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Invasion The Return : The Battle of Mandalore [TN Invasion of TSE Mandalore]

The Face of the Eclipse Rebellion
OBJECTIVE: Free the slaves
ALLIES: Curtis Learchin Curtis Learchin
ENEMIES: Mythos Mythos , Eversor Eversor

Lori gave Curtis a small nod of affirmation. Now wasn't a time for joy. Now was a time for work. But at least he was here.

After exiting her ship, the ramp was raised and secured until their return.

Crouching low, Lori moved quickly, keeping her eyes peeled on what loomed ahead of them. Curtis was sure to take up the rear. "I'm going to set a few distractions." She fiddled in her satchel as she walked and brought out a detonator. Setting a timer on it for 90 seconds, she threw it to their left. After digging out another, she set the timer on it for 75 seconds and threw it hard to her right.

Cameras were everywhere. No doubt to spot people running away. She picked up another detonator, set the timer for 5 seconds and then threw it at one of the sets of cameras, ones that probably showed thier faces to Mythos. Then she took hold of Curtis' arm and led him quick away from the explosions. "Hurry! Cover your ears!"


Location: Fortress Imperious
Objective: Prepare
Allies: TSE
Enemies: Curtis Learchin Curtis Learchin | Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais
Equipment: See Bio

Holy Gravity

Silas stood in a private chamber, his upper body exposed and glistening with sweat as vibrant crimson hissed within his right hand. His breathing was steady and controlled, his eyes bloodshot from the hours of not sleeping. His mind becoming a thing akin to a maze of maddening thoughts, whispers and cries of war that were unfamiliar to the boy. Occasionally he'd catch glimpses of battlefields unknown, even a whiff of charred flesh. The Force was attempting to have him understand something, but the answers were nowhere to be found.

Aggravation filled his core, Silas clenched his teeth hard and continued training. His footwork and stance belonging to the art of Form V combat - each stroke, each moment being considered precious and valuable. He absolutely could not allow himself to fail the name of the Empire nor that of his God-King Emperor. His blood runs through his veins, and because of that, Silas would focus his profession to be that of a razor's edge.

Opposite of Silas was his armor - polished and oiled. His own helmet staring at him from across the otherwise vacant chamber. "...You will be worse..."

A whisper crept from the thin, still air. One that took control over Silas' senses and caused him to freeze in place. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the indescribable hiss carried on: "...Your body is mine..." Silas began to convulse violently as he dropped to the ground hard. Veins began to bulge and his skin became taut as he tried to scream. "...You will become my vessel, and through you shall I walk among the Sith once more. We shall be whole. We shall be one."


Silas came to - lifting himself from the floor with eyes closed. As he stood upright, he slowly opened his eyelids with a blank expression plastered over his unblemished features. A weak grin began to twitch into place as his lips quivered.

Once again, Eversor was complete. He was alive.
Lord of Conquest
Location: Aboard the Vodvtaki Siege Palace, Mandalore
Objective: Defend Mandalore
Wearing: Armorweave Sith Robes
Wielding: Smoldering Ire & Frozen Passion
Allies: TSE
Enemies: Everyone Else | Open

It had come. The Network, or the Mandalorians, or whatever they were calling themselves, had returned seeking to bring their planet back under their control. Their warfleet, designed for invasions, hankering for death, bore down upon the moon of Concordia and its planet of Mandalore, seeking to kill two birds with one stone. Fortress Imperious would be besieged, the Mandalorian lands would be besieged, and it would likely take days to accomplish any semblance of a foothold.
"What utter fun."

"Are you sure this isn't a drill?" the Wolf of Noxis overheard his sister, Xan Imcro, ask the Devil Lion.

Kascalion rotated the shoulders of his Proxy and cracked his neck to produce several loud pops,
"The Mandalorians attacking their own home in a bid to eradicate the Sith presence? No, this is not a drill."

"What say you, dearest Lorale?" Xan then asked the white-haired titan of a man. "What do you think?"

