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Jedi Council: Contruum Aftermath

Ashin Varanin

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Against the orders of the Jedi Council, a group of Jedi had spearheaded a Republic operation to the disputed world of Contruum. The resulting events, involving several foreign dignitaries, had placed the entire galaxy on a knife's edge, as the Order and the Republic waited to see if the Treaty of Ithor would be invoked by any of the aggrieved parties.

In the meantime, @[member="Diana Moridena"], @[member="Daella Apparine"], @[member="Kei Amadis"], and Master @[member="Selena Halcyon"] had been summoned to appear before the Council on Tython to give their reports.

@[member="Darron Wraith"] @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

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Diana stood just outside the council chamber, a stoic expression on her face. She did not smile, she did not frown, she was simply neutral. She had no idea what the council would do to her. She had been a padawan that had gone gallivanting across the galaxy with the Chancellor in order to do something that the Council had expressly forbidden. And yet her actions had lead to the death of perhaps the most prolific criminal in the Republic recent history. After another minute or two Diana finally frowned. No she didn't care what happened here today, she had done the right thing and she did not regret it.

Velok had been a threat to the galaxy, and she had ended that threat. There was no need for remorse. Of course she would rather have captured the Sith than kill him. She had no desire to murder or maim those around her but Velok had needed to die, there had been no way to capture him peacefully.

She nodded to herself, slowly in reassurance. She had done the right thing, and whatever the council decided there was no need for her to feel remorse.

Slowly she turned about, looking at herself in the reflective glass. She had suffered much to accomplish what she had done. Radiation burns from prolonged exposure to space scarred her entire body. Her back had it the worst, a giant blotch of purple and red spread across it like a wildfire. Her hands had been almost completely useless for a few days, though bacta treatments had restored their use to her. Being in space had been unpleasant, and ever since the experience Diana had been unable to feel warm.

It seemed even in the hottest nights, underneath her blankets and covered in pajamas she was still cold. A creeping frost lurked within her, though she couldn't tell if it was because of her drift through space...or her first Murder.
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Kei came alone, in tanned temple robes, black undershirt, trousers, tucked into black boots. A bruise or two fresh across the face, and more than the odd burn under the clothes. He didn't say anything, unity hung around his waist, and had never felt so badly named. The Epicanthx approached the gathering and nodded respectfully to those present, men and women with more clout than him would be speaking today, but he'd answer for his actions when it was asked of him, because he'd led a lot of men and women to their deaths.

Having taken the wildcards on the wish of the senate, and not before the order was given, following the orders from those on the ground, there was nothing much else he could do against such vastly superior firepower and ships. Still he blamed himself for not saving more lives, and had stewed in a few days of feeling just that.

Though for the man, the code aside, the republic aside. Seeing murderers profiting from slaughtering Jedi, if the order from the senate was given again to stop those weapons they had taken, to stop further suffering from them being used; if he had to watch those men he loved, he really had start to love, become one with the force, he'd go again, no questions. Kei knew the men with him would to, and their families, because what had happened not only on the planet but more importantly in the archives, was wrong.

He hadn't voiced it, he wouldn't, because he was a soldier responsible for his actions, and also now a Jedi awaiting the judgment of his peers. That was who he was. At his core, he stood tall, crossing his arms behind his back, and awaited whatever judgment befell him.

Ashin Varanin

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The doors opened, allowing the Jedi to enter.

"Padawan Diana Moridena," said the Grandmaster, "thank you for taking time out of your recovery to meet with us. Your choice the join the Chancellor and rogue Jedi elements in the Contruum intervention has caused us all a good many problems, but they're problems we'll happily deal with now that Velok is dead. I'm given to understand that it was your bladework that allowed the Chancellor to bind Velok's soul.

"For disobeying an order from the Council, you're assigned to the Agricultural Corps for a period of one month. For rescuing the Chancellor from Velok's trap, and in hindsight Contruum was most certainly a trap, we've decided to promote you to Jedi Knight."

He looked around the room.

