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1. Be mindful of production availability when building fleets/armies. Keep things realistic.
2. Starship listing is ordered according to the Anaxes War College System, not the submission's listed classification.
3. Permissions are included below. Please refer to the letter in brackets ( ) next to each listing for the corresponding permissions.
b) Jaeger Solutions Products - (1)
c) Blith-Tech Products - (1)
f) Technoid Manufactorum Products - (1)

Starfighters (1-50m)

[Semi-Unique] X-02 Saber-class X-wing [Alliance Jedi]
[Mass-Produced] REC-VI01 V-wing Heavy Interceptor (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-AI01 A-wing Interceptor

Support Ships (1-50m)
[Mass-Produced] REC/GS-01 Nimbus-class Gunship (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-YB01 Y-wing Heavy Starbomber (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-SU01 LR/FA Combat Shuttle (a)
[Mass-Produced] YV-300 Utility Transport
[Mass-Produced] F-29 Fortress Bomber

Corvettes (51-200m)

[Mass-Produced] REC-CC01 Avalon-class Corvette (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-CC Nagata-class Heavy Corvette (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC/NCM02 Warrior-class Gunship (a)

Frigates (201-500m)
[Mass-Produced] YX-300 Industrial Frieghter
[Mass-Produced] MCv110 Mon Calamari Corvette

Cruisers (501-1000m)

Star Destroyers / Heavy Cruisers (1001-2000m)

Battlecruisers (2001-5000m)
[Unique] Dictator-class Battlecruiser, "Radiance"

Super Dreadnoughts (5001-10000m)

[Unique] Startide-class Star Defender, "Alliance Ascendant"
[Unique] Startide-class Star Defender, "Ouroboros"
[Unique] Prosperity

Stations & Orbitals


[Mass-Produced] REC-TT/01 Pernach-class Turbo Tank (a)
[Mass-Produced] Exodus-class Strategic Bomber (b)
[Mass-Produced] TT-37 Landspeeder Transport


[Semi-Unique] Dooku-pattern Jedi Armour [Alliance Jedi]
[Semi-Unique] Alliance Jedi Guardian Armour Mk. I [Alliance Jedi]
[Limited] REC/STA-01 Advanced Commando Armour [Alliance Commandos] (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC/STA-02 Advanced Shocktrooper Armour [Alliance Marines] (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-LA/02 Combat Armour [Alliance Infantry]
[Mass-Produced] REC-MA/02 Enforcer Armour [Judicials] (a)
[Mass-Produced] Corporis Skin Suit (b)


[Mass-Produced] C-11 "Nastirci" Combat Knife (b)
[Mass-Produced] HG-88 "Big Iron" Hand Cannon (b)
[Mass-Produced] REC-SPM/01 "Sohei" Electro-Vibrosword (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-PHC/01 "Devastator Magcannon (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-EFP/01 "Lawgiver" Maser Pistol (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-RCB/01 Enforcement Baton (a)
[Mass-Produced] REC-VKN/01 "Tekko" Vibroknuckler (a)
[Mass-Produced] Acumen Electronic Suite (b)
[Mass-Produced] Osseus-class ExoSkeleton (b)
[Mass-Produced] SG-1001 "Vishnu" Military Shield (b)
[Mass-Produced] MV-18 Force-class Vambraces (b)
[Mass-Produced] B-11 Greitis-class Combat Boots (b)
[Mass-Produced] HH-78 Huckleberry-class Holster (b)
[Mass-Produced] KXA ABDG-01x "Null" Grenade
[Mass-Produced] Synthetic Bacta


[Mass-Produced] Xayinas-class Slicer Droid (b)
[Mass-Produced] REC-TR01 TIE Training Drone
[Mass-Produced] REC-DC/01 "Servitor" A.I. System (a)

This manifest will be updated regularly.
[Minor] REC-MA/02 Gorgon Mobile Artillery Platform (Vehicles)
[Mass-Produced] B-03 Kraljica Interceptor (Starfighters)
[Mass-Produced] F-29 Fortress Bomber (Support Ships)
[Mass-Produced] PP-102a Starbird Patrol Ship (Corvettes)
[Mass-Produced] REC-BT/01 Terenta Main Battle Tank (Vehicles)
[Mass-Produced] REC-FC/24 Vornskr Force Application Vehicle (Vehicles)
[Mass-Produced] REC-SV/01 Massif All-Terrain Scout Vehicle (Vehicles)
[Mass-Produced] Synthetic Bacta (Equipment)
[Unique] Prosperity (Star Dreadnoughts)
[Limited] MC25d Wavecrasher Strike Carrier (Corvette)
[Minor] MC25a Tidesage Gunship (Corvette)
[Minor] MC25b Galecaller Picket Ship (Corvette)
[Minor] MC25c Stormsinger Corvette
[Minor] MC25e Seafury Minelayer Corvette
[Limited] ACEVAS Marauder Power Suit (Armours)
[Limited] Type 055C Liberator-II Light Cruiser (Cruisers)
[Minor] CR-37 FarStar-type Corellian Carrier (Frigates)
[Minor] TT-48 Armoured Troop Carrier (Vehicles)
[Mass-Produced] TT-37 Landspeeder Transport (Vehicles)
[Semi-Unique] X-02 Saber-class X-wing
[Limited] MC81k 'Liberty Kai' Type Star Cruiser (Heavy Cruisers)
[Limited] REC-SS02 X-wing Space Superiority Starfighter (Starfighters)
[Mass-Produced] MCv110 Mon Calamari Corvette (Frigates)
[Minor] Type-062D Cutlass-class Assault Frigate (Frigates)
[Minor] REC-DSM/01 Castellum-class Mobile Deepdock (Stations)
[Mass-Produced] REC-TR01 TIE Training Drone (Droids)
Discontinued the use of Nargath Holdings products.
[Limited] REC-AS02 B-wing Heavy Assault Starfighter (Starfighters)
[Minor] MC250b Eurydice-class Cruiser (Heavy Cruisers)
[Mass-Produced] REC-AS01 B-wing Assault Starfighter (Starfighters)
[Mass-Produced] REC-ES01 E-wing Retainer Starfighter (Starfighters)
[Mass-Produced] REC-SS01 X-wing Space Superiority Starfighter (Starfighters)
[Mass-Produced] REC-AI01 A-wing Interceptor (Starfighters)
[Mass-Produced] REC-YB02 Y-wing Mk II Starbomber (Support Ships)
[Mass-Produced] REC-CT/01 Carrack-class Repulsorcraft (Support Ships)
[Mass-Produced] REC-CT/02 Chakram-class Repulsorcraft (Support Ships)
[Mass-Produced] YV-300 Utility Transport (Support Ships)
[Mass-Produced] YX-48 Industrial Materials Freighter (Corvettes)
[Mass-Produced] YX-300 Industrial Freighter (Frigates)
[Mass-Produced] REC-AP/01 Javalin-class Scramjet (Vehicles)
[Mass-Produced] KXA ABDG-01x "Null" Grenade (Equipment)
[Mass-Produced] REC-VC/01 Tactical Visor (Equipment)