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Invasion Vengeance | Bryn'adul Invasion of SJC Irith, Tol Amn, & Circumtore

A man's legacy is determined by how the story ends


EQUIPPED: 25x L4Vele Series Deployable Defense turrets.

FIGHTER COMPLIMENT: 103rd Tactical Starfighter Wing "Angel of Death Squadron"
CALLSIGNS: Commodore Angellus "Maverick" is and will always be "Angel 1", Captain Rojuh Pouil "Starlight" is "Angel 2" Commander Scoht Pouil "Meteor" is "Angel 3". Each Squadron leader makes up the remaining "Angel" callsigns, their individual squadrons and make-ups are named below.

  1. Angel 4(Retribution Squadron)Jackal Class Starfighter
  2. Angel 5(Jurat Squadron) Jackal Class Starfighter
  3. Angel 6(Retribution Squadron)Jackal Class Starfighter
  1. Angel 7(Gator Squadron) Archangel class Fighter/Interceptor
  2. Angel 8(Raguel Squadron) Archangel class Fighter/Interceptor
  3. Angel 9(Beak Squadron) Archangel class Fighter/Interceptor
  4. Angel 10(Turik Squadron) Archangel class Fighter/Interceptor

  1. Angel 11(Razorback Squadron) NC-1000 X-Wing
  2. Angel 12(Voight Squadron) NC-1000 X-Wing
  3. Angel 13(Jurist Squadron) NC-1000 X-Wing
  4. Angel 14(Fi Squadron) NC-1000 X-Wing
  5. Angel 15(Prac Squadron) NC-1 X-Wing
  6. Angel 16(Tic Squadron) NC-1 X-Wing
  7. Angel 17(Alcalde Squadron) Ashera Class Fighter
  8. Angel 18(Kers Squadron) Ashera Class Fighter
  9. Angel 19(Kyber Squadron) Ashera Class Fighter
  10. Angel 20(Jok Squadron) Ashera Class Fighter


  1. Angel 21(Requital Squadron) Azazael class Stealth fighter
  2. Angel 22(Scimitar Squadron) Azazael class Stealth fighter

  1. Angel 23(Que Squadron) Demon Class Bomber
  2. Angel 24(M'lud Squadron) Demon Class Bomber
  3. Angel 25(Gatto Squadron) Demon Class Bomber
  4. Angel 26(Hail Squadron) Demon Class Bomber
  5. Angel 27(Leigh Squadron) Soverenignty Class Heavy/Assault Fighter
  6. Angel 28(Vulcano Squadron) Soverenignty Class Heavy/Assault Fighter
  7. Angel 29(Bulwark Squadron) Soverenignty Class Heavy/Assault Fighter

  1. Angel 30(Artillery Squadron) Cherub Gunship
  2. Angel 31(Ferret Squadron) Cherub Gunship
  3. Angel 32(Ruzek Squadron) Cherub Gunship
  4. Angel 33(Ferret II Squadron)Cherub Transport
  5. Angel 34(Ferret III Squadron)Cherub Transport
  6. Angel 35(Pulvin Squadron)Cherub Transport
  7. Angel 36(Gundark Squadron)Cherub Transport
  8. Angel 37(Terantatek Squadron)Cherub Transport
  9. Angel 38(Ronto Squadron)Cherub Transport
SECTOR: Circumtore
ORDERS: Fall back into a support role in Obj 2

Allies: ADM. Reshmar Liram Angellus Mig Gred Mig Gred Jairdain Isla Draellix Verin Oldo Garm Oligard Jyoti Nooran
Enemies: Osam Badar


The sight of the Bryn’adul flagship was, well it was a beautiful thing in many respects. It was never really something that you want to lay on another, to watch escape pods blast out of a doomed vessel, but this ship would have led an assault on the planet if there were no Silvers here. It was in all realm of words and means “them or us”. Liram was just about to talk to Halpern about the next set of orders when the other shoe dropped.

“Damage reports coming in!” the Tactical department called out almost frantically.

“More?” Halpern responded almost angrily.

“The damage from those cannon shots. The residue from the Bryn ordinance seems to be acting like a virus to the bio-circuitry. Reading power outages decks 14 and fifteen. Targeting systems shutting down the port side.”

Halpern was just about to have power rerouted and the ship repositioned when Liram pulled him aside.

” Evacuate the sections and seal them off. Shut everything down in and around those decks until we can hit drydock.”

“What about the Bryn fleet?” He asked.

” Captain, Gym… take a look at all who are on our side compared to theirs. We’re not out of the fight, but we don’t have to do the heavy lifting. We can drop into a support role and still hit hard with our long guns, we still have the majority of our fighters out there. We’re still good, we just have a bit of a limp at the moment, that’s all.”

Normally the man didn’t have time to be reassuring, but this was a new role for him, and he had to take on the methods of motivation and leadership that he hadn’t thought about in the past. Was this the way Soren would have done it? Taxin? Would Kam show him the way? Would Arestul take command? Yes to everything.

” I want all X-wings and Asheras to drop back into cover patrols and rotations, All Jackals mover into perimeter cover and Azazael’s out running long-range scans.”

“You think they’ll find anything?”

” Don’t know, but would rather be cautious and wrong than lazy and wrong.”

Worthy Warlord

Location: On the Sraeljoarsk
Equipment: Flesh Vessel | (I'll link other stuff if it ever becomes relevant, but I'm in a ship, so I doubt it.)
Allies: Badar Badar
Enemies: Liram Angellus Liram Angellus | ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar | Mig Gred Mig Gred | Verin Oldo Verin Oldo Finn Roberts Finn Roberts Aenarr Kyrr Aenarr Kyrr

Fleet Composition:

Deployed Fighters:
4/12 Phedrak Squadrons from Sraeljoarsk
0/2 from Boundless Honor
2/3 Bombers from Sraeljoarsk
3/3 Zealot Strikeshards from Sraeljoarsk
6/12 from Hive
2/3 from Hive

Reserve Fleet - Ships in the Reserve Fleet are behind the primary fleet. Here they will wait to be called into the fray, and damaged vessels will repair.

It proved to be a simple enough affair to depart from the boundaries of the escape pod and enter into the bowels of the Sraeljoarsk. It was especially simple given that all of Phedrak craft and the supplementary bombers and support craft had already dispatched from its assorted hangars and gripping points. Osam had never been trained to properly maneuver and fly a starcraft, and while the controls of the pod were fairly simplistic in nature, he was especially grateful that none of the hostile fighters had managed to hone in on him - a dogfight might've spelled swift death for the Warlord.

A brief jaunt to the bridge of the Sraeljoarsk meant acquiring a sense for the battle that the Warlord had been deprived of within the confines of his pod. With the accelerated senses and assorted sensor mechanisms of the Errindak once more at his fingertips, the hybrid swiftly analyzed the battlefield, attempting to gain a better bearing on what had occurred. The losses were... tremendous to say the least. He didn't imagine that they would be able to hold out for a great deal longer - even with the support of the Conquester that Badar Badar had warped in between his own flotilla and the primary warships of the Confederacy, the Concord Carriers, and the Concordia.

Corvettes on the flanks and fightercraft still nipped and bit at his sides like baying bloodhounds, and the hybrid could do little to disguise the irritation he felt radiating out of him. He didn't pay any heed to the emotional overload until one of the Shamans on the Bridge responsible for conveying commands to the Phedrak swarm gingerly inched away from the hybrid, perhaps anticipating a violent outburst. There was little evidence of his execution of the mutineers on the Boundless Honor, but Osam was not renowned for being the calmest individual in the universe, and his cruel machinations were public knowledge.

"Warlord." One of the Stonesingers interrupted, drawing near to deliver her report. "The emplacement has finished construction. It is charging now. Vengeance draws near." He nodded in acceptance of the report, a cheeky grin splitting across his face at the idea of vaporizing one of the enemy capital ships with the tremendous weapon.

"Then, let us redouble our efforts. We do not need to win this engagement... we just need to keep them from getting past us." He said, turning his attention to the Phedrak swarm as it speeded within attack range of the Confederacy - and subsequently of their flak corvettes. Dot after dot of projected light dissipated as the fighters were churned into chunks of biomass by the guns. The Phedraks, having reached their destination, promptly began to swarm and fire upon these corvettes like dozens of ants picking apart the skin of an interloper. Of course, the losses were tremendous, but the fighters for their part provided some degree of protection to their bomber companions, allowing these to begin delivering terrible payloads against both the corvettes and the Confederate flagship wherever possible.

