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Approved Starship Warrior II - Class Gunship.

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Republic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

  • Classification: Corvette.
  • Role: Anti-Starfighter, Blockade Runner, Capital Gunship, Heavy Assault Ship, Light Escort.
  • Length: 170 Metres.
  • Width: 80 Metres.
  • Height: 60 Metres.
  • Armament: High Rating.
    • [8] Dual Turbolaser Turrets. (Fast-track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.)
    • [8] Dual Ion Cannon Turrets. (Fast-track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.)
    • [10] Automated Repeating Quad Laser Cannon Turrets. (Fast-track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.)
    • [2] Turreted Flexible Concussion Missile/Torpedo Tubes. [Variable Payload.**]
    • [8] Automated Anti-missile Octets. (Fast-track Mountings, and Fire-Linked.)
    • [8] Automated Rotary Defense Cannons [Fire-Linked, and Fast Track Mountings.]
    • [8] Nanomissile Blister Pods, with Seeking Anti-missile Interception Protocols. (Thirty Nanomissiles per Blister.)
      • (** - CM-9 Concussion Missiles, Proton Torpedoes, T-33 Plasma Torpedoes, Etc.)
  • Defences: Average Rating.
    • Standard Warship-Grade Deflector Shield (Ray, Particle and Concussion Barriers; Overlaid.)
    • Standard Warship-Grade Hull and Armour Plating.
    • Standard Warship-Grade Ionic Shielding.
    • Standard Warship-Grade EWAR and Electronic Countermeasures (Multiple Chaff and Flare Launchers, Etc.)
  • Hangar Space: No Starfighter Carrying Capacity - Base Rating.
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Not Applicable.
  • Maneuverability Rating: 55 DPF - Average Rating.
  • Speed Rating: Average Rating.
  • MGLT: 70 MGLT
  • Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 1,050 Km/H
  • Primary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0
  • Secondary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 10.0
  • Engine Unit(s): Corvette-Class Ion Engines (Seven Units.)
  • Secondary Propulsion Method: Integrated Repulsorlift Engine.
  • Primary Power Plant: Corvette-Class Hypermatter Annihilator.
  • Secondary Power Plant: Solar Ionization Conversion Module(s) with Retractable Agrinium Collection Arrays.
  • Passengers: 10 Marines (Shipboard Security Contingent).
  • Crew Complement (Optimal): 30 Officers and Enlisted Personnel.
  • Crew Complement (Skeletal): 6 Officers and Enlisted Personnel.
  • Escape Craft: One Maximum-Capacity Life Ship, Four Escape Pods.
  • Cargo Capacity: 250 Metric Tonnes.
  • Consumables: Six Months.
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Sensor and Targeting Systems.
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Navigation and Avionics Systems.
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Communications Suite. (Encrypted with Planetary Military Keys.)
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Atmospheric Seals and Perfunctory Oxygen Scrubbers.
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Life Support and Integrated Medical Suite(s).
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Subspace and HoloNet Transceiver(s).
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Inertial Compensators.
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Tractor and Pressor Beam Emitters.
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Anticoncussion Force Field.
  • Standard [Military-Grade, Corvette-Class.] Shift and Relativistic Shielding.
  • Central Computer Core (Integrated Droid Brains, with Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Capabilities.)
  • Internal Shield Generator.
  • Anti-Emission Tracer Module (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking.)
  • Anti-Tractor Beam Shroud.
  • Anti-Ordnance EM Probes (Long-Range.)
  • Missile Deactivation Transmitter (Short-Range.)
  • Automated Repair Drones, with Animated Metal Sealant.
  • Highly Automated Systems.
  • Comprehensive Countermeasure Suite.
  • Proverbial Glass Cannon.
  • Limited EMP and Ionic Resistance (Proximity Dependant.)
  • Limited Firing Arc’s (Heavy Focus on Bow, Port and Starboard Sections.)
  • Limited Capital-Grade Weaponry (Aft Section.)
  • Limited Self-Repair Properties (Full Restoration Requires Sufficient Drydock Time.)
  • Flexible Warhead Turrets (Direct Payload Connection.)
  • Exposed Command Deck.
With the revitalization of the New Class Modernization program, the Republic Engineering Corporation had sought to reinvigorate many of their old and outdated warships, which in turn would be offered for sale on the Galactic-stage rather than be solely bound to a single intergalactic governmental body. The first of their many labours had birthed the Warrior II Gunship, which was admittedly smaller than its predecessor, but found itself equally able to carry out the same mission profile.

