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Populate Acta Non Verba | RTL Populate of Seswenna




"I understand your concerns perfectly," Mya replied smoothly, her brow furrowed in concentration as she studied the readouts. "The presence of the shipyard makes us all deeply uncomfortable, and its proximity to your civilian populations has kept us from acting more rapidly."

"We've received rumors of what they did after the Maw collapsed," the bland, middle-aged human replied. "We can't risk that happening to our people."

"Nor would we risk them," Mya agreed. "With the information you've gathered…this will make it much easier for us to ensure that they cannot retaliate."

"When will that be? We want to be ready."

Mya cocked her head in consideration before shrugging. "I don't know. That will be up to the Admiralty and Advisory Boards to decide. But it will be soon- have your people prepared and on standby."

The two rose, shook hands, and departed.


"Ma'am, you have a call coming in, priority one." Her bodyguard spoke quickly in her ear and Mya nodded, excusing herself from the Dug, who had been hanging onto her every word.

"Jesel here," she said, speaking into the comlink. There was a crackle of distortion as the signal was thrice encrypted and beamed out to the ship in orbit, which had carried her to the world. One of the Rescue Service corvettes- fast, maneuverable, and while not comfortable, wasn't ostentatious either.

"We had a delivery from Coruscant up here with a proposal regarding some of the trade deals we've established with their companies?"

Code. And the one she had been waiting on. "Very good. Start the process moving and take it to the advisory boards for consideration and the council's proposals. Let Xagobah know that the joint training mission is ready."


"All ship refits, and rearmaments are completed," the technician said, looking up from the datapad to address the assembled Council and Advisory Boards. "Supplies have been transported via a dispersed network of civilian freight companies and independent ships across a wide network of systems- Seswenna's defenses will be ready."

"Very good," Mya replied, with dark bags under her eyes and a pinched look. "And the fleets?"

"The initial task force will begin, in a good but not perfect, covert movement towards O'reen so that people paying attention will see military assets-presumably to hit the Final Dawn shipyards and base. Meanwhile, most of our fleets will consolidate around the southern and western border worlds with the Sith- but they will all be either on or adjacent to the Hydian Way."

"We've reached out to privateers, and our contracted forces will all be on standby, again hints indicating O'reen and the Sith Order as primary targets, particularly Pitann and Demonsgate. This information will also spread to loose-lipped and incautious assets, particularly among the underworld and infochants." Mya knew that that would be the work of ORION and their Huntsmen. "Full orders will be dispatched only to the captains and heads of these forces, allowing them to make whatever arrangements they see fit- with the timing for when they will move in coordination with our forces."

That seemed very complicated to Mya, but so was what they were attempting to do. Attack and destroy a shipyard in orbit over a neutral world, which consistently had a defense fleet of nearly thirty capital ships and six orbiting defense platforms. She glanced around at the faces around her- representatives from all across the Outer Rim, many far more experienced in warfare than she was.

But the time had come. The League had given Sularen a fair offer, and he had rejected it. The League was not fool enough to react immediately. Patience won wars more often than swiftness. And that was something the League was good at. The galaxy viewed them as disorganized and idealistic, hardly worth being called a galactic power. But that was intentional. The League had a backbone in trade and industry-- they were pragmatists and realists, looking at the long run. And they were ready to show the galaxy that they were not to be waved aside.


"All ships await orders for reversion," the command echoed through the encrypted comms of the assembled fleet. "Picket squadrons one through three, revert in T minus three. All remaining picket squadrons, revert in T minus ten. Contact from our Q fleet?"

"As anticipated, significant Final Dawn reinforcements- further detail on reinforcements gathered from ships in-system waiting in a small probe droid just past our reversion point. Q assets in place and awaiting the admiral's signal."

Three picket squadrons- primarily Rescue Service corvettes and patrol craft to scout the system and establish hostile locations, followed by the rest of the full Civil Defense squadrons, built around cruisers, with interdiction support, to move in roving layered patrols. The Final Dawn had indicated HIMS capability in their ships of the line before, so the layers of interdiction around the egress points should keep their reinforcements tied up while the main battle fleet engaged the stations.

Then fighters and gunships hit the shipyards hard and fast, nearly right out of lightspeed, deploying troops into the shipyards themselves, both to prevent reinforcements from launching and to set the power conduits to blow.

Then there was the fleet. A battlecruiser with support was nothing to take lightly, no matter how rapidly the first strike hit, especially not when there were four station fortresses. But they had no maneuverability of their own- and if there was something the League knew how to do, it was move heavy objects in space. The Remittances would take the brunt of the defense stations, using heavy tractor beams to pull them out of position while hammering them with heavy weaponry.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet would deal with the defense ships- Civil Defense battlegroups, privateers, military contractors, and volunteers with a grudge against the Maw. Commodore-General Quahatil Sacul would have ultimate authority over all combat forces in operation.


A shipyard was too large and well-supplied to destroy without a protracted siege unless the interior could be taken and systems wrecked from the inside. But that was dangerous work- combining all the hazards of urban warfare and ship boarding actions.

But there were advantages to being a space-based society, and plenty of inhabitants of the League had a personal grudge against the Maw's minions- including special forces teams from the Chiss Semi-Autonomous Dominion-- and many more who knew their ways around mining and salvage equipment. Fighter pilots had been undergoing grueling training for months in preparation of boarding the station and delivering the troops and supplies necessary to destroy the station.

Suarbi's cometeer brigade had been mustered and trained for this action- fitted out with heavy mining and salvage equipment. With the Lux Astra Trade Corporation, that had been an economic dispute and the League had sieged and captured their battleships to convey a message. Rangers, privateers, and contractors would supplement the assault force.

There was a new message: imperialist forces would not be tolerated in the Outer Rim. The station would be destroyed, and any ships in it either detonated or cut up for scrap.

Breach the outer defense. Secure a beachhead. Expand the perimeter. Wreck the station- from the power conduits if possible, any other way if not. All defense personnel were issued and trained in the multirole armored vacsuits to prepare for this operation.


The Brotherhood of the Maw was known for their indiscriminate ruthlessness. The Final Dawn was no exception. Their proximity to a neutral world full of civilians had been the only thing keeping the League from launching an immediate strike against the shipyards.

The League would not compromise or bend on their promise to the Final Dawn: leave or be destroyed. But more importantly, they would not risk the massacres and deaths of neutral civilians in pursuit of that threat.

It had taken many months, and lots of work, but the League had a solution in place: they’d smuggled in an entire defense system for all population centers within striking distance of the shipyard’s standard orbit: shield generators, anti-air weapons, and point-defense systems.

The problem was that it would tip off the forces in orbit if they were set up too soon. Too late, and the Final Dawn could retaliate against the civilian population. Meaning they had to go up, and they had to go up fast once the assault began. Theorists said that logistics won wars and this would put it to the test. Seswenna militia, aided by members of the Underground, Outer Rim Development Corps, and volunteers, would have a small window of time to get the systems up and running. But that still left the non-major population centers.

That would be another volunteer effort from the clandestine forces of the League to offer evacuations to anyone who wished to flee to the defended areas and to harass and destroy any Final Dawn troops that might attempt to make a landing.

The League was making a statement here. They had to prepare for every eventuality and ensure that it was something they could point to as proof of their effectiveness.