At the least, a majority of these Confederacy corvettes seemed to shift in their path, and begin a direct course toward the trio of vessels coming out of reserves. Of course, the presence of the Conquester between the Confederate fleet and the flotilla provided some degree of cover, but the Conquester was not infinite in size, and space was vast and easy enough to maneuver. Still, the two fleets were not exactly close which meant the trio had plenty of time to draw into position and prepare themselves for the possibility of attack.

It seemed quite likely that the corvettes would try to flank around the Conquester, and given that it had blocked off the Heroism and Clan's Pride from their prior targets, the two capital ships gradually began to turn, facing the direction where the new corvettes would make their appearance, and where whatever remnants of the 321st remained in combat with the remaining Ravager. Meanwhile, Phedraks and Bombercraft poured out from the hull of the Hive, utilizing the exceptional rapid deployment abilities of the Phedrak Carrier to guarantee a heightened degree of air superiority in mere moments.

The unwillingness of the enemy capital ships to push the advantage created by the flanking corvettes under Reshmar and the consistent fighter assault by Angellus now manifested itself in a redirection of a significant portion of the Bryn'adul firepower to meet this new encroachment. Ballistae from the capital ships opened up with terrible salvos, and the Vampire and Shriek promptly began to reposition themselves over the head of the Conquester - prepared and ready for any hostile advancement from the center of the "field" so that they could bind themselves onto it and sap it of energy.

Released from the reserve, the new Phedraks began to swarm the flanks, three squadrons - sixty fighters - to each as they attempted to provide the remaining Ravager frigates with some degree of picket protection against the foe - though, with the apparent withdrawal of so many, Osam found himself curious as to what the enemy's new strategy might entail. Meanwhile, the newly launched bombers stuck near enough to the Heroism and Clan's Pride, apparently awaiting an easy target within the maximized protection zone created by friendly AA and defensive turrets.

Osam watched as the hostile corvettes slid through their lines - and into the killzone of the capital ships in the process, and promptly launched torpedoes and other missile attachments against the Hive, each one lashing against its shielding, or else being dispersed by whatever nearby defensive emplacements could reach it. It could not survive an indefinite struggle against so many corvettes... but neither could the corvettes against the capital ships, Osam imagined.

Losses had mounted, but the battle was far from decided.

Fleet Actions and Effects
  • 4 Squadrons of Phedraks are destroyed by the flak corvettes of the Confederacy. The survivors swarm against these corvettes and provide protection through sheer numbers to the remaining bomber-craft near them. Garm Oligard Garm Oligard
  • 2 Squadrons of Bombers reach the Confederate lines and begin to drop whatever payloads they possess or can manage against the enemy Flagship or whatever other supplementary targets can be reached.
  • The Reserve Fleet fully joins the main fleet. No ships are currently "Reserved" These ships pull roughly behind the current main fleet, and then assume new positions with the Debauchers positioning above Badar Badar 's Conquester sent to protect the flotilla, and the Hive sticking near the back.
  • The Hive launches multiple squadrons using the rapid deployment methods of the Phedrak Carriers - 6 squadrons of Phedrak Fighters, and two squadrons of Thumpers move into the air. The Phedraks split into two groups, with 3 squadrons each maneuvering to the remaining Ravager Frigates in order to provide them with support and protection. The Bombers hover between the Clan's Pride and the Heroism in range of many many friendly AA guns.
  • The Clan's Pride and Heroism are blocked off from their previous targets by the Conquester, and instead direct attention to the incoming flak corvettes - they promptly open fire on these using their Crusader Ballistae armaments.
  • Remaining Ravagers continue to fight against the flanking corvettes under ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar - no changes from last post here.
  • The Hive suffers heavy shield damage from the corvette torpedo onslaught.

Post: 3
Objective: Shatter Tilrinn
Allies: The Bryn
Foes: Kiara Ayres Everyone else. Come get me.
Location: Upper City, not far from the financial center.

The call was audible above the chaos of the battle. Within seconds Sethrak went from deflecting as many shots as he could to backing up to cover and searching for The Grandmaster. It was ironic, both were seeking revenge in a way. Sethrak wanted revenge for Nar Kreeta, while The Grandmaster surely wanted revenge for the civilians he had slaughtered. But only one's thirst would be quenched, and Sethrak had no doubt that it would be his at the end of the day.

Meanwhile the assault was still making minimal progress. The forces were trapped outside, engaging the few defenders that had sallied forth, while the firing from the tower continued to pick off the Bryn. In fact, the hail of laser fire from the tower seemed to intensify, hinting at an increase of forces within. Sethrak growled. Perhaps they could take the tower down from the outside. He shook his head. There was no time to consider how. He needed to find Kiara.

He continued seeking, his eyes moving like an insect flying from flower to flower. At last he found the jedi standing just outside of the tower. It was as if a missile had locked on to its' target. Sethrak jumped up, sprinting toward the Jedi, deflecting the shots that came his way. At the moment he had a clear path, and within moments he would reach The Jedi.

The idea was she wouldn't see him until he was right next to her, and he'd ram into her with his shoulder. However the odds were against him. She was looking for him, and he would be making himself a target. But he didn't care about the odds. If she saw him, he'd simply change his tactics. He was so close. Vengence. He thought to himself as he took another step toward his target. This was the endgame, she'd either see him now, or she'd be slammed into the ground....
Rip and Tear
Tags: (closed) Sergeant Omen Sergeant Omen Cato Harth Cato Harth
Objective: BYOO - Survive the Ambush
Location: Outskirts of Lower Level

Their answers were both reassuring, and discomforting. Her own dissonance becoming more and more an issue. The sounds of battle above and around them made her thinking all the more difficult. An inner war raging just as the one outside did.

Two lines that should never have met fighting for control in one being rather than the clear fight across the palisades around them.

Her wings shrunk as she thought. The sounds around them distracting her from a clear answer as her glowing eyes dulled once more. She examined them, a small sliver of hope from both portions of her mind at an answer.

"I need quiet. Away from this." Her clawed hand swept around them, the tendrils on the back of her head twitching at every sound around them.

She could think away from all this. Maybe. Might at least give them a more clear idea of what she felt and how she would go forward. Wings folded, tucking against her back as she looked over those bodies she had placed ceremoniously along the wall.

"I have no clear answer at this moment. My mind is clouded.
Instinct demands I fight you. Another part of me wants help. I..."
She paused, looking up and closing her eyes. Even shut, her senses were sharp enough to paint a picture without the need for a visual.

The thrumming of their hearts. The breath passing through them. The soft sounds of earth and rubble shaking with the effects of combat elsewhere. The distant sounds of bodies and weapons. All made a swirling mess for clear thinking.

"I would like to leave...peacefully." Her eyes opened and focused on them, the amber surrounding her iris dull once more as she pulled the cloak about herself. The hood was slowly drawn up and over her head. It was a poor sight for what was once a proud knight.

It failed to hide her face, or her eyes. The green of her skin closely resembling that of a Mirialan. The tendrils, barely visible in their multitude so close to the head tails of others races in function. Her clawed feet up to mid thigh was visible beneath the tattered thing, covered in part by the old armor she wore atop the chitin shell she had over her.

"How do you propose I accept your help, and leave this place?" She continued, letting out a sad sigh. Her form seemed to shrink into itself without becoming any physically smaller.

Garm Oligard


Enemies: Badar Badar Badar Badar
Allies: Liram Angellus Liram Angellus Liram Angellus Liram Angellus | ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar | Mig Gred Mig Gred Mig Gred Mig Gred | Verin Oldo Verin Oldo Finn Roberts Finn Roberts Aenarr Kyrr Aenarr Kyrr

Garm grimaced as he saw the other Bryn capital ships pushed up to protect its new capital ships and fighters buzzing out of the big sack of flesh’s hangers, flying towards the Corvette line like Star-locusts on the hunt, ready to tear their prey apart. Well, there goes the thought of having surprise on their side. Still, it was too late to back out now and Little Warrior took the lead of the formation, starting to buffet as Defense Gunfire exploded around the little Corvette. A cry of “Shields at 50% percent" rang throughout the bridge as a particularly nasty hit made the display surfaces spark. The Line couldn’t take this forever but at least they were close to their launch point. Just a little closer now… Just a little closer… When they got into the torpedo's maximum range, Garm shouted at the top of his lungs “Now! Release Torpedos!”.

