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Character Zayani Brin


Zayani Brin

  • qKYrNTO.jpg

    • ALIASES: 'Sabercat'
    • AGE: 26
    • POSITION: Bounty Hunter
    • HOME WORLD: Zeltros

  • DSIVkwG.jpg

    • GENDER: Female
    • SPECIES: Zeltron
    • FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes (Untrained)
    • EYES: Magenta
    • HAIR: Indigo
    • HEIGHT: 5'9"
    • WEIGHT: 142 Lbs.
    • BUILD: Athletic

  • KBhxlov.jpg

    • FAMILY
      • Kemris Brin - Father

  • s3hZ5uP.jpg

      • N/A
      • N/A

  • Born on Zeltros, where her father raised her. At the age of 11
    trained with vibroswords until it became second nature to her. Eventually being given the moniker 'Sabercat' by
    earned an infamous reputation for brutal efficiency and timely completion of her contracts. Her unique cybernetic enhancements only add to the reputation she has built amongst both her peers and those who find themselves facing her in battle.

    • Limber and Flexible
      Melee Weapons Expertise - Blades
      Quick and Spontaneous Thinker

    • Elusive
      Slow to Trust, Slower to Make Friends

  • Vk67ead.jpg

    • Personal Ship
      • N/A
    • Personal Droid
      • N/A
    • Weapons
      • 2 Vibroswords; knuckle-fitted plasma blade cybernetic implants
    • Armor
      • Cortosis-weave gloves, boots and bodysuit
    • Miscellaneous
      • N/A


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