The Wolf sniffed and wrapped the scarlet cloak around his black shirt, the bottom edge resting against the floor like bloodied water, "I think the Mandalorians are desperate. Seeking to return to their once-great status and rejoin galactic affairs on a larger scale. They are foolish in taking on the might of the Empire from the onset, however."

"Will they fail? That is the main question," Kascalion snorted after hooking his double-bladed lightsaber to his waist. "They are a persistent people."

Xan nodded and began following her brothers out of the familial quarters, "A warrior people, not unlike ours. Rather similar even."

"But not entirely like ours," the Wolf countered, pounding on several thick doors to awaken his Breed.

"How so?" his sister inquired with a cock of her head.

"We don't lose."

As the Wolf of Noxis marched to Carnina Sector to begin leading the overall defense, his siblings having departed alongside the Breed to aid in the preparation of the ground defense, the Vodvtaki roared to life with alarms and the chatter of hundreds of thousands of crew, guards, and soldiers. Its engines and weaponry began spurring; the gunners rushed to their position to await the orders of their Sith Lord or one of the officers more than ready to give their own; the pilots and technicians pressed buttons, pulled levers, set power levels, and screeched and hollered for status updates; the soldiers armed themselves, ready to board their transports and starfighters, ready to fight, ready to kill; the Anchor-Elevator surged and relocked its hooks and magnets in the crust under New Keldabe to keep it in place; Xenophage Primordial began their concert anew, blasting their newest song, Awaken, across the speakers of the Vodvtaki. The war machine had indeed awoken, and it thirsted for blood.

"My Lord Farmar," Admiral Lore saluted as Lorale entered the bridge with thunderous steps. "The Network fleet orbits Mandalore and Concordia-"

"I am aware," the Wolf grunted as he adjusted his black gloves.

"-And ground forces are already making their way to lay siege to our own."

Lorale sniffed almost disdainfully, "Let them try. The Sith are impenetrable. We will not lose this day."

Tyths Lore bowed respectfully before raising a questioning finger, "And what of the Order Ascendant, my Lord? Shall we contact-"

"Emperor to Vodvtaki, you may open fire."

The Sith Lord's expression told the story as if saying great minds think alike, "Nevermind the Order. How many weapons do we possess that can attack the fleet in total?"

Admiral Lore thought for only a moment before shrugging in a surprisingly nonchalant manner, "Roughly one thousand three hundred emplacements, give or take, my Lord. That includes the Descrutor Beam and Proton Cannon."

The Wolf nodded with a slight smile and a green blaze of his eyes, "Fire all of that at the fleet. Full power, widespread targeting but attack the carriers predominately if you can. Leave none alive. The rest of the weapons, keep locked on Mandalore. We will scorch the earth if need be."

Admiral Lore bowed deeply and opened the Vodvtaki's internal communications, overriding the sounds of Xenophage for but a moment, and gave the order with barely contained joy and excitement. A roaring cheer echoed in the halls of the Dreadnought, followed by the stamping of feet and the beating of chests. War had come. And the forces of the Wolf of Noxis would charge into it gladly.

As such, the order was followed with glee only the crew of the Vodvtaki could possess and within five minutes of it being given, one thousand three hundred turbolasers, ion cannons, railguns, missile launchers, and proton torpedo emplacements fired upon the fleet in orbit, alongside interspersed blasts from the modified Proton Beam Cannon and Destructor Beam. Thousands upon thousands of red bolts, orange beams, screaming missiles, and blue torpedos traversed the skies into orbit, ready to destroy.

Ready to kill.

"Oya Oya Oya, indeed."
Success or Death.
Location: Fortress Imperious, Concordia
Tag: @Darth Carnifex Lirka Ka Lirka Ka Sarrius Daruna Sarrius Daruna | Kaine Australis Kaine Australis

One week before Mandalore:

Darth Ophidia knelt before the Sith Emperor in his throne room, her barren crown lowered and her eyes closed. With her rare display of subservience over, she rose in a fluent motion and clasped her hands behind her back.

