigismund
Enemies: OPEN

Once more, the Mandalorians were at war.

Romul Saxon was no stranger to war. The veteran warrior had fought in a half dozen conflicts, and each time he had been victorious. Despite losses, despite their own blood that had been shed, Mandalorians had always been victorious -- until the Sith. Until Hammerfall.

But it was time for the Mandalorian Enclave to stop dwelling on the past. The future of the Mando'ade was bright. It was strong. No longer would they be defined by the genocide that had nearly ended their people. No more would the galaxy be able to discount Mandalorian power. The Eternal Empire had fought alongside the Sith instead of against them. They had chosen their side; and now, Romul Saxon, Akaan'alor of the Enclave, would ensure that they pay for it in blood.

His footfall echoed as he marched down the bridge of the Bes'tare -- Iron Manifest in Mando'a -- the flagship of the Mandalorian fleet brought to bear on Panatha. Below them, visible through the transparisteel viewport, the mountains of Panatha stretched on for kilometers. Lighter and faster, the Mandalorian fleet had been tasked with securing atmospheric superiority; the heavier ships lent by the aruetii Tributary Council sat above the planet, prepared to give a fiery welcome to any Eternal Empire reinforcements. Romul had an innate distrust of any outsider -- but the Quartermaster vouched for their capabilities and loyalty. And so he had reluctantly granted them one of the most important roles in the operation, though there wasn't any single aspect among the three-pronged attack that wasn't important.

"Akaan'alor," Gallius Saxon announced behind him. Romul turned, near seven feet tall in his powerful red-and-gold beskar'gam. A cape hung from his shoulders, adding to the sense of intimidation and décor that surrounded the Warmaster. "Pickets are reporting ships bearing Mandalorian signatures are reverting from hyperspace, declaring neutrality with an intent to provide humanitarian aid."

"Let them through," Romul waved dismissively. "Let it be known that any Mandalorians who are misguided will not pay for it with their lives. But should they change their minds and fire upon the blood of their creed. . . then they are no better than Sith. Make any Enclave elements well aware of that." He turned back to the transparisteel viewport, his helmet held in one hand, the moonlight shining on his dark skin.

"In the meantime, prepare the fleet to give assistance to our ground elements. Deploy our fighter elements, fill the sky with Mandalorian starships. Once the defenses of Canthar fall. . . we will be there. It will burn."

Warfleet Canderous
  • x3 MNV-17 Bes'drahr-class Heavy Cruisers
    • The Kyr'am Gaan [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Ciryc Geriuvr [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Keldabe Gra'tuar [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
  • x7 MNV-15 Kyr'am-class Strike Frigates
    • The Ashad Akaan [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Gur'adr [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Tyatr'okor [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Tracinya [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Rao'briada [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Etyc Akaanir [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
    • The Critioa [100% Shields | 100% Structure]
  • MNV-52 Beviin-class Space Superiority Starfighters
    • Multiple Squadrons
  • MNV-56 Keldab-class Assault Dropships
    • Multiple Squadrons
Warfleet Artus
  • The Mandalorian fleet is sitting above the Iron Mountains in Panatha Atmosphere
  • All fighter elements have been deployed
  • Enclave Mandalorians are ordered to spare Mandalorians on the other side, provided they do not fire on Enclave forces


Objective I: Find the lay of the objective
Location: Iron Mountains, Panatha
Equipment: Sword, M.I. Beskar'gam Mk.1 M.I. 'Sunstroke' jetpack M.I. Model 6 hybrid pistol, M.I. Model 12 shatter rifle x2, Thermal Detonators, Magnetic Detonators
Vod Tags: Shai Krayt Shai Krayt | Siv Krayt Siv Krayt | Alora Vizsla Alora Vizsla | Enclave
Enemy Tags: Open


So, they go to war against the EE, simple enough, however, from what he read, supply lines are the bloodline of any enemy. So, it was fortuitous that they will be attacking said lines and the mine source. Explosions are fun when you are not the one being blown up. Being on both sides of an explosion did not dampen his eagerness to use explosives. He got enough on him for it.

