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Character Ishani Sibwarra - Chaldean Mystic | Senator of Chaldea

Will You Ever Win?
General Information:
  • NAME: Ishani Sibwarra
  • REAL NAME: Rhiannon Ishani Threepwood
  • BIRTHWORLD: Chaldea
    • Galactic Alliance Senator of Chaldea
    • Chaldean Mystic (novice)
    • Alchemist
    • Perfumer
Physical Information:
  • SPECIES: ¾ Human, ¼ Umbaran
  • AGE: Twenties
  • SEX: Female
  • HEIGHT: 5'1" (and an extra half inch if it's a good day)
  • BUILD: Short & stocky
  • EYES: Hazel; green and gray
  • HAIR: Golden blonde
  • SKIN: Caucasian; fair complexion
    • Sword tattoo on back
    • Burn scar on right thigh
    • Scar on right side of forehead
    • Synthskin grafts throughout body (acid burn treatment)
    • Implants replacing missing teeth
  • VOICE: Gwen Tennyson
Social Information:


At just 5'1" (1.54 meters) Ishani is diminutive in height. Though she is not beautiful, there is a quality of untouched innocence to her face which might be described as "ethereal". Her hair is very long, the golden blonde curls meticulously cared for and styled, usually pinned back or braided so as not to be in the way. In accordance with Mystic tradition, her hair was cut off when she took her vows; she often wears a veil which covers her head, as well as clothing which obscures most of her body, leaving only her face, hands, and feet exposed. She has a dimple in her left cheek, though it is only visible when she smiles. An avid wearer of perfume, she wears a different scent each day.



  • Force User: Ishani has become a mess of different traditions and abilities (don't even think about asking her what her philosophy is), but she does have the Force, and that's always a plus.
  • Maker, Not a Destroyer: Ishani has some skill in crafting and alchemy, though her interests tend to be pretty specific. She's famous for concocting alchemized perfumes with various effects on the wearer.
  • Stone Wall: While small in stature and not an exceptional fighter, Ishani can take a surprising amount of punishment in battle. Though modern medical treatment has done wonders for keeping her intact, her body is littered with scars and even replacement parts - a testament to her determination not to give up, if nothing else.
  • Support Unit: Ishani excels when working with others, provided she is not made the leader or center of attention in any given group. If you can inspire her loyalty, she may become a valuable ally.

  • Call of the Sea: Ishani has an unusual addiction: she must routinely don an Atargatis Skin and swim in water, preferably an ocean. The longer she goes without a swim, the more her anxiety and restlessness will grow, eventually developing into depression and despair. Ishani keeps this addiction hidden, disguising it as a harmless hobby.
  • Always Follow Your Heart: Ishani's tendency to choose feelings over rationality, following her heart over her head, will doom her to much suffering and heartbreak.
  • Torn Down the Middle: Ishani was born and raised in an anti-Force cult. For much of her adult life she has flip-flopped between trying to distance herself from the faith of her ancestors, replace it with other philosophies, or reconcile it with her own views. This has led to considerable friction between her and her family, as well as the culture at large.
  • Spirits Beware: Due to her upbringing, Ishani has an automatic fear and distrust of anything originating in the Netherworld, be they ghosts, Shadows, or demons.
Bats | Owls | Color Gold | Color Black | Forests | Perfume | Autumn | Alchemy | Archery | Getting things done early | Gifts | Redheads | Swimming | Dancing | Singing (when no one is around) | Going barefoot | Dragons | Finfolk | Hot chocolate | Unusual ship designs | Archaic architecture | Quaint, quiet, friendly little towns

Losing control | Embarrassing herself | Not knowing what to do | Being rushed/late | Unpleasant Odors | High heels/uncomfortable shoes in general | Dyed hair | The Netherworld | Weird spirit beings | Tea | Big, loud, lonely cities | Being condescended to | Being mistaken for someone younger | Politics
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Will You Ever Win?

Eloise Sibwarra | daughter
Marcus Sibwarra | son
Arlo Renard | teacher
Persis Solusar | advisor
Arcturus Thesh Arcturus Thesh | it's complicated
Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais | former master
Darth Maliphant Darth Maliphant | former master (?)
Alina Tremiru Alina Tremiru | former classmate
Kalt Bruq Kalt Bruq | former classmate
Melydia Gold Melydia Gold | former classmate
Dis Dis | weird shadow creature #1
Kal Kal | weird shadow creature #2
Lady Marrow Lady Marrow | acquaintance
Brunas Drace | former master (?)
Firrerreo Firrerreo | former classmate
Dagon Kaze Dagon Kaze | friend (?)
Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo | former adversary
Brandyn Sal-Soren Brandyn Sal-Soren | nuisance
Toloth Threepwood | father
Charisse Threepwood | mother
Ganner Threepwood | younger brother
Darth Syphus Darth Syphus | former adversary
Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe | acquaintance
Aria Vestra Aria Vestra | possible ally/advisor
Seto Du Couteau Seto Du Couteau | acquaintance
Eboi Seth Eboi Seth | acquaintance
Faith Organa Faith Organa | acquaintance
Starlin Rand Starlin Rand | friend​
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Will You Ever Win?