My Lord Emperor” she began, now looking straight at Carnifex. “Saaraishash agents have caught a mandalorian spy on Moridinae.” “He resisted our interrogation for some time, but we managed to push through.” A cruel smile spread on her lips “The Network will attack the Moridinae system."

With a wave of her hand, a pair of Satwasin dragged the half-conscious body of the spy to the steps of the Emperor’s throne, propped him on his knees, then retreated to behind their master. Ophidia grabbed the spy by the hair and lifted his face to Carnifex so the Emperor could look at him.

It is as we have anticipated, Darth Carnifex: Australis will return.” “And we will crush him.”

Australis will lead the charge against you himself, his ego will not allow any lesser role in the theatre of war.

Ophidia stood by the throne of the Sith Emperor on Concordia, donned in her old, scuffed armour from an age long past. It was the same armour she had worn when she had served another dark lord, one whom, Carnifex and she had put to death when he became a liability to the Sith. In many ways, the armour was a promise to the Sith Emperor that, should he become a liability to the Sith as well, then she would give him the same end.

The tsaisibola tightened around the waist of her armour, a gentle reminder of its presence and incessant hunger.

While she appeared certain of victory, Darth Ophidia’s mind was working through the steps and details of their defences and their current threats to find some way for it all to collapse, or some way for them to foil the plans of their foes before they could come into fruition.

This was her force-given task, and it was monumental.

She checked her updates from her own subordinates; spies and assassins, the champions of the secret side of the Empire. No updates, the Xiphos was still lying in wait near Concordia’s southern pole, shrouded by its stealth systems, like a serpent hidden among the leaves for the comings and goings of suitable prey.

With an exhale, she let her shoulders fall a little, then looked to Darth Carnifex again.

Will you wait for him here, my Emperor? Or will you seek him out?

Another cruel smile played on her lips.
Rebellious Blood
Objective: Follow Lori's Lead
Allies: Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais / Arla (NPC)
Enemies: Mythos Mythos / Eversor Eversor / The Sith Empire
Viper (Light Armour), Parthalan (Swordstaff), Saberstaff
Post: 2

Curtis followed close behind Lori as she laid the explosives. This would be interesting to be sure. While she set each one he kept watch, noting the cameras that littered the compound. No doubt they would be spotted sooner rather than later, all they could do was hope that the rest of the assault kept as many of the Sith occupied as possible.

"Time for this place to go out with a bang" He said with a smile as he was pulled out of harms way. He was realising now more than ever that his lady love was not the innocent girl she seemed to be at first glance, and that only made him more attracted to her. As he covered his ears, Curtis planted a kiss on Lori's cheek, both as a reminder he was there to help, and as a goodbye if things went horribly wrong.

Swordstaff on the floor, bombs on the walls, it was going to be a real party.
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Arador Khan

A r a d o r _ K h a n
| Location | Gilaad's Homestead, Mandalore
| Company | Elias Starwell Elias Starwell
Arador hummed to himself as he was making his way over to Gilaad's homestead, casually walking the rather sparsely populated area that led up to Gilaad's homestead. He had been trying to contact the man for several cycles over what jobs the syndicate would be taking with no answer. So instead he decided to pay him a visit in person. He'd reach the door to the homestead as he banged his fist against it, waiting for a response - several minutes of silence and no response later Khan would mutter to himself, " This motherkarker better not be sleeping on me again. It's noon for kark's sake. " Having been nice and patient for a reasonable amount of time without a response he opted for the more direct way of seeing Gilaad as he lifted his foot up and kicked the door down.
About the same time he kicked the door was kicked down when a beep was heard in his helmet as an alert popped up in his peripheral vision. Khan paused as he opened the message to see that the Mandalorians had apparently been throwing a fit and appeared back in their former territories. A bounty had been posted for anyone associated with or aiding the renegades. Perfect - They had their job. Khan would make his way through Gilaad's homestead, shouting the man's name with no response. He'd make his way to the bedroom to find the man passed out in his bed with an equally passed out Twi'lek next to him.
Khan rolled his eyes as he pulled off one of his gloves to reveal his cybernetic hand, the limb's plates and fingers shifting as a pair of shock prods extended out, sparking with electricity as he jabbed the prods into Gilaad's chest while loudly announcing his presence, " Wakey wakey Gilaad! "
Lord Commander
Location: The Underground Tram
Gear: Pride & Myth

