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Kei Amadis

Silver Guardian

NAME: Kei Amadis
FACTION: Silver Jedi
Former, Army of Light, and Republic Jedi
RANK: Master
SPECIES: Epicanthix, Near Human.
AGE: 55 (Started 22)
HEIGHT: 6ft 2
WEIGHT: 170 Pounds
EYES: Coffee Brown
HAIR: Black, Greying
SKIN: White
Wife: [member="Elara Amadis"] | Kids: Mathayus Amadis, Amelia Amadis
[member="Jaret Sha'Co"] | [member="Shana May"]
850,000 Bounty | 200,000 Bounty | 300,000 from Bounty

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Page 3 - Items/NPC's/Assets.


  • The loss of his left leg in battle here and its reattachment has left him less nimble on the limb.
  • Coming from a natural warrior species, If you've got someone he cares about, he'll be coming for them. He's not hard to manipulate on this.
  • Terrible at Telepathy or Telepathic communication. - Can't do mind tricks.
  • Kei has a moderate bounty on his head from several Hutt cartels, and now a large one from the black sun! Which mean he can't stay overly long in one place out in the open. Locating him is rarely that difficult due to several hunters seeking him.
  • Kei can't fly a ship to save his life, and believe me he's tried. He's got absolutely no coordination in a dimensionless space, and hates zero g or even low gravity with a passion.
  • On a lighter note he's allergic to dairy and won't touch wheat either, but you'll have to ask him why.

  • Protective Nature - He has strong force abilities when it comes to protecting others.
  • The Epicanthix are impossible to read, it's a trait of his species that even the strongest force users can't read an Epicanthix's thoughts. Thankfully Kei's own actions are not usually that complicated, more direct and to the point.
  • Resilience, he just won't be put down easily in a fight, constantly getting back up again, beyond endurance and sometimes common sense.
  • Martial skill and experience, the crew have been on the move dodging hunters ever since, 'it happened'. He's also skilled in a gun turret, his aim is great, just don't ask him to actually fly anything.
  • Being a sniper he tends to predict movements in combat, slowing it down almost, getting a bead on a target or spotting the tell of a move coming.

A middle aged Epicathix with strong line of stubble across his jaw. As he ages you can see flicks of silver in his beard and maybe a line of it in his hair. Kei has a scar across his right cheek from a fight with a particularly nasty HRD droid and although athletic has a slight limp from losing his left leg in another battle. In fact you'll see scarring across various parts of his body from the many battles and conflicts he's been a part of. Usually having a grin for most occasions, it is not rare to see one on his face.


Smaller Personal ship: A shared HWK 290 called the Ambiguous Statement. It has four crew members who call it home. A very old ship, she has seen several patchwork upgrades to put it more in line with modern day ships, in terms of performance. However she's falling to bits, there is no two ways about it, put one bulkhead right and the next seems to buckle. The statement has been his home for about 14 years now, it was his fathers before him, and no matter what he's not going to let it go anytime soon. It's his memory of his father, and symbolic of what his life is, doing the best with what he has.

Larger Ship:
Interdictor Class Cruiser

Acquired in:
A light in the darkness a hope for the future.
Crewed by the wildcards.

BIOGRAPHY Before Roleplaying Started: Chapter 1 - Lost

Kei wasn't always the rebel type. He certainly didn't start out being rough around the edges. Sure, there was always another fight, that was part of an Epicanthix's way of life. It was how you proved to yourself you still had it, to your family, friends but more importantly to yourself. If done in the right way it wasn't something to hurt another, it was a test of yourself.

His father had been the captain on the Ambiguous Statement, and always a bit of a joker , hence the ship's name. It kept the long voyages fun though, often finding something in your bunk, or a practical joke waiting for you in the kitchen. Kei had always tried to help out on the ship with physical labor, he'd just never been that good at repair work, and was terrible at flying. Around aged fourteen though his father had realised Kei was pretty good with a gun, and not that anyone ever wants to run into pirates or bandits when hauling cargo, but when it did happen he earned his keep. This was the beginning of learning of his force talents, by predicting the shots before they landed.

Life was like that for a long while, one planet to the next, moving to where the jobs were risky but the pay was good. Crew came and went, they were like family for awhile but always moving on through to the next job. He'd only ever had his father, and his father had never told him about his mother, no matter how many times he'd asked.

That is until one day they entered an almost liquid blue nebular, answering not one but two distress calls. Two ships were firing at each other, and both asking the other to stop. It was one of the strangest scenes he'd ever seen, but moving in to help, the freighter started doing exactly the same thing. Try as they might to get back control of the ship, they couldn't. Those next few minutes were frantic, there were hull breaches, smoke, fire and people panicking. He saw his father closing the burning bridge's door to keep everyone as safe as he could, keeping them outside of it, but he never did see what happened to him.