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The Wraith





A Trio of Star Galleons emerged from hyperspace arriving in proximity of the Seswenna Military Shipyards. Barring the insignia of the Final Dawn, they had arrived to provide reinforcements to the Shipyards in anticipation of the Rimward Trade Leagues incoming assault. With their arrival, the Shipyards would soon be bolstered by thousands of Purification Troopers and additional Internal Defense Systems. If everything went as planned, all of the Shipyards key internal components such as the Engines, Command Center, Sensor Relay, Life Support Systems Internal Defense Systems Mainframe, Shield Generator and the Reactor would be covered and well fortified by the time the Trade League made their move. And should everything go as planned, any would-be boarding party would have twice the difficulty in reaching these areas especially with the presence of the Purification Troopers who excelled at combat in tight spaces.

Inside the Command Center, the Administrator of the Shipyards watched as the Transport Cruisers began their operation, deploying dozens of Troop Transports to begin the process of bolstering the Shipyards defenses. While news of the Trade League's incoming assault was not surprising, it still was something to be concerned about especially since the Final Dawn no longer had the support of a Major galactic power such as the Maw which only made the Shipyards even more vulnerable then before. But if what the Central Committee said was true then they'd be able to safely relocate the Shipyards before the Trade League could touch them, although he was still a bit confused as to why they had ordered him to move the Shipyards right above Seswenna's gravity well, which itself was potentially hazardous.

Soon enough, a single black armored individual entered the Command room followed by a Squad of heavily armored soldiers. The Administrator quickly identified the lead armored individual as Joseph Torson, an Operative of the Hand of Judgement whom Sularen had sent here to oversee the defense of the Shipyards.

"Captain Torson I presume? You must be the one whom the Central Committee sent to oversee this operation, right?"

"Indeed. I see that you have done everything as requested by the Central Committee. Now that the preliminary preparations have been made I'll be taking over things from now"

"Of-course. Although I still don't understand why the Central Committee requested us to move to a specific area over the planet, I don't see how that would aid in the defense other then giving the enemy more time to reach us"

Torson did not reply but instead simply pointed towards something behind the Administrator. A second group of ships had emerged from hyperspace, all of which had what seemed to be like cables attached to them, connected to a half-completed Supremacy-class Star Destroyer. The Administrator was surprised and confused, unsure of what to say. Aware of the Administrator's confusion, Torson proceeded go speak up.

"What you're seeing right now, is the High Regent's solution to our little Trade League problem. Something that will make them think twice before striking at us again and a reminder of the indomitable power of the Final Dawn."



All the necessary preparations had been made. As planned, Internal Defense Systems had been set up across the Shipyards around the Reactors, Engines, Command Center, Weapons TBD and Life Support Systems while the on-board garrison of Purification Troopers prepared themselves for the upcoming battle. Additional reinforcements in the form of Neo-Imperial Mercenaries had also arrived, while a Considerable Naval Force consisting of elements of Tempest Squadron and Shadow Hand Command was being assembled nearby at Naval Station Ardus supported by Nacheria Squadron, a Sub-unit of the Elite Fighter Wing known as the Crimson Linings. At the same time Monitor Frigates stationed throughout the Sector had been keeping a close eye on the fleet movements of both Eriadu and the Trade League while simultaneously creating communications blackouts throughout the area to cover the naval buildup at Adras.

Standing within the Command Center of the Seswenna Sector, Joseph Torson gazed upon the void of space that surrounded the Shipyards. In front of it was its primary line of defense, a small fleet of eight warships, the largest of which was a pair of Large Cruisers designated as Pocket Star Destroyers, far less then what the League expected but small enough to make them over-confident and overcommit to this Battle, a common mistake that he GADF had made on numerous occasions during the Second Great Hyperspace War. As Torson remained deep in thought thinking about the battle that loomed over the horizon, the doors leading into the Command Center opened up as the Commander of the contingent of Raptors accompanying him walked up towards hum and proceeded to speak

"Sir, the charges have been placed on-board the Doomgiver as you requested" the Commander said, referring to the half-completed Star Destroyer now docked within the Seswenna Shipyards.

"Good, then this means everything is in place for the upcoming battle. Soon we shall remind the galaxy that the Final Dawn is still a force to be reckoned with" Torson proclaimed

Soon enough a Communications Officer suddenly spoke up, quickly catching the attention of the two men. "Sir, we have received word from our Monitor Frigates, the Trade League is on the move." then another Communications Officer spoke. "Sir, a portion of the Eriaduan Fleet has left the Eriadu System" Soon enough more notifications came up, all indicating that the Trade League had activated their forces and we're on their way here. "Finally. It's time" Torson said to himself.

Immediately the young operative took it upon himself to take control of the situation proceeding to issue a set of orders to the rest of the Command Center's personnel

"Alert both the Shipyards Security Fleet and Director-Admiral Sevenar's Fleet of the incoming assault. In addition, tell the Director-Admiral that if he does not receive our signal to spring the trap within the next five minutes, he is to assume that our communications are being jammed and thus must proceed to activate our plan as soon as he can." Torson began

He then turned to Captain Varos Dajaay Varos Dajaay ,the commanding officer of the Relic Stormtroopers, who was also present in the Command Center and proceeded to address him. "Captain Dajaay , have your troops prepare for incoming boarding parties, your objective is to protect key areas of the Shipyards from any hostile force." Torson said. He then gave Captain Dajaay a datapad and then continued. "This contains a map of the entire Shipyard interior. The Yellow Spots indicate key portions that will most likely be targeted by the enemy. The Red Spots indicate Enemy Soldiers within the vicinity and Green represent friendlies. Use this to navigate your way through the station and eliminate those who attempt to take down the Shipyards from within, we cannot afford any failures here." He ordered.

Within seconds the alarms throughout the Shipyards began to blare as all Shipyard Personnel manned their battlestations with the Purifiication Troopers moved to guard key areas of the shipyards as they prepared for the incoming attack, while the small fleet outside moved into a defensive position in front of the Shipyards in order to defend it from an incoming fleet assault. Thus Stage was set for the upcoming Battle, as the Final Dawn stood ready to meet with the Trade League head-on over Seswenna. As the High Regent said it himself, the Rimward Trade League would be expecting to catch the Final Dawn off-guard but would instead find them fully prepared to face them with a few little surprises of their own. If war was what the people of the Rim wanted then the Final Dawn would give it to them and it would be relentless in its pursuit to humble the Trade League and remind them why they were feared by the Galactic Alliance during the Second Great Hyperspace War.

Tags [FD] | Varos Dajaay Varos Dajaay | Electra-12 Electra-12
Tags [RTL] | OPEN




Location: Seswenna Surface
Equipment: Skinsuit, Jacket, Rusty Green Jumpsuit, Left Bracer, Plastoid Shingaurds, Magno-grip boots, Mix and Match Harness, Left Ear
Weapons: Lossa's Lightsaber, Concealed Blaster, Nasty-Stabby
Tools: Fusioncutter
Ship: Skiptown, The Buzzard, with V-2 Minimech 'Skid'
Vehicle: Speeder Bike
Tags: @RTL

She had waited.

They had said patience won out above all else and while she had scoffed at the idea, had seen the sincerity of it. Or at least she did now. Every major civic center containing a decent array of defensive items to keep them safe from the planned assault.

At least she hoped it was enough.

She sped through the streets, idling and watching the connected sensors of her ship via her wrist computer. The on board AI she'd called Jingles keeping alerts silenced until the signal for the assault happened.

She hadn't dared do much more than spend her time familiarizing herself with the new speeder she'd found on her property.

Confirmed by a few sources to be Mando in production, she had been surprised to find it lacked any weapons on it. Then again the thing was scary fast, and handled corners decently enough. Putting enough distance between herself and a few of the local authorities she'd made sure to speed by to warrant feeling bad.