Buissness as usual, paperwork and signatures to falsify documents. Bribes to both imperial watchdogs and smugglers but at the end the profit was more than enough. He bought a Helios Yatch from his Bro John Locke John Locke with the profits of a single sale. Ironically it was his Clifford freighters that transported the slaves, it was Kaine Australis Kaine Australis armor and munitions that supplied many of his operations, it was the rebels of the Ancient Eye that became part of the black ops of the Eternal Empire. There were proxy wars and covert operations that made men like Mythos rich and these were thing that both sides profited from.

Win or Lose, paychecks were getting signed. This was the dirty work that no one wrote about that made sure those credits flew, to both sides.

Mythos was in a meeting with several figures of government agencies, law enforcement and galactic route star charters to really nail down the details of the sales and payment methods to please all parties involved. Mandalorian slaves were top dollar choice meat, bodies that claimed the biggest cash pools depending on the condition.

"We are loading the trams as we speak gentlemen, we should be having everyone extradited before heat pops off too heavy topside. We have armed escort out the system and cloaked Clifford's modified to slip past the gravity wells and keep quiet until the entire thing dies down. This should be textbo-"

As if on cue, the universal symbol of bad things to come: An interruption at the very end of the dispatch meeting. One figure outside the outer gate, and requested access and demanding an audience. He would be met by agents of the Nubian NSF, searched and processed into the waiting facility. Gryylarc Gryylarc would be accommodated, briefed and maybe given a tour while the meeting completed if he so wished with accompanying refreshments.

"My apologies for the interruption, the place is as popular as you would have guessed. Now as for the method of payment..."

Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais Curtis Learchin Curtis Learchin
Underground Slave Complex
Mythos Mythos Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais ? @Curtis Leachern?

He would be met by agents of the Nubian NSF, searched and processed into the waiting facility. Gryylarc Gryylarc would be accommodated, briefed and maybe given a tour while the meeting completed if he so wished with accompanying refreshments.​
The Elder had many servants for many purposes. Gryylarc had a fairly obvious purpose. Trouble began to smolder when they searched him: they found nothing but a small translation droid, a lightstaff, an alchemical spear, and a three-hundred-point Wookiee madclaw who did not enjoy being searched. Trouble sparked when they attempted to process him and give him a briefing.

Trouble outright burst into flame when they offered him refreshments.

Some distance away in their meeting, Lord Mythos and his ineffably important guests heard a cataclysmic BOOM. It was not an explosion. It was the sound of a protocol droid's head being put through a NSF soldier and then a wall.

Pivot to Gryylarc, hands knotted around his eight-foot spear, as red eyes focused on the meeting through many walls. The spear's vibrogenerators and alchemical edge sheared through the first of said walls in a quick three-pointed hack. He walked through the resulting triangular door, faced another wall, and repeated the process. His mission was to get to Mythos. He would get to Mythos.

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon/The Judge
Again and again the warrior would follow its call
Once again to victory or defeat
And again
In a viscous cycle

But this wasnt for victory, nor glory, nor reward...this was personal to this warrior here...a battle for revenge against the plague that was known as the Sith empire.

Clad in her armor, helmet in her hand she walked towards he brother, Kaine Australis Kaine Australis , her smile wasn't there anymore instead a cold visage sat there in its place

as you wish mand'alor Australis, they will learn to fear us once more! Or they will tell tales of our biscuous fighting!

A quick smile angered, then soon was hidden behind her helmet as the lekku armor linked up and sealed. Follow behind him she walked as she had many many times before. Eyes scanned the men and women before them as she boarded the drop ship with him and turned as the door closed

Once it did she leaned in

you know kaine the chances of us making it out is slim yeah? They bring everything they have to us

Her tone was somber, however she then chuckled after a minute

but I guess for us it's always been that huh?