"Do you all have anything to say for yourselves?"

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
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Via holo the tall, warrior Jedi Master appeared next to the GrandMaster. Darron stood, arms behind his back, looking at those summoned from his own holo-receiver on the Olra'en. It wasn't coincidence that his ship was named after Je'gan, they were brothers in arms and best friends. What rank they held, or were currently holding didn't matter. Most of the time they were of one mind on the issue, and if they disagreed they usually followed it up with a heated discussion then came to a middle ground.

This wasn't one of those times.

Still in transit to get the Tionne holocron he had won with authorization from the man he was currently being displayed next to, he still couldn't believe they had lucked out and had to pay Velok nothing. While Aleidis had done a great service at her own health and the risk of her safety by killing Velok, Darron couldn't help but feel disgusted with the Republic for not following orders. He had been there and had left with Sargon, deciding to not take up arms over a petty conflict that didn't involve innocents. It was an act of foolishness all around, and he was even further displeased learning his own Padawan had gone against the Council.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself, apprentice?"
Josh meanwhile, sat on the other side of Je'gan. The Weaponmaster had been in the shadows during the auction, secretly watching the back of @[member="Darron Wraith"] to ensure that if something went wrong, no harm would come to the Jedi Master. It was a foolproof plan, he wasn't getting involved in the incident unless necessary. He was only there to protect Wraith.

What he hadn't expected was for The Republic, with Jedi in tow, to attack or do what they had done. Chaos had run amuck on the planet, but Josh had stayed his course in the shadows, knowing full well that the Councils orders were the Councils orders.

When Darren had left the planet and Velok had been killed, Josh had snuck off to the landing pad he had landed a cloaked Final Dragon on, taking off without anyone having knowledge, aside from Je'gan who he had informed beforehand of his intentions, of him even being on the planet. His task had been complete, though he wished he could have saved more lives.

The incident had disturbed him greatly. The Republic was risking a serious war with this decision, and the fact that Jedi. THEIR Jedi had fired the first silos left a pit in his stomach. They needed to be punished, he'd already come to that conclusion... But he did agree on @[member="Diana Moridena"]'s promotion due to saving Aleidis, and for killing Velok, which he was grateful for.

He sat and watched, waiting for the statement of the new Knight, and anything else to come their way.

@[member="Darron Wraith"]
@[member="Kei Amadis"]
@Je'gan Olra'en
Silver Guardian
"No," he answered honestly, "not for myself."

Entering and awaiting the request to speak, it wasn't for him to decide policy, or debate his orders, he just got on with the job best way he could and accepted the responsibilities for his actions.

Speaking strongly and clearly, Kei took a deep breath and exhaled.

"I accept whatever the judgment of the council and the senate is, for the deaths of those under my command, and their families grief. They followed me doing their duty, as heroes. I ask you not punish any other commander on the field, even the ones who issued our orders, I led them into it, the responsibility for their losses is mine alone."

More words than you'd probably ever hear him say together, he nodded his head, throat tight and dark eyes full of emotion. The care for every one of their faces wasn't leaving him any time soon, he'd remember them all, collecting every single one of their tags and writing each bereavement letter himself if he had the chance. There were a lot of funerals to go to.

After he'd finished he stood there hands clasped behind his back, looking into the council's eyes, not flinching and awaiting the word, whatever it was. He doubted it'd make him feel any worse than he already did for their losses, or any less determined for their memories not to be honoured.
Diana stood there stunned for a few seconds. Here she was arrayed before the greatest Jedi in the order, and all they could think to say was “Good Job, don't disobey us again?”. She frowned suddenly as a million thoughts ran through her head. This was the Jedi Order, these were supposed to be the greatest warriors for light that had ever existed, and yet...they seemed to empty. Velok had been a threat against the entire Galaxy, he had had the strength to harm entire worlds, and on top of that he would have had the funds to do it after this auction.

A pit formed in her stomach, an anger welled up within her. She couldn't believe their words. She didn't want praise, and she certainly didn't want punishment. None of this seemed right. They were supposed to have been there! The Council should have fought Velok! Not her! Not the Chancellor!

