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Character Darth Prospero, Lord of Progress

Sith Science is Best Science

"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study hard and be evil."

General Information:
  • Name: Adrian Terassi Vandiir
  • Aliases: Darth Prospero & Dex Ereni
  • Homeworld: Corellia and Serenno
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Position: Dark Councilor
Physical Information:
  • Species: Doppelganger, formely Human
  • Age: Mid-Twenties
  • Sex: Male (Variable)
  • Build: Lean (Variable)
  • Height: 1.96 m (Variable)
  • Eyes: Grey-Blue (Variable)
  • Skin: Caucasian (Variable)
Social Information:
Strengths & Weaknesses:
  • [+/-] Master of the Arcane: One does not become the Triumvir of Power by collecting bottlecaps - having dedicated himself fully to mastering the mysteries of the Force ever since his initiation into the Sith Order, Darth Prospero is a masterful Sorcerer and innovative Alchemist... and thoroughly dismissive of the "brutish, stupid, and uneducated", often to his own detriment.
  • [+/-] Tainted by the Dark: Having made numerous alchemical enhancements to his body over the years, Darth Prospero is, in his own words, "more than human"; the Force flows through his altered form with ease, though this also leaves him vulnerable to Force Light.
  • [+/-] Silver Tongue: Like many aristocrats, Darth Prospero has honed his persuasive abilities to perfection, abilities that are greatly aided by a talent for subtler mind tricks and his own twist on Dun Möch, which emphasises the intellectual dismantling of an opponent's world view; when such efforts fail, however, he is often caught flat-footed, for his swordsmanship is mediocre and his combat experience limited.
Skills & Abilities:
  • Force Prowess: Sith Lord
  • Favoured Form: Niman
  • Force Abilities:
    • Exceptional aptitude for Sith Sorcery and Sith Alchemy with a focus on innovation and nontraditional methods.
    • Significant aptitude for energy manipulation, especially Tutaminis, Force Lightning, and Force Blast.
    • Significant aptitude for subtler forms of mental manipulation and Drain Knowledge.
    • Significant aptitude for Force Barrier and subtler uses of Telekinesis.
    • Mediocre swordsmanship, only proficient in Form VI, Niman.
  • Mundane Abilities:
    • Academic proficiency in Basic, High Galactic, and ur-Kittât; basic fluency in Huttese and a few trade languages.
    • Significant historical, philosophical, and political knowledge, especially regarding Corellia, Serenno, the Sith Empire, the Sith in general, and the major civilisations of the galaxy, with a focus on "more civilised" cultures as opposed to "unwashed primitives".
    • Decent, if fairly inexperienced, pilot; only very rarely drives vehicles or pilots vessels himself.
  • Alchemical Alterations:
    • Enhancements:
      • Alterations to his flesh and runic engravings burned into his very bones significantly improve Prospero' ability to channel the Force and limit (somewhat) the negative effects of making use of the Dark Side.
    • Side Effects:
      • Prospero has developed a "mild allergy" to Force Light. Definitely nothing to worry about.
      • His flesh tends to visibly seethe when channelling extreme amounts of power or succumbing to intense emotion.
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Sith Science is Best Science
Story and Threads:
Prelude, a Sheltered Upbringing:
Chapter Summary:
  • Born of Corellia: TBD
  • Shaped by Serenno: TBD
  • Folly of Youth: TBD
Chapters I - IV, Path to Power:
Chapter Summary:
  • Three years of RP; this'll take a while, especially since it should be short and sweet.
Chapter V, Knowledge is Power:
  1. Kings of Medicine [Private | Ongoing]: (Description)
  2. Tutka'va (Reformation) [Faction | Complete]: "Following the disastrous meeting in the Ascendant Hall and Adrian's own promotion to Triumvir of Power, he speaks his mind about the current reformations, but alas a violent intruder brings the meeting to a halt."
  3. A Show of Strength [Dominion | Complete]: "Adrian joins Telis Taharin, Pyramid of Military Command, and a pair of mercenaries (Rabbit & NPC) in looting a haunted tomb. The records of what transpired towards the end are unclear, but alchemical texts were recovered."