She moved to a war droid, hopping on as she looked forward and took a deep breath, with blade nova still sheathed felt warm to her...maybe her anger truely was about to break free

Free at last
Factory Judge
Location: Task Force Dagger: in hyperspace, enroute to Invasion staging area - approximately 12 hours prior to the invasion
Objective: Give a briefing and not muck it up.
Allies: Mandalorians, Kaine Australis Kaine Australis , Valkren Calderon Valkren Calderon
Enemies: TSE
Armor: Accelerated Infantry Power Suit
Primary Weapon: OS-115 "Bonesplitter" Heavy Assault Rifle (chest rig)
Secondary Weapons:
Misc Gear:

Personal Assets: Icarus Platoon

Briefing room - Chariot-Class Transport Frigate "Deliverer" - approximately 12 hours before the Invasion of Mandalore

Lieutenant Beltran Rarr stood in front of an assembled group of officers. Beyond the familiar face of his friend and Commander Valkren Calderon Valkren Calderon , there was exactly one Colonel, four Captains, twelve Lieutenants and dozens of Sergeants and other NCO's sitting in rows of folding chairs facing the projector Beltran had just activated. How exactly he had drawn the short straw to give the briefing, he didn't really know.

All he knew was that ever since the Sith invasion of Kintan, a battle in which Beltran had very nearly died, he'd been itching to get some vengeance on the Sith. So when news came down the line, securely of course, that the Mandalorian remnants who called themselves The Network were gearing up to attack Sith occupied Mandalore, Beltran had volunteered to join them, sight unseen.

This wasn't because he had any great love of the Mandalorians. He respected their warrior culture and admired their combat capabilities, but they tended to be a little too emotional and temperamental for his taste. It also wasn't because the Silver Jedi had promised aid to Kaine Australis during the peace talks on Myrkr. Beltran didn't care what plans the Jedi made, since they always seemed to fall apart when things got tough.

No, he was here because he wanted to kill Sith. Period. And his enthusiasm for doing so had propelled him much higher up in the planning stages of this operation than he normally delved. Normally his rank would have precluded him from anything more than a chair at this briefing, but his actions on Kintan and his closeness with the Rangers' Commander afforded him certain considerations.

One of them being evident by the rapt attention the various high ranking officers affixed on him as he turned on the projector and began the briefing. "As you all know," He started. "In just less than twelve hours, military forces belonging to the Mandalorian group known as The Network will began an assault on the Mandalore system." The projector showed Mandalore and its various moons, highlighting specifically the moon known as Concordia. "The attack will be mounted on two main fronts. Here, on the moon Concordia, a strike force will be landing at the Sith built fortress Imperious. The fortress houses several heavy weapons emplacements capable of dealing catastrophic damage to the planet below. Those emplacements will need to be neutralized, or at the very least distracted, for the second front: A full-fledged raid on the planet itself to be successful."

Taking a breath, Beltran continued. "The goal of the raid on Mandalore is not to retake the planet, but to evacuate as many of the citizens as possible before retreating from the system. Unfortunately, due to losses sustained at Kintan, the Silver Navy has not been able to give us much in the way of transport capability, so that will not be our main focus. Elements of Ossus and Padawan Companies will launch aboard Arch-Angel Squadron Cutlass and head for Mandalore to help citizens board Network evacuation craft."

"Myself and Icarus Platoon, along with elements of Maul Company will be dropping onto Concordia via Damocles Drop Pods. Commander Calderon, I believe, will be commanding Hades Platoon and elements of Nova Company and will be assaulting Concordia via Arch-Angel Drop ship. Our goal on Concordia is simple: Support the Mandalorian leader's position and destroy as many of the fortress' heavy weapons as possible. And kill anything that tries to stop us. Any questions?"

