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Character Carnifex

The Rovagug



  • Name: Kaine Zambrano
  • Other Names: Darth Carnifex (Sith Name), Koe (by Gunnr), Daeva (Intelligence Code Name)
  • Ranks: Eternal Sovereign, Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Titles: Black Iron Tyrant, Butcher King, Once-Emperor, All-Consumer
  • Species: Near-Human
  • Race: Epicanthix
  • Birth Date: 787 ABY
  • Age: 80 GSY


  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 8'2" (250cm)
  • Weight: 660 lbs (300kg)
  • Eye Color: Emerald (Original), Scarlet (Current)
  • Hair Color: Graying Black
  • Skin Color: Caucasian
  • Voice Sample: Darin De Paul
  • Force Sensitive: Yes

  • Parents
    • Hazael Zambrano† [Father]
    • Ashriel Zambrano† [Mother]
  • Siblings
    • Mordecai Zambrano [Younger Brother] - Carly Crete [Sister-in-Law]
    • Saeth Zambrano [Younger Sister] - Ebiah†
      • Ebiah Zambrano [Nephew]
  • Other Family Members
    • Adriel Zambrano [Uncle] - Berea Callste [Aunt] - Idrine Hawk† [Aunt]
      • Kohath Zambrano [First Cousin]
      • Maria Natalja Zambrano† [First Cousin]
      • Cennika Hawk [First Cousin]
    • Titus Zambrano† [Uncle]
    • Carys Zambrano† [Grand-Mother]
    • Azarnus Zambrano† [Grand-Father]
    • Braxus Zambrano [Third Great-Uncle] - Alekto Zambrano† [Aunt]
      • Adara Vigdis Nussyn Fitz-Kierke Zambrano [First Cousin Fourth Removed]
      • Vesta Zambrano [First Cousin Fourth Removed]
  • Wives with Children
    • Salara Kesare [First Wife]
      • Sarlow Zambrano [Son]
        • Ara Zambrano [Grand-Daughter]
      • Mavriana Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Ephraazel Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Alvarex Zambrano [Son] - Amethyst Atreides [Daughter-in-Law]
        • Dak'ir Zambrano [Grand-Son]
        • Varr Zambrano [Grand-Son]
        • Nikolaos Zambrano [Grand-Son]
        • Fotios Zambrano [Grand-Son]
      • Ansgar Zambrano [Son]
      • Xathrael Zambrano [Son]
      • Cordelia Karialle Zambrano [Daughter]
    • Invicta Gaultier [Second Wife]
      • Erebos Zambrano [Son]
      • Vylythis Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Serin Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Savara Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Tolhesten Zambrano [Son]
      • Yasmina Ishtar Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Deimos Zambrano [Son]
    • Emma Cuilein [Third Wife]
      • Kassandra Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Joycelyn Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Evaelyn Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Jahangir Zambrano [Son]
    • Izaszh Kylir [Fourth Wife]
      • Nicodemas Zambrano [Non-Binary Offspring]
      • Casiphia Zambrano [Non-Binary Offspring]
      • Constantine Zambrano [Non-Binary Offspring]
      • Kadesh Zambrano [Non-Binary Offspring]
      • Sakia Zambrano [Non-Binary Offspring]
    • Mircalla Dendor† [Fifth Wife]
      • Ancius Zambrano† [Son]
    • Ahani Najwa [Sixth Wife]
      • Raya Zambrano [Daughter]
      • Adir Zambrano [Son]
      • Ebele Zambrano [Daughter]
    • Gunnr Fitz-Kierke [Seventh Wife]
      • Kaine Girak Zambrano [Son]
      • Othyn Zambrano [Son]
      • Magni Zambrano [Son]
      • Taiya Zambrano [Daughter]
  • Miscellaneous Children
    • Elani Zambrano [Daughter]
    • Kahlil Zambrano [Son]
    • Vaulkhar Zambrano [Son]
    • Enoch Zambrano [Son]
    • Evelynn Zambrano [Daughter]
    • Izevel Zambrano† [Daughter] - Isley Verd [Son-in-Law]
      • Runi Verd [Grand-Daughter]
      • Mór-rioghain [Grand-Daughter]
    • Grigori Zambrano [Son]
  • Concubines
    • Cryax Bane [Male]
    • Sylara Vaal [Female]
    • Saki Lin [Female]
    • Pom Stych Tivé [Female]
    • Sapphire [Female]
    • Sophia Naberrie [Female]
    • Saryn Naberrie [Male]
    • Sera Naberrie [Female]
    • Sabra [Female]
  • Masters
    • Daxton Bane (Initial Sith Instructor)
    • Darth Moridin (Late Sith Benefactor)
    • Ahani Zambrano (Esoteric Teacher)
  • Apprentices
    • Darth Praelior (Balaya)
    • Darth Pyrrhus (Tanek Santii)
    • Borja Ull
    • Maahir Baccus
    • Saskia Tas-nekht
    • Raseri Sarosh
    • Blake Morrigan
    • Calina Djo
    • Cle-Var-Ri
    • Darth Voyance (Pythia)
    • Vixen Brakesley Ryder
    • Zora, Daughter of Gordana
    • Kaila Solus
    • Titos Antonides
    • First Sister