A cargo mount on the front left side affixed with a hidden flare Launcher waiting to signal everything in case communications went down over the city. She'd been warned to cover her face when it launched, wondering exactly what they had strapped to her speeder before sending her out to idle.

She'd paused atop a large parking center, watching a few authority speeder bikes search along the lanes for her when Jingles pinged her.

Do not become incarcerated before delivering the signal.

She chuckled to herself, tapping the communication feature on, making sure the Encoder was active.

"Just playing a bit. Waiting for things to kick off. Keeping warmed up?" Adjusting herself in the seat as she glanced skyward.

Waiting was the worst part. Even the space between her question and the reply felt like forever to her in the moment. Anxiety high with anticipation and the the unknown of what was to come.

Affirmative. Awaiting instructions for pickup.

"Alright. Just hang tight. This can go all sorts of sideways real quick. Just make sure the door is open when I call you." Receiving an auditory blip of confirmation as the line closed.

She unhooked the canteen from her belt, slow to unscrew the cap as she looked over the view. It was a pretty sight for those that enjoyed the bustling city life. And while she didn't hate it. Her preference was set more towards a limited number of beings in the immediate area. Preferably none within several kilometers.

A quick swig relieved the dry throat of the air passing over her in her riding before capping it and leaning against the handles.

"Just a bit longer." Replacing the canteen on her hip before shaking out her hands and stretching her legs. The speeder seemed to purr beneath her as she leaned back and forth, waiting to go speeding off again.


150,00KM from the shipyards
Vertigo ASF Wild Knight Flightsuit

2x Surprise-Series Q Carriers
2x Interceptor-Series Scout Frigate
Roth threw the last hand of cards down and stood, stretching his back. It cracked and he groaned, twisting in place. "We've been in-system for two weeks, watching the shipyards. Think the Dawn took the bait?"

One of the other pilots grabbed up the cards and reshuffled the deck, staring at the walls of the cavernous hangar. The ship was on the far side of the sun from the shipyards, waiting for permission to dock and unload. Apparently, their livestock cargo needed to be quarantined before being permitted in the system. Roth wasn't much of a farmer, but that made sense to him. Granted, it was a Q-carrier built within the frame of a bulk freighter and sensor shielded (also to protect the livestock from radiation). But really, they had four squadrons of fighters in each carrier.

"Well, they've got all their surveillance ships out there patrolling the sector fringes, at least what the naval intelligence chaps are telling me," the other pilot said, handing out the cards. "At least based on the comms blackouts."

"Which is why we've been running freighter intelligence," Roth replied, glowering at his cards. His partner quirked a small grin. "Exactly. With a star between us and them, and plenty of legitimate freighters crossing all over the system- we've got signs of a build-up on Adras and hyperplane sensors indicating massive movements from O'reen's direction. A courier left last night with those findings to both Eriadu and the Council."

"Think we can trust Eriadu?"

"I sure as feth hope so," Roth muttered. "But they've been feuding with the Final Dawn longer than we have."

There was a commotion in the bridge above them and Roth tossed down his hand- all aces. He gave a quick grin and swiped the pot of ration bars before slipping them in his pocket and climbing up the freighter's ladder.

"We've finally got some action," the captain said, gesturing at a physical model of the system. "Shotgun transceiver message just came through from the ship in low-orbit far side of the planet from the shipyards- star galleons hauling in all sorts of crap."

"Good," Roth replied. "They took the bait. Between that and Adras, we should have the chance to destroy a significant portion of their combat capability and their ability to reconstruct. And if those transports have lots of their troops- even better. We might be able to set them back more than a decade. Time to start watching what they're up to."

"Well, that's an interesting arrangement," Roth said, studying the physical model again in much further detail. "Those spy rays aboard the scout ships have sure paid off. Bulked up defenses, moved the bulk of the fleet away, did something to what has to be a battlecruiser there, although I can't guess at what."

"The analysts are still looking into it," the ship's captain replied. "But we're as ready as we'll ever be. Just need the signal from the admiral to go when and where he wants us. Next courier takes a probe with this detail to the reversion point in 20 hours."

"We better get back to our ships and have them ready, Captain. If we don't see you again, it's been a pleasure sitting in one place for too damn many weeks with you."

The older Dowutin chuckled at Roth's words. "Oh, you're not so bad for one of those fighter jockeys. Maybe a cheat at cards, but not too bad."

Roth laughed, gave a half salute, before sliding down back to the bridge. "Alright, comrades, let's prepare these birds to fly!"


"Well, any moment now, pickets should be reverting at the far edge of the system," Roth said, zipping up his flight suit and rolling his neck. The lightsaber hung at his side. "It may be a few hours before the fleet wants us, but Wild Knights, stay on standby, just in case. Everyone hydrate and fuel up before you hit the freshers."

His footsteps echoed on the hangar deck as the technicians hurried around the cramped hangar bay, double-checking the fighters and reassessing every aspect.

"Think anyone will hit their reinforcements?" It was Roth's crew chief, and Roth could only shrug.

"All we did was track transmissions and movements and be in touch with informants. What the Admiralty does with that information is beyond me. I hope they do, though- that will make our work a lot easier. But the pickets and their fighter escorts will know about the forces in-system and League Command should know about the buildup at Adras. We wait and do our part as it appears."

Obj #3​


Seswenna Surface

Corbin finished unloading the crates of weapons. "That's the last shipment. We've brought what we can." He had already been making runs to deliver parts of the defenses to be set up. Now he was delivering crates of weapons to be distributed to civilians, if needed. He hoped they wouldn't be need, but better to err on the side of caution. "I'll of course be staying to help as much as I can." He could have been part of the raid on the shipyards. Honestly, there was no telling how many casualties they might take without him there. His skills would have been well suited for such a task... But he had to remind himself that such thinking was both arrogant and foolish. The civilian lives were much more important. The raid would succeed without him, and each participant was voluntarily risking their lives. Besides, many were veterans with way more combat experience than he had...

"What about the Mando? Will he be staying as well?" The Seswennan man accepting the crates pointed to Corbin's armor, which he had been controlling via the Force to also carry the crates as an extra pair of arms. "That's some of the heaviest-looking Mando armor I've ever seen. Sure would be some peace of mind to know he was helping keep us safe."

Corbin just chuckled. "Oh, most definitely. He goes wherever I go." He leaned back against the side of the ramp to his freighter. He whispered to himself: "Won't be too long now." He could feel it.
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Rimward Jedi Spectre



Location: aboard the Unfettered Vengeance docked to Saswenna shipyards
Objective: Elimination of a Dawn sympathiser
Tags: OPEN to stealthy allies dm me if you fancy a duel


Jedi Master Rhiza Dural, member of the Rimward Jedi Council and master of the Jedi Spectres had crept aboard this large vessel in the earliest stages of battle, her stealthy fighter having slipped through the cordon and allowed her to land here. This ship, this disgusting, smelling and dank ship belonged once to a powerful hutt sith lord that was presumed dead at Panatha. A lord that Rhiza had come across in her previous life a a slaver. It was now controlled as far as intelligence could gather by his successor and was still staunchly loyal to the continuation of the brotherhood. They had apparently come to Saswenna first to seek repairs, but had subsequently aligned themselves with Dawnist sympathisers from the planet below. The huge and powerful vessel was now docked with the Saswenna station and provided what amounted to a local levy, albeit a powerful one, in support of the otherwise unpopulated occupier.

She looked around her as she crept across the corridor, a pair of shiny black armoured stormtroopers stood across from her on guard duty, their visions could not penetrate her cloaking device so she would move on. There was no sense in engaging in fights this far from the bridge, she also knew that this particular Sith quite enjoyed employing creatures such as vornskyr that would not be so troubled by her cloak, she would conserve her energy for those foes.