  4. Night of Passion [Faction | Complete]: "Adrian meets an old friend (she might say acquaintance, but then she's rather cold) and several characters of interest during the grand opening of his club, Passion."
  5. After the Twilight [Dominion | Semicomplete]: "Adrian studies Stone Mites. Chop chop."
  6. Schism's Dawn [Invasion | Complete]: "Waking up with a hangover in a stranger's bed, Adrian finds himself in the midst of a raging battle; after unleashing Sithspawn upon encroaching New Imperials, he is exposed to Voidstone and promptly runs away."
  7. Electric Sky [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  8. When the Cherries Blossom [Dominion | Complete]: "Attending a ball in the Eternal Empire as a representative of the Sith Empire, Adrian meets Ingrid L'lerim and spends the evening conversing with her, leaving the actual work to his subordinates."
  9. Freedom Cry [Invasion | Incomplete]: "Travelling to Taris in the hopes of dealing a crippling blow against Clan Australis and its supporters, Adrian is pleasantly surprised to find that the people of Taris have already overthrown the Mandalorian rabble."
  10. Poli-Sci 302 [Private | Semicomplete]: "Adrian meets with Jorryn Fordyce to discuss the woman's inquisitorial career, eventually agreeing to back her efforts to be appointed Lord Inquisitor."
  11. The Empire Strikes Back [Invasion | Complete]: "Adrian and Ingrid L'lerim journey to Wayland in the hopes of putting an end to the threat posed by Australis and his minions but are intercepted by a rather rude Echani; battle ending in a draw, she remains nameless. Following the Sith-Imperial victory, they convene in private to celebrate."
  12. The Silver Tower [Private | Complete]: "Visited by Inanna Hoole in his Kaas City penthouse, Adrian entertains her request for information only to flip the table on her with his knowledge of her (inadvertent) involvement in the theft of confidential data."
  13. A Perfect Circle [Faction | Complete]: "Darth Prospero attends an open meeting (open to the moderately important, anyway) discussing the future of the Sith Empire and expresses his own ideals and desires with a focus on meritocracy and responsible foreign affairs."
  14. It's a Hell of a Time [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  15. Iron Rain [Invasion | Complete]: "While in the process of evacuating exotic floral samples, Adrian is caught off guard by an attack by foreign rebels and then the Eternal Empire - avoiding the fighting, he meets up with Ingrid L'lerim and they depart together."
  16. Look What You Made Me Do [Invasion | Complete]: "Seeking to deal a devastating blow against the New Imperials, Adrian, Ingrid L'lerim, and the Sithspawn formerly known as Kiber Dorn venture forth aboard the doomed Star Destroyer HIMS Baleful. The conflict that erupts involves Khonsu Amon, the mighty and well-oiled leader of the Sun Guard; Adrian flees into the Nether as the ship goes down."
  17. Revenge of the Club II [Public | Incomplete]: "Adrian attends a party in the OPA, but alas, he only encounters rude people."
  18. Lessons (Never) Learned [Private | Complete]: "Holding a guest lecture on Sorcery in the Bastion Academy, Adrian answers several questions from Sylvia Virtos, constructs a sorcerous trinket for her to study, and pulls some strings to give her the training she needs."
Chapter Summary:
  • Elevated to Triumvir of Power and declaring himself a Sith Lord in the process, Adrian assumes the name of Darth Prospero and the domain of Lord of Progress, though he largely continues to use his given name outside of official Sith Order business; not long after, the departure of Kascalion Giedfield from the public eye sees him appointed to the Dark Council as the new head of the Pyramid of Scientific Advancement. Notable events include meeting Ingrid L'lerim Ingrid L'lerim , opening the Grand Spellbook of the Sith Empire, transforming himself into a Doppelganger, and various political schemes and alchemical projects.
