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The Black Sun Syndicate Deck of 52. Republic Revenge Edition.

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
The Black Sun Syndicate’s Deck of 52
The Deck of 52 is being issued by Black Sun as a revenge tactic for The Galactic Republic's invasion of Nar Shaddaa. Anyone, from any nation, any group, or even those without may participate. All you need to do to collect the bounty is follow the guidelines and deal with the target in a thread. Then collect your reward if successful.

Mission Specs
Ace: These missions are the toughest of all and will be fought as a Skirmish or Invasion once all number and face cards have had one finished thread each. (Or 70% completion, see bottom of this section for details. The targets are cunning and most likely, very well protected. Chances of succeeding are slim the higher the card type. You'll have preparation support, but once the mission begins you will be going in alone or with your team. Discussions must be had between all parties. A preparation thread must be undertaken for the hunters.
Green: These are face cards. You need the permission of Rayl Wilded or the chosen Vigo to undertake these missions. A discussion must be had with the targeted person by all three parties to hammer out details. Support is available past the norm for these missions.
Blue: These missions, the target must be captured and kept alive. Then transported back to Black Sun space where they will face either trial, execution, torture or imprisonment. Some of these of course are linked.
White: These missions the hunter may decide what to do, whether they want to capture or kill a target. \\\The reward drops by half if the target is killed, but it isn't always possible to capture them.///
Purple: Special missions, looking to obtain peoples cooperation to discuss important topics and or investigations.

Up to three hunters can fight one Number Card. The Card may call two allies who are not in the deck to aid them if they wish. This must be done prior to the IC thread.
Face cards will be discussed who will be in them when they are unlocked and people are ready to do so. This will be done to scale with the difficulty increase the farther up the ladder we go, and availability of people. Open.
The Ace bounty will be any hunter wishing to join. The Ace will have any in the deck tier they head not killed or captured to help them. Non combatants like senators can be replaced by allies not in the deck. Numbers will be kept as even as possible. NPC's will most likely be fighting for both sides too.
A bounty thread can only be done once*. First come first serve. If you don't meet the stipulation, you don't get the credits and the target gets to participate in a latter thread. *Though there you will again have another chance to collect the bounty. Which if successful the money will go to those in the thread that did the work for it.

In case some of the people are no longer present; a contingency to progress to the Ace has been thought of. If that is not the case though all 12 threads must be done before the Ace. If the Ace is no longer here, a secret boss will be unlocked.

More rules, aka. Site rules. Obey these.
  • Targets may be hunted ONLY in Public, Invasion, Duel or Skirmish threads. Faction and dominions are off limit without prior agreement with the target. Private threads are off limits, no ifs or buts. You also can't start threads to target a character.
  • A hunter may only be in one thread where they are hunting for a target. When that thread is finished they may begin another.
  • All RPs must comply with the site rules, especially concerning no character deaths without their writer's permission.

  • All other standard site rules apply. Any questions address them here. Any issues try and work it out, or RPJ's is standard route after that.

Bounty information sheet. (Fill this out and post it to the start of your thread.)
Card: Card name/number and bounty name.
Card Allies: If any
Planet of conflict:

