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Approved Tech SAMS [Starship Automation Management System]

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Head of Roble Manufacturing


  • Intent: To create an artificial intelligence that can assist in the automation of large starcraft.
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  • Primary Source: Artificial Intelligence
  • The SAMS is built to be the brain power behind automated ship functions, running a limitless amount of tasks at once to enable a heightened efficiency and streamlining of crew priorities.
  • SAMS has an advanced logic matrix and computational systems that enable the program to manage multiple starship systems at once.
  • Built with powerful subprocessors and subroutines that allow for advanced management capabilities and the ability to sift through heavy dataloads and altercate protocols and commands for different onboard systems appropriately.
  • A Heuristic Processor combined with an extended memory bank allows for the SAMS to learn from its mistakes, so-to-speak.
  • Advanced security protocols are able to protect SAMS from sabotage or tampering.
  • Runs on a personal sybarium crystal-based power generator.
  • Manager: The purpose of the SAMS is to enable the widespread automation of a ship, and thus this hardware is designed to act as the 'brains' behind the operations of automotive systems. Any tasks that are relegated to SAMS the protocol is able to perform with ease and efficiency, and with a heuristic processor the program is able to learn and adapt to different situations.
  • Protected: Being a protocol designed to have a high degree of importance within a ship's functions, it is important that SAMS be protected from all possible sabotage and external damage. A military-grade duranium shell and liquid-aenite coating protect the sensitive electronic components from external damage while security protocols within the system's electronics prevent slicing or sabotage of SAMS's functions. In addition to that, SAMS runs on an independent sybarium crystal-based power generator which allows it to still act when a ship's main reactor is down.
  • Not True AI: Probably the greatest pitfall behind the SAMS is that it is not truly an artificial intelligence program; while it indeed is a protocol designed to manage multiple starship systems to the extent that complete automation is possible, the SAMS is nowhere near capable of running an entire starship and still needs a sentient crew to lead it and assign it tasks to do. In addition to that, SAMS is essentially an advanced code; it cannot give advice, let alone speak, and its communication skills are limited to receiving orders and delivering reports.
  • Hardware: SAMS is not a simple code or logic algorithm, and as such takes up physical space within a ship.
SAMS, or the Starship Automation Management System, is Roble Manufacturings first step in the direction of automated ship functions. Throughout galactic history, a main inhibitor on ship size and space efficiency has been the need for large crews to maintain the different functions and systems that are integral to a starship's overall function. Thus, the SAMS is designed with the primary purpose of managing automotive machinery, largely eliminating the need for sentient crew in the more mundane tasks of every-day ship functions; things like fuel management, life support regulation, low-level maintenance, and to extent weapons management are all tasks that can be taken on by the SAMS.

The managerial capabilities of the SAMS are extended by its heuristic processor, a component that enables the program to adapt to its mistakes and course correct in time. The processor prevents otherwise fatal programming errors or unforeseen opportunities confounding and disabling SAMS. Further protection in line of protecting SAMS includes external and internal damage - a military-grade Duranium shell and liquid-aenite coating protects SAMS from external damage while security protocols protect the system from slicing and sabotage. Altogether, SAMS is a very competent semi-intelligent artificial system that is a must for any shipwright looking to partially or fully automate a starship.
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