Chapter VI, More Than Human:
  1. A Different Kind of Dance [Private | Ongoing]: ... [FIRST THREAD AS DOPPELGANGER?]
  2. A Corporate Meeting [Private | Complete]: "Approached by Palm-Imer, a Geminaie Ambassador, Adrian manages to explain away an incident involving a stray survey probe, makes the initial arrangements for cooperation between the Globex Corporation and Viridens, and is introduced to the Soller-Navah, an unconventional sect of Force Users native to Geminidae."
  3. Dark Magic Is Fun! [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  4. A Matter of Perspective [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  5. Hush Please | Tales from the Empire Pt. 1 [Campaign | Complete]: "Adrian and Darth Xanesh join forces in order to study and contain an extradimensional incident precipitated by the Shadow Hand losing control following the death of Alekto aboard the HIMS Baleful (V.16.)."
  6. Rumors [Skirmish | Ongoing]:
  7. On This, the Day of Your Daughter's Celebration [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  8. Dead Men Tell Some Tales [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  9. The Greatest Lie Ever Told [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  10. The Pallid Wraith [Private | Ongoing]: ...
  11. Darkness Falls [Invasion | Complete]: "During the battle for Bastion Adrian negotiates with Darth Adekos for purely selfish reasons then joins forces with the Umbaran in response to NIO's Operation Kyber Dark - later, a Force Bond forms between him and Ingrid L'lerim."
  12. Alliance One More [Faction | Ongoing]: ...
  13. Meliora [Dominion / Faction | Ongoing]: ...
Chapter Summary:
  • ... (Started with becoming a Doppelganger, another Apprentice (?), Nida Perl, ...)
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Sith Science is Best Science
  • (Sithspawn, Artefacts, etc. Add a summary of each, for convenience.)
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Sith Science is Best Science
Prospero's Parlour:
This little corner of the bio is reserved for one or more ongoing projects, see below.
  • Manufacturer: The Primyn Group | The Sith Order
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Model: Greater Empyrean Gland
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Bioengineered and Alchemically-altered Ysalamiri Tissue
  • Classification: Internal Organ
  • Size: Very Small
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Empyrean Glands are grown within the Netherworld of the Force using bioengineered tissue prepared in realspace; once sufficiently matured they are alchemically altered to retain and sustain a spark of that strange realm, returned to realspace, and altered further still until they become a tangible link to that realm and by extension the Force. A fully-developed specimen is then surgically implanted into a Force Sensitive subject or, in rare cases, Force Sensitive tissue - given the small area covered, the latter is usually impractical.
    • The spark of Netherworld energies held within these glands is merely a sympathetic link, not a gateway.
  • Power Overwhelming: (Activated - Bolster powers like a Sword and extend aura to ten metres? More/Less? Light up like a christmas tree.)
  • Sphere of Power: Empyrean Glands block out the influence of creatures and items that would interfere with one's ability to use the Force within oneself and within a one-metre aura surrounding one's body - no more, no less.
  • Beacon of Darkness: (Activated - about as subtle as monologuing into a megaphone? Draws demons to you? Dimensional cracks?)
  • Close and Personal: These talismans have no effect outside their small one-metre aura - it is possible to launch Force Lightning at, say, a Ysalamir-carrying Mandalorian, but unless you're within a metre of them it will simply fizzle out upon striking their bubble. (EDIT!)
  • Under the Knife: Empyrean Glands only function if able to bond with Force Sensitive tissue, most commonly a Sith of some kind. (ONLY SITH? ONLY KNIGHTS OR LORDS? Requires strong Force Sensitivity?)
  • Impersonal: Within its small radius, anyone can use the Force without interference, including enemies and Force Sensitive beasts.
There were plenty of Jedi and Sith out there who were capable enough without the Force at their side... but Darth Prospero was not one of them. Having been all but neutralised more than once from simply being within a Ysalamir's accursed presence, the Sith Lord had finally had enough. Initially attempting to create
a more conventional Sith Talisman, a lack of replicable results forced him back to the drawing board.

Opting for a completely different approach, the Sith Lord began to experiment with biological alternatives, alternatives which were infused with energy drawn from the Netherworld following his
guided explorations of that strange realm.

