Declaration of Incapacity
& the Common Charter

We, the High Lords of the Grayson Imperium, in accordance with the precedents and laws outlined and approved in the Constitution of the Imperium, do formally declare by unanimous vote within the House of Lords the incapacity of the Lord-Imperator. Effective immediately, the function of the Office of the Lord-Imperator is to be suspended and the power and authority vested within dispersed to the National Assembly. The duties of the Head of State & Commander-in-Chief shall hereafter be granted to a tentative official to be elected by the House of Lords.

Brought together under the Phoenix banner of House Grayson and through the stalwart guidance of the most honourable Lord-Imperator, We the High Lords and our respective peoples now stand united by our common goals and a shared interest in the prosperity and security of the Core Worlds. By unanimous vote, We do elect to secure our continued cooperation through the signing of a Common Charter, which will outline the fundamental principles of our new Core Federation of Free Alliances. Under this newly declared system of governance, We hereby absolve the hereditary right to rule. Henceforth, the honour and titles of Head of State & Commander-in-Chief shall be ones chosen by democratic process, voted from candidates elected or appointed by the governments of the Alliance, to serve and guide the interests thereof.

Let it be known, by oath and honour, that this Alliance shall not discredit nor disregard the actions and contributions of the Lord-Imperator, and by extension House Grayson, which have defined our identity as a nation. For this, we further declare that the Monarchy will, in present and future, remain a symbolic figurehead alongside our elected office, and retain an honourary seat and title within the new Federal Assembly.

It shall be our continued effort to maintain and build upon the work of the Lord-Imperator: to bring stability to the Core Worlds; to uphold and fight for the rights of all sentients; and to find common ground & peace among our brethren to fight back against the corrupting powers of tyranny and the Bogan.

By these decrees, We do ordain to establish this
Core Alliance.