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  • Starfighters
    • RMS-SC01 Starbird-class Space Superiority Starfighter | x | With high maneuverability, this starfighter can outfly all the competition and perform any role adequately.
    • RMS-BC11 Starhammer-class Superheavy Bomber | x | A superheavy bomber with high defenses, long-range capabilities, and enormous payload sizes.
  • Industry
    • Venture-class Mining Barge | x | A barge designed to be able to strip asteroids, planetoids, and other space formations of their natural resources and process said resources for either consumption or selling.
    • RMS-HT27 Bowhead-class Bulk Freighter | x | A massive bulk freighter designed to quickly transport goods throughout the galaxy. Security droids included.
  • Speeder Bikes
    • RMV-EV40 Skychaser Swoop Bike | x | A light, fast swoop bike with capacity for only one rider. Perfect for hot rods and speed enthusiasts alike.
  • Mass-Transport
    • RMMT-SC1/t Cargo Transport Hovertrain | x | A cargo transport hovertrain featuring a fast and stable design for easy planetside transport
    • RMMT-SC1/c Mass Transit Hovertrain | x | A mass-transit hovertrain with high passenger capacity, perfect to ease commuter congestion or get people where they need to be. A fast and affordable means of planetside transportation.
  • Components
    • RVX-14 Cloudform Repulsorlift Generator | x | An all-purpose repulsorlift that can generate lift and cushion fall impact.
    • RVX-16 Astraeus Propulsion Generator | x | Basic propulsion generator that tops out at around 800 km/h.
    • RVX-15 Aether Short-Time Propulsion Accelerator | x | Afterburner that can accelerate a vehicle to speeds of over 1,000 km/h for a short amount of time.
  • Materials
    • Durasteel-421A | x | An incredibly strong alloy for vehicle, starship, and building general. Features a very high resistance against Blasters, Ion and EMP forms of damage.
    • Durasteel-421S | x | A durasteel alloy that is very strong and durable, intended for vehicle, starship and general construction. Features a very high resistance against Kinetic, Sonic/Ultrasonic, and high resistance against Blasters.
    • SACG-23S Shock-Absorbent Gel | x | A semi-liquid substance that can be used in a variety of submissions. Light and noncombustible, it both acts as a shock-absorbent material and as a coolant, preventing overheating.
    • Sybarium Energy Crystal | x | A crystal intended for low to medium-level power generation. It can provide a constant and unlimited amount of energy (in that it will never run out of power) when passed through a focusing laser. Its maximum energy output is limited by size, and the buyer must be aware that the larger a Sybarium crystal is, the more volatile the mineral can become.
    • FSF-AN1 Fire Suppressant Agent | x | Intended for any type of fire-suppression system. This agent, when pressure is applied, converts into a high-velocity foam that quickly smothers any fires. The foam can harden to be pressure-resistant and thus can act as a sealant for hull breaches, making it invaluable for compromised warships. To reverse the agent back into a liquid state, simply spray liquid nitrogen for a quick clean-up.
    • Kuradium Explosive Compound | x | An explosive compound intended for warheads and other munitions. Kuradium itself is completely docile unless it comes into contact with Ammonium Nitrate, in which it will produce a violent and high-damage explosion. This makes Kuradium-based munitions safer to store than most conventional explosive compounds.
    • Liquid-Aenite Mineral Compound | x | A chemical mixture of magnetite and liquid-carbon dioxide, Liquid-Aenite serves as a coating material that one can apply to electronics and devices to prevent interference and/or damage to electronics by EMP and Ion weaponry.
  • Industry
    • RMM-OEM3 Rorqual Heavy Mining Laser | x | An efficient and capable mining laser, able to extract gasses, liquids, and ores in nearly any kind of environment. Able to be fitted onto terrestrial installations or on mining ships.
    • RMM-ORS9 Orca Refining Station | x | A refining station capable of processing any kind of raw ore, and able to be installed on terrestrial installations or ships.
    • RMM-KW5 Mackinaw Molecular Furnace | x | A molecular furnace to break down masses into their physical structure and then use the particles to create new materials and elements.
    • RMM-FC4 Noctis Fuel Converter | x | Able to recharge power cells using consumed waste materials.
    • RMT-TR10 Lofoten Energy Clamp | x | Energy clamp to dock starships or under-construction hulls.
  • Starship Technologies
    • GERS-01 Ammunition Reloading System | x | An efficient reload and storage system for gas/liquid-based weaponry. Operates around a central tank of chosen liquid which is connected to various ship weaponry by tubing that is insulated from leakage. A GERS-01 must be purchased for each type of ammunition.
    • FES-HRE18 Fire Suppression System | x | An automated fire safety system based off of the FSF-AN1 Agent (included with purchase). Can automatically identify fires or abnormally-heated areas, as well as hull breaches and apply suppressant agent accordingly to cool heated areas, put out fires or seal hull breaches.
