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Remy Singh

Remy Singh


NAME: Remy Singh
FACTION: Order of The Silver Jedi
RANK: Jedi Knight
SPECIES: Sith Pureblood
AGE: 300
SEX: Female
EYES: Orange gold
HAIR: Black
Sith Sorcery
Sith Alchemy
Reclusive: She hasn't spent much time in the galaxy aside from on her homeworld
Devout: She serves the king Arcis who has come to rule over them and lead them into a golden age

Remy was born within the Star Kingdom and raised away from the majority of galactic society. Life was simple at first they lived and hunted to survive. She was trained as one of the hunters and excelled in her blade work. When the tribe was forced to move because of humans Remy went with them and scouted out a new area of the planet. Someplace where they could live away from the humans. They found an old Imperial base that still had some defenses and watch dogs in the Garrals. The creatures had been living there for centuries and breeding into a large population and Remy took two pups as they moved on. They became her companions and she trained them to be expert hunters with her chasing down prey for them to eat.

As time went on the tribe came across the raider wreck of a merchant. The woman was scared and in need of help that they were all to welcome to provide. It was the first time really Remy had met people from the galaxy at large and she traded with the woman for her pet. The Geejaw was a strange pet but it could carry messages back to the tribe with the proper training as she hunted. Slowly the hunt to help the woman went underway with the elders urging caution in dealing with outsiders. Remy was trained by her mother to be strong in their magics and as they chased the people she felt its call in the land they came to. The valley was strange and there was power there as she gave chase. At the top of an ancient temple Remy confronted them and fought. Their weapons were strange and when she got shot her rage boiled over.

Remy let loose a scream that sent some of them back and made two fall off the temple with a crunch as their necks snapped. The last one she fought and stabbed with her blades as Jaffa and Kree came to her and chased down other one who fled. Her hunters returned with the woman's items and other equipment. They didn't know what was hers but she thanked them as a set of hunters carried her and her stuff to a human settlement. Remy led the tribe to the valley. Its remote location and strength that enhances their magic. Life in the valley was simple they had water and food supplies in the forests around them, for years they lived in solitude until one day Remy spied a flying ship coming in and was approached by another pureblood. Remy could sense her power and observed Lamia Kressh. The woman wished for Remy to come with her and Remy after some debate came, she didn't know much but she knew enough of their history that the House of Kressh and the House of Sadow were not always friends but times were different now they were what was left of an ancient race and now their bloodlines needed to survive. So she left with Lamia to join the galaxy and follow a path of her own making.

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