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Approved Starship Agave II - Class Picket Ship

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Republic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

  • Classification: Corvette - Class Capital Ship.
  • Role: Long-Range Reconnaissance, Interdiction (Small Scale.)
  • Length: 120 Metres.
  • Width: 80 Metres.
  • Height: 60 Metres.
  • Armament: Low Rating.
    • [6] Dual Turbolaser Cannon Turrets [Fire-linked, Fast-track Mountings, Barbette Shielding.]
    • [6] Dual Ion Cannon Turrets [Fire-linked, Fast-track Mountings, Barbette Shielding.]
    • [4] Flexible Warhead Launch Tubes [Prow-mounted, Fixed Forward; Variable Payload.]
      • 120 Variable Warhead Capacity.
    • [10] Automated Barbette Rotary Point Defense Cannons [Automated, Fast-Track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.]
    • [12] Automated Barbette Quad Point Defense Warhead Launchers [Fire-linked, Fast-track Mountings.]
    • [12] Nanomissile Blister Pods, with Seeking Anti-missile Interception Protocols. (Thirty Nanomissiles per Blister.)
    • [12] Automated Barbette Antimissile Octets [Automated, Fast-Track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.]
  • Defences: Average Rating.
  • Hangar Space: Base Rating - Zero Squadrons.
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighters: Not Applicable.
    • Support Craft: Not Applicable.
    • External Docking Ring(s) with Force Cylinder Transit Conduits.
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very High Rating.
  • Speed Rating: Very High Rating.
  • MGLT: 110 MGLT
  • Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 1,450 Km/H
  • Primary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 0.5
  • Secondary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 6.0
  • Engine Unit(s): Corvette-Class Ion Engines (Seven Units)
  • Primary Propulsion Method: Corvette-Class Ion Engines, with Integrated Repulsorlift Generator, and Emitters.
  • Secondary Propulsion Method: Chemical Thrusters - Significant Speed Reduction, and Integrated Solar Sailor(s.)
  • Primary Power Plant: Corvette-Class Hypermatter Annihilator.
  • Secondary Power Plant: Solar Ionization Conversion Module(s) with Retractable Agrinium Collection Arrays.
  • Passengers: 10 Marines (Shipboard Security Contingent.)
  • Crew Complement (Optimal): 20 Officers and Enlisted Personnel, along with Integrated Droid Brains.
  • Crew Complement (Skeletal): 6 Officers and Enlisted Personnel, along with Integrated Droid Brains.
  • Escape Craft: One Maximum-Capacity Life Ship, Four Escape Pods.
  • Cargo Capacity: 250 Metric Tonnes.
  • Consumables: Six Months.
  • Advanced [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Sensor Systems and Targeting Systems.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Avionics Package.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Navigation System.
    • Dedicated Precision MicroJump Computer.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Life Support System.
    • (Automated Barrack Deck(s,) Integrated Training Centres, Mess Halls, Meditation Chambers, Recreational Decks, Etc.)
    • Trans-binary Deflector [Anti-Cosmic Radiation,] and Rad-Dampening Shields.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Damage and Hazard Control Systems.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Tractor and Pressor Beam Emitters.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Ion Emission Tracker (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking.)
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Communication Systems, with Encrypted Military Keys.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Shift and Relativistic Shielding.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Magnetogravitic Shielding (Internal [Cargo Bays] and External [Concussion Shield Reinforcement: Particulate Debris.])
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Concussion Force Fields.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Thermal and Atmospheric-Friction Shielding.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Force Cylinder Transit Conduits.
  • Standard [Corvette-Class, Military-Grade] Animated Metal Sealant, with Automated Repair Drones.
  • Swift and Nimble, with Advanced Countermeasures and Systems.
  • Highly Automated, with Animated Metal Sealant, Automated Repair Drones, and Minor Regenerative Properties.
  • Reinforced Defensive Capabilities on External Emplacements.
  • Pseudo-Stealth Suite - Sensor Jamming and Fooling Systems, with Secondary Propulsion Methods.
  • Extremely Limited Armament - Non-dedicated Warship.
  • Exposed Engine Modules (Aft-Section.)
  • Limited EMP/Ion Resistance - Proximity and Potency Dependent.
  • Highly Automated - Inoperable if Disabled; Automated Resuscitation Protocols.
  • Pseudo-Stealth Suite - Likely to Fool Conventional Sensors, but isn't Visually Cloaked in Any Capacity.
  • Activated Gravity Well - Significant Speed Reduction.
  • Chemical Thrusters - Significant Speed Reduction.
With the revitalization of the New Class Modernization program, the Republic Engineering Corporation had sought to reinvigorate many of their old and outdated warships, which in turn would be offered for sale on the Galactic-stage rather than be solely bound to a single intergalactic governmental body. The second of their many labours had birthed the Agave II - Class Picket Ship, which was admittedly smaller than its predecessor but found itself equally able to carry out the same mission profile.