    • RM-TAR8 Astraea Integrated Targeting Package | x | A targeting package that can be integrated into weapon systems or ships themselves. It contains a variety of formulas and logarithms to enhance accuracy and targeting success of all weapons.
    • RMR-S22X Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor | x | Created to be a powerful and streamlined reactor core for any size of starship, the RMR-S22X functions with any isotope of Hypermatter and utilizes dual Sybarium focus lenses to create an enhanced power draw when compared to standard starship reactor cores. An RMR-S22X can be built to fit the power requirements for any ship size.
    • RMR-H11 Meili Hyperdrive | x | A fast and reliable hyperdrive that features very high fuel-consumption efficiency, and is built to perform smooth and fast micro jumps without putting any additional strain on a ship's power grid or on the hyperdrive itself. Anti-rad insulation also prevents the small leakage of Cronau radiation, giving the Meili a slight edge in terms of stealth as well as making it a safer piece of technology all-around.
    • MXC-R13 Saja-class Sensor Array | x | An all-in-one sensor array that features a large variety of different individual sensor components, and is extremely reinforced against external damage.
    • RX-D13 Sublight Ion Drive | x | Fast, powerful, efficient and reinforced ion drive intended to give base acceleration for capital ships.
    • RX-D13X Precision Drive | x | Smaller precision drive intended for ships that are not as large as a capital, or to enable capital ships to make more precise maneuvers than what the RX-D13 can do. With capital ships, it is the manufacturer's recommendation that both drives are used to both give max acceleration and maneuver capabilities.
    • SAMS [Starship Automation Management System] | x | Semi-intelligent protocol intended to manage automated parts and machinery within starships, essentially the central control brain of automated ships.
    • MXC-T18 Tyr Tactical Command Network | x | A high-speed transmitter that creates a secure connection, protecting against encryption. Best used with multiple individual devices as a fleet-management software, where Fleet Data Networks (FDNs) can be created to ensure hyper-secure and near-instantaneous sharing of communications and data between individual ships.
    • RMT-01 Emergency Position-Indicating Beacon | x | An emergency beacon designed to broadcast the location and type of emergency to authorities if stranded.
    • RMT-TR8 Hamada Tractor Beam | x | A heavy-duty tractor beam that can pull, push, or move starships and objects wherever it wants within its range.
    • RMC-114 Magnetic Energy Generator | x | A magnetic energy generator that can theoretically endlessly generate electricity.
    • NAV-D5 Arras Automated Navigational Assistance | x | An Artificial Intelligence designed to help with space traffic and assist ships in docking.
  • Starship Technologies [Offensive]
    • RMC-M6 Laser Cannon | x | A powerful laser cannon with a self-sufficient design, allowing for extreme flexibility in installation and placement.
    • RMC-M7 Medium Laser Cannon | x | A medium laser cannon with enhanced power output at the expense of a larger size, featuring the same self-contained design.
    • RMAC-M3 Light Turbolaser Cannon | x | A light turbolaser with decreased overheating and recoil, as well as enhanced damage output. Ideal for capital ships of any size.
    • RMAC-M1 Heavy Turbolaser Cannon | x | A heavy turbolaser intended for use by ships at or larger than four-hundred meters. Features increased damage output, overheating and recoil reduction, and the ability to be remotely controlled from any nearby location.
    • RMAC-M4 Quad-Turbolaser Cannon | x | A large turbolaser emplacement that has extreme power, recoil, and heat reduction as well as increased protective plating. Due to its size, ships smaller than six-hundred meters cannot install this weapon.
    • RMAC-M10 Heavy Ion Cannon | x | Dual-barrel ion cannon with decreased overheat and recoil, ideal for capital ships of any size.
    • RMMD-M5 Mass Driver Canon | x | With an extreme damage output, the RMMD-M5 is truly a terrifying beast of a gun. The mass driver cannon is designed to primarily fire RMAP-BC22 and RMHE-BC21 shells, but can technically load and fire any ordnance that is of a caliber of 320mm.
    • RMSD-M11 Solar Ionization Battery | x | An extremely large weapon that can only be mounted on a battlecruiser-sized ship, but one that can deal massive amounts of damage in return.
    • LS1 Hailfire Missile Launcher | x | A heavy anti-capital missile silo with advanced targeting and efficient reloading systems. Intended for larger ships, it is compatible with nearly any type of missile although it is not recommended for use as a point-defense weapon.
    • LS4 Cavalier Flex Tube Launcher | x | A starfighter or starbomber-sized flex tube launcher, able to load and launch a wide array of different ordnances.
  • Starship Technologies [Defensive]
    • RMAF-M2 Point-Defense Cannon | x | An average size point-defense laser cannon intended for ships of all sizes. Features a quad-barreled design and shoots constant volleys at an extremely high rate-of-fire, along with reduced recoil and overheating.
    • RMAF-M9 Accelerated Flak Cannon | x | Flak cannon designed to fire proximity-detonation shells at extremely high speeds.