Then, blackness and when Kei woke up there was this burning pain in his chest, with three strangers around him arranged almost ceremonially. He was still on his ship, though it was deserted and the only vessel left in the nebular. Why they were the only ones spared out of the dozens there he had no idea, not for a long time. Until they realised exactly what was in their chest, crystals, but never why they were put there. Only that it was becoming increasingly likely he was with three other force adepts.

What's worse is, for some reason now for the last six months someone's been trying very hard to get those same crystals back.

Biography Chapter 2: - Jedi General
After the destruction of the Jedi temple on Tython and the sacking of the senate on Coruscant to the then Sith Empire's rebel lords. The tides of war and inaction caused him to take the fight to the Sith himself, with the aid of just a few brave souls, it was a short struggle forming the AoL, and his unit the wildcards. Many padawans and young fighters eager to help actively joining their ranks as they grew. The Army of Light did not last all that long but helped the Jedi and republic form their own military and army at the time, with the order dividing into differing views afterward as to how to train Jedi or face the Sith. Having been through the upheaval of the war, and his old republic ideals, he mellowed a lot when it came to his views on the Sith and the Republic, shedding a lot of his idealistic youth when faced further and further with the realities of war. Kei developed a soft spot for the men and women of the republic, the people, and the army, but his loyalty to their politics faltered greatly due to their inaction in various crises, and arresting of those Jedi that tried to help. However he respects a great many of them, including his former master [member="Kiskla Grayson"] who put herself on the line to continue to teach him during his time trying to stop the tide of the Sith, but sadly some Masters jaded his view of the then Jedi order in their response.

Upon his return from the netherworld, joining the Silver Jedi Order and eventually, through missions and training, he was promoted to the rank of Knight. Still protecting those he can, when he can he dedicated himself to just that, and also finding a balance between his Jedi and military training, to become a Jedi Guardian. Kei hoped to find inner peace in defense of the ideals he once knew, taken to a place of peacekeeping and a calmer Jedi mindset, time would tell if he was able to balance his Epicanthx nature with these more serene goals.

Biography Chapter 3: - Jedi Master
Under the influence of experienced Jedi such as [member="Coci Heavenshield"], [member="Matsu Ike"], and [member="Maya Whitelight"], as well as great friends such as [member="Nima Tann"], Kei's desire to run humanitarian missions grew, he saw the good he and the wildcards could do out in the galaxy as a whole, even as the men and women that came with him from the republic age, they do their part in the greater, wider galaxy, finding those people forget about or overlook and offering what aid they can. Training new padawans to avoid the mistakes he made, and the lives that were lost. He doesn't regret the course of action he took, just how he did it, and those they left behind or lost along the way. Feeling that Voss is a sanctuary and a haven that does not pass judgment on others, he has found his calling and home helping the next generation of Jedi knights find their place in the galaxy, whatever their views on the force.

Biography Chapter 4 - Father
Marrying Elara Amadis Elara Amadis was the single greatest moment of his life. His son and daughter are everything to him. They have matured him, made him think twice before leaping into a battle. He takes their futures with him, they need him and so every time he decides how to act, he weighs that need and his love for them all against the risk. Settling into a log cabin on Kashyyyk, when he is ever there, their life has been idyllic and everything he hoped. He loves Elara's fire, her heart and her head just as much as ever. The children keep him young and give him all the reason he'd ever need to see a new day.
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Items, NPC's and Skills

Zack Lodia
Shen Rel


E-5 Modified Blaster Carbine, improved fire rate, lower range. Nick Named Kira.
Blastech DL-22, plaster pistol.
Headset comm-link to the rest of the team or crew.
Echani Wrist Link, using basic pressed buttons for signals, or voice if needs be.




Force Skills

Crucitorn (Big part of the character)
Levitate Item
Protection Bubble (Force Attack) - Protection Bubble (Some Matter)
Force Resonate (Combustion)
Breath Control
Tapas (Training)
Force Stun - Force Stasis - Force Stasis Field *Training
Force Control Another's Pain
Forms - Djem So (Mastery)
Forms - Shii-Cho (Adept)
Forms - Soresu (Adept)
Ease Tension in Room
Force Assisted Extreme Range Shot

Hynator Holdings aka Arion Technologies.

Company Profile

Kei's Tactical Pack


Fathers Holo-locket

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Thanks we can definitely do some plotting when I get the rest of the bios done. Thanks for the offer, always nice to have someone offer a stepping stone into some roleplay when you first start.
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Kaine Zambrano said:
@[member="Kaine Zambrano"]

I've toyed around with the idea of them before. Have you done any development on the background of the race's mannerisms or culture that would help distinguish them in rp? Be happy to bring it into his backstory a bit. Thanks for any ideas. Running through a decent few ideas for this character now, and material is always great.

Also can I pinch your race badge :D in your sig?
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Ok the beard is kind of fabulous. And yes, he's got a pretty face. . . . :D You have good taste!