“You, you can't be serious.” Diana finally said, her glistening bright eyes passing over the members of the council. “You're the Jedi Council. You are the most powerful force of light that exists within this galaxy.....I...I..It....It should have been you”

Anger welled up within her, a calm controlled seething that she had never felt before. The wounds on her back began to burn with heat, and her shinning bright eyes seemed to glimmer as she began to speak from the heart. “Velok was a threat. You knew that, you just said it yourselves. He stole from our archives, he took the sum total of almost all of our knowledge. He took the Darkstaff!”

Diana of course now knew what the DarkStaff was, she had been informed in full on what the weapon was and just what it was capable of. Of course none of them knew that it was now no longer as strong as it once was since you know that was impossible.

“Velok had the power to destroy worlds. Entire planets could have been gone, and when we found a credible lead to his sat here. You worried about politics and government. You worried about the petty squabbles of the Republic when you should have been worrying about the innocents of the galaxy. When I ended Velok I ended a threat not to the Republic, but to everyone.” Diana spoke with conviction in her voice. Her shinning eyes flickered from Council Member to council member, judgment filled within them.

She frowned, scowled even and then continued to speak. “I am not sorry for what I have done. There were risks I admit. Foolish ones even, but in the end we stopped a threat to the galaxy that has not existed since Moridin, or Desmius!”

Diana spoke of recent history, the two former Emperor's that had not wanted peace, but absolute war. Diana knew the two of them well, having grown up with stories of the two warmongers.

“I wont stop.” Diana said as though what she had been doing was some sort of quest. The council of course would have been aware of her small crusade against Velok, since she had come back not once but twice with almost unsurvivable wounds. “Each and every day I get better and better. Stronger, faster, smarter. I wont stopping hunting Sith. I will do what you apparently refuse to do. I will end the threat that they pose. Velok wasn't the first, and he certainly will not be the last. I won't stop searching for them until they're brought to justice, and if you will not stand by my side then I will do it on my own.”

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
Selena was tired of this kind of nonsense. It was this kind of pandering that prevented the galaxy from experiencing true peace. Continuing to persist in not acting against evil was making the Jedi increasingly look impotent. It was altogether pathetic. It was for this reason that she had stopped being concerned with the wishes of the Council that was clearly incapable of considering the entirety of the galaxy. The Republic despite its flaws at least willing to act as a bulwark against the tide of darkness.

The Knight that had been there spoke well. She was poignant and biting. Selena liked that. She addressed the reality of the situation. In some respects, Selena felt like she found a kindred spirit. Someone willing to act and actually fight against the darkside.

Selena stepped forward and motioned to the girl. "She speaks well. Our imperative as Jedi is to protect the galaxy against evil. An imperative that some Jedi take more seriously than others. Artifacts were stolen by a powerful Sith, this cannot be denied. Artifacts of great power and knowledge. This Sith stood to gain immense profit through selling them and should have opted to hold them for himself, he is only making himself more powerful. Doing nothing is to aid darkness. Some of you may be willing to divorce yourselves from the responsibilities of the Jedi to protect that galaxy. Others though, like ourselves, will persist in standing against it.

"To chastise those for acting in the truest motives of the Jedi Order is absurd. It is you who should be called into question. Not we who stand against the rising tide of darkness. Not we who protect the galaxy from the Sith. Not we who stand against those who would profit from evil. Not we who serve the galaxy faithfully, risking ourselves for their betterment. Not we who make the tough decisions to abandon the commands of a frightened leadership and choose to actually do something good in this galaxy.

"Play with your trinkets if you want. Meditate on whatever you feel. But do not dare pretend to actually stand against us who are stemming the darkness. Me and others like me will continue to fight against evil. If you stand in our way, all you do is aid the darkside's continued growth. I have no time to listen to complaints when our actions were justified."