    • LS2 Valentine Point-Defense Octet | x | A point-defense octet with advanced targeting capabilities and is compatible with any type of point-defense missile or ordnance.
    • LS3 Armato Ventral Missile Cannon | x | A ventral cannon designed to fire point-defense missiles or related ordnances. It can withdraw into a ship's hull and has a full lower hemispherical range of motion, allowing for it to fast-track fighters and fire their ordnance or missiles more accurately.
    • MRS-01 Eir Defensive System | x | A multi-role defensive system, the Eir features nearly every type of shield including; particle shielding, ray shielding, molecular shielding, radiation shielding, atmospheric shielding, as well as a polarized magnetic distortion field that decreases that disrupts particle weapons and distorts kinetic projectiles. The Eir is more effective the larger the ship is, with more room for increased shield generators.
    • MRS-02 Jotun Defensive System | x | A smaller shield system intended for ships between starfighter and frigate size.
    • RAAM-M3 Tactical Ordnance Jammer | x | An anti-missile targeting jammer, it creates a null-lock void bubble around the ship with a variety of effects. Missiles that use a targeting sensor to detonate will be confused into detonating early, missiles with inbuilt targeting sensors are scrambled and 'repelled' away from the ship, and the null-lock makes it harder for enemy ships to lock on the further away their target is.
    • SC2-41 Vidhar Cloaking Device | x | A synthetic stygian crystal-based cloaking device intended for use on UNIQUE ships only. Creates a cloaking field that directly contours to a ship's hull and eliminates any sensor or visual indication that normally occurs when a ship cloaks/uncloaks.
    • NAV-RH1 Interdiction Countermeasures Package | x | A specialized navigational software that can scan planned hyperspace routes and travel locations before and during hyperspace travel for any sort of anomaly. Upon sensing an obstruction in realspace, the package will either advise the ship crew on the best course of action or immediately take navigational control if there is not enough time for an organic response.
    • MXC-T19 Ark Sensor Scrambler | x | A 'sensor scrambler' that produces bogus signals to make it appear to enemy scanners and trackers that there are more ships than there actually are.\
  • Ordnance
    • RMAP-BC22 Armor-Piercing Shell [112mm] | x | Armor-piercing shell variant, limited to weapons built to fire 112mm-caliber shells.
    • RMAP-BC22 Armor-Piercing Shell [320mm] | x | Armor-piercing shell variant, limited to weapons built to fire 320mm-caliber shells.
    • RMAP-BC22 Armor-Piercing Shell [1200mm] | x | Armor-piercing shell variant, limited to weapons built to fire 1200mm-caliber shells.
    • RMAP-BC22 Armor-Piercing Shell [4400mm] | x | Armor-piercing shell variant, limited to weapons built to fire 4400mm-caliber shells.
    • RMHE-BC21 High-Explosive Shell [320mm] | x | A high-explosive shell variant, limited to weapons built to fire 320mm-caliber shells.
    • RMHE-BC21 High-Explosive Shell [1200mm] | x | A high-explosive shell variant, limited to weapons built to fire 1200mm-caliber shells.
    • RMHE-BC21 High-Explosive Shell [4400mm] | x | A high-explosive shell variant, limited to weapons built to fire 4400mm-caliber shells.
    • RMAF-BC23 Proximity-Detonation Shell [320mm] | x | A proximity-detonation flak shell, limited to weapons built to fire 320mm-caliber shells.
    • M19 Firefly Assault Concussion Missile | x | An anti-capital missile with an advanced delivery system and kuradium warhead. Deploys flares when in the standard range of its target's point-defense system, confusing their anti-missile measures into thinking there are more missiles than there actually are. The Firefly is also designed to bury into the hull before detonating, making the explosion more devastating.
    • M31 Sovereign Heavy Proton Torpedo | x | A proton torpedo intended for stationary or slow-moving targets, able to deliver a devastating blow to heavily armored and softly-armored targets alike. A proper 'blockbuster' ordnance.
    • M32 Royal Heavy Ion Bomb | x | A heavy ion bomb designed to disable machines and cripple electronic systems, with a large area of effect and stopping power.
    • M33 Anson Heavy Incendiary Bomb | x | A heavy incendiary bomb to destroy organics and natural environments, burning at extreme temperatures.
    • M11 Chieftain Point-Defense Missile | x | Standard point-defense missile with a kuradium warhead. Built with advanced precision thrusters for tight maneuvers and an advanced inbuilt targeting system that locks onto a starfighter's thermal and electronic signatures.
    • M12X Sheridan Point-Defense Missile | x | An upgraded point-defense missile for defense against heavily armored starfighters and small-to-medium corvettes. Includes a kuradium warhead, along with precision thrusters and advanced inbuilt targeting systems. Carries four miniature ion-warheads that are dumb-fired when the missile is locked on to its target with a direct line of fire, designed to cripple the target's defensive systems before the missile itself accelerates into its now-weakened target. May only be used in submissions with a LIMITED production rating or below.
Weapons and Armor
  • Components
