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Approved Starship Hajen II - Class Fleet Tender

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Republic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
  • Classification: Frigate (Anaxes War College Classification.)
  • Role: Fleet Tender, Naval Supply Ship, Etc.
  • Length: 500 Metres
  • Width: 350 Metres.
  • Height: 120 Metres.
  • Armament: Very Low Rating.
    • [10] Dual Turbolaser Batteries [Four Turrets per Battery; Fire-linked, Fast-track Mountings, Barbette Shielding, Retractable Cowling; Five Batteries - Port and Starboard, With Two Batteries Dorsal, One Equatorial and Two Batteries Ventral.]
    • [10] Dual Ion Cannon Batteries [Four Turrets per Battery; Fire-linked, Fast-track Mountings, Barbette Shielding, Retractable Cowling; Five Batteries - Port and Starboard, With Two Batteries Dorsal, One Equatorial and Two Batteries Ventral.]
    • [20] Automated Barbette Dual Laser Cannon Turrets Fast-Track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.]
    • [20] Nanomissile Blister Pods, with Seeking Anti-missile Interception Protocols. (Thirty Nanomissiles per Blister.)
    • [20] Automated Barbette Antimissile Octets [Fast-Track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.]
  • Defences: High Rating.
  • Hangar Space: Average Rating - Three Squadrons.
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighters: None.
    • Support Craft: Three Squadrons of Support Craft.
  • Maneuverability Rating: 60 DPF - Average Rating.
  • Speed Rating: High Rating.
  • MGLT: 90 MGLT
  • Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 1,250 Km/H
  • Primary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0
  • Secondary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 8.0
  • Engine Unit(s): Frigate - Class Ion Engines - Six Drive Units with Integrated Repulsorfield Generator(s) and Engines.
  • Primary Power Plant: Frigate - Class Hypermatter Reactor.
  • Secondary Power Plant: Solar Ionization Conversion Module(s) with Retractable Agrinium Collection Arrays.
  • Passengers:
    • One-Hundred Maintenance and Labour Droids.
    • One-Hundred Automated Repair Drones.
  • Crew Complement (Optimal): Five Officers and Enlisted Personnel, and Integrated Droid Brains.
  • Crew Complement (Skeletal): One Pilot and Integrated Droid Brains.
  • Escape Craft: Detachable Cargo Bay(s), with Two Escape Pods.
  • Cargo Capacity: 500,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Consumables: One Year.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Sensor Systems and Targeting Systems.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Avionics Package.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Navigation System.
    • Dedicated Precision MicroJump Computer.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Life Support System.
    • Trans-binary Deflector [Anti-Cosmic Radiation,] and Rad-Dampening Shields.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Damage and Hazard Control Systems.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Tractor and Pressor Beam Emitters.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Ion Emission Tracker (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking.)
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Communication Systems, with Encrypted Military Keys.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade Shift and Relativistic Shielding.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Magnetogravitic Shielding (Internal [Cargo Bays] and External [Concussion Shield Reinforcement: Particulate Debris.])
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Concussion Force Fields.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Thermal and Atmospheric-Friction Shielding.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Force Cylinder Transit Conduits.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Animated Metal Sealant, with Automated Repair Drones.
  • Capable and Adaptable Fleet Tender - Able to Assist with Repairs and Refuel Additional Ships.
  • Highly Automated, with Advanced Systems and Countermeasures Suite.
  • Barbette-shielded Weaponry, and Minor Regenerative Capabilities - Animated Metal Sealant and Laminanium Plating: Slowly Restores Hull Breaches. Anything more and Drydock Repairs will be Required.
  • Highly Automated - Significantly Decreased Combat Efficiency if Disrupted.
  • Limited Firing Arc's - Aft Section; Engine Block (Capital-Grade Weapons.)
  • Low Armament - Weaker against more Heavily Armed Warships and Vessels.
  • Exposed Observation Deck and Drive Units (Engines.)
In a similar vein as its predecessor, the Hajen II - Class Fleet Tender acts as a vital part of the second New Class Modernization Program, due to its purpose-built function as a deep-space replenishment vessel. It was designed to ferry the same supplies as the first generation Tender had (Foodstuffs, Water, Bacta, Fuel, Spare Parts, and even Tibanna Gas) from friendly ports and territories, to warships that were operating on the front lines, or even behind them if required.

Like it’s predecessor, the Hajen II is highly automated and requires only a small organic complement to operate effectively. This was due in part to the central computer core that was connected to almost every aspect of the starship, and the various maintenance and labour droids that populated the lower decks. They were set to their tasks and supervised by the controlling organics and were often moderated by the central computer core - who made sure their operator’s demands were met.

Unlike the previous starship in the series, the Hajen II comes with a multitude of automated and retractable fuel umbilicals - which were actively guided into their charge’s refuelling ports and allowed for an expedient method of replenishment. Thus, the Fleet Tender would prove to be - not only worthy of the legacy it sought to inherit but able to surpass it as well - once it rolled into active service.

Modification Summary:
  • Updated Submission to 5.1 Factory Standards.
  • Rewrote the Armament, Defences, Hangar Allocations, Standard and Advanced Features, along with Strengths and Weaknesses to match new REC standards.
  • Updated the Ratings to match 5.1 Factory Standards.
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Republic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
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  • Submission Name: Hajen II - Class Fleet Tender,
  • Link to Submission: [Click.]
  • Reason for Pre-Factory Request: Updating Submission, and Swap out the Artwork.

Submission moved to pre-factory as per OP request.

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