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Approved Tech The Emperor's Favor

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Ao Xian

Everyone Forgets the Tail Flick


  • Classification: Gladius Sword

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Heavy


  • Alchemized sith sword, with all the strengths and weaknesses that come with it (detailed below)

  • Sun-Crystal Inlay


  • Sith Sword- As on the tin. Preternaturally keen edge, resistant to lightsabers, can deflect and redirect blaster bolts, and in the hands of an experienced user can serve as a conduit of the darkside, and to deflect or absorb sith lightning.

  • Sun-Crystal Inlay- The inlay in the hilt can be used to reflect and brighten light. In minor, normal usage, it can be used to help brighten dim areas by magnifying what little light there is, or reflect light into an enemies eyes, potentially distracting or temporarily blinding them. If Force Light is used specifically, the Sun-Crystal can reflect it back in a single, brilliant flash- one final response. This has the potential to daze and temporarily blind an assailant, up to potentially permanently blinding them (PCs, as always, reserve the right to decide how this plays out, if at all). This is a one shot wonder, and can only be used once. Once used in this fashion, the crystal shatters and becomes inert, no matter the fate of the sword. Continued, prolonged exposure to Force Light will still render the sword useless or destroyed.

  • Sith Sword- As on the tin. The darkside presence of this weapon cannot be masked, Prolonged exposure to force light and other similar effects can render it useless or even destroy it. All special features become null in areas where the Force is suppressed.

  • Light Addiction- People exposed repeatedly to the reflected illumination from the Sun-Crystal (including the wielder) without some sort of protective eyewear can become addicted to it, needing to experience the light in greater and greater amounts- gone unchecked, this addiction could lead to permanent blindness.

  • Hello Darkness My Old Friend- While the inlay in the hilt is covered by a strap when sheathed, or can be covered by a hand when it use, it should not be uncovered in areas of bright light, such as full sunlight, or the magnification effect can affect both the wielder as well as their enemies.

  • Fragile Crystal- The crystal itself is fragile. One solid hit will shatter it, making it useless.

  • Heavier than expected- The Emperor’s Favor is heavy for a weapon of its size, due to both the sith alchemy and the weight of the sun-crystal.


Commissioned by [member="Darth Carnifex"], the Emperor’s Favor was created as a prize for the Champion of the Sith-Imperial Tournament. From nearly thirty gladiators, only one could take the title of Emperor’s Champion, and the sword that went with it.

The words ‘Eclipse the Light’ are etched in ancient sith runes upon the blade, bearing both the message of the Emperor, but also a hint as to the nature and purpose of this weapon. Not content to merely block out the light, the Emperor’s Favor focuses on turning it back against a foe and using it against them. A reminder that even light can burn when used recklessly.
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