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Wildcards Military Training - First Wave (Open)

Silver Guardian
Daybreak, Overcast and Light Rain Forecast.
Outer Temple forests.
Corellian Gambit Training Grounds.

Open to anyone who wants to interact, join in, aid in teaching or oversee it. Hope this fits what people were asking for!

The republic officers overseeing the day signaled him forward. In full battle fatigues Kei approached, his usual stoic stare tested today. Given the job of training these men and women to shoot, and move while encumbered, it wasn't something he was used to, teaching that is, but it was something the Republic needed right now. People to step up and be there when called on. The Epicanthx's warrior instincts were honed to that fact, and it was why a Master had asked him to stand in here today to give instructions in what he knew best, shooting and survival.

Thirty veterans and around twenty new recruits were lined up, in black and white combat gear, moderate armor on display. Carrying packs that were almost bigger than them, weapons holstered over their shoulders, shined, gleaming leather boots, technical gear cluttered about their belts and helmets. A further thirty completely fresh faced rookies, without a clue in the world, stood behind the teacher for today, Kei. The rookies not allowed yet to call themselves Wildcards till they'd survived today and the next weeks to come, the ones that made it anyway.

Striding forward past the officers in charge, in front of the armed soldiers, he was carrying every bit of weight they were, not asking any one of them to do what he wouldn't do. It felt light enough now but after a few hours of this weight, their feet would be like lead pots.

"The republic needs you, but when it comes down to it, it's the men and women around you that you'll live and die for." He looked to the hopeful rookies, some of them seemed young but they looked keen, glancing back to the wildcards, "I am here to show you how to shoot, to make sure you've got what it takes to make it as a team."

Moving back around to face the rookies fully now, so the wildcards were at his back, "every man and women here trains together, we don't ask you to do anything the others won't do." He let that sink in, for them all to see he meant business, his eyes studying each man in the lineup. Training together meant they would bond as unit, the vanguard of the wildcards to come, picking each other up when they fell, helping the man next to them out, that was the purpose of today just as much as shooting and survival.

"I want squads of six, tight following behind me. Double time." Meaning and purpose again in his voice, they felt like part of the crew, part of the team, he'd give the officers and the men the best he had to give.
Silver Guardian
With the officers making up the irregular numbers, they had even squads of six, all save one. One was a squad of four. There was a pause while he looked the squads over, and waited for something to happen, staring at those four to single them out. One man moved over to the squad of four, and Kei held up his hand in response, "over here recruit, you."

"Why did you leave your squad?" He asked sternly, staring the recruit down.

"Ah.. sir, I wanted to help the others, they needed me more." Came the slightly hesitant reply from the young recruit, his first day here.

Kei smiled and nodded, the one man brave enough to risk moving out of turn, just to give another squad a fighting chance of keeping up, that was a man he wanted to know. "It's not sir, it's Kei and you, you're with me. Someone else out even out that squad." The rookies eyes lit up and he grinned.

Shooting was easy when you were fresh and alert. It wasn't easy when you'd worked up a sweat and it was even harder when your arms felt like they were going to fall off, but this is what these soldiers would have to be put through before all this was over.

First the fresh shoot.

They'd not gone three kilometers when he pulled the cards up, moving them into the preset shooting grounds, with long firing ranges for each individual squad. "Your weapon is your life, it's your best friend, you treat it like you'd treat the girl of your dreams." They were all sweating already, the weight in the packs making itself known, but listening eagerly as his voice carried out over the assembled men.

Kei knelt, and steadied himself, weak shoulder forward, strong one taking the weight of the carbine. This was called the bladed stance, and a good way for a rookie to shoot. He also showed the veterans the athletic stance, putting the blaster rifle in the centerline of the body, to reduce recoil, by squaring their shoulders up.

The officers around him started attending to the individual squads as he began to make marksmen out of these men and women. They'd need to be able to do this in the click of their fingers, by instinct, but it had to start somewhere. Sounds of blaster fire soon lit up the grounds, even the rookies green and mean were getting their first taste of training. He was just getting started...

"Time's up, round two. Shuffle the deck and get them moving."