With a whoosh, the Corvette Line of 13 corvettes released the venerable M31s from their launch tubes against the three capital ship’s shields before turning rapidly back to the Main CIS Fleet as fast their engines could push their little hulls. Now all they need to go to get back to the CIS lines. The commander passed a look at the TAC NAV making sure all of the line was alive and well but when he looked, there were only twelve ships. As he looked at his view screens, he saw the CNS Blazing Ronto, with its symbol on the ship’s hull literally on fire as it flew its way in the direction of the Bryn Carrier Hive’s hangers. It was then a message came out of the communications station from the ship's captain, full of sadness and yet determination at the same time. “We got hit in the control services and they are completely shredded. We can’t turn around so we are going to make it count… May the stars guide you…” With that, the Ronto smashed into the Carrier’s hangar deck at top speed and detonated its full magnetizes, creating a fireball against the Byrn Captialships hull and making the comm channel cut up for good. Garm closed his eyes for a moment, wishing the Ronto’s crew well on their trip into the stars to receive their final judgment by whatever God was out there. Nothing could be done for it now… He only could take care of those who were still alive, not those who had been turned into space dust. Hopefully, he wouldn't go into the stars next...

As the Commander looked at the radar, he could see the Flak ships starting to get overwhelmed in their own fight against the hoards of fighters and bombers harassing their hulls and the craft the Bryn had already launched were gaining on them, nipping at their heels. His crew didn’t have to wait long for their commander to bark out his orders. “Commit 3 of the reserve Terrus classes to the brawl with the fighters and bombers with the focus being on the bombers. Nothing should get through. The other 4 ships form up a line to intercept the line of fighters behind us as soon as possible. And get me a line to the CNS Phantom Queen while you're at it!" With a call connected, Garm stated his demands to the man he knew was behind the other console the only way he knew how.Commander Roberts! You have a dying enemy flank in front of you and I don’t see you capitalizing on it. The Ronto died so you could not have to worry about having to go in first, now you will get out of your hammock, put your Corellian rum with a little colorful umbrella on the side table, and actually thrust that Queen of yours into the fray. I can’t give you orders but I can give you suggestions and a suggestion would be to attack that carrier while its shields are still down and take it out for good. I would follow it if I were you because if not, I will invade your stateroom in the middle of the night and shove my tail up that little scallywag hole of yours as far as it will go. And you can use your imagination on what else I will do to you that will make you scream in terror. Warrior out!” Hopefully, that would give the other line commander the message because the horrified faces of his staff certainly meant they understood too much what he meant. His silver-haired male XO caught his attention as he walked up to the Daedre's side. “Sir, the fighters are closing into our effective range.” With a tired sigh, the commander nodded. “Very well, tell all ships to warm up the M2’s and the Missle cannons. They might not be much, but they are the best we got. Fire at will.” And with that, the turrets and missile launchers of the Corvette’s swiveled behind them and shot into the black vacuum of space at their new targets and for the force’s sakes, Commander Oligard hoped they would hit their mark.
Arc Trooper Sergeant of the 41st Elite Corps

Tags: Aberrant Aberrant , Cato Harth Cato Harth
Omen sat there passively as the large woman made her answer, letting her get through her words before speaking. At least the good side of her was winning out against the bad and she looked actually quite beautiful in her own mysterious-like way. Not that the clone told her that though, she had enough stuff in her mind without him adding to it more and he didn't want to be cleaved in half for trying to compliment her. It looked like he was going to have to do it anyways though to tell her her options. "You do know if you do this that your superiors will hunt you down and slay you with whatever they have on hand. You are the biggest security risk they can have, someone that can talk and the Jedi will be willing to listen as you expel all their secrets. So I have two opinions for you. One is we sneak you back to the landing pad my ship is on with you curled up in the suit's arms, pretending to be a hurt refugee that is unable to walk. I take you to my ship and you can get your peace at the outrage of your superiors who will try to kill you at any cost, making you always look over your shoulder and never letting you know true peace. The second is a little convoluted and long term but hear me out. I let you go with the information of me turning against the SJC and I give you all the security codes on this suit to prove my worth. That way this gets you a promotion and whoever is in charge makes you my handler. We can always change the codes later but for right now, they prove I can be trusted. All I ask for is credits in a bag and if some vital information is slipped in the bag with it, who cares. I keep feeding you information of various quality for the same takeaway. If You need out, just contact me and I'll meet you at a prearranged RV point and we can go from there with the Silver Jedi giving you as many refrigerated bodies as you want as thanks plus you get the Bryn unable to get to you because they already have been weakened so much by our actions." The Clone raised an eyebrow, a little skeptical of the second plan himself but hoping the woman considered her options wisely. "So, which one do you choose?"
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The Young Lion

Leading Frontal Assault
Circumtore's Moon
Forces: Jaeger Battalion (
Friendlies: Aien Mueller Aien Mueller | Kolson Vrask Kolson Vrask | Konrad Harrsk Konrad Harrsk | Aemilio Valaar Aemilio Valaar | Hayde Torve Hayde Torve | Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran | SJC & Allies
Enemies: Gordrak Gordrak | Udomek Seker Udomek Seker | Sylok'Vanari Sylok'Vanari | Bryn

Time was against them. They knew it going in, but that didn't make it any less stressful.

The Bryn'adûl was putting up more of a coordinated effort as the frontal assault waged on, and it became clear to their commanding officer that Jaeger Battalion was in danger of being overrun unless that cannon is taken out. Its completion became apparent to all as the crackling of building energy suggested it was charging up. They likely had only minutes to delay its firing procedure, if not destroy it outright.

"Omega, Jaeger here! The enemy has finished construction; I repeat, the weapon is completed! You guys better hurry or my boys will have died on this moon in vain! We're stretched pretty thin here, but we'll make 'em pay in blood, ours and theirs!"

As one Bryn Juggernaut fell, two more would take its place. A hail of plasma rounds was unleashed against the attackers, forcing Thirdas to dive into cover behind the large carcass of his fallen foe. It proved to provide lackluster protection against the molten ammunition, as one such round penetrated straight through the thick body of the dead Juggernaut before his very eyes, showing no sign of stopping.

"No! Stay back, don't--!"

He shouted at the battalion honour guard following their commander, but it was too late. Several men were hit by the destructive hail, their torsos exploding into red mist and sending their limbs flying in every direction. Thirdas looked on in horror as four young men were obliterated in an instant, and those that yet drew breath now lay on the ground screaming in pain as legs or arms were missing.

The battalion banner, once proudly held aloft, now lay covered in blood and dirt. It was easy for any man in this situation to lose all hope.

His comm-device crackled to life.

"Azure leader to Jaeger Commander and Blue, we are currently engaging the enemy gunships with additional squadrons on the way. Since we're here, we can target enemy lunar forces and their construction teams. Just start painting targets."

At that moment a squadron of Silver fighters appeared overhead, strafing a line of Bryn attempting to surround the Major where he lay hunkered down. He found himself drawing breath once more, as if life itself was returned to him.

"The angels on our shoulders," he commented in awe, before his eyes fell upon the banner on the ground.

Thirdas got up and made a dash for it, and as he plucked it from the dirt he stood and waved it frantically back and forth. Those that witnessed this act rose up and shouted with newfound zeal as they read the words it bore: WE MARCH FOR ANVIL!

With battalion banner in his left, Thirdas drew his battleaxe with his right.

"Stand and fight, Brothers! The Force is with us!"

His men surged forward, no longer hiding from the enemy. As the banner was carried into battle, Jaeger Battalion followed with suicidal bravery. They bothered not to stop and fire at the enemy, but rather unloaded at point-blank range before leaping head-first into brutal melee wielding bayonets, axes and machetes.

Thirdas threw his axe at one Juggernaut, cleaving its skull in twain, and leapt on top of a second to plant the end of his banner down its throat. As the foe collapsed and he was met with third, he found himself without a weapon. The third Juggernaut grabbed him and rammed its thick head into his, knocking his helmet off.