Carnifex is exceedingly cruel and capricious, ruling over those beneath Him with a carbon-jacketed fist. Having been immersed in the Dark Side of the Force for decades, all semblance of morality has been stripped away from His being to reveal cold heartless disdain.
Having amassed so much power so quickly, Carnifex rapidly grew to believe that He, and He alone, was the dark axis upon which the universe rotated. He cared very little for other creatures, viewing them as little more than vague abstractions that paled in comparison with His magnificent existence. Viewing life other than His as inherently worthless, unless He attributed worth to it, He had very few qualms about murder and planetary destruction. Such rampant sociopathy and solipsism have lead to the deaths of millions at His direct command, His callousness knowing very few bounds of constraint.
The sole few exceptions to this rule were those that He has attached himself to, chiefly His uncle Prazutis and those women He has taken for His wives. Because they had accepted Him into them, germinated His seed, and bore Him genetic offspring, He considers them an advanced extension of His will. They are not viewed as entirely separate entities, but rather another aspect of His overall existence. Decades of intimate connection with His uncle has led to the creation of a Dark Dyad between the two of them, linking their powers directly to one another, and connecting their minds across space and time. Their power was greatly enhanced when in close proximity to one another, an exponential replicating multiplier that had no theoretical limits.
Despite the possessiveness Carnifex has shown to those who have become His wives, He shares little of that nefarious affection with His children save for a select few. Indeed, Carnifex thinks very little of the majority of His offspring. Most of them have fallen short of His expectations, but the worst of them all were those who had rebelled against His authority as their 'creator'. They are viewed with the highest level of contempt, amalgamations of genetic material that had gone awry from their programming. Carnifex is not above filicide and has purged His own lineage more than once in the past.


  • Strengths
    • Ageless
    • Cunning Strategist
    • Imperial Intelligence Training
    • Master of the Dark Side
    • Sith Warrior
  • Neutral
    • Physically Imposing
    • Sufficient KeyBed Player
    • Thorough Education
      • Art
      • History
      • Mathematics
      • Philosophy
      • Science
    • Vocal Mimic
  • Weaknesses
    • Chronic Physical Pain
    • Color Blindness
    • Lack of Sensation
    • Reduction in Emotional Capacity

  • Lightsaber Styles:
    • Shii-Cho
    • Makashi
    • Soresu
    • Ataru
    • Shien/Djem So
    • Niman
      • Jar'Kai
    • Juyo
  • Linguistic Skills:
    • Spoken Languages:
      • Bocce
      • Cheunh
      • Epicant
      • Galactic Basic Standard
      • Huttese
      • Mando’a
      • ur-Kittât
    • Understood Languages:
      • Binary
      • Shyriiwook
    • Written Languages:
      • Atrisian Basic
      • Aurebesh
      • High Galactic
      • Kittât
      • Old Tionese
  • Musical Skills:
    • KeyBed


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