Citizens of the Galactic Alliance,

It is with a heavy heart that I hereby resign the Office of the Chancellor of the Galactic Alliance.

It has been without question my greatest achievement to hold this office and serve you all to the best of my ability. Together we have escaped the lingering shadow of tyranny and rebuilt ourselves from the desolation brought by the Sith-Imperial Bloc. We have demonstrated the unparalleled resolve of the Core, crawling back from ruin and ashes to reunite our systems under a proud banner of democracy and equality. We have not just persevered through these challenges, but prospered in spite of them.

In the face of political and ideological disagreements, your elected representatives have come together with me and worked tirelessly to take back what we have all lost. Each of us know all too well that these last decades have been filled with unprecedented suffering. We’ve watched our worlds be ravaged by foreign oppressors and calamities. We’ve suffered the rise and fall of countless regimes vying for power in the vacuum left by the collapse of our old regional government. Each one of them had promised us unity and order, only to take what little we had left for themselves. The galaxy had taken to calling us “cursed” and helpless, yet boot after boot on our backs we kept a fire burning in our hearts.

We were helpless, yes. But never hopeless.

It is that undying hope that got us here in the end. Hope for freedom and safety. Hope for justice against those who came and violated our communities. Hope that we might finally learn from our mistakes and see a brighter future. Things might not be perfect, but they’ve already improved significantly. With careful guidance they will continue to. I have done everything in my power to rebuild your homeworlds and restore your faith in the institutions that have failed you in the past.

Although I would have liked to accomplish more, I am proud of what we’ve managed to do in such a short time. It was no easy feat -- many have tried and failed before us. Learn from them just as I hope you’ll learn from me. Do not take the lessons found in failures for granted. Many difficult decisions will lie ahead and test our unity and resolve. No matter what we come to face, remember that we have always been stronger together. We won’t always agree, but we mustn’t allow division to grow and weaken us. That is why I’ve made this difficult decision.

I have worked hard every day of my term, carrying your ambitions and fears on my shoulders as I’ve made the choices I have. You have trusted me, and thus it is my responsibility to respect and uphold the very procedures that I’ve helped establish: to serve the public and act in its best interests. With a Federalist majority growing in the Senate, it is clear to me that the time has come to pass on the torch. I will not selfishly claim this office for my remaining years only to see us locked in struggle and debate. I am confident that your next Chancellor, Populist or Federalist, will serve you just as tirelessly as I have.

As I leave this office today for what is to be the last time, I leave with it my trusted pen. In the right hands may this unassuming gift prove stronger than any starships in our armada, and may the power vested in this office be exercised only with great responsibility and consideration.