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Character Ginnie Dib

Rise and Rise Again
Ginnie Dib
Badass Resurrected Mother of Mandalore

NAME: Gwyndolyne "Ginnie" Dib
ALIAS: Leto Vos, Ginnie Ordo
FACTION: Clans of Mandalore
RANK: Witch Elder
AGE: 36
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 180 Lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Chocolate

  • Husband: Rhaegar Dib (deceased)
  • Son: Rhaegar Dib II Rhaegar Dib II
  • Daughter: Amma Gwyn Dib
  • Nephew: Muad Dib
  • Battle-brother: [member="Skorvek"]
  • Protectors: Fireteam Echo

  • Feisty: Wanna take her on? You'll notice it's not as easy as taking candy from those lame eight year olds.
  • Daughter of Mandalore: Much like her brothers & sisters, Ginnie was taught a traditional Mandalorian upbringing and can be a deadly, if petulant & tiny weapon. Though young, she has enough combat knowledge to defend herself against the average joe. Of course, for the tougher, bigger foes, she'll shine the Kid Mando Signal into the sky. And holler. Holler louder than most banshees.
  • Short, Sweet and to the Point: Ginnie's size is one of her best tools, for she is quick, spry, and can fit into the crawlspaces that adults cannot; such as ventilation shafts. She is an infiltrator's best friend...if bribed with sweets beforehand. If there's no cookies, chocolates, or salt-water taffy, there's no Ginnie.
  • Firestarter: Since the day she lost her ears in an explosion, Ginnie has been fascinated and enchanted by fire. Due to this, her Force Powers have manifested in such a way that Ginnie is a natural pyromancer. She plays with fire.

  • Grief-Blind: Due to the premature death of her Riduur, Ginnie reverted to keeping her twin children Rhae Jr. & Amaa in a series of strongholds and ships, moving perpetually and never settling down for more than three or four days. She's grown quiet, diving into her forge and muttering to herself in all hours.
  • Book Sm-ah-um-Huh?: Not the brightest in her class, Ginnie spent more time brawling than she did reading. In point of fact, if Ginnie could get through a book, she ought to be given a prize. Maybe some more candy, or a donut! Or. . . ooooo! There's a squiggle! Squirrel! Yes! It's spelled Squirrel!
  • Panic: Despite being talented and exceedingly well trained, when Ginnie gets emotional (which is incredibly easy to do), she loses control. An uncontrolled Ginnie can be a huge danger to herself and others.

A petite woman, Ginnie's caramel skin and brown hair would be fetching if she did anything with them. It's been some years since Ginnie did more than the utilitarian cornrows that keep her natural curls from tangling up. Usually seen in her Beskar'gam, the diminutive Mando'ade takes her responsibilities seriously and always has her armour in top shape. She has the dim eyes of the working single mother, and often goes long hours without sleep.

The youngest of the Verd clan, Ginnie lived perpetually in the dramatic shadow of her older brothers. In the wings, she worshiped them, hoping and punching her way through pre-school and nursery school in an effort to be seen as worthy by Dear Old Dad. Growing up, she was only casually aware - as children are - of the emotional landscape in her family. Her older brother Rigard was groomed, but he was too lofty. Too distant for the tiny child. Isley had always been her favourite. He played with her, gave her notice, and there was something else. An elusive quality to her brother that jelled with the off-kilter youngling.

As Rigard died and the family was crushed in the force of their father's grief, the only piece of Ginnie's life that made sense ran away. Rigard was gone, Mom always found a reason to be two rooms removed and Dad made everyone suffer. Ginnie started acting out. She painted the walls with permanent dyes, lost all her friends for brawling and picking one too many fights with the bigger kids, she cried and threw her toys around begging her Daddy to go bring Isley home.