The Deck
Political / those directly involved in Nar Shaddaa
  • Ace ♠: @[member="Jack Harkness"] (Chancellor of The Galactic Republic. Wanted for authorizing the military action against Black Sun). Reward, alive, 100 million.
  • King ♠: @[member="Selena Halcyon"] (Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. (Wanted for the invasion of Nar Shaddaa. Instigation of war. Imprisonment of Mr. Ash. Multiple other charges). Reward, dead or alive, 50 million.
  • Queen ♠: @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] (Grand Admiral of The Republic/Jedi Master. Wanted for the invasion of Nar Shaddaa. Assistance of war preparation). Reward, alive, 20 million.
  • Jack ♠: @[member="Daella Apparine"] (Jedi Knight. Wanted for causing a diplomatic incident, causing a war due to said incident. Spying, sabotage, murder, multiple other crimes, and for the direct cause of the Black Sun's loss of Nar Shaddaa). Reward, 7 million.
  • Ten ♠: @[member="Yusan Fenn"] (Vice Chancellor/Spy. Wanted for spying, attempted murder, assistance to the invasion. Possible political involvement). Reward, alive, 5 million.
  • Nine ♠: @[member="Hanna Vondiranach"] (Third in command of The Galactic Republic. Wanted for assistance of the administration). Reward, 4 million.
  • Eight ♠: @[member="Gerion Ardik"] (Senator. Kidnap him. Having him removed will cause issues with a lot of people. Reward, alive, 2 million.
  • Seven ♠: @[member="Aliannah S. del D. Filia"]. Princess/Senator. Kidnap her, bring her to Black Sun. She'll be interrogated, probably worse things. And held hostage). Reward, alive, 2 million.
  • Six ♠: @[member="Jentara Vel"]. (Senator. Kidnap this senator. Bring her safely back to Black Sun and you'll have your credits. We'll handle the rest). Reward, alive, 2 million.
  • Five ♠: @[member="Roland"] (Republic Operative. Wanted for spying, sabotage, evading Black Sun officials, illegal planetary entrance, possible murder, multiple other charges). Reward, 2 million.
  • Four ♠: @[member="Diana Moridena"] (Jedi Knight. Wanted for causing a diplomatic incident, causing a war due to said incident. Spying, sabotage, murder, possible other crimes). Reward, 2 million.
  • Three ♠: @[member="Sopher Jakobs"] (Jedi Padawan. Wanted for causing a diplomatic incident, causing a war due to said incident, Spying Sabotage, murder, possible other crimes). Reward, 2 million.
  • Two ♠: @[member="Jack Sparrow"] (Head of the Penal Oversight Committee/Senator. Wanted for the likely possibility of his hand in dealing with Mr. Ash). Reward, alive, 500,000.
Powerful Force Sensitives
  • Ace : @[member="Syn"] (Jedi Master. Wanted for highly suspicious activity. Possible involvement with the invasion. High threat to Black Sun). Reward, 5 million.
  • King : @Carn Dista (Jedi Master. High threat to Black Sun). Reward, 3 million.
  • Queen : @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] (Jedi Master. High threat to Black Sun). Reward, 3 million.
  • Jack : @[member="Phylis Alince"] (Jedi Master. High threat to Black Sun). Reward, 3 million.
  • Ten : @[member="Tefka"] (Jedi Master. Wanted for questioning). Reward, 2 million. Stipulation, not to be harmed.
  • Nine : @[member="Lady Silencia"] (Lady Lorelei Darke, the ruler of Kuat and the CEO of KDY. Black Sun wants her removed). Reward, 1 million.
  • Eight : @[member="Alena Beswin"]. (Senator of Kuat. Though not a force sensitive like most of the other heart cards, her removal will go hand in hand with the 9 of Hearts. Furthering Black Sun goals). Reward, 750,000.
  • Seven : @[member="Manu Xextos"] (Rogue Knight/ Jedi aligned. Little to no information about the man. It is known he works closely with the Jedi though. That closeness leads us to determine him as a grave threat). Reward, 500,000.
  • Six : @[member="Vulpesen"] (Jedi Knight. Wanted for spying. Hostile actions. Possible sabotage. Other charges). Reward, 500,000.
  • Five : @[member="Hion the Herglic"]. (Jedi Knight/Senator. His removal would be beneficial. Reward, 500,000).
  • Four : @[member="Tallia Farn"] (Jedi Knight. Noted trainer of Padawans). Reward 500,000.
  • Three : @Iella E'ron (Jedi Knight. A threat to Black Sun operations. Deal with her). Reward, 500,000.
  • Two : @Micheal Sardun. (Jedi Knight. Notable enough to be marked the Two Of Hearts. Engage with caution). Reward, 500,000.
Military commanders and noted soldiers. Jedi.
  • Ace : @[member="Cody Jorin"] (Politician/Spy/Spec Ops. Wanted for possible planning and political involvement with the invasion, assistance with invasion preparation. Source of gene seed for clone soldiers). Reward, 1 million.
  • King : @[member="Kei Amadis"]. (General/Jedi. High level threat to Black Sun). Reward, 850,000.
  • Queen : @[member="Equa Dominator"]. (Jedi Knight. Reports are still unclear whether he rules Umbara or not. Despite these inconsistencies he is considered a military threat and is to be eliminated). Reward, dead, 500,000.
  • Jack : @[member="Tracyn Ordo"]. (Jedi Knight/Military. High threat to Black Sun operations). Reward, dead, 500,000.
  • Ten : @[member="Silas Opri"] (Senator. His position is a very important one. Kidnapping him will instil fear in the populace). Reward, alive, 250,000.
  • Nine : @[member="The Wicked Truth"]. (Republic Military/Commandos). Wicked and Truth, twins, and by all accounts deadly. Eliminate them). Reward, both dead 100,000.
  • Eight : @[member="Marek S'hadar"]. (Jedi Knight. This man used to be Sith, beware the unexpected. It would be a good gesture towards the Sith to eliminate him for his betrayal). Reward, 100,000.
  • Seven :mad:[member="Flint Dexen"]. (Jedi Knight. A crusader against crime, and a Jedi. It would be good internal image to eliminate him). Reward, dead, 75,000.
  • Six : @[member="Jedediah Bagely"] (Republic Military. Though not participating directly in the invasion that we know of; he's been designated as a threat and is to be eliminated). Reward, 75,000.
  • Five : @[member="Exuku Caribaa"]. (Republic Military). Another member of the military to eliminate. He is part of the elite Wildcards division). Reward, dead, 50,000.
  • Four : @Dar,rak. (Jedi Padawan. Noted to be rather strong both physically and in the force). Reward, 30,000.
  • Three : @Nal Tu (Jedi Padawan. Wanted for participation in Nar Shaddaa invasion). Reward, 30,000.
  • Two : @[member="Kiyron "](Republic Military. Wanted for participation of the Nar Shaddaa invasion). Reward, 20,000.

