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I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
The Galaxy is filled with bands of vicious marauders driving fear into the hearts of civilisations, gleaming corporations whose tendrils maintain a cruel chokehold on the trade of necessities, and governmental leviathans eagerly devouring its lessers in a quest for galactic domination.

The Primyn Group is none of these things.

Known primarily for its suspiciously well-funded nature and the alarming hubris of its goals, this obscure organisation is, in truth, little more than a loosely-knit union of like-minded individuals. While a governing council, an Inner Circle, does exist, the unspecified number of Archons that make up its membership rarely act in unison to exert influence over the organisation as a whole. Instead, individual Archons or coalitions thereof pursue agendas of their own, which range from simply supporting the growth of the Sith Empire through staunchly practical projects to pursuing lofty dreams of immortality.

Even so, despite numerous disagreements and the relentless politicking of the Archons, the greatest strength of the Primyn Group remains its willingness to share progress internally. Though its membership are disparate, consumed by their own goals and eccentricities, one ideal reigns above all others, one ideal that supercedes all but the most unyielding of rivalries. Ik Satdamsatsa. Towards Perfection.


The natural order: An ideal. A dream. A fantasy.

There was beauty in nature, to be sure. There was some degree of order, springing forth from all that chaos. But it was far from perfect. It was far from the hallowed principle the narrow-minded and the fearful consider it to be. It was to the sorcerer, the alchemist, what clay was to the potter: Filled with boundless possibilities and yet sadly limited without a hand to shape it.

It was this belief that brought together the disparate founders of what would become the Primyn Group. This purpose that saw geriatric Sorcerers working hand in hand with youthful Bioengineers, avant-garde Alchemists with dogmatic Occultists. This ideal which they were determined to impose upon the Galaxy.

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