The Young Lion reeled back momentarily, only to meet his enemy with a wicked grin on his lips. The Juggernaut attempted another, but this time Thirdas did not budge in the slightest.

"That all you got, huh?"

He broke free and relied on his superior agility to swing himself on top of its shoulders, then proceeded to unceremoniously snap its neck using his metal arm. As his feet hit the ground, he collected both banner and axe before wading further into the enemy lines.

Hayde Torve


Location: Near the Moon Cannon construction site with elements of the 22nd Provisional Commandoes
Objective: Objective Three
Allies: Thirdas Heavenshield Thirdas Heavenshield Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran Aien Mueller Aien Mueller
Enemies: Gordrak Gordrak
: Ghostfire Hold-out Blaster Pistol, Altagak-class Infiltration Armor, Droch-series Field Disruptor ,FastMed Emergency Medpac

She barreled into the dark recesses of the earth and into the Moon Cannon's structure itself, leaving the confuddled Juggernaut behind her.

The din of battle echoed in the chambers even as her HUD lit up in its night vision mode. More of us must be getting closer. A quick glance at her HUD showed that more Concord troops led by Thirdas Heavenshield Thirdas Heavenshield were closing in on the position. Perhaps even more heartening were the presence of the starfighters led by Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran . At least my message got through...

She heard a thrumming sound begin to reverberate around her, along with the tell-tale cackle of energy. She frowned as suspicion set in. They wouldn't be putting in power here if it was getting ready to fire. Instinct abruptly called to her, and she deftly pressed herself against a nearby wall and froze. Whatever material it was, it was chilling to touch, even through her suit. A few cackles erupted deeper in the hall, causing her body to chill even more. Another one of those brutes? I can't possibly kill many of those, even with the element of surprise....

The footsteps came closer.

Yet no towering beast clad in heavy armor and gruesome weaponry came towards her.

Instead, she looked down at the diminutive form of a pair of Ungulloi Artificers clodding their way towards her, apparently oblivious to her presence. She eyed them over as they waddled closer and closer towards her. She slid her blaster pistol out of its sheath and slowly raised it to her waist level before beginning to gently press down on the trigger. A flickering beam of red light danced upon the two artificers, causing them to briefly stop. Before they could fully comprehend what was going on, she squeezed the trigger, sending a pair of silent, red blaster bolts into each of their skulls. The two engineers crumbled to the ground. She quickly rushed towards the teetering aliens and gave one a quick kick to the side of the head. The hapless alien's corpse smashed into his deceased comrade, causing both to topple to the ground.

Relief flooded her, followed by worry.

Is this truly who I've become? Taking pleasure in violence...

She quickened her pace, running deeper into the structure until she could see what appeared to be a dazzling light. It seemed to thrum and cackle with energy. A power source maybe? An energy crystal? Hayde slowed her pace as she neared it. Whatever it is, it seems to have to do something with whatever weapon thy're trying to build here. She toggled her comlink's channel.

"Stormriders, if any of you are present, I need you at my location now...bring explosives."
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Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii


Allies: ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar Liram Angellus Liram Angellus Jairdain Jairdain Isla Draellix Isla Draellix Verin Oldo Verin Oldo Garm Oligard Garm Oligard Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran
Enemies: Osam Osam Badar Badar
Fleet: Concordia, Shield-class Escort Cruiser, 4x Tionas-class FACs, 3x GF-2B Super TwinTail squadrons, 2x GF-3B "Star Cutter" squadrons, 1x HF-2 Jair Kyr'am squadron, 1x Viper MkII squadron, 1x HA-2 Pike squadron

Mig was thrown around as something struck the hull. He looked at Cordy, who simply nodded and quickly sent warning out to the whole crew, especially the marine detachment, a mixture of Mandalorians and refugees, that they had been boarded. She would also quickly let her holographic presence be know as she would soon appear in front some of the boarders.

"You guys aren't that bright are you. You're stuck in my hull now, a hull full of people ready to kill you, and none the less me!" Soon, a light blaster would drop from the ceiling. Wouldn't do much but buy time, but it was something. At the same time, at the Concordia crew noticed Silver City falling back, they decided to push the advantage and cut the engines to full. But Mig would soon catch sight of something really bad.

"Osik! A Debautcher! Take that thing down now! We may have a Duraplast hull, but they've already punched some holes." And with that the Concordia's batteries would turn on the space vampire, sending a flurry there way.

The strike craft and corvettes were a different story. They were now pulling back after their attack run, but that didn't mean they wouldn't try to get a few licks in. Though the one Sea Killer pilot still struggled to escape his pursuers.

Damage: Concordia- Hull 70%/Shield 80% (Particle), FACs in various states of damage, 14 TwinTails lost, 6 Vipers lost, 4 Pikes lost, 5 star Cutters lost, 5 Jair Kyram lost

Fleet Actions:
Concordia is boarded! ( Osam Osam )
Concordia continues to fir into the Bryn fleet, focusing on the Debautcher (Even if other Bryn ships take the shots) and pushing forward.
Strike squadrons begin to fall back while escort squadrons push the attack.
FACs continue striking as best they can.

ADM. Reshmar

Directorate Officer Silver Concord 3rd Fleet

Location: Circumtore system
Allies: Mig Gred Mig Gred Liram Angellus Liram Angellus Jairdain Jairdain
Enemies: Osam Osam Badar Badar

Reshmar looked at the battle on the holographic display. The Bryn had moved more ships into the battle more than making up for what they had lost so far. The death toll was staggering, he had lost over half his forces and with the new Bryn ships, he saw no way of penetrating the blockade. He watched the remaining corvettes of his force move around the aft of the Bryn force engaging with he Bryn frigates. A moment later the frigates fire was aided by several Bryn attack craft. The corvettes released a unending stream of CIWS fire at the approaching craft. Ther heavy laser cannons aiding in the fight targeting the fast moving craft with heavy anti-fighter firepower. The few light turbolasers fired at the frigates as the forces met. The small capital weapons having some effect but were not enough to counter the frigate's raw firepower. Reshmar watched as the Kalith cracked with sparking energy as a solar beam pierced the ship sticking one of the ship's capacitor banks. energy lapped out from the vessel arching over the hull as the stored charge in the system was released. The ship flashed and then exploded spreading debris out and across the battle. The chunks of hull struck out at the remaining corvettes and the Bryn force engaging them. Thrasher has moved into position a moment before beside the corvette as the 321st and 344th joined up in formation. a large chuck of hull struck her on the port flank rippling her shielding and causing them to drop as fire from the Bryn force struck her. The little protection the shields had been giving the ships was gone allowing the full brunt of the kinetic weaponry to dig into her hull. That and the solar beams were too much for the heavy corvette, The ship fired its last load of missiles at the Ravager frigates then succumb to the overwhelming firepower that had been set against her.

Reshmar watched as the two corvettes were gutted one after the other. he closed his eyes for a moment thinking about the crews aboard the vessels. so many good men and women, gone in a flash. Reshmar opened his eyes and looked at the display. With the newly bolstered Bryn fleet, Reshmar could only see one option. Reshmar did the math in his head, he knew his idea would most likely not work but it was the only option he could see. His hope was if he did not destroy the weapon it would buy the besieged ringworld time to get more civilians off its surface. if he could only slow or damage the massive weapon. anything to buy the fleet and the ring time.

"Helm, move us out into the battle. Set best course to intercept that cannon's line of fire, flank speed if you will captain" ordered Reshmar. The captain looked at Reshmar for a moment then nodded. with a knowing look, he turned and gave the order then turned back to Reshmar.

"Admiral, I have the con. I insist you let these marines escort you to the hanger bay," said the Haash'n's captain. Reshmar looked at the man wordless for a moment. He thought to protest then withdrew any idea of it as the two marines walked up on either side of him.

"Sir, please, I insist. I will handle it from here. I will send word that your private shuttle will be heading to Silver City. Our wind will escort you in. Now with all due respect sir, get off my ship." said the captain as the two marines looked to Reshmar, insistent that he move.