Armor & Clothing
Pets, Familiars, Droids & Golems
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Will You Ever Win?

Arc 1: "A Sith Acolyte"


Experiencing Transcendence - Ishani meets a wandering Sith named Darth Sorn Darth Sorn and agrees to become his apprentice. ABANDONED

The Laws of Nature - Ishani learns about Tutaminis and starts a small fire by accident. While this was not her first thread, I consider it an official character introduction. COMPLETED

Mr. Heartbeat 864 ABY - Ishani sells perfume at a club hosting a male beauty pageant. COMPLETED - SINGLE POST

Please Do Not Feed the Trees - Observed at a distance by the Sith overseers, Ishani must endure a survival trip in the woods on a mysterious moon. After a friend betrays her, she meets Arcturus Thesh. The two go on one crazy adventure after another, facing overly competitive acolytes, wild animals, the elements, carnivorous trees, and their growing mutual attraction to each other. COMPLETED - BOYFRIEND ACQUIRED

Where Is He? - Alina Tremiru Alina Tremiru yanks Ishani out of class to ask about the missing Arcturus Thesh. Along with Melydia Gold Melydia Gold they agree to assist in trying to find him. The trio break into Arcturus' room to look for clues, and learn that he went into hiding after the invasion of Ossus because he aided the enemy. Specifically, he saved a group of Jedi younglings and released a Padawan he had captured. COMPLETED

The Strength in Pain - Ishani undergoes a trial involving torture in the basement of the Royal Academy on Korriban. Under the influence of Maliphant's drug, she experiences her worst fears, including visions of Arcturus' death, losing her connection to the Force, and a timeline where she never ran away from home. She eventually fights her way to consciousness. Maliphant is pleased. COMPLETED

Live Free Or Die - Ishani hires a dude named Dagon Kaze Dagon Kaze to help her save some captured Sith younglings. They succeed, but after Dagon learns she intends to take them to Korriban, he reveals that he's actually a Jedi. Oops. Rather than getting rid of him, Ishani breaks down and lets him take the children to Coruscant instead, on the promise that he will help her look for Arcturus there among captured Sith. On the way to Coruscant, Ishani and Dagon share a passionate kiss, but she breaks it off before things can go any further. QUEST COMPLETED - AVOID SMUT TIME

A Package For Miss Sibwarra - Still missing, Arcturus Thesh sends Ishani a package: a new type of alchemized sand he developed, and a message. Bit late coming, but better than nothing. COMPLETED - SINGLE POST

The Truth in Pain - Ishani is reunited with Arcturus Thesh on Ossus. After sensing his presence, Ishani tracks him down to the ruins of a Jedi temple. He answers her most burning questions, but there remains a tension between them. After uncovering a holocron, the two leave the planet aboard his ship. COMPLETED

Becalmed in Virtue - Arcturus and Ishani make a sword. Or, at least, they start to plan it out - but their meeting in his room is quickly derailed as the aforementioned tensions between them come to a head. Ishani convinces him to take her aboard his ship, where there is no risk of their being overheard by spies. Once there, she confesses what happened with the kids, and reveals her doubts about continuing her Sith training. She breaks down at the possibility of leaving him, however. Things settle down, there's a fade to black, spicy. The ship winds up on Folende, an agriworld in danger of eradication by the Bryn. Arcturus and Ishani offer to help them in exchange for prepping the planet for domination. Then the two head back to Korriban to tell Maliphant and co about it, and hopefully remember that they were trying to make a sword. COMPLETED

The Enemy At Home - Break into some traitor dude's house I guess. ABANDONED

The Smog - SE Dom of Chandaar. Ishani and Arcturus are tasked by Darth Veradun with sneaking inside a compound containing hidden Jedi and Force sensitives. Ishani, who has never attempted stealth before, is spotted by the guards and injured in the ensuing firefight. Arcturus comes to her rescue and heals her wound, but it leaves a scar. COMPLETED