Darron Wraith

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@[member="Diana Moridena"] @[member="Kei Amadis"]

Darron could only stand there and listen to the testimonies of those who had willfully shown up. The lack of an appearance from the other two held accountable for their actions spoke of guilt, and the Council would deal with that. Wraith managed a nod over in the direction of Dragonsflame, thankful that someone had actually kept a level head on Contruum beside himself. It was refreshing to see that the council was of the same mind on this issue, and even better to hear the words from Kei Amandis.

So that was where his attention went first. "From the report I"m pouring over still, it seems you fired first at the Black Sun's Leader herself. Though this was under the order of @[member="Selena Halcyon"], so you can't be faulted for listening to your superiors. What my question for you is though, did you not know of the Council's mandate on this particular issue? If you acted without knowing, that's one thing. If you did it against the will of those that stand before you, then we have a little bit of a tricky situation on our hands. You only acted under orders of one Master, but you defied the entity above her rule. So, some clarification there would help greatly."

After Diana was through with her speech, Wraith wished he was there in person. Instead, his eyes flickered to the monitor to see how close he was drawing to the container. Hmm, it's still going to be a while from what the readers are telling me. If anything, he wanted to turn right around and head to the Council chambers to be there in person. That wouldn't be happening today, and he wasn't completely okay with that.

Duty above wants, remember that Darron.

So he turned on his own student, and addressed her before anyone else could. "While I can see your intentions, do you not for one second not think we haven't felt that same urge? Do you not think we wish we could descend upon Dromuund Kaas, take down Emperor Ardik and his merry band of Sith Lords? You really think a full scale war would take down the Sith Empire? Or that generations before us haven't had that same thought? Everytime the Sith are defeated, they reform and come back later down the line." He couldn't hide the disgust in his words as he continued on.

"You want change, you win them over through your deeds and actions. Our primary job is to protect the peace and innocent life, if we must play politics to prevent a war where your foolish actions could possibly lead to many people dying for no reason...then so be it. I'd rather those soldiers go home to their families, and the innocents that are safely enjoying their freedom continue to do so." She did have a point about Velok, and he decided to hit home on that one as well. "Our enemy will do things we can't fathom, but he wasn't a part of the Order when he did that. Lady Desmius was deposed at Roche by her peers while I was dueling her. I even took her arm during that, and the Empire still STANDS! So whatever you wish to accomplish with getting better and stronger to purge the dark is frivolous, pick up your foot and you will find a shadow. The darkside will never be fully gone, and all you're doing is leading yourself to a road of failure."

He took a step forward on the pad he was standing on, but paused when Selena showed up and started spewing her logic. So he stopped and finally spoke to the one Jedi he didn't like.

"Master Halcyon, you sit here and chastise us when our duty is to protect innocent life. No where in the code does it say to pick up arms and go on offensive strikes over artifacts. In fact, the Chancellor managed to reclaim the DarkStaff when she was the one hoping for a peaceful negotiation with the auction house. Yet all you managed to do was almost start a war because you wanted to fire on someone who made bids? If your definition of justice is to burn down every situation regardless of the collateral damage how can you call yourself a Jedi? What code dictates that the end justifies the means? All you've proven is that you're ignorant of our true place in the galaxy and what the original mission of this order was as set forth by Teferi Efreet set forth when he re-established it."

He then pulled up a file on his display from the Jedi database, and sent it to the Republic Justice Department. The file was labeled "Jedi Shadow Selena Halcyon's Missions." They would find nothing redacted, and all laws broken plainly listed out.

"You may think we fearful, if anything we actually respect those we wish to serve. If your definition of being a Jedi involves having needless death when a peace treaty was set up...well you're a fool. It isn't perfect, but just because we have the Force doesn't grant us the right to pull a nation to war. That said, I just sent your files to the Republic with the recommendation of the highest punishment possible for you. You're a warmonger who doesn't understand the code, and from where I"m standing you'd make a fine Sith. So judge us for doing our jobs, I'll make sure to meditate just nicely in freedom while you're in court."
Josh didn't speak. Just listened carefully as the first women spoke, then the man, and then Darron Wraith spoke. The Jedi Weaponmaster facepalmed at this entire situation, ESPECIALLY when @[member="Selena Halcyon"], a Jedi Master who people had whispered about being the "Jedi Purist" came in and spewed her crap, the words of an absolute warmonger. She sounded more like a Sith then anything, and he could feel the dark thoughts of death pouring from her...