Rhiza arrived at an intersection, this ship was a maze of corridors and the poor maintenance standards aboard had led to some pathways being unpassable. She closed her eyes and felt the force, to the left she felt the void, it was toward the exterior of the ship, and it felt clear. To the right she felt a flash of darkness, of an impending death that made the hairs on her neck prickle up in response. It was the more direct route but every ounce of force pushed her the other way. She picked up the pace, padding quietly with her zygerrian grace until she came across a trio of mawite soldiers. They looked more like tribals that the almost comically polished soldiers of the few more elite grouos aboard the ship. They were in her way, she might slip through the small gap in their group, but the slightest deviation of their paths and they might knock into her and be alerted.

The Spectre reached out her invisible hand and silently mouthed the words she needed. The mawites muttered something disgusting about prisoners and there was a laugh and the trio left their station. Rhiza clenched her fist as she let wash away the unpleasant images she was having tap onto to influence these degenerates. But now at least she could move on towards her ultimare goal.
Captain of the Final Dawn
Present Day

(View Bio for Equipment)
It had been a long week for Dajaay, but duty called. After a small encounter with a famed bounty hunter while he was on Corsucant, he was absolutely spent mentally. Almost on cue, as soon as he got back to getting his sleep schedule back on track, he was stationed on the Seswenna Military Shipyards. He was aware of the growing tensions with the Rimward Trade League that had been foreshadowing some greater conflict, but he didn't think that this conflict would come so soon. To his knowledge the Final Dawn was attempting to put the Trade League in its place for good. After arriving on the shipyard after coming on one of the Star Gallions with his battalion of Relic Troopers, he quickly got settled with the minimal supplies he had brought. Now a week later he was preparing for the most momentous moment of his life. If he were successful in his defending of the shipyard, he may be able to further the High Regent's respect of him and continue to rise the ranks of the Final Dawn.

"Man time flies," Dajaay said as he let out a sigh. He was making his way to the Command Center of the shipyard where Joseph Torson Joseph Torson was awaiting him. Upon arrival he was given an order by Torson.

He then turned to Captain @Varos Dajaay ,the commanding officer of the Relic Stormtroopers, who was also present in the Command Center and proceeded to address him. "Captain Dajaay , have your troops prepare for incoming boarding parties, your objective is to protect key areas of the Shipyards from any hostile force." Torson said. He then gave Captain Dajaay a datapad and then continued. "This contains a map of the entire Shipyard interior. The Yellow Spots indicate key portions that will most likely be targeted by the enemy. The Red Spots indicate Enemy Soldiers within the vicinity and Green represent friendlies. Use this to navigate your way through the station and eliminate those who attempt to take down the Shipyards from within, we cannot afford any failures here." He ordered.
Upon recieving the datapad he glanced down on it, scanning it quickly. "The Battalion will make sure no one gets in. I'll have them spread out between docking bays to ensure of that the shipyard stays secure, I'll make sure to keep an eye out on all potential boarding areas as well." He gave one last nod to Torson and left to give his troops their orders.

The captain then proceeded to go to his quarters and reconcile with his thoughts, being that he was a little drowsy. After telling himself that he could stay awake for a solid couple of hours, he sent out a message over the Battalion's comms to report to the various docking bays while he bolted to the closest bay. "This Trade League really doesn't know who they're up against do they? Thinking they can just walk up in here, heh." After arriving in the farthest west docking bay he took a seat on the stairs leading to the floor of the bay and stared out into the fleet of ships outside of the shipyard. Embracing the serenity of deep space...
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Aenarr Kyrr

Strill Securities Tra'ibahikan Squadron Leader



Friendly Units: Tra'ibahikan Squadron
Ally Tag(s): Roth Tillian Roth Tillian | RTL
Enemy Tag(s): Electra-12 Electra-12 (Eventually) | Final Dawn



Aenarr Kyrr "Tra'ibahikan 1-1"

Shields: |||||||||| (100%)
Hull: |||||||||| (100% Integrity)
Stealth Systems: Inactive.

Saviin Kote "Tra'ibahikan 1-2"

Shields: |||||||||| (100%)
Hull: |||||||||| (100% Integrity)
Stealth Systems: Inactive.

Mar Netra "Tra'ibahikan 1-3"

Shields: |||||||||| (100%)
Hull: |||||||||| (100% Integrity)
Stealth Systems: Inactive.

Rang Nihut'tyr "Tra'ibahikan 1-4"

Shields: |||||||||| (100%)
Hull: |||||||||| (100% Integrity)
Stealth Systems: Inactive.

Aenarr ran his armored gloved hand along the leading edge of his fighter's wing. His Tra'galaar had gotten him into just as many fights as it had gotten him out of. He'd been through worse scrapes than this. Yet no matter how many times he and his went out into the black and cam back, as the anticipating built, that feeling of restlessness never went away. That tingling at the base of his neck. He couldn't tell if his altered perception of time thanks to his implants made it worse or not.

He couldn't recall the number of times he'd done this in any event. Waiting on a carrier to be deployed that was. Strill technicians had given their fighters a once over already. The space occupied by the four fighters, the spares, the extra ammunition and technicians had turned into a Mandalorian quarter of sorts. Strill's technicians were trading booze for extra sealant and the like. Thankfully they were all on their best behavior, including their droids. Aenarr knew first hand the absolute dini'la osik they could get up to otherwise.

Like him, his vode were finishing up their final inspections of their fighters. "Fleet's not joining us then?" asked Mar Netra, turning away from his fighter's now sealed launcher inspection panel.

"Not us. Kal Netra and his hunting group are making sure Ruus Kote's tanks and IFVs hit the dirt without these di'kute having anything to say about it," replied Saviin Kote, his second in command.

"They're going to miss the fun," chuckled Rang Nihut'tyr darkly. "You think intel's good about the number of enemy fighters?"

"Since when have you known anyone who called themselves Imperial to not bring enough fighters to walk right back to Breshig on the hulls of, Rang?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. This elicited a laugh from the others. "We're not getting paid per fighter, though. So watch how much ordnance you sling. Those new missiles aren't cheap."

"The old ones were?" fired back Rang, who true to his name was more often than not the one getting chastised for handing out missiles like they were life day presents.

"We could buy a new Tra'galaar with how much we could save on missiles, Rang," countered Saviin. Thankfully for Rang, they all caught motion on the other end of the hangar. "That the Jetii we're flying with?" asked Saviin, nodding at Roth Tillian Roth Tillian .

"'Lek," he nodded, a subtle gesture with his buy'ce on. "I'm going to go have a chat, be ready, might be any moment now." An acknowledgement signal flashed in his HUD from Saviin as he walked across the hangar to the other pilot. If the stories were true, he'd been flying for longer than any of them had been alive. Maybe they'd learn a thing or two today.

"All set?" he asked Roth Tillian Roth Tillian as he stopped short of him, nodding at his fighter. a Novean Tech Vertigo ASF. It was a nice fighter, not that he'd take it over the Tra'galaar, but it was still a very nice fighter nonetheless. A lot nicer than what he'd heard the RTL were running prior.


Vaux Gred

Concord Terror

Fleet: Keros' Kad, 2x Shield-class Escort Cruiser, 4x Rain-class Direct Fire Escort Corvette, 2x HF-3 Aran squadrons, 4x CST Toscan 8-R squadrons, 4x GF-4 Stinger squadrons, 2x GF-2B Super TwinTail squadrons, 2x Directorate "Ghost" Viper squadrons

Well, when the League asked her brother if he wanted to get involved with hitting a Final Dawn station, he sure as heck seemed to want it dead. The Kad hadn't seen action like this in years it seemed like. The old ship wouldn't be the tip of the spear though. That would be her department. Fighters. Didn't mean the heavies wouldn't help though.