The mission was simple, get into the mines and destroy them, reduce them to dust and leave no useable thing inside, Vulcan did something similar before, but that was a mine that was poorly guarded, this one was more guarded than the South Pole. Erebor was a whole different kettle of fish, heh, why call it that if it is neither a kettle nor a fish? He'll need to ask about that later. Best not get confused out there.

Vulcan shook his head as he along with his Vod headed towards the Mountain. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet to protect against being deafened in his other ear which would be useful if explosions occur near him. He may need that seen too. But right now, time stands still.

He had to put a bandana over his hair as it cracked with static, so much so you can hear it fizzle. Turns out different places get staticky more often, can’t turn back, can’t put a product in to stop it in his hair now. Since when did he worry so much? He took a deep breath and busied himself with weapon checks. Everything looks in working order, his sword is sharp, he has enough ammo and has enough energy to kick derriere.

He made sure to keep Shai in his line of sight, this is so he won’t get separated too far out there and get ganged upon. Once the weapons were checked and loaded, he kept them close by. He would need them. He had a pack full of Normal and Magnetic Thermal Detonators too, he could nestle them into the walls, arm them and blow the shafts up or use them on hostiles where he can. Did he just think about using them on others? Yes, yes he did and he thought little of the consequences.

Vulcan fidgeted with his hands as he walked, his nerves building, he tried to tamp them down, but they kept at his nerves. He’s faced worse than this, he knows that, but it is normal to feel apprehensive, right? No, he’s been in a fight before, he shot a Sith before, he never actually thought much about the last major battle he fought in, he was more likely to blot it out, keep his mind together and in the present.

Young minds, young thoughts, he is 15 after all, but he won't remain that way forever. If anything he'll get tougher, harder and more of a Mandalorian.

He'll grow up. He'll be an adult and then he'll have to be mature, he feels older than he is at present anyway. Youth springs eternal and all that but It hardly seems appropriate now, since this will be a battle, and it is snowing, twice he’s been in snow, the first was from quite a few crash landings, the second was in a war. A slight hindrance if it remains as is and doesn’t become a blizzard. Can never tell with snow, but so far the weather stayed as is, a heavy snow flurry, blowing upwind it seemed

Remaining close by and not out of sight, Vulcan pressed on, keeping up with his fellow Vod, occasionally being picked up to get over a large obstacle in their path. He could have been able to climb or magnet walk over it, but then that would eat up valuable seconds, which they may not have.

Sooner or later, they will run into hostiles, granted they were only after the Mines but, sooner or later they were going to be falling under EE crosshairs soon enough, hopefully not too soon. Besides considering the upheaval right now, Vulcan theorised they had a few hours to properly get the explosives in. If they plan to use any and to at least have a bit of wriggle room before the light fails or they are ambushed, whichever comes first.

Right now it is late Twilight, and his HUD switched to a lower light function, to make it easier to tell where he is going. No, Ubese never has natural night vision. The night will reach them quickly now. They should reach their destination before then. Without much hassle.

Once they reached the rear entrance, the rifles were at the ready, waiting for any EE resistance to hinder them. Vulcan had used the long-range night vision to scout out any signs because it is necessary but to be sure there was an easy way out when chit hits the fan. He slipped a small bioluminescent patch from one of his pouches and stuck it to the wall nearest to him. Even if all else fails this could be useful.

Keeping his finger firmly on the trigger, he moved around to plant another near the next wall. He hoped this was enough to allow some navigation. As soon as he had a grasp of what they needed to be done, he'll get right on it. He has only a dim recognition of what the EE was or why they are here. Sith is bad news for everyone, no exceptions. Never, they have to be stopped. Hopefully, by the end, they will be and the EE crippled.

He brought weaponry along, because what is a fight without weaponry to use. He wasn't going to rock up to a fight without decent weaponry, as an extra precaution, he brought two rifles with him. Over the top, maybe? But he certainly will not care. Nor should he.