Josh was absolutely baffled. Maybe a Padawan acting like this could be okay if they were inexperienced, but a Jedi Master of all things? And one who called herself as she did? This was madness. Absolute madness.

And then Darron went off on them. All of them. Every word he spoke was true, and Josh didn't feel the need to speak on the matter. What Darron had said, he felt the same.

Josh himself had at times wanted to just take the fight to the Sith... But his stubborn recklessness and foolishness had been replaced with patience and understanding, knowing full well that one petty victory could spell war and death to all if he acted on those impulses. And yet, he was the Jedi Knight in the room, staring at a Jedi Master who spewed words of a warmonger.
@[member="Darron Wraith"]
@[member="Diana Moridena"]
@[member="Kei Amadis"]
Outrage spread across her face as her Master spoke. On some level he was right of course, and she hated opposing him like this. He had taught her so much, given her drive, but he was wrong here. They couldn't sit here and play politics. Yes having no war was grand, being at peace with the Empire was fantastic, and while it was probably true that the Sith would always be there, that darkness would always be there...that didn't mean they had to stop trying.

“So you ask me to stop? Because we face overwhelming odds? Because Darkness sometimes overpowers light? Because these cockroaches known as Sith find a way to survive? You ask me to stop fighting them? You Ask me to stop helping the trillions of lives they're oppressing!” Her questions were no longer that, they were now statements of anger. “Because we stand against such odds you ask me to stop fighting! No. I can't, won't, and shouldn't have to!”

Darrons words made absolutely no sense to her. Why would she ever stop fighting the Empire? Yes war was bad, but the Sith were worse. Right now they ruled more than a third of the galaxy, trillions of lives being oppressed and pushed down. Millions murdered every day and more enslaved for the purposes of the Sith. It was everything the Republic stood against, everything the Jedi stood against. Diana could not sit idly by while things like this occurred, she couldn't just train and become stronger and not use her skills. Such a thing was unheard of.

“You talk about preventing the death of innocent lives. You talk about Soliders returning to their families. But what of those that can't? What of the soldiers of the Sith who are forced to fight in their armies? What of the families that are killed on a whim by a Sith Lord? What of the entire star systems that the Sith have decimated for their own enjoyment!” She was getting angry again, her eyes flaring slightly as she stared at her master. This was truly paining her, Darron had taken her out of her slump, and now they fundamentally disagreed.

It took her a second to realize that the Sith Empire wasn't even the whole of the problem, as Darron had pointed out Velok had hardly been working for the Empire. “And what of the Sith not in the Empire?”

She was calm now, the fire had escaped her voice and turned into a deep sadness.

“What of Velok's fellow rogues? He was not alone the day he stole the Archives. Do we let them go? Do we let them run around the galaxy as rogues? Do we let them freely murder and kill whoever they want?” Diana didn't know their names of course, she couldn't but there were dozens of powerful Sith roaming the galaxy, each with their own purpose, with their own plan, and their own set of goals. They were all like Velok, all powerful and all capable of great and terrible things. “If I hadn't done what I did Velok would still be out there. He would still be roaming the galaxy with more money than an entire planet. Money that we in part would have provided him.”

She shot a stare at Darron, knowing full well now that her Master had been there to buy things back form the auction. “He could have used it to do force knows what. Not to mention the sway he would have had over a dozen different major corporations. And he will not be the last. He had friends, allies, whatever you want to call them. They will come back, and they will try again.”

Diana had been let in on the investigation after wards, she had seen some of the bids for the items and had been astounded by the sheer outlandishness of it all.