No one brought Isley home. He'd done well, he'd avenged Rigard. Isn't this where her big brother got his happy ending? Ginnie hatched a plan. She waited until her twelfth birthday then grabbed Isley's old canvas knapsack and packed it full of all the things a twelve year old thought she'd need. Nail polish, her favourite rancour stuffy, some candy and enough credits for a couple of transit fares and a whole week's worth of fast food, then rushed off on the rumours of people her parents thought she was too young to listen at. Especially Ginnie, with her hard-of-hearing ears and penchant for hiding and playing games.

Off on her own, the young Mandalorian is rushing through the galaxy looking for Isley and when she finds him, she's going to bring him home! After finding Isley, Ginnie travelled with her brother to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Life was good until Isley got married and he and his wife had clone babies. Isley tried, but ultimately Ginnie knew when she wasn't as wanted. When the voices started taking over her brother's head, Ginnie ran. It wasn't safe!

Landing in Seranno, Ginnie was found by Ordo and she payed her way by helping him destroy a Death Camp. Hopefully Ginnie's found a forever home! She spends her free time with the animals at the Ordo Ranch on Mandalore, when she's not trying to earn pocket money to help contribute.

The years spent growing up on the Ordo Ranch were the best of Ginnie's life. That was, until the Mandalorian Civil War. Her father Ordo died in the first battle of the war, and Ginnie went on the run. She appeared in CIS space, hoping to reconnect with some safe haven.

Instead, her birth brother Darth Metus killed her in a callous attempt to get at Rhaegar Nemesis Dib, after Ginnie called Isley for help. Yet, through the battle, a curious entanglement came to the villainous Dib. Fire met fire. A dragon of flame in the sky. Even downed by a golem of immense proportion, Ginnie tried to keep fighting.

So, to honour the warrior dying in his arms, Rhaegar did the unthinkable, and separated a piece of his own soul, implanting it into Ginnie's so he might tether himself to her. Ginnie was obliterated. Rhaegar survived.

And once the dust settled, Rhaegar travelled to Mandalore, Ginnie's beloved homeworld. He ventured into a desert cave, where the Manda spoke to those who worshipped with devotion. Crossing over to the Netherworld, Rhaegar reclaimed Ginnie's soul from the eternal hymn of the Manda, and brought her home. Through the dust of Manda'yaim, and the promise of ancient magics, Ginnie was resurrected with a gift.

A piece of Rhaegar stayed in her soul, as a piece of her own soul stayed in his. The Force Bond, which was created by an enemy to use a young woman against her flesh and blood became the road upon which a marriage was built. The couple fell together, in an uncontainable and fierce love.

Healed of her childhood injuries with her new body, Ginnie could hear again, her lover's voice the first sound outside the Manda. Life was cautious, but blissful. They just might have made a new start on Mandalore, with their twins.

Then, several months after the twins were born, Rhaegar was killed on Eshan by Ginnie's murderous traitor of a brother. Betrayed once more by the family, which should have protected their own. Brothers could never be trusted.

Family would always betray.

There was no path for Ginnie aside from the quiet and grieving widow. The single mother, who worked her forge with her babies on her back. Now, Ginnie is a hard woman of harder attitudes. She refuses kindness, and has separated herself from all who said they loved her.

All but her son, Rhaegar Jr. and his sister Amaa.

One day she will bathe in Alkor's blood. One day his soul will be crushed and fed to the Chaos, never to reach Manda. One day Rhaegar will be avenged, and Ginnie will be allowed death to return to Manda and reconnect with her beloved.


  • Hell Hounds, on Aduba III.
  • Mercenaries on Seranno.
  • Daddy Verd. I pulled his plug.
  • Prisoners & Sith Guards in Prison Escape.
  • Sith Soldiers on Contruum.
  • Vong & Graug on Vorzyd.
  • I got paid to babysit last week! I've got 5 whole credits!
  • Hired to glean information on the Sith Prison by [member="Aditya Amadis"]
  • Rescue of [member="Preliat Mantis"]

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