Vulcan wanted to do this mission and get right into the action, not just hang back and do nothing.
Shield Maiden


Operation: Erebor

Siv supposed she could say she started a trend in Clan Krayt. She glanced down at her new shiny shield she wore on her arm, then to her fellow clan members, a good deal of them wearing one themselves. Her original shield was one of a kind, forged and gifted to her by her father years ago, and it was fantastic for what it was; a prototype. Now Clan Krayt had a symbolic weapon and tool to go into battle with. She'd keep her mouth shut on this notion, but it did make her smile a bit under her helmet.

She advanced now with her beskad in hand, as usual, this made her a front of the pack fighter, her comrades behind her ready to raise hell fire with their blasters. In the confines of the mine, it was nice to have the close quarters skills she had. Her eyes scanned the nooks and crannies for any would-be enemy.

She'd raise a brow as they officially entered the mine, they'd gotten somewhat lucky in their attempt to enter it, not a soul other than them was around, and they had broken their way through the door without a sound.

Siv's feet would take her in and her eyes looked for that terminal. The quicker they found that the quicker they could make for their actual objective; blowing this mountain to the heavens and back. Being at the front of the pack gave her a bit of a first glance around the cramped mine shafts. She would move her way in, peering around corners and overall wondering when the first shots of the operation would ring out... because surely they won't be able to get through this whole place unopposed.

She'd spot a terminal down a long hallway, which seemed to be a random spot for one in her opinion... it was a mineshaft though, so logic wasn't always at the forefront of infrastructure building she supposed. "This is Siv, I've got one of their terminals. I'll get us started on getting a map to this place," she would say across their comms.

She'd get to work, her fingers typing away as she navigated the terminal. Thankfully for Enclave forces, the mines weren't considered as high of a security risk as they should have been, the maps to the place being right there in front of her. She would look over the map herself before pulling out a few of data cylinders and plugging them into the terminal, downloading the content she needed. "I've got the maps and copies of them," she'd announce as she started making her way back to the group at a brisk jog. Once she found the larger group she'd pass out the few cylinders she had to the others, keeping one for herself.

"I already took a peek at the maps, from what I can tell the southern tunnels are the best bet. It's a bit of a longer route, and it has as many twists as it does turn. It would be a pain for the EE to have it locked down, unless you find a better option, I say that's our route."

Vulcan Krayt Vulcan Krayt | Eliz Krayt Eliz Krayt | Shai Krayt Shai Krayt

Lifts an Eyebrow



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Aximand Sicarus Aximand Sicarus (Soonᵀᴹ)
Hefi Heavy Attack Line:

Flagship: UES Requiem - 4.2K - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)

1x Thoros I-class Artillery Battlecruiser - 4.4K
= UES Eternity - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)

1x Grievous-class Star Destroyer - 1.89K
= UES Grande Deceptor - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)

3x Argente-class Assault Cruiser - 0.96K
= UES Liberty - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Revenant - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Genesis - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)

5x Murkhana-class Escort Frigate - 0.43K
= UES Guardian - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Pilgrim - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Triumph - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Observer - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Herald - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)

4x Terrus-class Flak Corvette - 0.16K
= UES Galaxy’s Harbinger - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Euphoria - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Vision - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Marauder - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)

6x Trench-class Fast Attack Corvette - 0.11K
= UES Prophet - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Judgement - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Huntress - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Avenger - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Prisoner - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)
= UES Torment - (Shields 100%/Hull 100%)

War eternal.

The tall frame of the Governor of Hefi and once Grand Marshal of the Confederacy had taken control on the bridge of the Requiem once more. Despite the pure destruction of lives half a year prior that drove him into a dark hole, the Sephi had stepped forth once more to the call of arms.

For a different reason this time.

Hefi, and by extension the Mando'ade, had become home. It went beyond the line of duty this time. It would be in protection of those that have given a broken defector a home. A purpose.

With this motivation as driving force, Vemric Keldra found himself not only alongside new allies while heading into battle, but alongside and old friend and confidant, Verin Oldo Verin Oldo .

Once more into the fray.


"Maintain the line."