The walk to the hanger was not a long one. As he moved down the corridor he looked to the men and women of the Haash'n moving towards escape pods and towards the few shuttles on the vessel's hanger. the ship rattled and shook as the light cruiser began to move into the fire zone and out from behind the safety of the larger ships. The deck beneath Reshmars feet was frantically vibrating as the undamaged engines strained to move the vessel as fast as possible. The three were almost thrown to the ground as something struck the ship causing the sound of screeching metal and scraping noises through the entire ship. A marine took Reshmars arm to steady him than the three continued to the hanger deck. Reshmar looked around the hanger as the group entered, it was chaos as shuttles were packing as many of the crew as possible aboard them. Reshmars shuttle sat at the front of the group read for him.

"Marine, once I am onboard get as many of the crew on my shuttle as you can. Pack it full'" said Reshmar. The marine to his left thought about it then nodded to the Mon Calamari. Reshmar returned the nod then walked up the ramp and to the command seat f the shuttle. It had been a while since he had flown a small craft in battle conditions. He wondered how rusty he was and if he would manage to get the craft off the ship and to safety. A moment later one of the marines came forward and sat in the co-pilots seat.

"SIr, I am rated I can assist. The shuttle is packed the hatch is closed. we may depart sir," said the marine as he buckled into his seat. Reshmar did not reply, he went through the start-up then brought the shuttle up off the deck.

"Hold on!" Reshmar shouted towards the back of the shuttle as he slammed the shuttle's acceleration to the max and shot out of the ship's hangar.
The craft shot out then made a ninety-degree dive out the ship's ventral hanger. Reshmar pulled it up again and skimmed along the bottom of Haash'n until the shuttle passed beyond the large ship's hull. He pulled the craft up putting the Hassh'n between his shuttle and the incoming enemy fire. Reshmar glanced at a small display on the shuttle's dash which gave him a view of the aft of the shuttle. He saw the Haash'n moving away, Blastast after blast struck the ship s it moved off in the direction of the Bryn cannon. Chunks of hull broke free a the onslaught of enemy fire tore at the ship's hull. Reshmar could not watch anymore. He shut off the feed then looked out at the SJC carrier in the distance. A moment later a wideband transmission came on over every SJC and allied communications channel.

"This is the captain of the Hash'n, We are moving to a collision course with the enemy weapon structure. " the man paused as shouts and explosions could be heard over the channel. The man coughed then continued. " All Allied forces clear the cannon and the battle zone surrounding the weapon." another pause as the man on the transmission seemed to be moving. The captain picked himself up off the deck of the light cruiser and continued. We are coming in fast so get clear" said the man then the transmission was gone. The vessel picking up speed as it used what little shielding it had left as an umbrella in front of it. Its weapons were silent as every bit of energy was poured from the weapons into the engines of the ship. The forward screens rippled and flexed under the onslaught as the ship sped towards the cannon.

Force Composition 2,000 meters
3rd fleet
38th Patrol Squadron
355th Patrol Command Line

MC57-class Light Cruiser - Haash'n - Hull 35% Shielding forward 100% Movement 125% power from weapons aiding thrust.
321st Pursuit Line
MC25-class Heavy Corvette - Salmakk - disabled floating broken hull
MC22-class Corvette - Kalith - shredded
MC22-class Corvette -Rosen - Hull 46% Shielding 23%
344th Pursuit Line
MC25-class Heavy Corvette - Thrash - shredded
MC22-class Corvette - Hesmit Hull 34% Shielding 56% Movement 75%
MC22-class Corvette - Onoma - disabled floating broken hull
327th Picket Line - RIP
Intersector-class Sloop - MCPV 1029 - shredded
Intersector-class Sloop - MCPV 1101 - shredded
Intersector-class Sloop - MCPV 1045 - disabled floating dead
Intersector-class Sloop - MCPV 1121 - shredded
Intersector-class Sloop - MCPV 1157 - shredded

Set Haash'n on a collision course with the Bryn cannon.
Kalith destroyed
Thrash fired a volley of assault missiles
Thrash destroyed
Message sent out to all allied forces to clear the cannon.
Reshmar moving to Silver City
Riffraff, Street Rat
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Cato breathed a sigh of relief as they seemingly could put the tension past them for certain. Farrina had enough sense at the forefront of her mind to not try and kill them, and to Cato that hesitance was already a sign they were in the right direction. Now their focus fell to what came next, and Cato had plenty to say about the plans being thrown around. He turned to the Sergeant regarding his second idea, “What? Woah woah, slow down, Cowboy. That’s a pointless sacrifice that puts you both into trouble. She needs to be out of the fight, not closer to it. Putting her back in contact with the Bryn just gives them more opportunities to try and manipulate her or experiment on her or whatever they hell it is they do. And to be honest, I don’t necessarily trust the Concord with this info either, not yet at the very least. With how she is now, she needs to be free of any influence and able to think for herself,” He furrowed his brow and pondered for a moment, “You mentioned Felucia earlier. Honesty, I don’t think that’s a bad idea.”

It was sparsely populated by sentients, and now that the Sith were gone, there was no prevailing government to worry about. “It’s not like the Bryn are known for being able to freely travel the galaxy outside of their own territory. When techno-organic genocide monsters start showing up, word tends to spread fast. I think she could be safe somewhere like that for long enough to make her decision.”

Cato took the lull in action to sit down, only now realizing how tired he’d been as of late. The percieved absurdity of their situation made him chuckle, and the knight made some return to his typical self, lending some lightness to the topic, “Y'know, can’t say this is how I expected us to meet again, Farrina.”
Worthy Warlord

Location: On the Sraeljoarsk
Equipment: Flesh Vessel | (I'll link other stuff if it ever becomes relevant, but I'm in a ship, so I doubt it.)
Allies: Badar Badar
Enemies: Liram Angellus Liram Angellus | ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar | Mig Gred Mig Gred | Verin Oldo Verin Oldo Finn Roberts Finn Roberts Aenarr Kyrr Aenarr Kyrr

Fleet Composition:

Deployed Fighters:
2/12 Phedrak Squadrons from Sraeljoarsk
0/2 from Boundless Honor
1/3 Bomber Squadrons from Sraeljoarsk
3/3 Zealot Strikeshards from Sraeljoarsk - Landed on Concordia
5/12 Phedrak Squadrons from Hive
2/3 Bomber Squadrons from Hive

Devastation on a massive scale followed the Bryn'adul wherever they went. The nature of their Crusade meant that there was always conflict, but Osam would have preferred that the ruination that crept behind them like a shadowy specter might have afflicted their foe more regularly than it raised its ugly head against his own. The Warlord observed from the confines of the Sraeljoarsk as the stream of Confederate corvettes closed and performed their assorted missile attacks, and he watched on in glee as the Hive held firmly under the strain.

Held on, right until a corvette rammed itself directly into the "hangar bay" of the Hive. Named after the fateful battle that had occurred on the world of Nar Kreeta, and one of the convictions that now drove the Bryn'adul to seek revenge, it was a devastating blow against morale to see the fledgling warship suddenly collapse inward on itself as dozens of struts and foundations were torn to pieces by the explosion of the corvette. A handful of Phedraks upon the surface of the Hive managed to escape its obliteration, but by and large, the blow had come too swiftly to properly dispatch the remainder of the small craft.

Decompression followed as the ship curled inward on itself, its roof and floor crunching together under the terrible suction of the stars as the atmosphere within the vessel was vented out in a wretched moment that nearly sucked the breath out of the Warlord in horrid anticipation. There was no tremendous explosion to mark the death of the Hive. The Carrier had been effectively unarmed except for the numerous starfighters it housed, and each of these was crushed to pieces or exploded quietly within the bounds of the ship - their last cries unheard and unwitnessed.

Quiet remorse stretched across the command bridge of the Sraeljoarsk, thick enough that it felt like sacrilege to pierce it - a disrespectful notion to those hundreds who had found themselves snuffed out.

Casualties had been expected, but they had thought the battle would turn more surely in their favor than this. The presence of two mighty Conquesters and so many Warlords and Shipmasters had seemed to guarantee to the bloodthirsty crews that they would be able to savage Circumtore and that nothing would stand in their midst. Osam too found himself stunned at the tremendous number of deaths - on the field, he had witnessed countless corpses fall, but to imagine that something so simple as a couple of button flicks could condemn hundreds was dreadful in a way he could not easily acknowledge.