    • RWA-M1 Integrated Weapons Scope | x | A unique and powerful weapons scope completely tricked out with all the necessary gadgets and gizmos to make that precise shot, including; a laser rangefinder, ballistic-drop compensation package, HUD system integration, flexible mount, lens hood protection from heat distortion and recoil-induced facial injuries, honeycomb and laser filters to prevent lens flare and eye damage from bright lights, and a convenient transit pouch for protection. Wrapped under a layer of duranium and liquid-aenite coating, the RWA-M1 is a very durable and useful tool for any self-respecting soldier wishing to upgrade his or her weapon.
  • Ranged Weapons
    • BAW-56 Blaster Pistol | x | Standard sized semi-automatic blaster pistol with two modes, normal and 'gunslinger' mode. Normal mode features a high rate of fire, up to how fast its user can pull the trigger with average stopping power. Gunslinger mode reduces the rate of fire to low, but in turn, makes the pistol's stopping power become very high. Note that the pistol carries six power cells that rotate in a revolver fashion, and one shot in gunslinger mode uses all of the power in a single cell, increasing the number of times the user must manually reload the pistol.
    • BAW-55 Heavy Blaster Pistol | x | Heavy-duty sidearm recommended for field officers, with a high stopping power compared to most blaster pistols.
    • BAW-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol | x | An upgraded version of the BAW-55, the BAW-57 features increased ammunition capacity as well as durability and overall quality of life upgrades, as well as a change from the larger double-barreled design to a more manageable and discreet single-barreled design. A recommended base pistol for those wishing to order a custom model.
    • BAW-63 Heavy Rotary Blaster Cannon | x | A heavy rotary blaster cannon, the BAW-63 is designed to mow down legions of enemies and chip through the hardest of armors. With great power comes great size, and firing is considered inaccurate when it is not deployed on its bipod.
    • BAW-77 Tactical Blaster Rifle | x | Tactical blaster intended for high-level security personnel, mercenaries, and military units. Features semi-auto and automatic rates of fire, and an advanced RWA-M1 Integrated Weapons Scope. The blaster rifle also is protected from overheating and features reduced recoil, as well as a reinforced chassis of duranium to protect it from wear-and-tear.
    • BAW-88 Blaster Carbine | x | A lighter and more compact blaster rifle that trades range capabilities for reduced range, intended for security personnel, mercenaries, military units, and any other buyer. With a scope that can toggle between x2.0 and x4.0, lightweight and reduced recoil as well as a high rate of fire, its an overall effective light alternate to heavier blaster rifles.
    • BCR-X13 Compact Sniper Rifle | x | Designed to be a lighter yet still powerful sniper rifle, the BCR-X13 delivers lethal blows at battlefield ranges while also being able to fold its stock for easy and fast transportation. With an increased capability thanks to the RWA-M1 Integrated Weapons Scope, the BCR-X13 is a must for every sniper, assassin, or individual who wants to kill at ranges to far for the enemy to shoot back.
  • Armor/Personal Defense
    • JN-3 Auger Personal Shield | x | A small gauntlet that is worn by a user who, when needed, can activate a medium-sized personal shield that can deflect blaster bolts, kinetic rounds and melee weapons such as vibroblades.
  • Medical
    • RMED-SI5 Stim Injector | x | Portable stim injector with multiple doses and ease-of-access interface.
    • RMED-BI6 Bacta Injector | x | Portable bacta injector with multiple doses and ease-of-access interface.
    • RMED-SB4 Portable Medpack | x | Portable medpack, designed to be able to cushion any happenstance damage.
Droids and Electronics
  • Components
    • RMD-C10 Odin Core Processor | x | A core processor that speeds up computing time and enhances any digital, electronic, or computer system.
    • RMD-9F Anhur Droid Brain | x | A very able and powerful droid brain designed for piloting ships, with advanced heuristic processors and components that allow the Anhur to surpass the skills of even the best organic pilots.
    • RMD-B11 Feyr Droid Brain | x | A powerful droid brain that can perform as any class of droid, from simple laborer to advanced battle droid.
  • Combat
    • TVX-16S Cylai-type Security Droid | x | An able security droid built for private or military use.
  • Industry
    • TVL-17 Bulk-type Construction Droid | x | An advanced construction droid built with almost every sort of construction tool, and an internal tractor beam for large payloads. It can be used in the construction of virtually anything.
  • Commissions
    • TVX-25 Brohk-type Sparring Droid | x | A unique sparring droid with nearly unbeatable skills in martial arts and melee fighting forms, created as a Secret Santa gift for Voph Voph .
    • ATX-19K Thandarian Mass Accelerator Cannon | x | An extremely powerful weapon designed to tear through ships, inspiring fears in all enemies. Created for Kiff Brayde Kiff Brayde .
    • The Robber's Crown | x | A unique corvette with a high hangar capacity and high speeds, able to travel the galaxy at an extremely high hyperspace-speed grade. Created for Rocho Rocho .
    • Vesk-class Droid Starfighter | x | Semi-unqiue advanced model of droid starfighter to complement the Robber's Crown, created for Rocho Rocho .