"Hey, Vaux! Ready for this?"

"You know I'm ready. Be sure the Ghosties actually do their job once it's time for takeoff. Reversions our signal."

"Yeah yeah. Understood. Be ready for a fight though. Apparently they've got a big fleet." Vaux knew that good and well, so it didn't help that Rattletrap was bringing it back up.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the large ship's captain looked to the vessel's A.I. "Kaddie, send a message out for when we'll revert. I want fighters launched and us out of sight the moment were enter realspace."

"Aye captain." The A.I. would then seem to vanish, focusing on sending the info to other forces using "Escort Delta" as a callsign. I mean it wasn't 100% wrong. There were escorts in the fleet after all. This would be interesting. Hopefully they'd be able to bust these defenses.

Roth Tillian Roth Tillian Aenarr Kyrr Aenarr Kyrr


Tip of the Spear - Morbius Battle Group

Points of Interest: Seswennat System | Speranza | Seswenna Military Shipyards
Tags: Roth Tillian Roth Tillian | Vera Tillian Vera Tillian | Vaux Gred Vaux Gred

Battle Groups - Group LeaderNotable Capital Ship(s)Objective(s)
Vanguard - Vera Tillian Vera Tillian RSS Endurance
12x Hermes-Class Corvette
6x Sparrow-Class Picket Ship
3x Starhammer-series Attack Corvette
  1. Scout Enemy Formations
  2. Secure Egress Point
  3. Protect Minelayers
  4. Probe Enemy Defences, and draw them out.
Battle Group - Quauhtli Sacul Quauhtli Sacul | Dantius Seveirum Dantius Seveirum Core:
2x Remittance
Speranza (SSD, Flagship)
2x Trieme-Class Star Destroyer
4x Terrik-series Attack Frigate
8x Hermes-Class Corvettes

Anchors (Flanks):
2/2x Remittance
1/1x Coronet-series Star Destroyer
2/2x Trieme-Class Star Destroyer
4/4x Terrik-series Attack Frigate
3/3x Martan-series Carrier Corvette
  1. Engage Final Dawn Capital Ships
  2. Engage Battlestations / Protect Lucrehulks
Reserves / Auxiliary - Various4x Remittance
RTL Reliant
2x Ventis Heavy Constructors (Supply Ships)
4x Coronet-series Star Destroyer
6x Liberator-Class Cruiser
14x Tantara-series Corvette
  1. Provide repairs/supplies
  2. Prepare for Final Dawn Reinforcements
Starfighter CAGs - Roth Tillian Roth Tillian | Aenarr Kyrr Aenarr Kyrr N/A
  1. Cover Assault Teams
  2. Screen Capital Ships
  3. Engage enemy fighters
  4. Escort Bombers
  5. Help Protect Lucrehulks


Naval Intelligence - Briefing & Tactical Information

A Vanguard Fleet led by Vera Tillian Vera Tillian will deploy ahead of the main fleet to provide strategic information on enemy formations and ensure the Egress Point is secure. Starhammer Corvettes will search and destroy any mines or Final Dawn Satellites located at the Egress Point, before deploying their Interdiction payloads to delay any potential hostile reinforcements. Meanwhile, Captain Tillian - accompanied by a small vanguard - will begin probing enemy defences. Ideally, she may even tempt a few Capital Ships to manoeuvre out of position.

Once the main fleet arrives, we will engage the Final Dawn's battle groups and tie down their Capital Ships. If Vera Tillian can drag some of their ships out of position, we might be able to engage outside the range of the Battlestation's defences. If not, we will engage and tie down as many Capital Ships as we can while the Lucrehulks and assault teams attempt to dismantle or disable their defences.

Remittance Lucrehulks are our primary offensive against the four Battlestations in Seswenna's orbit. These strong points represent Final Dawn's oppression of the sector and pose a genuine threat to our Capital Assets, so protect those Lucrehulks!
Expect Final Dawn to receive reinforcements.
Corvettes may, if necessary, retreat to the Auxiliary fleet for minor repairs or resupply of munitions.
Starfighters are authorised to utilise the Speranza as a supply base.
CAG Fighter Squadrons are authorised to request support from the RTL Reliant for heavy artillery against targets of opportunity.
Strategic Information will be coordinated through Speranza's Battlenet.
Captain T'Shai will assume command of the RTL Reliant in Commodore-General Sacul's absence
This is a coordinated assault, do not be surprised by the presence of ORION or other allied special forces.

Commodore-General Sacul empathises that, once engaged; CAGs, Captains, and Commanders are expected to operate autonomously and effectively respond to tactical threats.


Baptism by Fire
Quauhatli watched the beacon blip on the scanner screen move into the Seswanna Sector. If the beacon was correct, Vera Tillian Vera Tillian would soon be conducting her scouting operations. With any luck, the Rimward Security forces could draw the Final Dawn out, allowing for a swift and decisive counter-attack outside the range of the Battlestations batteries. It was a calculated risk, reliant upon the Final Dawn's underestimation of their combined arms doctrine. He trusted Vera to steer her group out of any serious trouble, and the RSS was used to hit and run tactics necessary for the job.

Not to mention the Speranza herself. This would be a baptism by fire for the SSD and her crew. For example, could they work with civilian contractors and would the unique command structure meet expectations? A review would be necessary, but he could pile over the paperwork after the day was won.

"We have given them enough time," Quauhatli said, not wanting to wait too long. He knew the Vanguard would be quickly overwhelmed. "Give the command. Advise the Auxuilery Fleet to follow on a 30-second mark. Open a channel to the fleet."

"Yes, sir."

He watched streaks of tachyons slowly forming around Speranza's hull before shunting them into hyperspace.

"As you know, we will be travelling deep into Final Dawn territory to strike at the heart of their regime. The battle will be long and arduous, but remember your actions here, today, will change the galaxy. You will bring hope to millions of our Seswannian friends, and hope is the most powerful force in the universe."

Quauhatli paused for a moment, giving people time to internalise what their actions meant not for themselves but the entire galaxy. "CAGs prepare your Squadrons for launch."
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Loyaly, Honor, Resolve


ESB Targe

High Admiral Seveirum stood at the helm of the Bellidux-class Battlecruiser he had christened the Targe, pacing back and forth in front of the viewport. He had met with Chairwoman Mya Jesel weeks before and pledged the Eriadu Authority's aid in the upcoming battle, aid which he would be leading personally. The Targe shot through hyperspace, making a beeline for the neighboring world of Seswenna. It could be argued that the Final Dawn would see this as an act of aggression on Eriadu's behalf, but Dantius would argue that the construction of those shipyards two decades ago was aggression on the Final Dawn's behalf and they were simply returning the favor. The Final Dawn's presence in the Seswenna Sector was a blight that had gone untreated for far too long. This was just the medicine.

Moving in formation through hyperspace alongside the Targe was as much of a fleet as High Admiral Seveirum could muster without compromising Eriadu's own defenses. Knowing Sularen and the Final Dawn a retaliatory strike was entirely within the realm of possibility, and Dantius preferred that Tarkin was not left undefended back home. The fleet joining him consisted of five New Imperial-I Class Star Destroyers, five Escolta-Class Frigates, and two Alveare-class carriers. This fleet, brimming with guns and starfighters, would be more than enough to send a clear message to the Final Dawn.