From the Glare of Stars - Ishani is among a group of Sith acolytes who crash land on Ossus while responding to a distress signal on the planet's surface. Melydia Gold becomes separated from the group, wandering off for unknown reasons. The acolytes find the distress signal's source, and are dismayed/alarmed when it is revealed that a Jedi is inside the ship. After some dallying and awkward attempts at bargaining, Ishani, who did not want to fight, is ironically the first to strike at the Jedi. COMPLETED

Afraid of Your Own Shadow - Ishani gifts Arc a perfume that restores forgotten memories. Arc talks to her about her distrust of Shadows. She agrees not to wear her anti-Nether perfume when Kal Kal is around. Arc tells her he loves her for the first time, and she gives him a birthday, much to his joy. COMPLETED

Blue Bayou - Ishani and Arcturus travel to Chaldea. In the half-underwater city of Pirivena, they hope to find Finfolk and steal an Atargatis Skin for study. Things go horribly wrong when they come across a mermaid and merman and attempt to subdue them. The mermaid fights them with the Force, attacking Ishani, and Arcturus goes apeshit, using blood magic to kill her. Upon her death, it is revealed the mermaid was possessed by a Bamarri. Ishani requests that Arcturus leave the unconscious merman alive, and they steal the pair's Skins. COMPLETED

Notation From the Stars - Arcturus and Ishani make a sword, for real this time. IN PROGRESS

The Thing That Should Not Be - Ishani ventures inside a tomb on Korriban and encounters Brunas Drace , a Sith Master and "necrogardener". ABANDONED

In the Presence of Another World - Ishani and her fellow acolytes take a trip to Misery, a city in the Netherworld, under the watchful eye of Brunas. Arcturus guides Ishani to make sure she doesn't wind up in trouble. Ishani trades with a local, giving up a vial of a new perfume, Echo, in exchange for a bit of Living Clay. COMPLETED

Forbidden Knowledge - Ishani is on vacation in Naboo and looking for a Sith holocron among various antique shops. She doesn't find a holocron, but does acquire an antique lightsaber, which she buys in hopes of giving it to someone as a gift. Wannabe Jedi Brandyn Sal-Soren Brandyn Sal-Soren suspects her of being a Sith and follows her around until she confronts him. They hit each other with breadsticks before Brandyn's parents come to the rescue with a security team. COMPLETED

A Night to Remember - Ishani attends a TSE party. She meets Lady Marrow Lady Marrow and receives a Dantari Shard Drake as a gift. Jane lovett buys three of each of Ishani's perfumes, as well as one of each for Marrow, and Ishani agrees to see Marrow's garden in hopes of finding new scents for her perfumes. COMPLETED

The Seige - SE dom of Voss and Folende. Ishani and Arcturus plot to take over the agriworld Folende by creating their first ever Sithspawn, a type of vampiric bat which turns its victims into mindless zombies craving blood. During the ritual to create the Sithspawn, Ishani begins funneling her own energies into Arcturus - her mentality of serving his rise to power becoming a horrifying reality. While Arcturus and the other alchemists stop her in time, Ishani is nearly drained of life in the process. COMPLETED

The Wanting Comes In Waves - IN PROGRESS

Beasts of Babylon - BotM invasion of Felucia. Ishani fights a Sith Lord. COMPLETED

The Perfume Lab - Ishani experiments with perfume when she is visited by Firrerreo Firrerreo . They converse about the Sith and the Force. Ishani comes to a conclusion about her relationship with Arcturus and her allegiance to the Sith. COMPLETED

Arc 2: "A Chaldean Mystic"


Points of View - Ishani contacts Jedi Master Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais to seek training in secret. COMPLETED

Journal Entry #14: Ishani Sibwarra - Caedyn's private journal contains an entry detailing his first impressions of Ishani. COMPLETED - ARTICLE

Lovers and Masters, Part 1 - Ishani pays Starlin Rand Starlin Rand a visit on Coruscant. They discuss Arcturus Thesh. COMPLETED - SHORT STORY

Lovers and Master, Part 2 - Ishani continues her conversation with Starlin, discussing his masters. The two then part ways. COMPLETED - SHORT STORY

End of an Era - Ishani is stuck on Korriban as AC forces seek to annihilate it. She narrowly escapes aboard her ship. COMPLETED

The Curious Nature of the Force - After fleeing Korriban, Ishani resumes her training under Caedyn Arenais Caedyn Arenais at the Jedi Enclave on Deneba. Ishani discovers she is pregnant, has second thoughts about her training, and eventually decides the Jedi path is not for her. COMPLETED