Vemric's deep, almost bored voice thrummed across the bridge. Commander Miles barked out the unspoken order across the encrypted fleet comms, moving all ships within the heavy attack line within orbit over the planet.
"Raise the Samrata." the Sephi said calmly.
"Ship raised, Sir." Lieutenant Pol spoke up from the comms panel as the droid next to him had digits flying across the panel.
"Minster, would you be so kind as to bolster our lines over the planet? No enemy reinforcements are to reach the ground. No enemy vessel is to engage Warmaster Romul Saxon Romul Saxon 's lines. Have all weapons charged and ready to fire for when enemy reinforcements arrive - no exceptions. Understood?" he told Verin Oldo Verin Oldo .

After receiving confirmation, Vemric turned and faced the great viewport.
"Get me Sigusmund." he said.
"Sir, yes, Sir."
The clacking of digits could be heard from behind his back.
"The Vincit has been raised, Sir." Pol said.
"Lord Sigusmund, we are glad you could accompany us this day. I would ask you the same as I did of our Auxillary fleet. No enemy reinforcements are to reach the ground if we can help it. We are expecting heavy naval reinforcements. Have all weaponry charged and ready to support Enclave naval forces' flanks during engagement. Warmaster Romul Saxon Romul Saxon 's fleet would need our collective support if he is to maintain superiority in atmosphere. Kindly confirm reception and may the Force be with you, Your Excellency." the Governor said to Aurelian Sigismund Aurelian Sigismund , his tone still almost bored as was his norm.

He turned towards Miles then.
"Have all marine forces within the line get ready to deploy for boarding - Mando'ade and otherwise. All fighter and other compliments are to ready for deployment across line vessels, but remain in hangar for now." he ordered.
"Yes, Sir." he said before turning heading to comms panel to give the orders to all of the Heavy Line's vessels, including internal comms of the Requiem.

Vemric turned back to the viewport.

"Let loose the Hounds of War." he mused quietly as he gazed upon the dark beauty of space.

Despite the battle looming, the expanse brought him peace.

  • Heavy Attack Line Vessels are all in position in orbit blockading directly above Panatha with ordnance primed and ready to fire upon orders.
  • Orders to Enclave Auxiliary Force to bolster Heavy Attack Line in blockading the planet and preventing enemy reinforcements from reaching planet or harassing Romul Saxon Romul Saxon 's naval forces.
  • Requests Aurelian Sigismund Aurelian Sigismund and his forces to act in support of main blockade and to cover the blockade's flanks during engagement and to help prevent enemy reinforcements from breaking through or harassing Enclave Naval Forces within Atmosphere.
  • Heavy Attack Line fighters and support craft are ready to deploy upon orders.
  • Enclave Mandalorians and Allied Mandalorians aboard and escorting Enclave Naval Forces are ordered to make ready to launch for boarding enemy vessels and the Basilisk War Droids aboard are also ready to deploy upon orders.
  • All ordnance is primed, charged and ready with integrity at 100% for all vessels.



ALLIES: Romul Saxon Romul Saxon | Vemric Keldra Vemric Keldra | Aurelian Sigismund Aurelian Sigismund | Kam Ge'lih Dragr Kam Ge'lih Dragr | Vren Rook Vren Rook | Orion Fett Orion Fett | Enclave | NIO
ENEMIES: Forces of the EE | Forces of the Confederacy | Forces of The Sith Empire