"The Strikeshards were successful in their landing - minimal casualties. The Zealots have reported that they are engaging the crew, and causing havoc." The Kraemonen projected with all of the emotional situational awareness that could be expected from a conglomerate of freakish sapient centipedes. In its alien mind, all losses were probably something like numerical calculations that could be written off - as close to an organic machine as any could come.

Osam nodded in acceptance of this fact, broken from his morbid reverence and returning to his duties as de facto Fleetmaster by checking the status displays of his fighting ships. It seemed that the corvettes which remained were either retreating in the case of the Concord vessels - or else that they were fighting and skirmishing with the Phedraks in front of their lines- and dealing significant damage at that. Whether near to their lines or that of the Confederacy, the corvettes, in general, had clearly been outfitted for anti-fighter roles, and they performed admirably. It was a shame that the Thumpers with all of their exceptional ordinance seemed to have done so little to wound them... even with their fighter escort it seemed that the strike-craft were weaker than had been expected.

Meanwhile, the continued punishment from Concordia shifted direction, now targeting the Debaucher Vampire which hung over the crest of Badar's Conquester. While the Debaucher had no retaliatory function, it was interesting to observe that the enemy was targeting it over the super-massive Conquester. Surely they recognized the strategic threat of the far larger warship? Were they just going for a war of attrition? Another blip caught his eye as the Haash'n maneuvered to close the gap between the two fleet lines - and subsequently seemed to be directing itself to go right past the Conquester if it were able to survive the horrible volleys that it might inflict.

It was a suicidal maneuver, but for all of the implications of morality that the Concord liked to flaunt, they were as willing to lay down their lives as the Bryn'adul were to take them. Suicidal to a fault - they could have avoided the loss of their flanking corvettes - for Osam now saw that these had been annihilated by the Ravagers, if only they had decided to retreat... or else to attack with larger ships.

What was this, but another call to be put to death? Another desire for martyrdom by the Concord?

"Shriek. Pull movement - intercept that cruiser... kill its engines completely." He commanded, observing as a handful of seconds later the Debaucher began to stir into motion and maneuver to catch its prey. What it lacked in genuine armament it made up for in utter resilience and impressive speed. Its tendrils curled and uncurled as it moved toward the cruiser, the living ship preparing itself for the boarding process by which around six-hundred troops could be dispatched into the enemy... and by which all energy could be drained from it completely.

"Vampire. Engage the Concordia. Provide support to our Zealots. Khaeus watches your efforts." Khaeus was dead - or else he might as well have been for all the difference his name made in the battle, but it stirred the warriors aboard the Vampire into fervor and the warship promptly set off at maximum speed toward the Concordia, soaking up the impressive capital-level firepower of its foe with a resilience seldom afforded to smaller vessels. It had been designed to close the gap, after all.

Fleet Actions and Effects
  • 2 Phedrak Squadrons lost attacking Confederate Fleet - 1 Bomber Squadron also lost to their defenses. Garm Oligard Garm Oligard
  • The Hive is obliterated by a corvette which rams into its flank and snaps its foundations to pieces.
  • 1 Phedrak Squadron lost while skirmishing and fighting the retreating Concord corvettes near Bryn lines. Mig Gred Mig Gred
  • Zealots aboard the Concordia wreak whatever havoc that they are able - sabotage and slaughter galore wherever possible.
  • The Vampire takes light structural damage from the volleys from the Concordia - and promptly begins to close the gap between the two ships.
  • The Shriek moves from its perch atop the Conquester to try to intercept the Haash'n in the hopes of cutting its engines and slaughtering its crew. ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar
  • The Brawler takes serious structural damage from the final missile volleys from the heavy corvettes under Reshmar before they were destroyed.
  • Phedraks and Bombers over Confederate Fleet continue their attack.
Deadly Scourge



ALLIES: Verin Oldo Verin Oldo | Aenarr Kyrr Aenarr Kyrr | Garm Oligard Garm Oligard | Liram Angellus Liram Angellus | Isla Draellix Isla Draellix | Mig Gred Mig Gred | Jairdain Jairdain | ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar | Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran
ENEMIES: Osam Osam | Badar Badar | Any other crustacean-kissing moofmilker out there

It was madness.

Finn watched with one eye as he lit up a cigara while standing in front of the great viewport, waiting for the order. Protocol sucked for sure. It took too much time.

But the order was given at last.
"Fire Drivers!" Finn ordered past the cigara in his mouth.
As the boom of the eight Mass Drivers sounded, several things happened at once. Before the explosive shot had even hit, the Bryn'adul flagship went down. And then all hell broke loose.

On the forefront, Bombers and Swarmers were making a beeline for the Al'raja. At the same time, some Bryn'adul craft have placed themselves between the Confederate Navy and the Bryn flag that was on its way down.

Finn calmly exhaled a cloud of smoke.
"Launch main three squadrons of Vultures to engage the swarmers heading this way. I want the Harpy to Accelerate any damn enemy fighter to Hoth and back if they get too close to us." he ordered calmly. The entire bridge bustled to send through the orders. Within a heartbeat, the MK III's rose as one and sped off to engage the Phedraks that had swooped past the Void squadron, their M6's rattling off laser fire as they went.

Finn had just opened his mouth to give the assault orders, when Commander Garm Oligard Garm Oligard 's voice boomed over the comms. The bridge of the Queen fell quiet as all eyes turned to Finn. Derrick's face had turned ashen, as he knew better than anyone what Finn was capable of when he was put in a mood.

Finn quietly drew in another breath of cigara and calmly exhaled another cloud.
"Noted, Commander Obligard. Now if you are done, I have holes to blow, seeing as I have the bigger guns in this conversation. Good talk. We should do it again some time. Roberts out." he said formally. He then turned to face his crew, as they were all still staring at him wide eyed. Squaring his shoulders, he assumed control of his line.
"Now, ladies. I want ten Drivers firing combinations of armour piercers and explosives at will at that Conquestor. I want sixteen others firing the same combination at that Annihilator. I want the Quads and Heavies firing at will as well. Let the Ranger concentrate Driver fire at the Annihilator and distribute laser fire evenly between those ships." he ordered, the crew jumping to life the moment he started giving line orders. "The Howl can stick close and fire at will. Everyone hold the line, but take evasive action as necessary. Lets get this lady hot and heavy."

As one, the CNS Phantom Queen and CNS Doom Ranger's Mass Driver Cannons boomed out their big shells in continuous and typical rotating action. At the same time, all the 524th assault ships hailed salvos of turbolaser fire on the buffer of Bryn'adul ships.

Finn turned back to the viewport, still drawing on his cigara. He was no pacifist.

He would rain fire down on any adversary like the gods themselves.

  • Launched 3 squadrons of Vulture Droid Swarmers at the Bryn Phedraks from the Phantom Queen. Other squadrons of fighters are still in reserve Osam Osam | Badar Badar
  • The Cursed Harpy is popping Phedraks with all ordnance that are swarming too close to the line
- Directed 10 Mass Driver Cannons with combination shot at the one Conquester still between CIS and the new Bryn flag as well as 16 Mass Driver Cannons also with combination shot at the Tezor Annihilator in the same position from the Queen as well as the Doom Ranger Mass Drivers concentrating their fire on the Annihilator Badar Badar
  • Quad Turbolasers and Heavy Turbolasers on both the Queen and the Ranger firing at will at both Bryn ships still in position. Lasers are evenly distributed between the 2 ships Badar Badar
  • The Crimson Howl is still chilling on the Queen's flank and firing at will at any enemy within range (spray and pray) Osam Osam | Badar Badar
  • All ships are holding line, but are ready to take evasive action

Rip and Tear
Tags: (closed) Sergeant Omen Sergeant Omen Cato Harth Cato Harth
Objective: BYOO - Plan a Retreat
Location: Outskirts of Lower Level

There were ideas abound. The clone had made suggestions of garnering favor with her overseer. Codes, details, covert work. All difficult given her current situation. She was still on a tight leash, and could quickly turn into a noose if she were caught out by others.

Of either side.

The thought of retreating to Felucia was the most clear and least dangerous for everyone involved. It also made her suddenly realize how very much alone she suddenly was. Cato was present, but his presence was fleeting at best given the situation.

She was taking their time, binding them up from helping others or being helpful herself. Her human mind scolding while the other cackled to itself. The duality of her situation was a bitter irony given they were helping her ultimately.

