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Triumvir of Power

Darth Alekto

    • ALIASES: Braith, Yun-Ne'Shel, Balagoth, Nogras
    • AGE: Indeterminate
    • POSITION: Sith Triumvir of Power
    • HOME WORLD: Pax Insul

    • SEX: Female
    • SPECIES: Human - Yuuzhan Vong
    • EYES: Amber
    • HAIR: N/A
    • HEIGHT: 200 cm
    • WEIGHT: 90 kg
    • BUILD: Athletic

    • FAMILY
        • Darth Prazutis / Braxus Zambrano
      • RIVALS
        • Maynard Treicolt
        • Loske Matson

      • The Primeval (Formerly)
      • The Galactic Republic (Formerly)
      • The Galactic Alliance(Formerly)
      • The Aing-Tii (Formerly)
      • The Ancient Eye (Formerly)
      • The Sith Empire
      • Mastercraft Alloys Ltd. (Formerly)
      • Unnamed Tribal Elders on Pax Insul (Formerly)
      • Disciple (Formerly)
      • Unnamed Ancestor to Darth Ferus (Formerly)
      • Unnamed Aing-Tii Masters (Formerly)
      • None

    • Warrior: Raised from the birth of her first body to play the role of the warrior champion of a tribe on her war-torn home world, Alekto has lived a life of battle. A spear was put into her hand from the moment she could run, and a sword whenever not engrossed in the lessons of the spear. Though her skill with a lightsaber is somewhat lesser than her ability to make use of the reach of a spear, she is nonetheless on the par with many other masters of the modern weapon, a skill learned through experience in the modern era by taking part in wars that forced her to adapt.
    • Nature: One of the most alarming pieces of her repertoire of abilities, Alekto is terrifyingly skilled with the use of the force in manners which affect large areas by manipulating the very world around her. More commonly known as environmental manipulation, this is perhaps her greatest offensive skill with the force - one which she uses most often and with greatest effect.
    • Alchemy: Combat is not the monster's only skill, as her mastery of alchemy is nearly unrivaled. While she is not quite as well known for her biological perversions, her ability to imbue even the most complex and obscure of enchantments and properties into the most mundane of objects is matched by few. Altering the physical properties of an object, beyond imbuing them with the force, is another of her more well known specialties, known for such prodigious creations as silk capable of outperforming even the sturdiest of durasteel plate in the face of blasters.
    • Reach: Following her duel with Maynard Treicolt Maynard Treicolt and Loske Matson Loske Matson on Muunilist, Alekto was clipped of her wings - however through Yuuzhan Vong shaping she was further armed with living amphistaffs to replace the tendrils of flesh which previously adorned her head. These creatures act almost entirely independent of her, and generate a charge-neutralizing field which prevents lightsabers from cutting through them - while simultaneously providing her with a greater repertoire of close quarters combat. Further, the serpents grafted to her skull carry a vicious biotoxin they can spit from their mouths upwards twenty meters away.

    • Light: Having shed the flesh of a more traditional body, now residing in a form that is more a manifestation created from pieces of others than a body in the normal sense, an application of force light - of any expression - is more than a searing pain and a temporary muting of her connection to the force, it is a potentially lethal power that would threaten to render her discorporate, and potentially destroy her entirely under the right circumstances.
    • Focus: As a being that is largely reliant on the ability to be able to use the force in the first place, being within the vicinity of a Ysalamir can cause physical damage to be inflicted upon her - as without the force her body essentially begins to fall apart. This is not necessarily as effective with other similar, but not identical, complications - like void stone - as the only known creature or object in the galaxy that can completely remove a being's ability to exert control over the force is a ysalamir; however, being near objects such as void stone and other similar things will impact Alekto in a greater capacity than a normal wielder of the force, as most of her focus will be going towards retaining a physical form which largely handicaps her ability to use the force in other ways while affected.

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