Flagship: UES Samrata - Assault - 3.52K100%/100%

1x Thoros I-class Artillery Battlecruiser - - Heavy Assault - 4.4K

= UES Bulwark 100%/100%

1x Grievous-class Star Destroyer - - Heavy Assault - 1.89K

= UES Siren 100%/100%

3x Argente-class Assault Cruiser - Assault - 0.96K

= UES Invader 100%/100%

= UES Avalanche 100%/100%

= UES Basilisk 100%/100%

4x Murkhana-class Escort Frigate - Balanced - 0.43K

= UES Pathfinder 100%/100%

= UES Glory 100%/100%

= UES Promise 100%/100%

= UES Diplomat 100%/100%

4x Terrus-class Flak Corvette - Defensive - 0.16K

= UES Bastion 100%/100%

= UES Trinity 100%/100%

= UES Signature 100%/100%

= UES Chimaera 100%/100%

5x Trench-class Fast Attack Corvette - Offensive - 0.11K

= UES Warlord 100%/100%

= UES Defiance 100%/100%

= UES Locket 100%/100%

= UES Inferno 100%/100%

= UES Hummingbird 100%/100%

If he kept his eyes shut, he could imagine the familiar noises of the crews he had served with, the articulated voice of the integrated computer systems that reeled off all sorts of numerical data and information at lightning speed, droids and crew personnel alike managing to tabulate and interpret just as easily, making split-second decisions that would impact the course of an engagement, all the while keeping their cool.

He could smell the scent of fresh air, constantly pumped into the large vault that was the command bridge, high above the deck below where the comms and control relays sat. He could see the flurry of activity, personnel calmly, but with urgency, moving between systems, utilising the intricately constructed war machine to its fullest potential. He could strain to hear the sound of the mass batteries as they levied barrage after barrage, salvos that rent steel and cleaved hulls in a matter of minutes.

He awoke, the familiar sight of the memories that he held yet again before him and yet somehow changed. It took him a moment to return to the present, to the ‘here and now’. He noted the droids, different from those that he had served with prior, as they occupied stations, executing calculations and filling the main systems with all the technical and strategical data necessary to fully utilise the giant battlecruiser. He watched the officers and enlisted personnel, some he knew, some he didn’t, as they went about supervising and filling the most challenging of the roles on the bridge.

A voice chimed in over the comms, Oldo looking down to see what was occurring. The tactical display ahead of him was teeming with activity, numerous ships in differing formations, engaging at all cost.

“Noted, Captain.”

Oldo watched as several of the frigates in his task force made a sweep of manoeuvres to better counter any external threat that might materialise behind his position, above the atmosphere of Panatha. His force was to sit in orbit, protecting the activities of the fleet that served as aerial protection in the atmosphere, high above the forces as they engaged below. The orbital strikes and strategic bombing runs made by the Enclave fighter and bomber complement today would ensure that the inferior number of Enclave soldiers was not hindered by the likely overwhelming forces of the Empire.

Oldo punched in several directives, each relayed to the members of the force that were best to answer them. The Victator-class battlecruiser he commanded was not the largest of the ships present in his force, the UES Bulkwark taking that prize. He had chuckled to himself, thinking on how his husband had often referred to it as the UES ‘Bulky’ for his considerable size.

But he was safely at home, away from such engagements. He would be worried, nonetheless. Defending the Enclave settlements was one thing, actively engaging on their behalf was quite another. He had in brought in to teach them how to operate, not wholly fight their battles for them.

He had been caught up in the idealism of it all, the justice and the building of it all. To create from scratch, not just maintain. To make of nothing a complete and competent fighting force, capable of engaging with the Galaxy’s finest. He didn’t know if today they would be up to it but he was glad to see so many old friends, those that had kept their loyalty to his CO Keldra, that understood what they were trying to achieve out in Wild Space. A new start, a fresh look at how things could be.

“Prepare Line-wide assets to maintain shields at full, defensive batteries set to ready and ships to launch all fighter elements.”

He watched as the array of ships chimed in their responses, setting themselves to effective battle readiness. If anybody came, they’d be as ready as they could be for them.

The imposing Vandemarian forces were a sight to behold, exuding blatant confidence in its size and capabilities that was impossible to ignore. Verin smiled, glad they were on their side today. He knew the fickle nature of alliances in the galactic game, he himself some time prior having besmirched the good name of his new compatriots on numerous occasions.

He noted the presence of Clan Tal, their flotilla in attendance as a humanitarian participant in the oncoming slaughter. He shook his head, bemused. How would they respond? Would they declare them to be ‘not of the Mando’ade’ or ‘Dar’manda’. He struggled with some of the finer intricacies of Mandalorian culture but he knew they were serious about the tenets of loyalty and cultural and blood ties. To go against them in such a manner?

