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Journal Entry #14 - Ishani Sibwarra

Subject: Ishani Sibwarra.
Location: "The Vagabond" Heavy Patrol Cruiser.

A short time ago I found myself within the company of a peculiar young woman, Ishani Sibwarra. I’m not entirely certain what has led her to reach out to me specifically, out of all the Jedi within the Galaxy but I can only trust that it is the will of the Force, especially given the circumstances surrounding her recent history, and perhaps present-day life too.

By her own admission, Ishani has come from serving as an apprentice within the Sith Order. Which particular sect, I have not asked, however, she knows the Darkside of the Force and yet seeks my guidance in learning to walk the Jedi Path.

I must admit that this has all taken me by storm. It has not been so long since Kyra made the decision to step down as my Padawan, and here I am already with a new Apprentice and one who I cannot help but feel has not told me the full truth about her commitments to the Sith.

Training one such as herself, teetering on the edge between the light and the dark, I must caution myself in how much I choose to believe, and how open I leave myself to the chance that I am being deceived. Even so, I cannot deny this chance to help guide her in this time of such vulnerability. In the lifespan of a Jedi, it is possible that one might make a difference in millions of lives. The same can be said for an acolyte of the Sith, and the effects cater to the most disastrous consequences.

In accepting Ishani’s request, I have become her Mentor…-Yet this is no normal apprenticeship by any means. Given the unknowns surrounding this matter, I have opted to keep all information regarding our connection as Master and Apprentice strictly confidential, even to the Enclave’s database.

I will be relying on these entries in order to document her progress as well as reflect upon my own. I will also make a note to have the encryption firmware heightened on the off chance that someone gains access to my personal files.

The Dark Side is still heavily present in the girl's presence and meditation has not aided me at all to see clearly when seeking guidance in my decision. My faith tells me that I am doing what is right, not only in my duty as a Jedi but for her sake as she has voiced isolation and concern with the methods of the Sith.

Given the nature of our need for confidentiality at this time, this may be the only opportunity she has to be assisted in stepping away from the path of the Sith Order, and in doing so saving herself from the fate that is most common for their kind, their following into darkness at the cost of their heart and soul.

This is not the only unusual incident to happen in recent days, however, what happened on Svivren is for another entry. Until then, I will remain on this path and hope that Ishani does not justify my need for caution.
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