"When we exit hyperspace, be prepared to engage." As the Battlecruiser travelled through hyperspace towards Seswenna, he reflected on his thoughts. He had little doubt that the League would follow through on their promise, though he was sure some in the League had their doubts about him, his intentions and whether he would show or not. But that was to be expected, he supposed, given galactic opinion of Imperials. But of course he would show, because Dantius Aloysius Seveirum was a man of his word, of integrity.

Shortly after Admiral Sacul's fleet exited hyperspace, High Admiral Seveirum's fleet would follow suit. They had coordinated their jumps so that the fleet would arrive at roughly the same time. Dantius glanced to port, then to starboard, and opened a communication line across the Authority's fleet. "On this day we stand not only for each other, not only for Eriadu; on this day, we stand for the millions of sentient beings who look to us for security, for protection, for stability! As long as loyal men yet live, we shall provide! Stand tall, stand true, men of Seswenna, and we shall triumph this day! Seswenna Aeternum!" A chorus of cheers rang out across the Eriaduan comms, the crews invigorated for the battle ahead.

After the cheers quieted, Dantius opened a comm line with Quauhtli Sacul Quauhtli Sacul . "It is a pleasure to meet you Admiral Sacul, I look forward to fighting alongside you on this day. Let us give these Final Dawn dogs a good thrashing."

Rimward Trade League

Seswenna, Outer Rim

Personal ship

Jester Squadron

The orders had been sent that Kurayami was to assemble those from the exercise out at Xagobah that had passed to join him for a strike at Seswenna. Their target was one of the shipyards, revert as close as possible, strike, and go back to cleanup the scattered remnants of the chaos they caused. Sure there were only four of them in the squad, but he knew from experience that the other three were more than capable of decimating the Final Dawn forces arrayed against them. Their ships were the ones they had trained extensively on and may as well have been an extension of the pilot by this point, Kurayami's fighter was one that took inspiration from the Stealth-X series and took it to the limit. He did a walk around of his fighter while the other pilots checked out their fighters and made sure all was well. Everything looked good on the outside so he hopped into the cockpit and slid the canopy forward.

Powering up the systems, he checked out the controls while still on the ground and everything moved smoothly. Syncing the weapons and targeting systems to the HUD everything showed full power, no fluctuations. All stealth systems reported working. Truly beautiful. Time to add some power and get this show on the road. Very gentle on the throttle, this was going to jump as soon as it got the chance. A tiny bump got the ship hovering and another set him towards the exit of the hangar. Two through Four followed and within seconds they were clear of the atmosphere and making the jump for Seswenna.

Enroute, Kurayami made sure all weapons were at full power and the stealth systems outside of the gravitic modulator were active. It wasn't a short journey so he had some time to enjoy a few swigs from his flask and enjoy his did. Once he got the warning that they were a minute from reversion, he pocketed and secured the flask and secured his helmet back in place.

Opening an encrypted channel to his squadron he gave them one last run down of the objectives. "Jester One to Jester Squadron. We are reverting in t-minus 30 seconds. Remember our target is the shipyards. We drop in, hit the defensive turrets to clear a path, knock out any generators providing power to the hangar shields and then its simple CAP. Targets of opportunity. Four, you are on my wing if we need to split up, that leaves Two and Three working as a team. Whatever happens you do not leave your wingman. Understood? Four, If you do get separated from me, join up with Two and Three ASAP. This is going to be a target rich environment and you don't want to be caught alone out there. Reverting...NOW!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, the four craft dropped back into realspace, with the lead disappearing from sensors almost immediately afterwards as the gravitic modulator was switched on, though the chromium finish made sure that the bright silver ship was still clearly visible just by looking out the viewport as the s-foils locked into attack position. Two through Four followed suit and locked their s-foils as the small squad dove straight towards the nearest shipyard. Kurayami kept his throttle set just above the maximum speed for his squadmates as they readied themselves to begin their attack, a salvo from his ion and laser cannons followed by a burst from all three of his wingmen giving the first turret gunners a nice surprise. Simple and to the point. Whether or not it destroyed the turret didn't matter, it would have their attention for sure. The three with him were three of the best at evasive maneuvering he had trained since his time in Aquila. Jester was a fitting moniker for the squad, of that there was no doubt.


Lossa Darcuhl Lossa Darcuhl


"I'm an engineering project manager, not a damned general," Xam bellowed at the top of his lungs to be heard over the chaotic bustle and piercing sounds of heavy equipment. There was a moment of silence as everyone turned to stare at his small frame. Satisfied, the Sullustan grunted and crossed his arms, resting a hydrospanner against one shoulder. "I don't know a bantha's backside about fighting a war, and frankly, I don't want to. I did my time in the defense forces and got out. But by the Force, I have never been behind deadlines or overbudget on my projects yet."

He pointed the hydrospanner at a nearby group of techs. "But you lot are pushing my buttons. People are counting on us to get this shield up and going. And yet you lot apparently can't connect a handful of power generator cables."

"The sockets are busted," one of them interrupted, and Xam pointed the hydrospanner. "Then fix the socket. You're an electrical engineer. That's your job."

The burly man paled and nodded before unrolling a large tool belt, diving into work on the socket. Xam nodded and turned to stare at the rest. "What are the rest of you looking at?" A heavy pause before the others dove back into work.

The generator was very nearly finished. Once they got the socket stripped and redone, it would be only a matter of minutes before the ship was up and ready. He could only hope it would be in time.
From lieutenant commander to squadron commodore in less than a day. The sudden shift in responsibility caught her by surprise and made her stomach roil as she sealed the armored vacsuit.

Usually there was something familiar and comforting about the vacsuit, but not today. No, now it felt overwhelming and claustrophobic. Like a massive weight that been dropped over her shoulders. But that was part of what it meant to be an officer of the Service. Duty and responsibility willingly taken on for the betterment of all.

Vera swallowed, her mouth dry as Sevarcos, but she cleared her throat and nodded to each officer on the bridge. They were all pale and reticent.

"You heard the Commodore-General," Vera said after a moment, pretending to hide a small yawn, but her fingers were white where they pressed against the chair's armrests. "Vanguard, prepare for hyperspace reversion. All ships be ready to go to combat stations immediately upon reversion."

Unfortunately, immediately and reversion were antonyms. There was always a few brief moments as the folds of hyperspace gave way to the more familiar realspace. It could usually be measured in heartbeats, but in this case, it felt like eternity. The Endurance's hold had been reconfigured with a honeycomb of sealed hatches full of extra sensor and communication equipment in her role as the vanguard squadron's commanding officer. Twenty-two ships, with all their crew aboard, counting on her to get them back home safely. There was a chime among the counters and the swirls of hyperspace shifted to streaks and then dots.

The Seswenna system hung before them in all its glory. "All ships, general quarters," Vera replied instinctively as the view sharpened through the viewports.

"Captain, picking up the subspace beacon from Task Force Q." Vera nodded, hearing the excitement catch in the scanning officer's voice.

"Move to pick it up and retrieve the data; get it sent to the Speranza." The familiar routine was easing her nerves as her mind settled. Her mouth remained dry, but it was still a bit of an improvement. She felt the engine vibration beneath the soles of her boots increase. Moments ticked by.

"Probe retrieved and data extracted-" the tech's voice grew confused. "Eight ships and no sign of the defense stations? They took the bait for O'reen? And ORION reports they hauled in the unfinished ship and hooked it up, it wasn't actually under construction here."

"No," Vera said with a deep sigh. "We're the bait. They must have pulled their forces away to try and catch us in a trap. It was a two layered feint to draw in more of their forces."