This sortie would be the first real test for this brand new fleet, trained hard by him and those he worked alongside. Warmaster Saxon led the charge, capitalising on the position of their force by occupying the atmosphere above. Vemric Keldra, his former Commanding Officer, was leading his own force, the sky thick with Enclave capital ships.

A voice.


"Minster, would you be so kind as to bolster our lines over the planet? No enemy reinforcements are to reach the ground. No enemy vessel is to engage Warmaster Romul Saxon's lines. Have all weapons charged and ready to fire for when enemy reinforcements arrive - no exceptions. Understood?"

Oldo listened in and gave the affirmation.

“Yes, sir. Beginning to deploy defensively. Will ensure any enemy vessels are kept at arm’s length.”

He was almost sentimental, once again doing battle alongside trusted friends and newfound allies.

Instead, he issued orders to his own force with speed and they began to take shape, joining the already substantial force that now held sway over Panatha. It would take quite the force to punch through his blockade.

Enclave Auxiliary Force has deployed in a defensive position alongside the forces of allies above the atmosphere of Panatha, maintaining orbit. All ships have charged their defensive weapons, established full shield capabilities and begun to deploy to fighter and bombers to join the sustained effort below on the planet, should they be called upon.
Rear Admiral



  • Lancer Fighter Squadrons: 0/38
  • Haxor Interceptor Squadrons: 0/10
  • Hornet Bomber Squadrons: 0/16

Objective: III - Key Escort
Location: Edge of Panatha System
Tags: Malanves Lagrange Malanves Lagrange Race Tolsen Race Tolsen Vemric Keldra Vemric Keldra Dasmi Lindervale Dasmi Lindervale Verin Oldo Verin Oldo Romul Saxon Romul Saxon Aurelian Sigismund Aurelian Sigismund Also whomever is fleeting for CIS

A flash of familiarity struck home within Aximand as he made his way to the CIC aboard the Retribution. It would not be the first time that The Axe would descend upon Panatha, but he certainly intended it to be the final time - at least for a while still. The planet was all but a total dumpster fire rising in intensity in the waning months after the Ashlan Crusade’s ill-conceived attempt to forcibly extricate whatever hidden Sith threats remained upon the planet. Aximand had silently questioned the Empress’s decision to forgive the blatant violation of the Empire’s sovereignty, but knew better than to vocalize such misgivings. In truth, it was probably fortuitous that she ignored the impulse to attack them, because now Panatha was beset by a much more overt and extreme threat - the Mandalorian Enclave.

Aximand knew little about who exactly they were, outside of an upstart band of extremists who were radical in their view of reuniting the broken Mandalorian people.
”A pity.” He thought to himself: ”I will have to shatter them again.” A faint smirk played upon his lips at the thought, but he was quick to check himself. Levity was one thing - but overconfidence, quite another indeed. Surely, they wouldn’t be so foolish as to attack Imperial territory without a considerable fleet presence. He would be interested to see what the fleet presence consisted of himself, naturally. But until then, he would need to expect the unexpected.

He did what he could to rally what ships in the immediate area which belonged to his battlegroup, which was spread all throughout the galactic-east of the Empire. Thus far, elements of the 20th Heavy Assault Line and the 31st Assault Line had answered his call in time to escort him into the fray, with fellow Rear Admiral Malanves Lagrange Malanves Lagrange and Admiral Race Tolsen Race Tolsen indicating their support as well. Given the fragmented nature of the Imperial response, Aximand saw fit to indicate a rallypoint near the edge of the system, which would at the very least prevent the Enclave forces from being able to intercept them immediately. When he arrived on the command deck and took his seat within his chair, the call went out by his executive officer that they were about to exit lightspeed.