Her & the Sea - Ishani goes for a swim and meets both Finfolk and Mariah Mariah , someone who wants to buy an Atargatis Skin. Ishani is able to act as a mediator between Mariah and the Finfolk, resulting in a successful deal being made. COMPLETED

Darkest Night: Jakku Jedi Enclave Raid - Ishani travels to Jakku to meet with Arlo Renard, a Chaldean Mystic. The two become involved in the defense of the nearby Jedi Enclave when it is attacked by the Brotherhood of the Maw. Ishani is badly injured - burned by acid and with her teeth knocked out. COMPLETED

When the Night is Over, Part 1 - After the raid, Ishani receives medical treatment and runs into Starlin Rand. He offers her help, but she turns him down. He reveals he is "giving up". COMPLETED - SHORT STORY

When the Night is Over, Part 2 - Ishani returns home to Chaldea to recuperate and care for the twins. After a surprise visit from Arlo, she begins her training as a Mystic, symbolized by cutting off her hair. COMPLETED - SHORT STORY

Cloud Nine, Screaming Red Swirling Inside - Ishani encounters Gwyneira Krayt Gwyneira Krayt on Bespin and notices that the girl possesses a lightsaber that once belonged to a Sith Acolyte. She agrees to help find a Jedi who can cleanse the bleeding kyber crystal. COMPLETED

Bleedin' Kyber - Ishani and Gwyn travel to Coruscant in the aftermath of the Maw invasion to meet with Dagon Kaze. There is some brief shouting, then Dag cleanses the kyber and all is well. COMPLETED

Dire Consequences - Ishani and Arlo fight the Maw on Sarvchi. COMPLETED

Revenge of the Club III - Ishani tries to make a new friend at a nightclub. Then Starlin shows up and starts beating the guy up, revealing he is in league with Kal Kal of Kaas, Ishani's old nemesis. Ishani sprays Kal and leaves, while Starlin gets arrested. COMPLETED

An Evening on Erakhis - Ishani will show up eventually, brb. SOLO THREAD - IN PROGRESS

Ghosts of Ossus - Ishani accompanies Starlin on Ossus. COMPLETED

Rebirth - Continuation of Ghosts of Ossus. Ishani slices old computers for the Jedi on Ossus and stares at people. COMPLETED

Chaldea Or No Deal - Chaldea gets sucked into the Alliance. COMPLETED

The Mystic's Dream - Ishani and Persis meet with Aria Vestra Aria Vestra after Chaldea votes to join the Alliance. COMPLETED

The Making of Ishani Sibwarra - Ishani agrees to take on the role of senator at the behest of the Mystics. Unfortunately, there is a catch; she must put her training on hold until after the crisis is passed, which will take years. Ishani is of course upset by this, but with even Arlo agreeing it must be done, she feels that she has no other choice. Returning home, she has dinner with her children and cries herself to sleep that night. SOLO THREAD - COMPLETED

Triq-or-Treat - Ishani's first Senate session. The Assembly debates the Alliance Defense Enhancement Act, which offers a boost to planetary defense while also lifting the ban on clone armies. Ishani suggests they use battle droids instead. COMPLETED

Uprising of Epoch - Arlo argues with Ishani, then goes to war. He fights Kahlil Zambrano Kahlil Zambrano and is defeated, narrowly surviving the encounter. Kahlil however is successfully cut off from the Force, removing the corrupting influence of his father. COMPLETED

Caucus - Occurring at roughly the same time as Uprising: Ishani goes to a senate meeting about the recent decision by the NJO to leave the GA, and drafts a new law. COMPLETED

People Are Always Getting Married in Chaldea - Ishani and Arlo meet Iris Arani Iris Arani in Nezamiyeh. They stop her from graffitiing a building, meet her master Valery Noble Valery Noble and take the two to lunch and an art museum. COMPLETED

The Crossing - Ishani goes for a walk and encounters Naivia Neryn Naivia Neryn , a strange girl possessed by a spirit. Naturally, Ishani is wary of her. The two converse a little bit, before Ishani ultimately decides to leave. COMPLETED

Forevermore - Upon resuming her walk, Ishani encounters yet another weirdo: Marcus Roland, a wealthy businessman who overdosed on an alchemical elixir. Kal Kal appears to help, and Ishani mitigates between him and the amnesiac Marcus in order to resolve the issue. When it turns out Marcus' cure will require him to go to the Netherworld, Ishani declines to accompany him, sending Arlo in her stead. COMPLETED