A heavy silence hung over the bridge as the implications of those words sank in. "Transmitting data to the flagship," a communications technician said after a moment. Vera nodded.

The ships moved into a pre-coordinated formation, breaking into smaller elements, each spearheaded by a Starchaser, accompanied by two Sparrows, and four Hermes. The Endurance hung in the center, setting the pace and course compared to the smaller vessels. "We have coordinates on the station- it's been moved to a specific part of the planetary gravity well. Eight ships in a defense line, apparently headed by two star destroyers, just smaller than usual."

Vera read the reports out automatically. "Very well. Vanguard- secure this position. Deploy interdiction mines along the egress point and clear out any obstacles. First squadron- scout ahead and get us a preliminary sensor reading on the station and its systems. The fleet will be arriving momentarily."

As the mines were laid along the edges of the egress point, Vera nodded slowly, forcibly relaxing her fingers. "Egress is clear- let's advance. Form a picket line ahead of the reversion zone; we'll need to intercept any incoming fighters and punch some holes in the swarm of TIEs that will be headed this way."

Rimward Rescue Ranger


Django touched down in the hanger of the Speranza. After the Scalpel was firmly in place, he jumped down from the cockpit. He gave a nod to the guy registering his patrol ship. "Looking for a man named Krenis Skirata Krenis Skirata . Know where I can find him?"

The man just shrugged. He muttered something into his comlink. After pausing to listen, he responded to Django, "Try the mess hall. He was seen headed that way."

"Thanks. Know what he looks like? I've never actually met him before."

"He's an old clone. Looks like you. Except, you know, old. Still a tough buzzard, from what I hear. I guess he's not as tall as you either."

"Thanks again." Django made his way from the hangers, walking a good ways before realizing he actually had no idea how to get to the mess hall...

After wandering around for a while, finally having to stop and ask for directions (funny how everyone assumed he knew what he was doing), Django finally made it to the mess hall. There, he did indeed fine someone who looked a lot like him, only older and with some white in his hair. He sat alone at a table, fully clad in armor reminiscent of old ARC troopers, minus the helmet, and was eating plain rations of all things. Django walked up to the man, giving him a respectful salute. "Krenis Skirata? I am Ranger Django Parata. I'll be joining you and, uh... Strill? I'm rather new and inexperienced with official combat, though I did tangle a bit with a large monster once. That was a blast. But I hear you and that Mando team are quite the veterans. I might be able to learn a thing or two from you. Plus, I'm a pretty damn good tank myself." He grinned. It was a bit odd talking to this stranger that looked like he could be Django's dad or uncle, but Django was used to oddities. He was used to being the oddity. He was certainly looking forward to the mission.
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Django Parata Django Parata Shuklaar Kyrdol Shuklaar Kyrdol

Krenis frowned as he heard footsteps approaching him directly, and he looked up, glaring, but his face froze. It was his own face staring back at him, although this man was taller, and quite a bit younger.

"Ranger Parata, eh?" Krenis said at last, letting down the ration pack and resting an elbow on top of his helmet. "Yeah, I'm Krenis Skirata- privateer at your service. Used to be a colonel, but I resigned that commission."

He glanced around at the other tables before nodding at some empty seats. "Take a seat. Folks have taken to calling us the Mandalorian squadron, which I suppose isn't far off. And if you're new to intense firefights..." He gave a wicked looking smile, the scar across his forehead creasing. "We have a bit of time to get you whipped into shape and ready for this op. Classified, mind you, but an op..."

Krenis rolled his neck as he stepped to the side of a corridor as teams of spacers hurried past him. It was time to begin the assault, and he picked his way through the endless route of corridors towards the departure point, where he would meet with some of the rest of the boarding team. His own ship was in drydock at the moment, working out some issues with the refits, so he'd hitched a ride with some comrades he had met through the League.

More or less fellow privateers, also fellow Mandalorians, and a new fellow who he'd been trying to get ready for combat.

Saram Kote

Strill Securities Al'verde



Friendly Units:
Ally Tag(s): Django Parata Django Parata | Krenis Skirata Krenis Skirata | RTL
Enemy Tag(s): Final Dawn



Galaar 1-1 sat on its landing struts in its temporarily assigned bay like a crouched Strill waiting to strike. Only if everything went right today, they wouldn't be leveraging any of the gunship's lethal arsenal, just its lethal cargo. The Final Dawn was far from the scariest thing that she and Davaab had faced before. No Jetii or Dar'jetii to unleash, no impossible physiology to contend with, just good old fashioned skilled combatants. If anything, this was a fight she was looing forward to. It was one of the first times she felt like she and hers were walking into a real fight.

Only it wasn't just Davaab on this operation today. They were being joined by two vode from the Trade League. Fett clones, if she understood right. "You seem to attract then for some reason," observed Ran, ignoring the look she was giving him from under her buy'ce, knowing full and well who he was referring to and that he was certainly not missing the chance to take a jab at her. He never did, the cheeky di'kut.

"Fetts like to get things done, Ran. Which makes me wonder why they agreed to work with you," she snapped back with all the mock seriousness she could muster. She caugh her 2IC's mostly involuntary amused exhale. Saram caught sight of two figures in the near distance however whose IFF tags matched the two that were supposed to join them, distracting her from Ran's theatrical reaction to her response. She waved them over and once they'd made their way over she extended her hand in a traditional Mandalorian hand shake before motioning up the boarding ramp. "Su'cuy vode,
Al'verde Saram Kote. You two all set to ruin the Final Dawn's day?"


Location: Seswenna System | Soundtrack: An Unscheduled Stop


Elias' lightsaber bathed the ventilation shaft with emerald light, glowing eerily through the winding network of vents as he led the way. Behind him, a small insertion team tasked with planting charges on the station's defensive batteries was in tow. The way forward had to be clear for them to complete the mission.

<"Almost there,"> he said over the secured comms channel. <"What's it looking like out there?">

He knew that Saram Kote Saram Kote would have things under control. Strill more than proved themselves during the Battle of Kazarak. But he had to be sure. The people of Seswenna depended on them.

<"We're close to the exit point. Level Three, Section E.">

Not far from their mark, but still a ways to go. Luckily, their insertion went off without a hitch, or else they'd be bogged down by Final Dawn troopers on the upper levels. Or worse, floating debris in the battlefield that was developing around the shipyards.

He took a right, then a left, following the mental image their planned route in his head. When Elias finally reached the air vent, he patched in one final time before going dark on his end.

<"We're in,"> he said, cutting the grate with his lightsaber. Sparks shed against his skin, stinging as he sliced through the metal. The grate fell with a clang. One by one, his team dropped into the storage closet, checking their gear and preparing for the next phase of the plan.

Find the batteries, plant the charges, and clear the station.

<"May the Force be with you,"> Elias said into his comlink.

Tags: Saram Kote Saram Kote | OPEN to DUELS - DM me
The Wraith




"Sir, we're detecting multiple ships emerging from hyperspace." the Senior Sensor Officer cried out.

One quick look at the viewports was all Torson needed as dozens upon dozens of Trade League Vessels began to emerge from Hyperspace in rapid succession at the nearest egress point, from the smallest Corvettes to an entire Star Dreadnought. With such a force, it was clear that the Trade League and it's allies did not only seek to destroy the Final Dawn's Shipyards over Seswenna, but they also sought to eradicate the Final Dawn's presence in the Outer Rim even at the risk of the people of Seswenna. The presence of the massive Star Dreadnought was something that seriously concerned Torson as the Final Dawn had nothing at its disposal that could effectively counter the Trade League's Star Dreadnought, considering their only Star Dreadnought, the FDS Immortal had been destroyed by the Empire over Noris at the height of the Second Great Hyperspace War.