"I've to short a leash to attempt using you as a bargaining chip. And I won't needlessly put you at risk without confidence in that plan. Bring it to the table later." She quietly informed the man, eyes scanning the bodies she had laid out.

Regret and pleasure were strange bedmates as she looked over what remained in her wake. Confusion and unease accompanied the other emotions in short order as the idea of Felucia seemed to the solid idea.

"Felucia seems the best option. Though I am loathe to bring more than you two into knowing I exist at this moment." She was speaking in a tone that Cato would recognize from his time working with her. There was a strange smile that appeared at his response to seeing her again.

Sad, but sincere.

"Not how I had hoped, but I am glad to see you. I am sorry that it had to be...this way." her words were somber, the only moment she allowed herself to feel entirely normal once again.

The analytical mind began working away as the monster crept beneath. Her human side had won for the time being, pondering the best routes now.

"I would assume a full blockade is in effect with the incursion. My best route out now would be a civilian vessel with no weapons to avoid further issue." She pondered openly now gazing toward the sky. There had been no thoughts prior to this encounter of needing to escape.

She hadn't sought escape before, and it was entirely alarming to think on it now.

"Either that or take my chances at waiting, which seems a poor choice if memory serves to the amount of allies the jedi could call upon at any time." Her tone held a bit of humor to it now as she looked between the two.

"I don't exactly pass for normal anymore. Requesting clearance or aid even under my old name would likely cause issue. Especially with anything more than a blind eye turned my way." She cleared her throat, a sound that fell between a cough and a growl.

"Any civilian hangars nearby? Preferably without a huddling mass of civilians around to go screaming out of?" Another bit of humor, at odds with everything going on around them. Coping mechanisms were a strange thing at times.
Arc Trooper Sergeant of the 41st Elite Corps

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The Clone turned to Cato with a raised eyebrow at the question if they deserved the codes or not. "And who do you think does, the GA, the CIS, or just yourself to use how? To sell at the highest bidder? She is smart enough to choose who she wants to support on her own." Before the trooper got on a mini rampage about politics and mercenaries, he stopped dead in his tracks as he shook his head in dismay, before asking his own question to Cato's answer about the Byrn's capabilities. "The Bryn also never had a defector either that they could put a bounty on... Might be a little too tempting for them to ignore..." He ignored the idle chit-chat as the friends got to know each other once again after however many years apart before speaking his mind when she rejected his 2nd option.

Omen only nodded when she put his idea for now. He half expected her too in the first place but ideas flowing was better than no ideas at all. "As I said, it is a little convoluted. I guess I've been watching too many spyholos recently... But I'm all about risk and acting crazy, wouldn't have offered my head to you otherwise right? Would your normal mind have stopped the beast within you if I hadn't? I also got an opportunity for you to get paid around 10,000 credits for helping to scout out Bryn worlds for endangered species but you can decide whether you want to take it or not on the ride to the jungle world." Probably not, at least the act had kept her off balance enough for both of the men to persuade her otherwise. With her comments about not looking human, gestured to her cloaked body with a small chuckle. "You looked humanoid enough to fool my suit's sensors and my eyes, you certainly can look human enough to fool someone else's. Our best bet is stealing a merc transport for you in the SJC war camp. A lot of those people won't be coming back to reclaim them so I don't think anyone will take one ship missing as a huge deal. We can always just take mine because I don't think having guns is as big of the deal as you say. The two fleets are too busy with each other to worry about other traffic and are probably using the last of their reserves against each other, trying to win supremacy. They aren't going to notice someone going in the opposite direction of the battle and try to hunt them down, whether the ship is an armed starfighter or an unarmed freighter. The trooper slowly picked up his verpine pistol and holstered it before walking to his dented suit and hopped in, activating its reactor engine and getting its equipment up and running. Soon enough, he was speaking out of the suit's voice box. "Whatever you two want to do is fine, but we need to get a move on or decide to hunker down someplace until the battle ends and we can get out with my credentials. You need to choose something now, not tomorrow." After that he stood, silent as a guardian made out of stone, waiting for the two to make their final decision.
Objective 3

Post 4

Allies: Bryn'Adul, Sylok'Vanari Sylok'Vanari

Enemies: SJC, Thirdas Heavenshield Thirdas Heavenshield (Troops engaging) , Hayde Torve Hayde Torve (Personally hunting)


Gordrak watched the battle unfold silently. The Juggernauts had hit a wall in the form of Thirdas Heavenshield Thirdas Heavenshield and his advance. Spurred onward by Gordraks call to enforce their progenitors will, they met their enemies savage charge with one of their own. An Ultra who had waded into the thick of it fired his lancers harpoon-like bayonet at one of the enemy. The blade pierced the poor mans back and erupted out from his chest, showering those around him with blood. Before the man could really comprehend what had happened, the blade was retracted and he was yanked from his feet. As the blade returned to the weapon, the man found himself impaled on the barrel of the weapon essentially. Now gifted with a makeshift human shield attached to the front of his weapon, the Ultra turned his attention to the mans comrades and fired upon them. Elsewhere, a Juggernaut laid low from an explosive found himself on the wrong end of a chainsaw bayonet. Every body dropped was another moment wasted in the Bryn'aduls favor. Soon the weapon would fire and when it did, these pests would turn tail and run like rats fleeing a disaster. As Gordrak readied himself to take to the field personally, an artificer approached him frantically.

"Commander! We have lost contact with several of our own in the depths of the weapon! At this stage an interruption could prove-"

Gordrak snarled and back-handed the artificer away effortlessly. His visage had been one of control though it had now become one of rage. He turned toward the Ultras addressed them furiously. "Stay here and oversee things. Be ready to act if I call upon you." Turning away from them, Gordrak strode from the command center. The Ultras could handle things while he was away. As Gordrak entered a lift and it began its descent, he wondered what might happen going forward from here. If the enemy infiltration was severe enough then both the Ultras and himself might not be enough. He shook the thought from his mind as he drew his crippler. Gordrak forced himself out of the lift the moment the doors opened and cleared the room. Content, he made his way down the corridor on his right. He withdrew his mind stone and addressed the other Bryn commanders situated at or around the cannon. "This is Ultra Gordrak. The enemy may have infiltrated the weapons infrastructure. Requesting more troops to secure the interior and aid me in my search for the enemy. " With the call sent out, Gordrak put the stone away and focused on his sweep. The enemy was cunning in its own way so Gordrak proceeded cautiously.

His thunderous footfall proceeded him as he continued his search. He was cautious but not overly worried about his own stealth. He was bigger and heavier than even his Baedurin kinsmen. When one factored in the weight of his armor as well then they could understand why. Stealth was simply never an option to a creature like Gordrak. In addition to his inability to sneak up on an enemy, Gordrak found the concept rather unappealing. Killing ones enemy was better when done face to face. There was no savoring a kill you didn't truly earn. Gordrak promptly readied his crippler as he rounded a corner as quickly and efficiently something of his size could. Where he expected to be riddled with enemy fire he instead found himself walking down another seemingly barren hallway. He began to wonder if the artificer on the bridge had been mistaken. If that was indeed the case, Gordrak would ensure he paid for his incompetence dearly. Which is to say nothing of what would befall the two artificers should they also be alive.
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Location: Tilrinn ground floor and tower wall

Objective: Bring down the Upper Tower.

Companions: 5 additional Zealots; Kru'kk, Xanlatt, Ort'nem, Valmerk and Var'Schmark.

Barad Disruptor Repeater.
Barad Glaive
Barad Special Operations Armour with crimson coating. (5 with no additional coating).
Barad Impact grenade (X6)
Barad cloaking Device
Barad Assault Carbine (X4)
Barad Kukri (X2)
Barad Kurigasami

Xanlatt paced through the series of corridors and walkways that made up the lower levels. He was careful not to step on any of the bodies strewn before him. Not from a sense of pride or respect of the dead but because a blood trail was up there with some of worst things to happen when trying to remain hidden.
Throughout his infiltration, he had heard several shorts bursts if blaster fire followed by distant thumps and shrieks. At first, Xanlatt he paused at these events, readying his weapons- but nothing came his way.

We're winning. He thought coldly. They were winning and he hadn't even completed his objective yet. It was, he mused, almost despicable how little threat the jedi had posed thus far.