Others deemed a threat requiring action.
  • Ace ♣: @[member="Grundark"] (Crime Lord/ Nar Shaddaa Security Commander. Wanted for the failed ground defense duty of Nar Shaddaa. Abandoning his post. Incompetency). Reward, alive, 250,000.
  • King ♣: @[member="Aleidis Ijet"]. (Rogue Master/ Republic Ally. Medium level threat. Marked for elimination. Caution advised). Reward, dead, 125,000.
  • Queen ♣: @[member="Faenrovon The Radiant"]. (Unknown/Monster). Find out what it is. Report back to us. Don't die). Reward, 100,000.
  • Jack ♣: @[member="Circe Savan"] (Templar Knight/Sith Agent. Now known to have been operating on Nar Shaddaa at the time of the invasion. Black Sun wishes to find out what she was doing there). Reward, 150,000. Brought in for questioning.
  • Ten ♣: @[member="Regor Laxvan"]. (Mercenary do'gooder. Regor has been a thorn in Black Sun's side for far to long. Deal with him). Reward, 40,000.
  • Nine ♣: @[member="Tattersong"] (Jedi Padawan. Wanted: Participation in the Nar Shaddaa invasion). Reward, 20,000.
  • Eight ♣: @[member="Sochi Ru"]. (Jedi Padawan. Marked to be dealt with at hunters discretion. Reward, 20,000.
  • Seven ♣: @[member="Tavjurn Phil"]. (Apprentice. Little information known. Added to deck by request for elimination. Possible threat?). Reward, 20,000.
  • Six ♣:mad:[member="Rang Inyri"]. (Jedi Padawan. Seen as a threat to Black Sun interests inside the Republic). Reward, 20,000
  • Five ♣: @[member="Vexander Graves"] (Jedi Padawan. Wanted: Affiliation with Syn. Participation in the Nar Shaddaa invasion). Reward, 20,000.
  • Four ♣: @[member="Rasu Gan"] (Jedi Padawan. Deal with her as you see fit. She should not be to much of a challenge). Reward 20,000.
  • Three ♣: @[member="Aronis Vilgar"] (Jedi Padawan. Wanted: Participation in the Nar Shaddaa invasion). Reward, 20,000.
  • Two ♣: @[member="Saran Drast"] (Jedi Padawan. Young and fairly new. This is the easiest target of The Deck of 52). Reward, 15,000.

Carn Dista

3 million? But I've not even done anything to the Black Sun's yet.

Happy hunting though :p


Wow... I should start joining/starting [OPEN] threads, then... Just in case. :p


Cool. The only thing I'd suggest to consider to change is the stipulation to kill certain characters, as that sets the hunter up for near certain failure except if the writer wants his or her character dead.

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
@[member="Gerion Ardik"] my apologies. I had edited the reason we were going after you, but not your titles. You should know that was but a mistake and has been corrected.

@[member="Carn Dista"] It's not what you've done... yet, its who you are.

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"] Thanks chief. Now I have 2 staff approval

@[member="Kaine Zambrano"] Well, if we capture him, and word would spread if we did. If, and you hear about him. You would be able to pay for the mans freedom, but it would be more then what he's worth now.

Aliannah S. del D. Filia said:
Wow... I should start joining/starting [OPEN] threads, then... Just in case. :p
You are the one being hunted. The hunters start a thread on you, but your suit of cards isn't open yet.

@[member="Daella Apparine"] They're to try. Accomplishing them probably will fail. But I doubt even some would be allowed to be captured.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] You invaded the freaking capital. Ya we kinda don't want your help, just your head.


Disney Princess
Queen of Hearts: @Kiskla Grayson
Wanted for: Hotness exceeding Jedi parameters. Guilty of excessive supermodel'ness.
To be brought unharmed to Rayl's luxury yacht on Zeltros for questioning.
Reward: Pirate booty. Benefits?

...Oh sorry. Just amending my list here. carry on... :D :p


Yeah, I know I'm still locked, but... I understood they can join a thread to get someone and not vice versa... :p But maybe I am just so tired at the moment, that I can't read anything right...

Phylis Alince

Badass Bookworm
Excuse me, why am I listed as the Jack of Hearts? Surely I am the JANE of Hearts! Hmmph.

Besides, my bounty's tripled since last night. I should feel gratified.


Rayl Wilded said:
@Daella Apparine They're to try. Accomplishing them probably will fail. But I doubt even some would be allowed to be captured.

On another note though, I'm open to any hunter attempting to capture Daella in a Public thread (or Skirmish/Invasion if it's involving the hunter's faction) without contacting me prior to starting the hunt- provided that it's reasonable. Though, I really won't complain about a hunter's attempt unless it blatantly violates the rules of the site or something as serious.

Phylis Alince

Badass Bookworm
And likewise I'm sure. The fact I'm never in public threads should not detract from this hope. Hmm, maybe I should join some.

I had an idea for a biscuit convention on Dathomir. No, wouldn't work...you can't get good flour there. Where was I?