"So they finally decided to show up…" Torson said to himself. "What type of force are we looking at here?"

"We currently have identified One Star Dreadnought, Thirty-One Capital Ships and Thirty-Eight Support Ships from the Combined Fleets of the Trade League and it's allies." A Sensor Officer replied.

Despite the initial shock, Torson quickly regained his composure and began contemplating his next move. Even though the Trade League and their allies both outnumbered and outgunned them, the Final Dawn was still in a position to rob them of a decisive victory, especially with what the High Regent had specifically planned for this moment. In time the people of the Rim would understand the price they'd have to pay for their treachery.

"Are we being jammed as of now?" Torson inquired.

"No Sir, our communications are intact." A communications officer said.

"Good. Send word to Adras. Inform the Director-Admiral that the Trade League has arrived in full force with around seventy vessels including a Star Dreadnought and an even amount of Capital Ships and Support ships. Tell him he's clear to move in his Fleet to back us up. Hopefully it will be enough to hold them back until the Shipyards can safely withdraw" Torson ordered.

"Sir, we have word from the Commodore in charge of the Security Fleet, he is requesting new orders in the wake of the Trade League's arrival." another Communications Officer added.

"Tell the Commander to keep his ships in position and to begin preparing the deployment of his Starfighter complement. I expect the Trade League to begin their attack soon enough."

Soon enough, the large fleet being assembled at Adras had been alerted of the Trade League's arrival, and the Eight ship strong Security Fleet that currently guarded the Shipyards began preparing themselves for the incoming assault as pilots were being scrambled to their Starfighters as they made last-minute preparations before they would be deployed. All Batteries were locked onto enemy targets and now they simply waited for the Trade League to fire the first shot. Hopefully by then, their reinforcements would arrive to support them in the defense of the Shipyards, prolonging the enemy assault and giving them the time they desperately needed to accomplish their mission

As his orders were being executed. Torson took a quick glance at the docked half-completed Star Destroyer which now served as the Final Dawn's primary means of retaliation. It was a shame that such a mighty vessel had to be sacrificed in the name of the Final Dawn. But if everything went as planned, it's sacrifice would be enough to advance the High Regent's future plans regarding the Trade League. Thus with the Fleet at Adras presumably on route to support him here and the Security Fleet preparing themselves for an enemy assault, not to mention the presence of the Trade League's primary Naval Battlegroup, Torson decided it was time to deploy the first of the High Regent's surprises to be witnessed by All individuals including those onboard the Warships of the League and those currently on the Surface of Seswenna. One glorious display of the Final Dawn's ruthlessness and a reminder to not fuck around with them in the near future least they suffer even more.

"Fire up the Destroyer's Engines and release it. By attacking us, the Trade League has forfeited the lives of the people of Seswenna. And now we shall deliver proper judgement to the unfortunate souls that have been betrayed by their supposed protectors" Torson proclaimed.

Soon enough, the engines of the half-completed Star Destroyer came to life as the docking clamps were simultaneously removed from the mighty warship. With its engines activated the Destroyer soon began its approach towards Seswenna soon beginning its atmospheric entry, picking up speed as it rushed towards its ultimate target below.

"Detonate the first set of charges" Torson ordered.

Within seconds, a series of explosions would come from.the rear of the Destroyer, putting its engines out of commission, leaving the Destroyer to continue plummeting towards the surface of Seswenna at increasing speeds. What the Trade League did not know however was that at the interior of the half-completed warship contained seven Quake Missile Warheads kept at the center of the entire half-completed vessel's structure, safe from any bombardment that would come from ground weaponry.

A single Quake Missile detonated on the Surface of a planet was enough to level an entire urban area and cause minor earthquakes nearby. With Seven of these Missile Warheads located within the Destroyer the destructive potential that it held was unspeakable and not to mention the fact that it would turn the affected area into an irradiated wasteland beyond recognition. The falling Destroyer was on a collision course with Seswenna and to make things worse, it the Shipyard had been positioned so that the Destroyer would be launched on a trajectory that would result in making landfall within a certain metropolitan area on Seswenna, a City with strong Imperial leanings and Cultural ties to Eriadu…a city known as Motti City.

Unless the Trade League quickly took action, Motti City and various other smaller neighboring urban areas would be reduced to a barren toxic wasteland with few survivors left as anticipated by the Final Dawn. This would be the High Regent's last laugh, Tarkin and Jesel could take his Shipyards but he would take the lives of countless innocent lives in return, something that would haunt both them and the Trade League for the years to come, and that would be just the beginning of what Sularen had planned for them…



Roth rolled his shoulders and finished zipping up the flightsuit, leaning against the hull of the Vertigo as Aenarr arrived. Roth just nodded. "Always set. Just waiting for the signal from the fleet."

As he spoke, a light flashed on the comm panel, and voice chimed from the bridge. "Transmission detected from the shipyards- reinforcements from Adras are expected to be en route. Commencing jamming operations. We don't want them to know that we're expecting them."

Roth nodded to Aenarr. "Sounds like it's our time. Let's mount up."

Another light flashed, and a more stressed-out voice appeared on the comms. "As anticipated, the half-finished ship has been released, and calculated trajectories place its impact on Motti City- transmitting information to the Comodore-General."

"Good thing we've been setting up shields there," Roth said, pulling on his helmet. "Looks like they're trying to keep up the facade of the small defense fleet. That still gives us plenty of fighters to kill."

He hopped up on the edge of the fighter and slid into the cockpit, giving Aenyrr a thumbs up. "Bloodborn and Gred should revert from hyperspace with the rest of the fleet- so they'll help lead the direct assault."

"All squadrons, launch, launch, launch." The command echoed through the hangars of both Q carriers. Roth nodded, saluted the Mandalorians he'd be working with, and sealed the cockpit.

The engine of the Vertigo came to life with a purr as the first two squadrons of Shen Supa were launched from the hangar bay from the catapult pressor. Roth waited a few moments before the familiar feeling of rapid acceleration also flung him from the hangar. The g-forces slammed him back against the seat, but the safety harnesses kept it from being too bad. Behind him, he knew the other squadrons would be right behind him from the two carriers.

Voids of space surrounded him, lit by the star hanging between them and the planet.

"Q-squadrons, full acceleration," Roth said over the comm channel. "Calculating the tightest trajectory to engage the defense force from the rear- we're skirting the sun's event horizon, should help us get additional acceleration."

The idea was to hit the key systems of the shipyards defense fleet from the rear with heavy, long-range fighters to cripple their maneuverability before cutting down the fighter escorts from both them and the shipyard to clear the way for the boarding troops.

"Spy ray is indicating initial hostile fighter movement" the flight officer from the Q-carrier said.

"Acknowledged," Roth replied, glancing at the sensors. They were too far out for the fighters to have the sensor range to see those yet, but the spy ships could see the entire system and everything moving within it. It wouldn't do much good shortly when it became overly cluttered with debris and hundreds of small vessels. But for now, it was worthwhile.

Roth redirected the power to the engines and sent the Vertigo hurtling forward, outstripping most of the other craft, but he kept an open datalink, sending his data scans back to the other fighters. Blips began appearing on the edge of the scanning range as he felt the impact of gravity on the ship's frame as it slung the small craft around the edge of the gravity well.

His limbs felt heavy as the gravitic forces increased, and the movement blurred the corners of his vision. "Jester Squadron, this is Knight One- moving in on the enemy installation- catch them in the middle?"
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