He was well aware of the fact he was concealing himself in shadows despite the reliable use of the cloaking device and yet, he felt a sudden sense that he was being observed by supernatural eyes. It was not a pleasant thought but Xanlatt pushed it from his mind.

After all, he couldn't really kill a ghost.

"Xanlatt to team" The Shadow's voice Shrilled from the communicator, " Requesting a status update."
First charges set. Advancing to second Shadow. How are things down your end?" Kru'kk's response came almost immediately.
"Early resistance dead. Fighting still carrying through the lower city. Be advised, I believe we may be compromised."

"Thats fantastic." Ort'nem said off-com with a grunt as he hauled himself over the tower side. Gal'Zhoren remained silent as he followed behind.

Kru'kk and Xanlatt continued their exchange for a time. Both Zealots ignored the transmission as they viewed the target before them.


Not quite jedi, but they'd do.

They'd be a start.
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Location: Lower level outskirts

Cato handwaved the sergeant’s concerns, “Then we cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now, there’s no reason anyone else needs to know.” As far as he was concerned, it would only end up causing more problems if this was brought to light.

He gave Farrina a broad, genuine grin, “There’s certainly worse ways to meet,” As bizarre of a situation as it was, after spending so long around strangers on Nar Shaddaa, it was nice to see a familiar face. Well, other than the fact that he didn’t recognize her at first, it was familiar. Even before they hadn’t known each other all that closely, but Cato most certainly knew her brother, and that connection was enough to hold on to.

The topic shifted to means of escape, on which the Knight stayed quiet for a moment until clearing his throat and speaking up once again, “We could probably use mine,” He volunteered with a raised hand, “I arrived on my private ship, it’s civilian class.” Sure it had some modifications, but nothing that raised any alarms. Most alarms, anyway. “I've kinda been off of proper Jedi duty for a while now, answered the signal here on my own. Point is, it’s small, fast, and easy to ignore. Your call.”

TAG: Allies: ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar ADM. Reshmar Liram Angellus Liram Angellus Liram Angellus Liram Angellus Jairdain Jairdain Jairdain Jairdain Isla Draellix Isla Draellix Isla Draellix Isla Draellix Garm Oligard Garm Oligard Garm Oligard Garm Oligard Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran Jyoti Nooran Finn Roberts Finn Roberts
Enemies: Osam Osam Osam Osam Badar Badar Badar Badar

“Is she ready?”

Verin watched swarm of enemy fighters edged ever closer towards the mighty flagship. The cries of the corvette Commanders for coordination assistance, additional support and covering fire made the stream of the battle seem chaotic. Verin zoned out, picking the key information he needed. The Al’raja had all but remained silent, the enemy not making quite close enough to enter her sphere of fire. Stray ordnance from enemy battleships had clipped parts of the vast behemoth’s side but no real damage had been sustained, owing mostly to the proximity and the fact that the enemy had, for the most part, focused on the defence rather than bringing the weight of their fleet actions towards Her.

A subaltern appeared, a brisk salute accompanying. She smiled.

“She’s ready, sir.”

Verin stood, keying into the weapons systems that now had all turned Green to designate battle readiness. With the battlecruiser turned with her flank exposed to the enemy position, only half the main guns could be brought to bare on the enemy craft.

“Fire all batteries on that ship!”

The Vampire, an ugly living succubus, headed for the allied vessel Concordia, easily found within the vantage of the guns of the Al’raja.

The ‘Eerie’ called.

The silent moments before a ship sparked into its main purpose; killing. The relative peace that had pervaded the pregnant moments before hand would only exist for a little while longer, the almost-stopped time drawing its final stretch for one…last…utterance.


Twenty RMMD-M5 Mass Driver Cannons fired their devastating salvo.


Eighty One RMAC-M4 Quad-Turbolaser Cannons fired in turn.


Ninety One RMAC-M10 Heavy Ion Cannons fired, sending terrifyingly affective ionic shots of energy across towards the Vampire.


One hundred twelve RMAC-M1 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons joined in the chorale of munitions, ordnance, and pure hellish-destructive energy.


Fifteen LS1 Hailfire Missile Launchers delivered their payloads, hurtling towards the enemy vessel.

Verin watched as the Battlecruiser opened her point defences too, spluttering vast amounts of flak and anti-fighter energy towards the Bryn fighters and bombers that had slipped past the Corvettes that defended Her.

“Weapons free, hit whatever enemy vessels you can in range.”

As the Battlecruiser began to turn and face the enemy position, she freely fired her massive ordnances upon the Bryn fleet.

“Prepare to fire the solar ion cannons!”

She would need a few extra minutes to fully charge the full might of these two weapons of sheer destruction. The repetitive ripples of broadside after broadside was flung at the Bryn ships, in hope of bringing some extra help to the allied forces.

“All fighters, be wary of live fire.”

He was aware of the Strill forces flying amongst the Vulture droids, now having to factor in the extreme fire power bursting from the Victator-class Battlecruiser. The Aevala called in.

"Sir, we are taking heavy fire from the Bryn fighters. Bombers are clearing us and unloading freely. We are taking quite the beating. Shields holding at fifty percent"

Verin huffed and took a swig of his water.

"Keep it up, Lieutenant. Don't let them past you!"

The splutter of anti-fighter fire raged on, the crews working intensely to combat any enemy fighter they could find.

"Commanders, watch the live fire from the Al'raja. Follow me in when you can."

Fired a broadside on the VAMPIRE. Begun maneuvers, allowing the AL'RAJA to begin freely firing their mass ordnance on BRYN ships. Point Defence on the AL'RAJA has opened up, targeting enemy fighters and bombers who have begun inflicting damage on the ship. Begun the commencement of engagement from CIS forces with the Bryn main force.

Aenarr Kyrr

Strill Securities Tra'ibahikan Squadron Leader



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There were just too shabla many of them. The missiles seemed like they were just absorbed by the amorphous blob of a formation that the Bryn'adul fighters had adopted, an unholy shabla union of biological better and material. They had to change tactics quick, or they weren't going to be able to deal with the shabuire. They were the elite. Strill's best. How the haran was it going to look if they managed to do any lasting damage on their watch? Not shabla good, that much he knew. He kicked his fighter's pedal and tossed the fighter into a roll simultaneously, pulling the nose back toward the Confederacy fleet as the Bryn'adul swarm flew past them.
Spraying fire was going to be less than pointless given how many of them were there. The holographic fighters representing the rest of the squadron showed as pulling similar maneuvers as they resumed formation behind the Bryn'adul swarm. On their tail, it became apparent to Aenarr what must be done. Juryam seismic missiles were like the Void-7 favored by many with the credits to spare for the one of the deadly weapons. That'd be enough to clear that formation up, Tbarsrs after a minute delay to deal with that shabla fighter swarm. Oh and he had a few words for those bombers, words he was going to deliver with his guns. Today, however, turned out to be one of those days, because right as the thoughts crossed his mind, the Bryn'adul formation was hit by flack so thick he could've walked on it all the way back to Manda'yaim.
Aenarr quickly pulled back on his thrust level and kicked in the fighter's maneuvering thrusters to fire retarding bursts with the etheric rudders. Chrouses of choice words in Mando'a, huttese, basic and every other language the pilots of Tra'ibahikan squadron knew how to swear in were heard over the laser comms as they desperately tried to keep their unshielded fighters away from the incoming firepower. Even though he couldn't see the ships with his own eyes, his fighter's Manda system warned him that the confederacy's flagship was about to open fire. They were right on the tails of the Bryn fighters, there was no way in haran he nor any of the others wanted to be behind the target of a Victator-class Battlecruiser, especially given that if it was anything like the ship it was very deliberately drawing from.
He knew, however, that it was, and it was only split second thinking and the warning of the Manda modules that saved their lives. By the time he'd issued the order, he'd rolled the fighter well clear, "All callsigns, break!" It was all he had time to do. Three holographic fighters on his display broke formation just as all haran broke loose. Proximity alarms blared in his HUD even as the large, advanced fighter with full power poured into its Redalur maneuvering and inertial compensator system threw off its previous course. If Aenarr didn't know better, he'd swear his own allies were trying to get him killed, or worse, they didn't actually shabla trust him to get the job done.