As the fleet did so, they would be greeted by a sight indeed, one not seen since the battle of Danuta. A full scale warfleet encircled the planet, positioning itself in high-orbit in a bombardment formation. Externally, Aximand’s expression remained as impassive and stone-like as ever. Internally, a cold fury welled up in his heart. This was an insult that could not be tolerated. Imperial honor was being besmirched before his eyes, he would answer back with extreme prejudice. But all in good time. Captain Praxxis, seemingly reading the Admiral’s mind, bellowed the order:
”Transmit a tactical analysis of the enemy fleet to the Admiral’s console immediately.” Within moments, tactical data streamed across Aximand’s console, with his lone eye scanning its contents hungrily.

One peculiarity of note was the presence of both NIO/Vandamaran ships alongside a small contingent of Enclave vessels. But the true oddity was the presence of... Confederacy ships. What was this? Duplicity? Aximand wasn’t quite sure what to think until he stumbled across the seeming flagship of the CIS contingent. The UES Requiem.


Surely, that didn’t mean he was here? Although Aximand did not know the man personally, the flagship of the former Grand Admiral of the CIS was well known to the Eternal Fleet, given their allied status with the Empire. But that did not illuminate the situation very much for the Rear Admiral. Was Admiral Keldra a rogue element, pursuing his own ends? Was the CIS fleet here, officially betraying their long-held ally in the Eternal Empire? These questions hung in the air as thick as the smoke from a smouldering hulk, but they did little to change the reality.

Said reality was quite simple really. Aximand would need to break this blockade before any reinforcements could meaningfully land upon the planet. He might be able to sneak through a handful of dropships if they approached from the far side of the planet, but that was a big ‘might’. Thus far, it appeared as though the bulk of the fleet was positioned above the city and surrounding mountainside, with the ‘CIS’ fleet elements remaining close to the Enclave-specific ships. The Vandamaran ships, however, were deployed along the flank. Although Aximand was not yet ready to engage, he began plotting in his mind the best way to take advantage of the situation.

Before much further time was spent pondering over it, a report came forth from his tactical officer, Lt. Commander Aierka:
”Friendly signatures are exiting lightspeed near our position, Admiral.” As reported, the fleets of his fellow admirals converged upon his location within moments of the update. Without wasting time, Aximand indicated for the comms station to open a channel to the other lead ships: ”Admirals, it is good to fly alongside you all again.” Aximand began: ”We’ve only just arrived a few minutes ago, but by the look of things the situation is dire. I am unsure if the CIS elements present are traitors to the CIS, or if the CIS has betrayed us. But, the situation is the same nonetheless. We need to break their blockade of the planet if we are to properly escort our reinforcements planetside. Panatha has suffered much over the past few months, but we shall end this. Here and now.”

”It appears the Enclave ships are supported by both CIS fleet elements, with the Vandamaran fleet on the flank. We need to press that flank heavily and force them to buckle. If we can break that end of the line, our landers can make it through.”
He paused, allowing his words to sink in for his fellow fleet commanders before he added: ”I can anchor the center. Admiral Race, I can think of no one better to push those New Imperial dogs out of the way. Admiral Malanves, I could use your support on my right flank. Everyone else, hang back and be prepared to respond - i’m sure the Enclave fleet presence won’t let us push through without responding in kind.”

At that, Aximand’s attention turned to his internal comms station: ”Order our fleet into advance formation - Demeton Cruisers & Coda Frigates in a forward screening formation, Ashkelons in a picket formation behind them, with the Vikaanders on the flanks. CR90’s and Disruptors are to prepare for skirmishing duties, but don’t break away from the main fleet without my mark. Retribution Corvettes have my authorization to fire at targets of opportunity alongside of us and the Bastion as we approach. Have all fighter crews on standby.”

The orders were given, and within moments Aximand’s battle line would move forward alongside his fellow fleet commanders, intent on shifting the opposing flank with their highly focused attack. As they did so, missiles and long ranged cannons would let loose with advancing fire, moreso meant to test the readiness of the enemy fleet whilst the liberators of Panatha approached.

  • Aximand’s fleet has arrived from lightspeed, appraising the tactical situation.
  • He has relayed orders with the rest of the fleet (presumably the other players on our side) with a battle plan to target the Vandamaran flank whilst the rest of the line moves in support.
  • Fighter crews are at the ready to launch at Aximand’s command.


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