The compact and powerful warship was designed to operate ahead of the main fleet; making the first contact with the enemy and engaging their capital ships before making the escape to hyperspace. However, this would require the Warrior II to punch through the hostile picket lines and their fighter screens. To do this, it was advised that several Gunships were deployed to carry out the strike, as their combined weaponry would be more than adequate to challenge larger, and more deadly warships.

With that being said, the Warrior II is more than capable of sowing the seeds of discord on its own. In addition to the plethora of roles the vessel could perform, the Gunship excels as a well-armed support vessel acting as an escort for a much larger Cruiser; aggressively scouting more effectively than sensor pickets or squadrons of starfighters.

Once planetary emplacements were disabled by special forces or a vanguard detachment, the Warrior II was more than adequate at punching holes in the enemy’s defences. They were effective in clearing corridors through orbital defensive nets in order for surface forces to make their approach - bringing errant or hostile systems one-step closer to a compliant state.

Given a new lease on life, it was REC's hope that the successor to the original Warrior-Class Gunship would earn a legacy greater than that of the original.


  • Updated Submission format to 5.1 standards.
  • Fleshed out the armament to be worthy of the new system's upgraded rating, and reduced the number of turreted missile tubes to compensate for surface area coverage.
  • Added subsystems to complement standard REC designs, ala concussion fields, and animated metal sealant.
  • Rewrote Strengths and Weaknesses to match REC Standards.
  • Removed HIMS.
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Arcanus Sunstrider said:
Defenses: Low Rating.
If everything is standard this should be average. Is there something substandard here that I'm not seeing?

Arcanus Sunstrider said:
Un-reinforced Armour Plating: To account for the higher speeds, the structural frame of the Warrior II was unable to be reinforced, thus leading to the vessel being easily disabled or destroyed once the shields were depleted.
A reinforced hull is actually a strength, so not having one doesn't really act as a weakness, it just makes it average/normal.

Republic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
[member="Lily Kuhn"] - Most vessels I've created have listed a reinforced hull as their standard, and as I was using them as a base - I believed that dropping it would justify a low rating. Anyways, I've brought the defense rating to average and lowered the speed rating to keep things balanced, and have removed the weakness regarding the hull.
Arcanus Sunstrider said:
is capable of engaging squadrons of strike-craft with relative ease and able to endure whatever retribution they could bring to bear.
Is this a reference to superiority in terms of firepower, or being able to soak up damage from squadrons of fighters? Because while the former makes sense, the latter doesn't given the features of the ship and the rating for defense. I don't need this line edited per se, just a clarification. The statement following this quote leads me to believe it is in reference to being able to withstand damage inflicted by a squadron/squadrons of fighters, but I figured I'd ask first.

Republic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
[member="Lily Kuhn"] - I suppose it's a reference that mixes both aspects, as anyone using this submission could theoretically employ its superior firepower over a unit of starfighters, and rely on its armour plating to safeguard the vessel from harm. However, with that being said, the starship would eventually succumb to its wounds as plating buckles and breaches are made, much like any other if it was caught in the same scenario. While damage is relative to what's occurring within a thread and is entirely up to the writer utilizing this submission; that statement shouldn't give them justification to ignore it.
Arcanus Sunstrider said:
that statement shouldn't give them justification to ignore it.
I am not discussing the idea of someone ignoring damage, I'm discussing the statement that dictates that this ship can survive fire from squadrons (that's dozens) of starfighters at a time. Your submission makes it very clear that it has completely standard, average, defenses, but then goes on to make a claim of its ability to endure damage from squadrons of starfighters at a time.

Yes, a writer that feels they shouldn't have their craft destroyed in RP is free to take as much or as little damage as they want, but there's a difference between a writer deciding to downplay the damage they're receiving and corvettes being described with the same manner of damage endurance as larger capital ships as if it were the standard for all ships larger than starfighters.

I'm not going to ask that you change your defense rating, I'm going to request that you remove the following quote from your description because it is clearly contradictory of the other portions of your submission that refer to its defenses (which is directly proportionate to its ability to do what the following statement describes):

Arcanus Sunstrider said:
and able to endure whatever retribution they could bring to bear. The Warrior II was by no means invulnerable to their fury, and would eventually succumb to a death by a thousand conventional cuts.
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