Initial results were able to empower a Force User but not completely block out the interference generated by Ysalamiri and the like; causing no small number of side effects, this approach too was deemed unviable - though not before generating the spark of inspiration needed for the final product.

Rather than infusing the bioengineered tissue with unstable energies drawn from the Nether, these final glands were allowed to mature within the Nether itself, leading to a much more stable connection; by strangling this connection until but the faintest spark remained, the risk of dimensional incidents was reduced to an all but negligible level without compromising its ability to stabilise a Force User's connection in the face of interference.

  • Intent: (Example: 'A personal weapon for Darth Scabious' or 'an advanced armored personnel carrier for the Republic')
  • Image Source: Womb by Erik van Helvoirt
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Artificial Womb | Clone Vat
  • Manufacturer: Draxin Biomedical
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: EAW-C3 "Ambertear" Exowomb
  • Modularity: (Can components of this submission be swapped out for other components? Is it especially easy to modify? For most submissions, put 'No'.)
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: (What is it made out of? Certain materials are more resistant, or vulnerable to certain weapons. Example: 'Durasteel, blaster components.' If this submission uses materials not found on wookieepedia, please link. You may also be asked to link materials that are obscure or difficult to find, e.g. exist as a byline in wikia entry. )
  • (Detail briefly in a list format actual contents of the known abilities, special features, qualities of note, etc. If these are notable enough to be strengths, please add them to strengths)
  • (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)
  • (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)
(Describe some of the histories behind the submission. Give us some idea of how it might perform its function, what it excels against and what some limitations of it are. This is where you talk about your idea, flesh it out over at least a good-sized paragraph, and address some of the ways it might be used or abused. For especially powerful or ambitious submissions, a very thorough description is recommended.)
  • Intent: [ State why you are making this submission and what purpose it will fulfill in RP. ]
  • Image Credit: The GREYS by Adam Milicevic, edited by @.Ingrid L'lerim
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Sithspawn | Columi, Draethos, & Umbaran
  • Name: The Grey Ones
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: The Primyn Group
  • Average Lifespan: [ In standard years. An average age or range is required. ]
  • Estimated Population: Scattered or Inter-Planetary
  • Description: [ Provide a short paragraph that describes this species at a glance. More in-depth descriptions can be added in distinctions below. ]
  • Breathes: Type I Atmospheres
  • Average Height of Adults: 1.7-1.9 metres
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin Colour: Greyish tones of green, blue, purple, and tan.
  • Hair Colour: N/A; naturally hairless.
  • Distinctions: [ Describe the unique physical traits that define what they are and set them apart from more common species like humans. Be sure to include any differences between male and female, as well as variations between different regional groups if any, and characteristics that denote a matured or ageing specimen. ]
  • Races: [ Not subspecies, distinct cultural or physical races (aka, just like human races). ]
    • Blanks: (Have no younglings, not yet imprinted on - easier to make bodies than imprint skills, thus extremely expendable.)
    • Forsaken: (Cut off but somehow survived? Rare AF, usually eccentric, may develop unusual telepathic abilities.)
  • Force Sensitivity: High; unlike, say, humans naturally-occurring Grey One FUs are very, very rare indeed, with most among them having been purposefully cultivated for Force Sensitivity - despite being more plentiful, these "artificial" Force Users are far weaker than the norm in other species and so they tend to band together into "Choirs" to focus their abilities on specialised tasks, as expanded upon below. Given the sheer complexity of synthesising Force Sensitivity they still represent only a small portion of the Grey One populace.
    • Telechoirs: Most common of all the Choirs, Telechoirs are composed of Grey Ones whose abilities are limited solely to Telepathy with very few exceptions; even more interconnected than other Choirs, they tend to develop into literal hive minds over time. They tend to be subdivided into Farspeakers and Mindshapers, who deal in communications and interrogation/mind control/etc. respectively.
    • Seer-Choirs: Rarest of all are the Seer-Choirs and those Grey Ones who display an aptitude for Precognition, Force Visions, and such are almost universally assigned to mysterious groupings; it is said that their coldly unfeeling minds make them well-suited to interpret the fluctuating currents of the Force, though they cannot be claimed to be as infallible as the Voss Mystics.
