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Approved Tech C-11 "Nastirci" Combat Knife - "The Nasty Blade"

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The Nastirci
“The Nasty Blade”

  • Intent: To create a Jaeger branded knife, for use in all forms of CQC.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Repulsor-HandVT-Grav Glove
  • Manufacturer: Jaeger Solutions & Aegis Systems
  • Model: C-11 “Nastirci” Combat Knife
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Modularity: Varying sizes, styles, and aesthetic changes.
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Quadanium Frame & Blade │ Repulsor Components & Generator
  • Classification: Combat Knife
  • Size: Very Small - Small
  • Weight: Light
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Multi-use Directionalized Explosive Payload
  • Electronically Amplified Edge (Plasma Filament)
  • Intelligent Reaction System
  • [+] Impervious Construction -
    • Although relatively expensive to produce compared to traditional knives, the absolute production value of each Nastirci proudly stouts a reputation for being nigh indestructible in a responsible users hands. Although not a traditional survival knife, it is fully capable of any combat scenario.
  • [+] Chest Cavity -
    • The most destructive aspect of the blade is its payload; a singular directionalized repulsor generator that sends a half meter shockwave in whatever direction the knife was stabbed. This includes locks, walls, armor gaps, and stomachs.
  • [+] From The Future -
    • In many ways, the knife exemplifies Jaeger and Aegis’s method of riding the line of cutting edge. The Nastirci is no exception, as it boasts not only a computer dedicated to instant reactionary shots of its primary payload, but also a plasma filament to exceptionally increase the quality of the stab the knife is capable of.

  • [-] Slicing and Dicing -
    • The Nastirci is not a knife reputed for its slicing power, nor any utility functions. Puncturing, rupturing, and repeating that process is exactly how this blade is meant to be used. Using this weapon improperly or uncarefully will result in highly unfavorable consequences.
  • [-] Generatin’ Hate -
    • The repulsor generator in the center of the blade is vulnerable to kinetic strikes, be it throwing the Nastirci against a wall or puncturing the chamber itself. Such a breach in the repulsor generator can, and will, result in a small explosion capable of taking off a user’s hand in the process.
  • [-] Force Sensitive -
    • While the manual discharge of the weapon is difficult to do, due to a series of safeties implemented into the product for once, any notable practitioner of Mechu-Deru would be able to realize and take advantage of the internal components of the knife. Should it be set off in a sheath, whatever limb it would be attached to would find itself torn asunder; likely ending a fight before it began.

-- Overview --
Once more, Jaeger Solutions and Aegis Systems move forward with another groundbreaking product in the world of warfare. A knife that utilizes the destructive prowess of age old black market weapons known as ‘Repulse-Hands’; a weapon found almost exclusively amongst the most deprived of pirates and privateers. Once in time, these prosthetics would be used as weapons that would grasp a man and turn whatever flesh it touched into a sullied mess of gore and broken bone. This idea was taken into the modern era, utilizing much of the same technology and inspiration from the notable VT-Grav Glove. Today, these two monoliths of companies release a product capable of ending a life with even a pin prick of a stab.
-- Design --
To begin, the design for the Nastirci was considered over the course of many months; a harsh cycle of write ups and secondary checks before being scrapped and restarted. Eventually, when all the various teams agreed with the basic lineup, a prototype version was sent out to various unnamed Hutt Cartels to judge their reactions. This initial market test was a disaster, as nearly half of the people who recieved it began to use it on things that were not accounted for at the time; from inorganic skulls and bonemer, to locks, alloys, and doors that would normally require full ‘Skeleton Key’ attachments to use. This resulted in a number of injuries and fairley painful feedback, but one Jaeger didn’t take in the way most would suspect. No, to them the test was a success and production would continue with changes kept in mind; lives lost already be damned.
The second iteration of the soon to be legendary blade was to become the near final one; as the blade was reinforced with a Quadanium frame and face while the repulsor generator was made more directionalized and robust to heavy strikes and blocks. Overall, the blade itself became far heavier, and this only compounded with the few larger ‘Bowie’ models that became available; but overall the general concept remained the same. Stab, sunder, repeat; something any barbarian could get behind. Safeties were added for the care of the user, and fat was trimmed before it went into final production value.
Yet, a single thing was missing; a true mark of Jaeger and Aegis ingenuity. While many surely enjoyed the knife at hand already, they knew deep down they could make it greater with a simple push of the button. And so, they introduced a series of heuristic processors and otherwise self learning systems that allowed the knives to not only detect when they’ve penetrated something, but allow an almost instant reaction to this. That means once the blade has entered into the optimal position for the charge to go off, so it shall be done. This made the human element of the knife null and void, effectively creating a blade that did the work for the user, so long as they could get close enough. The second thing added however, was a small emitter in the tip of the blade that stroved off the technology of old; a small plasma filament that increased its stabbing potential against thicker armors exponentially. Although not defensive in any means, it is a truly capable design when considering the payload it actually carries.
A truly destructive weapon.
-- Functionality --
In functionality, the blade works its magic in three parts. The first, the human element; where the knife must make contact with whatever it is that must be destroyed. Taking cues and hints from more primal societies, and a number of historic Echani sources, each blade was tempered and established to be a flued dueling knife; but one dead set on stabbing rather than cutting. So long as the user could take this well managed blade and make contact, all else would fall into place automatically.
Stage two is the processing stage, where the blade’s high tech internal computers quickly gauge the depth of the armor, the speed at which the user is throwing it, and the various other questions no normal man could gauge with such accuracy in the moment. Its nearly instant calculations are triple checked before disabling the numerous safety features of the knife and bringing about the final and most destructive phases of the three.
The third stage is where the magic happens, where all the calculations and mortal elements culminate for the payload. So long as all the calculations were correct and the strike was true, the blade would use its incredibly sharp tip to slide between armor plates and meet meat; and the moment mortal flesh was touched would begin its end. A massive, directionalized strike would lay waste for a full half meter in front of the knife with the destructive force of a speeder bike crash. This instant release of energy is able to rip and squeal, raze and sunder the very essence of an opponent and leave what would have been a bleeding knife stab into something more akin to a crater in their belly.
Its mean to end a knife fight, not participate; and the blade does just that. End the battle before it begins and you’ll always be the victor.
-- Conclusion --
Suffice to say, the blade itself is a concoction of a number of war bridled minds that found no solace on the battlefield; but a home they could find their true calling. In the words of a Jaeger Specialist, ‘War isn’t a game, but it's damn worth winning.’ Thos at Jaeger couldn’t agree more, and this knife is their answer.
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