“I am glad for what I did, and as I said I will do it again. If presented the opportunity I will bring any and all Sith capable of destruction of worlds to Justice, even if I have to face the consequences.”
Silver Guardian
Calm, controlled and cool in his breathing, the hands behind his back were gripped all the more certainly. He reached into the force for certainty, and clarity of mind, hoping it might guide him to some peaceful resolution in his heart. When duty was concerned he stood in it. There was no dishonesty in his voice, and no flinching either as he replied to Master @[member="Darron Wraith"].

"I knew of the council's wishes. I acted in protecting those on the ground any way when the call came from the Senate. I was forced between protecting lives, and following the orders of the senate, or your wishes." He cleared his throat, "I hope that day never comes again."

Kei put his own personal feelings aside. He'd put them aside in making the decision going against the council, he'd put them aside waiting until the Senate call and not before. He'd put them aside in coming here today, and instead stood there without a word to put to his actions. Kei would do the same tomorrow or the next day, because it was the right thing to do, that's all he had, and all he stood with. Keeping those he cared about safe, the men and women of the republic, saving lives.

This wasn't his call to speak to because here in this building he was a Padawan.
Josh smiled at the Knight To Be @[member="Diana Moridena"]. He admired her dedication to what she believed in, and knew she would make an amazing Jedi in the future if she would just learn... But her actions, her words.... They were not of a light sider. Not of a Jedi.

"Diana, look at me" DragonsFlame said as he stood to his feet, walking and standing face to face with the new Knight. His smile remained, though faint as he stared into her eyes. "Look into my eyes" he requested, never wavering. "I have seen more death on a personal level from the Sith then most likely anybody else in this room. I have lost everything because of the Sith. Every night I am haunted with wants, with desires to hunt down every single one of them, and bring them to justice..."

"But that's the thing.... Look into my eyes and see a man who has seen death, seen war, seen battle... War is not something I wish to experience again" he said. "But regardless of what has happened to me, what I've seen, what I've heard... What I've felt... I know that if I act on those impulses, Diana... If I act rashly and hunt them down... Then what am I?" he asked.

"If I do that... I'm no Jedi. I'd be defying what I have lived for and believed in since I was a child. If I hunt them down and kill them, if I give in to those desires... I'm no better then they are" he said, his expression turning serious. "I would be no better then the Sith who I wish I could rip apart..."

His hands gently took hers, squeezing them and showing he meant no harm. It was a friendly gesture, a show of security and trust. She could feel his hands, despite being unnaturally warm like a human heater, were shaking a bit as he spoke of these things, as if his body were involuntarily shaking and shivering at the memories. "What you are saying now, what you plan to do... It is walking down a dark path, my fellow Jedi... One that will transform you into the very thing you hate. The very thing that you despise and wish to hunt down. It will consume you, and inside, deep within your heart... You know it" he said gently, before releasing her hands as gently as he had reassuringly taken them. "And the worst part of it is... When it is too late, you won't even realize it until you've turned... And you won't be able to stop it" he said solemnly.

"As well.... What you did... If the Black Sun enact the Treaty, the Republic will end up at war with nearly every faction in the galaxy... And the Republic may very well be destroyed, and the Jedi Order may even possibly collapse with it. Millions of lives, doomed to die just like that..."

He sighed. "I applaud you for your successful duel with Velok. You show amazing promise, and I would love nothing more then to work with you in time, help teach you and help you reach the potential that you have. But what you did... You may very well have murdered more people with your actions then Velok would have in the same amount of time if he was still alive" he said.

His eyes had never left the Knight to be the entire time, bringing home the fact he had meant every word of it. He wished in his heart of hearts that the girl would listen to reason, and calm herself down before she did something she would live to regret.

Taking a seat back at his place, he looked at Je'gan and @[member="Darron Wraith"] to allow them to speak.
Diana listened to Joshua intently, and she found that while some of his words made sense she just didn't understand others. She had been talking about bringing Sith to justice, arresting them and making them stand trial. He had obviously misunderstood her point, but she could see how. She had killed Velok, something that was abhorrent even in her eyes. She frowned slightly, she could hear his words and she nodded silently as he made his points. Still in the back of her mind she knew that he was wrong.

