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Approved Starship Mephirium-Class Battlecruiser

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Nicademus Blith

War as a business to end war as a business

Intent: To Create a battlecruiser fit for the powerful lords (and ladies) of the dominion.
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Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: The Dominion (Various engineering and technology contractors)
  • Model: Mephirium-Class
  • Affiliation: The Dominion | The Ancient Eye | The Rebel Alliance
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Alusteel, Quandanium steel frame, Transparisteel,
  • Heavy Armament - There are a ridiculous amount of guns on this ship.
  • Shields
  • Armor
  • Longevity - The furnace is capable of producing all sorts of war material be it ammunition, weapons, droids - though nothing above the size of a heavy tank. And given enough time, it could produce enough parts to repair heavy damages, but such a thing could take many years. The Mephirium also makes use of several Solid Fuel-Ration convertor to provide an easy access facet of fuel and food to the ship and its crew.
  • Electronic Warfare - The AXIOS CAIS provides each vessel with full-spectrum electronic warfare capabilities ranging from network warfare and defense to the management of countermeasures and targeting systems.
  • Slow - It's a giant ship with powerful thrusters. It might have a snazzy Class 1 hyperdrive but its subspace engines are subpar at best.
  • Hard to Maneuver - See above. Directly related. Rotating on your axis, making turns and other maneuvers quickly are out of the question.
  • Fire Arcs - It's traditional Star Destroyer styled. There are very few cannons on the stern and aft sections of the vessel.
  • Small Hangar - A very small complement. Elite fighters and pilots primarily comprise this in an attempt to cover this glaring weakness, but it's still quite small.
  • Mechanically Complex - The ship has extremely complicated parts and repair methods, that make the ship difficult to field repair even with the molecular furnace, the drive systems being particularly guilty.
  • To The Core - It's got three frelling reactors. Detonate one of them and you'll probably end up bringing down the whole ship
  • Crew :
    Officers: 5000
    Crew 14,000
    Engineers: 7500
    Technicians: 10,000
    Total 36,500
  • Passengers:
    Assault Regiments
    7,092 Infantry
    242 Repulsorcraft
    106 Heavy Tanks
  • Reactors:
    1 Antimatter Reactor
    1 Hypermatter Reactor (for the AI)
    Backup Solar Ionization reactor
The Mephirium class battlecruiser was commissioned by the Dominion in order to provide a powerful, heavily armed battlecruiser fit for its namesake. The dominion called all of its important contractors to work on the mighty vessels, and credits and man hours were poured into the meticulously reviewed designs. Each contractor was given a different part of the ship and told to optimize it to the greatest possible efficiency. It took two years to finish the designs and they were checked cross checked, and checked again by each contractor to iron out any possible design flaws and failures.

There were however a few problems with this method of design, the various parts of the ship all used different parts, and the order of maximum efficiency caused extremely complex systems to be implemented. While the ship class is highly innovative, it is extremely complex and is a ship engineers worst nightmare to maintain.

Despite all of this, the ships are among the mightiest in the fleet next to the venerable Acerbitas, with thousands of guns and 10 mighty hypervelocity cannons. This ship is designed to tear through smaller vessels with superior firepower, and to protect the high value passengers of the ship.

To meet the protection goal the ship has the extremely powerful Mon Calamari Shipyards MC1013 shielding, and extremely strong molecular shielding, allowing the ship to take large amounts of punishment without faltering, some argue that the defense systems have been horribly over engineered, but it ensures that the ship is nothing short of an orbital fortress.

The ship is not intended to be a mass troop carrier, it is only intended to carry the personal guard regiments of whoever owns the ship, instead of being a mass troop carrier. This is delegated to other vessels in order to save space and power for weaponry and other ship necessities.

The ship is extremely difficult to maneuver lending to its massive size, weight, and space constraints leading to there being little space for maneuvering thrusters to orient the ship. This makes the ship extremely unwieldy and difficult to orient in any way shape or form, which can be a large problem with a star destroyer of this design in which orientation is extremely important in weapons firing.

The ship has a multitude of reactors in order to properly power the ships many systems. The main reactor is huge antimatter reactor which provides most of the ship's power and is capable of powering all of the major systems on its own, however the AI requires its own hypermatter generator which can be a major problem since the reactors are both in the same area, if one goes critical, the other will as well. There is a backup solar ionization reactor should either of the reactors have problems, but it can not run at the same effectiveness as the other larger reactors so whichever reactor it replaces, the systems it powers will run at low efficiency, and if it replaces the main antimatter reactor, the ship will lose all weapons system, a large portion of shield power, and just enough energy to run the hyperdrive at class 4 speed.

The ship normally carries devastating Shadow Droids as its usual armament, this allows for a lot of space dedicated to pilots to normally be used to store cargo or other passengers, however the ships can be easily modified to change the cargo space back into crew quarters at the request of the vessels owner if they wish to not use shadow droids or other droid fighters. The use of shadow droids allows for the ship to make up for its lack of hangar space, as Shadow Droids are highly advanced and are capable of taking on the best fighter pilots, if actual pilots are used, the ships often take on elite fighter pilots in order to balance out the small hangar size

The interior of the ship is heavily defended and easily defensible. The boarding droids are the first line of defence, with their top of the line sensors and numerous non-lethal methods of subduing intruders, they should be able to stop most threats on their own. If that is not enough the ship is covered in automated defence turrets to gun down any hospitals that enter the ship. There are numerous automated heavy laser cannons in the hangar bay to prevent unwanted ships from entering the ship. There are many long, narrow corridors throughout the ship to act as choke points for defending troops, if need be.

(Lots of credit goes to [member="Arken Lussk"] for helping out)
[SIZE=10.5pt]Original Section(s):[/SIZE]

  • Affiliation: The Dominion
[SIZE=10.5pt]New Section(s):[/SIZE]
  • Affiliation: The Dominion | The Ancient Eye

Nicademus Blith

War as a business to end war as a business
Removed a few guns to fix the original reason for denial, the guns now meet the baseline for a heavy battle cruiser.

1250 Turbolasers = 2500 400 Energy Torpedos = 1600 300 Quad lasers = 300 10 Heavy Hypervelocity cannons = 400 400 Ion Cannons = 800 150 Heavy Turbolasers = 300 100 Quad Turbolasers = 800 300 Fast Mount Turbolasers = 1200 total of 7900 gun units, 300 down from the original.
[member="Nicademus Blith"]

I will be reviewing this submission.

Could you please start by removing the double spacing in the lists? It makes this very hard to read. This is a suggestion and you may keep it this way if you insist.

Nicademus Blith

War as a business to end war as a business
Pretty sure most of it is fixed, turns out it was some naughty BBCode with the lists that I could only see on my phone, it's mostly fixed now. I've been fighting with the board in the formatting of it's sub for quite a while. [member="Raziel"]
[member="Nicademus Blith"]

Drop those last 300 Turbolasers or equivalent

You've added:
  • A Molecular Furnace
  • HIMS
  • Gravitic Modulator
  • Sensor Masks
To the off the shelf build. It doesn't feel like you've added suitable weaknesses to cover all these additional capabilities. Is the implication of the last two that thise battlecruiser has stealth?

If you make a big drop to gun count down to High and defences down to High I'll be content.

Nicademus Blith

War as a business to end war as a business

I dropped the Sensor Masks and the Gravitic Modulator, however i would like to keep the HIMS (but it is negotiable), and the Molecular Furnace (which is non negotiable).

Also i already dropped the guns necessary to meet the baseline for a heavy battlecruiser (7900 guns), but yet again if you would like me to drop more i would be willing to do so.
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