As a defense contractor, the Confederacy Defense Force has full access to Roble Manufacturing's inventory.
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Hey there! I'd like to order:
  • x30 RMAC-M4 Quad-Turbolaser Cannons
  • x250 RMAC-M1 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • x25 LS1 Hailfire Missile Launchers
  • x45 LS2 Valentine Point Defense Octets
  • x120 LS3 Armato Ventral Cannons
  • Refill supply of Firefly, Chieftain and Sheridan missiles
  • x250 RMAF-M2 Point-Defense cannons
  • x2 GERS-01 Ammunition Reloading Systems
  • x1 FES-HRE18 Fire Suppression System
  • x1 MRS-01 Eir Defensive System
  • x1 RAAM-M3 Tactical Ordnance Jammer
  • Enough Durasteel-421A and Durasteel-421S to build a Super Star Destroyer :)
Roble Manufacturing will be compensated by the Confederacy of Independent Systems by monetary transactions accordingly.


"What is this site...frakkin...Roble Manufacturing?"


......Cool stuff.......Some useful junk on here...a flipping shock-absorbing coolant?! That'll solve some problems on my last build...oof, almost as many as that shield would...time to treat myself for once, I guess."



1x BAW-56 Blaster Pistol
1x JN-3 Auger Personal Shield
Small personal use shipment of SACG-23S Shock-Absorbent Gel
Small personal use shipment of Liquid-Aenite Mineral Compound
2x RAAM-M3 Tactical Ordnance Jammer
1x FES-HRE18 Fire Suppression System
1x MRS-01 Eir Defensive System



Thank god the last job paid well....."


Alban Roble Alban Roble
I'm looking for a ship that'll let me carry my smaller ones greater distances either. A type of carrier with a very dedicated hyperdrive focus. I travel considerable distances and it's necessary I can get there at reasonable times. It should also have good armoring and defense, I don't need this being taken down by ION Cannons, missiles, and EMP's easily. I want it to hold at least one squadron. Is that something you can provide?
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Hello Mister Alban Roble Alban Roble ,

I would like to purchase one BAW-56 Blaster Pistol and a decent portion of related power cells with funds payable from a secure account transfer line. Funds can be relayed immediately upon confirmation and approval.

Thank you for your time and availability of merchandise.

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