    • Battle-Choirs: Where other Force Users are cherished and protected, those Grey Ones determined to have an aptitude for the Force's more militant applications are instead pushes through an incredibly rigorous training program meant to hone minds and bodies alike for lethal precision. They commonly make use of Telekinesis and offensive Telepathy, focusing their wills as one.
    • Shaper-Choirs: Those Grey Ones with an aptitude for Alchemy and the like are assigned to Shaper-Choirs, which in turn tend to be split into Fleshshapers and Steelshapers who deal with organic and inorganic creatures/substances respectively. Steelshapers are often seen creating "mass-produced" (as opposed to unique) alchemical artefacts such as Karza'Arana War Plate while Fleshshapers tend to occupy themselves with the creation of Sithspawn or the cultivation of more Grey One Force Users.
    • The Wild Choirs: Though natural Force Users are typically paired with their artificial cousins to lend them their strength, in a few cases unorthodox entities known informally as Wild Choirs are formed entirely of natural Force Users, usually no more than five. As these can be as strong as any Sith or Jedi with sufficient training, the power they can bring to bear as a whole is both terrifying and unpredictable.
  • United We Stand: (500 metres, same species only? Constant communication, learn from each other - the latter's mostly in a close circle while communications is maintained with all Grey Ones, albeit often indirectly.)
  • Inborn Dexterity: (Precise, fingers well-suited for technical work - top-notch fine motor skills. Fairly fast/agile too?)
  • Expendability: (Pretty straightforward.)
  • Self-Control: (No pain, minimal emotions,
  • Divided We Fall: (Do not deal well with being cut of.)
  • Physically Mediocre: (Not quite as strong as humans, not all that durable, can't digest most foods, etc.)
  • Centralised Reproduction: (Need bioengineering facilities to reproduce and FUs to make FUs.)
  • Uncreative Drones: (Unless given time to build up their own experience, they tend to be... predictable.)
  • Diet: [ Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore, Other (please explain). Note down common foods and preferences, what is poisonous, etc. ]
  • Communication: [ How do they communicate? A spoken language (if so, tell us which), through barks and yips, body language, telepathy, etc. ]
    • Can only telepathically communicate with their own kind and (to a limited degree) FUs. No proper vocal cords, need cybernetics to speak.
  • Technology Level: [ Describe their societal technology level if it differs from Galactic Standard. ]
    • Slightly above Galactic Standard? Has access to the newest in TSE and corporate tech?)
  • Religion/Beliefs: [ If this species has a prominent religion or set of beliefs, describe them here. ]
    • The Collective is All?
  • General Behaviour: [ Describe general behaviors such as: family life, values, how they raise their young, how they find mates, how they interact with the world and other species around them. Do they hunt? Do they build? Are they inventors? Are they explorers? Are they nocturnal or diurnal? Do they attend schools? Etc, etc. ]
[ Include a description of the species history here. If your species is genetically engineered or Sithspawn please describe the process through which they were created, by who, and why. Explain the various challenges encountered during their creation. Most galactic species will be quite old - include major events relevant to the species in how they evolved and developed into what they are today where appropriate. Including Chaos canon events, where they impacted the history of this species, is a plus. ]

Need Cybernetics for Basic! Greyish Purple Skin? Do not hear but do sense strong vibrations - survive in vacuum, a la Givin? / Battle-Choirs, Shaper-Choirs, and Seer-Choirs? Telechoir - Becomes as one & bonded choirs, networks, Farspeakers & Mindshapers - Hive Minds?
  • It rather than he/she - cold minds, extremely collectivistic, control over bodies - can will own heart to stop if captured?
  • Feel neither pain nor strong emotion, but separation from the whole is horrible from them. Mental breakdowns aplenty!
  • Eggs, spawning pools, and nutrient paste (weak digestive system). No younglings, Blanks instead, expendable AF. Clutches? Pods? Compare the birth-groups with the assigned-groups?
  • The Force - no distinction between the Light and the Dark?
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