“No.” She simply said after a solid minute and a half of silence. She knew that he was wrong about his last statement. Velok might not have killed many people this time, but he had before. He had decimated two worlds and eventually he would have again, or he would have enabled others to do so. Diana shook her head slightly. “I'm sorry Master but you're wrong.”

“Velok would've been the end to billions. He would have been at fault for the death of trillions, whether by his own hand or that of his allies. He had access to weapons, artifacts, and abilities powerful enough to be a threat to the entire galaxy, and now partly because of our inaction those very devices are in the hands of dozens of individuals we don't even know about.” Diana was not fully aware of what had been sold at the auction or what had and hadn't been recovered but she could guess that if the Darkstaff had been sold at this auction, then very many other not so pleasant things had also been.

She stammered for a few seconds, struggling with the words she was about to speak. “I brought an end to Velok...the Chancellor and I did. Now there are others out him.”

Slowly Diana reached for the lightsabers on her belt. She did so in a nonthreatening manner and wrapped her right hand around both of the hilts. She held them out in front of her, as if offering them to the council.

“I'm going to find them. I will arrest them and return them to the Republic for trial and incarceration. And if the Jedi Order refuses to aid me. If you refuse to fight for the very thing you claim to stand for...then I cannot stand with you.” Suddenly Diana turned her palm around and allowed the lightsaber hilts to fall to the floor. They hit the marble with a loud clang, rolling for only a second and then coming to a stop in a perfect parallel next to each other.

Then slowly Diana turned around and walked away from the council, from the Order, but not from everything she had ever been taught.
Josh sighed, disappointed by her decision, but he respected it nonetheless.

"I will not hold ill will for your decision, Diana" he finally spoke as she began to walk. "Regardless... You underestimate how many will die if war does come. I've seen it a great many times, I have seen personally how devastating war can be. Especially one of a magnitude we may be facing"

He took a breath. "Still... All I can do, on a personal note... Is wish you luck" he stated calmly. "May our paths cross again one day in this vast galaxy... And may the Force be with you"

He finally ended his speech, now allowing Darron and Je'gan to speak.

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
Everyone was talking, and he simply stood there. Calmly he collected his thoughts and relayed the information to one of his true friends in this galaxy. He could only watch as Diana left, and he respected her wishes. Whatever law they wanted to throw at her, she acted under a superior's orders. So the fault lay with two people in this room who had willfully disobeyed, and from Je'gan's silence he knew what to do. It was moments like these that he dreaded, that he knew would shape him forever and there was nothing he could do about it. The wheels were in motion, so he looked at @[member="Kei Amadis"].

"You willfully disobeyed the Council for what you felt was the right course of action. Yet, you only fired the shots under the orders of a superior. I can't fault you for following the Orders of those above you, and your sense of duty hold true even under such actions. For that, I recommend that you apologize to the parties you fired on, while serving a month in the Agri-Corps or stay on Tython helping with the training with other students for a month. After this, I want you to take your promotion to Jedi Knight and accompany me. If you are fine with this."

Then he turned to @[member="Selena Halcyon"], and was rather brief.

"I have a long speech for you, but you don't deserve it. You're a criminal and a poor example of a Jedi who is unrepentant for your actions. You somehow made Master, even with such poor actions, and are far from what you think you are. I don't think you should lose your abilities, you need to feel the consequences for your actions. I ask that the Council vote on exiling her from the Order, and send her to the Republic for trial. What do you two say @Je'gan Olra'en and @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]?"

Ashin Varanin

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"Speeches are, indeed, unnecessary. Evil undertaken while serene is still the Dark Side, and all the more heinous for it. I vote that Selena Halcyon be expelled from the Jedi Order."

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Je'gan grimaced. "She is a Republic citizen and must answer to Republic law and investigation. That's the Republic's affair; I'm sure they'll be in touch."