The Agave II - Class Picket Ship was not designed to operate as a warship, instead of taking the role of support, by either activating its gravity well to assist in small-scale planetary interdiction or utilizing its pseudo-stealth package to feed information to friendly forces. While the vessel was equipped with a modest array of weapons and countermeasures, they were meant to deter pirates and starfighters from attacking, rather than directly engaging various starships on the front lines.

What made the Agave II truly special, was the dedicated Vanish II Military Sensor Masking System, which would aid the Vessel in its duties - by fooling active sensor sweeps into believing nothing was there. This process would be done through delicate circuitry that monitored the various sensor conditions that surrounded the vessel and re-emitted them on the other side of the ship. This would ideally fool sensor systems into believing that there was a single uninterrupted section of space where the Agave II would’ve been located. Through the integration of the Vanish II Military Sensor Mask - this Recon Vessel would be able to operate close to sensors and scanners without being detected.

Naturally, the successful operation of the Military Sensor Mask came at a cost - which starved the Vessel of its combat capabilities and maneuverability, as the system wouldn’t be able to rapidly compensate for the ever-shifting emissions. In addition to that fact, the Vanish II wasn’t akin to a true Stygium or Hirbridium cloaking device and could only “shroud” themselves from sensor sweeps - but the Agave II would be detected if the vessel was within visual range. Therefore, the Vessel relied heavily on the competency of their Commander in order for the system to operate as intended.

    • Updated Submission to 5.1 Factory Standards.
    • Fleshed out Pseudo-Stealth Capabilities to match the Description - included Hyperlinks.
    • Rewrote Armament, Defences, Standard and Advanced Features, Strengths, and Weaknesses to match REC Submissions.
    • Updated Ratings to match new Factory Standards.
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John Locke

  • Submission Name: Agave II - Class Picket Ship.
  • Link to Submission: [Click.]
  • Reason for Pre-Factory Request: Updating Submission, and Swap out the Artwork.

Submission moved to pre-factory as per OP request.

Please remember to include a list of changes made when you tag a member of factory staff to move the submission back to live judgement.

Listib Hibin

Factory Judge
Hey Gideon, we have a problem.

I had to talk to John Locke on this and make sure on it...this is sadly however going under the Stealth technology rules and would require the ships to be Semi-Unique or lower. If you want to remove this, then that is fine and I will push it through. I understand there is ways to find this but right now, that is the ruling.

Let me know what you decide to do.
Republic Engineering Republic Engineering

Republic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
Listib Hibin Listib Hibin - The perceived issue came about from the combination of the Vanish II and the Thrust trace dampener, and after having chatted with the Factory Admin, I've removed the dampener entirely so that only the Vanish II remains. With that system remaining behind I've also included an update to the description, which wholly removed the mention of the dampener - but fleshed out the capabilities of the Vanish II as well.

In addition, I did a double check on my ratings and realized that I was a few points over. To that end, I've updated the production rating to minor, as well as updated the armament rating to low, and slapped on a rating for the hangar space - since it seems I missed it on the first go 'round. According to the excel spreadsheet, those changes have made it a little underpowered, but with the fast rating on the hyperdrive that should ideally balance it all out.
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