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Juno Kryze


Juno Kryze
Alias: Azumi Katarn
Faction: The Republic
Rank: Jedi Padawan

Species: Human (Atrisian Clone)
Age: 21 (Physical Age), 43 (Actual Age)
Gender: Female (Formerly Male)

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 138 lbs

Skin Color: Dark Side Pale
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Side Red
Force Sensitive: Yes; Trained

Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • + Master Swordsman: Ever since he was young, Juno was trained in the art of swordsmanship. When he became a Jedi, the boy heavily favored Form IV and practiced it nonstop. The Clone Wars and the subsequent guerrilla battles with the Empire further sharpened his skill with the blade. When he was reborn in the modern galaxy, Juno was trained extensively by the Sith in Form II, Form V, Form VI, and Form VII. He prefers to use the unorthodox reverse grip.
  • + Ace Pilot: Ever since he got into the cockpit for the first time, it was like Juno felt a connection. Like he belonged there. This coupled with the Force, training with the Mandalorians, and fighting in the Clone Wars has made him an expert pilot.
  • + The Engineer: From a young age, Juno was always interested in technology. After years of training, he's confident in his ability to repair vehicles, droids, and other tech that manages to break down.
  • ~ Gag Boobs: Should speak for itself really.
  • ~ Gender Bender: Result of being a Force Ghost who hijacked a Body Backup Drive that was intended for an entirely different Force User.
  • - Sir Swears A Lot: Juno has a tendency to sling swear words at someone if they pissed him off. The word he likes to use the most was "kark".

Juno Kryze wasn't always his name. His birth name was Leon Marshall and he was the son of bounty hunters and mercenaries. When he was 6, his parents were killed fighting a war on Sucaris. This left him orphaned until he was picked up by a party of Mandalorians led by Mai Kryze. Leon was adopted into the clan and he was named Juno. The young Foundling was then taught the Mandalorian customs and traditions, and went through extensive training over the next few years. When he was 14, Juno became a member of the NIte Owls. After serving with the elite Mandalorians for half a year, it was discovered that Juno was Force Sensitive. The boy was then taken to the Jedi on Coruscant where he was evaluated. Despite facing opposition on account of his age, he was eventually taken in and placed under the supervision of Ella Bell. For the next 5 years, he was trained by the Miralukan Knight in the ways of the Force and how to fight with a lightsaber. The boy eventually made his own weapon. The Clone Wars began on Juno's 19th birthday and he fought in the First Battle of Geonosis.

The pair led the 314th Attack Battalion and fought against Confederacy forces for three years. Juno formed a bond with a Clone Captain by the name of Vell during this time. The Captain was felt more like a sibling to him. When Order 66 was issued, Vell was able to remove the inhibitor chip before then and the two escaped. Juno's Master was killed when the rest of the clones turned on them. Juno and his friend spent the next two years undercover as bounty hunters. He was recruited into a rebel cell called Albatross Squadron. Juno and Vell fought with the cell for the next 17 years. He was then killed during the Liberation of Lothal. However, this was not the end of his story. He was a Force Ghost and instead of interacting with the world as one, he was pulled into a form of stasis where he resided for over 800 years. After a long slumber, Juno woke up in a new body in a new era.

Juno was reborn in a new body, but it wasn't under normal circumstances. The body he ended up in was a clone of a Force Sensitive called Talia. She created the "blank slate" clone just in case she died in battle so she could transfer her consciousness to it. However, things went completely wrong. The secret base's location was leaked to a group of mercenaries who were hired by the Sith Empire. The mercenaries raided the base, rendering if void of all life. They found their objective, which was a Force Sensitive baby girl. The mercenaries delivered the package to Bastion. The Sith Empire's capital became his new home, and he grew up in constant contact with the Dark Side of the Force. When he became of age, he was apprenticed to the Sith Lord Darth Karuka and was trained in the Dark Side by her for most of his life.

When he was 20 years old, the "young" Apprentice went on a mission with his Master. They were supposed to track down a woman called Jessica Bell who was wanted for espionage. It also turned out that she was actually a Jedi who hid her Force signature. Along the way, Juno decided to take his chance to escape. He did what any Sith Apprentice would do and turned against his Master. Utilizing all of his training as a Jedi as well as his training in the Dark Side, he was able to defeat his Master in a duel and kill her. This came with a cost however. His lightsaber was destroyed in the process. Juno then searched for the Jedi spy and after he told her that he wanted to leave the Sith, she helped him get to Republic space. A year later, he found himself living in Golbah City, Geonosis.
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