There Is No Try - Ishani attends a gala following a treaty with the Mandalorians and deals with the press. ONE POST LMAO

Arc 3: "The Hourglass and the Landslide"


Sith Academy Reunion - Ishani receives an unexpected visitor: Alina Tremiru, a fellow former student at the Academy. The two converse about what's happened in their lives since the fall of Korriban. Alina mistakenly believes that Ishani has really made something for herself, which Ishani is quick to refute. It is clear the young Senator of Chaldea has quite a few doubts and regrets, and is becoming increasingly dissatisfied. COMPLETED

Tell Your Fortunes - Visiting Tatooine, Ishani pays to have her fortune read. Just for fun. The fortune teller responds to her question about seeing Arc again with a cryptic vision of lightning striking, and two hands clasping, though it is unclear whose hands they are. COMPLETED

Platter of Cheeses - Ishani and the kids have a picnic with a connoisseur of cheeses, Cerritus Cerritus . After Marcus takes a bite out of a magical croissant, Ishani prevents the children from eating any more and leaves. COMPLETED

Squatters' Rights - Thanks to Starlin Rand, Ishani is reunited with Arcturus on Coruscant. He reveals that he was trapped in the Netherworld, where time holds no sway. Ishani tells him about the twins. He refuses to allow them to be together, resigning himself to loneliness. Ishani convinces him to stay with her for one more night. COMPLETED

Comfort and Joy - Ishani visits the Netherworld to thank Kal for helping Arcturus escape. While she initially presents a pleasant front, Kal's dislike of Ishani swiftly sours the meeting. While he is willing to look after Arc, the Shadow sees her as a bad influence on his friend and believes Arc wants to maintain their separation for good reason. The two grind each other's gears for a bit as Ishani pleads with him, asking for help tracking Arc down or even just information, but Kal remains tight-lipped. She leaves furious, but determined not to give up hope. COMPLETED

In This World Or The Next - Ishani begins to traverse the Nether with Arlo and Alina as company. The trio escape an attack by Warzigs and make their way to the Dreamlands, where they endure nightmarish visions. Ishani asks Alina why she joined the Sith, and confides in her about her fears. COMPLETED
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Will You Ever Win?


{ ││││││││││││- }

{ Apprentice - Lower Knight - Upper Knight - Master - Apex Mastery }​

Force Powers:

Alchemy | { │││││││││││-│ }

"Use the Force to alter reality in beneficial (or not so beneficial) ways."

Animal Bond | { │││││││││││-│ }

"Command animal familiars by establishing an empathic bond with them."

Cloak | { ││││││││││-│ }

"Hide your presence from others by making your body appear invisible to the naked eye."

Healing | { ││││││││││-│ }

"Requires concentration and tends to be painful, but yes - you can use the Force to heal your wounds and the wounds of others. Just not in the midst of battle."

Pyrokinesis | { │││││││││││-│ }

"Produce flames by drawing upon Force energies. Since you are literally playing with fire, use caution."

Revitalize | { │││││││││││-│ }

"Someone in your party get knocked out? Bring them back to consciousness with the Force."

Stun | { │││││││││││-│ }

"Stunning an opponent can be used to incapacitate them, whether in hopes of saving their life or for the purpose of keeping them from fighting back as you cut them down."

Telekinesis | { │││││││││││-│ }

"The bread and butter of all Force Users, telekinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind. It's a highly universal ability with few limitations, though it can be taxing when overused."

Telepathy | { ││││││││││-│ }

"Communicating your thoughts directly to a person's mind may be convenient, but it has its limitations. Some people have difficulty with it or just plain don't like it. In Ishani's case, she finds it much easier to use telepathy with someone she knows well and has established a connection with."

Transfer Force | { │││││││││││-│ }

"In times of great need, you can transfer some of your energy to others to save their life and heal them. But this power is costly and, if improperly used, could even result in your death."

Tutaminis (Energy Manipulation) | { ││││││││││-│ }

World Class Bullchitter | { │││││││││││-│ }

"Ishani has the ability to bypass the truth sense of most opponents, allowing her to lie to her heart's content. Not only does the truth hurt, it's also apparently subjective. Drawbacks of this power include confusion, doubt, and potential long term memory loss."

Weapons Proficiency:

Ranged - Energy Bow | { ││││││││││││-│ }

Melee - Hair Whips | { ││││││││││-│ }

Melee - Force-imbued blade | { │││││││││││-│ }

Melee - Lightsaber | { │││││││││││-│ }

Other Abilities:

Slicing | { ││││││││││││-│ }
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