Beltran doubted that there would be many, mostly he wanted to give the officers a chance to voice their opinions or suggest any last minute changes before the operation got underway.
Space Daddy Carni-Boi

Location: Fortress Imperious
Objective: Dash Them Against The Stones

Tags: Darth Ophidia Darth Ophidia , Kaine Australis Kaine Australis

"Undoubtedly, my old friend. He is a warrior above all else."
And it was what the Sith Emperor was anticipating, for a warrior's pride was uncompromising. Though he too possessed the same warrior's pride, their paramount differences were in the philosophies they embodied. Australis was a Mandalorian, bound by honor and tradition. The Emperor was a Lord of the Sith, swaddled in cruelty and deception. He was more than well-versed in the art of manipulating others into doing what he desired, and he did not think that the newly minted Mand'alor could resist pitting himself against the Dark Lord; not with how their last confrontation ended.
The Emperor rested back in his throne, the sounds of distant artillery bombardment rumbling through the steel floor beneath him. "We will monitor how he proceeds, our confrontation is inevitable." He swung his heads towards Ophidia, a wolfish grin stretching across his features. "Make sure to kill his friends, we don't want them interfering."

Vandra Zambrano

Crazy with a Blade

Objective: Muder stab
Allies: Raya Najwa Zambrano Raya Najwa Zambrano Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex
Enemies: Network Reyn Australis Reyn Australis @Sunset australis
Equip: Her two lightsabers Armour
Post: 1

See first she was enjoying herself with her little sister Raya Najwa Zambrano Raya Najwa Zambrano eating some icecream she chuckled abit at rayas comment about getting their father a cone of ice, But she was more preparing herself for the carnage that was to come, The Mandalorians want their precious home back personally shed rather give them a ball of scorched earth and hell fire but she had a chance to kill and maim them and have some trophies of her own she dabbled in how strong and shiny Mandalorian helmets will be to use as trophies and other decorations she wondered if Mother Ahani Najwa-Zambrano Ahani Najwa-Zambrano would like having a pile of shiny mandalorian armors and trinkets.

She heard Rayas comm go off and heard bits and pieces of the conversation but she heard only Raya's side of the conversation and what she heard only made her adrenaline and excitement spike even more the son of the annoying thorn in her fathers side Kaine Australis Kaine Australis was here but let out a audible groan when she heard the term Get him alive shed rather tear out his heart and present it to her father and mothers as a present but if alive was a must then she'll settle with his broken bloody shell there are things worse then death and that made her more happy then this she merely kept with her little sister as they began there trek and simply said this to her as she walked.

''Do we have to take him alive.....we cant just ...oops he slipped and slice his own throat with his own blade?''

She said in a pouting tone she really would prefer killing him over taking him alive but such was life.

Lernaean Base, Ruins of Sundari Palace
Objective: Prepare to Unleash a colossal monster to destroy the foolish
Allies: Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe Darth Avernus Darth Avernus Irveric Tavlar Irveric Tavlar Alexandra Feanor Alexandra Feanor Vaulkhar Vaulkhar Lorale Farmar Lorale Farmar
Enemies: Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Kaine Australis Kaine Australis (a gentleman does not break a promise twice) Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter

Equipment: In signature

The final preparations for the creature's awakening were about to begin, all of the hard work for her alchemists and scientists about to pay off. When Mandalore had fallen, she had immediately ordered the establishment of the alchemy base within the ruins of the palace. Ostensibly, it was because it was a nice crater in which to build the cocoon and a powerful defensive position to protect it until the last moments.

Secretly, and it was only a reason she had shared with the Emperor, was it provided an immensely powerful location radiating with the dark side to provide nourishment and power for her newest creation. So many had died when Australis and Yasha detonated the explosives during the battle, and that death and raw emotion was the perfect fuel. Waste not after all.

From the observation deck that overlooked the cocoon, Taeli looked over the slowly pulsing chrysalis, hands clasped behind her back. Around her Spaarti scientists were making final readings, and below, her alchemists were chanting spells and adding more blood and sacrifices to awaken the beast within. If only her former Master could see it now, she thought with a smirk.

"Lady Arcanix, the assault has begun."

She nodded in acknowledgment, her attention still on the cocoon. Australis had decided to launch his attack on the newly renamed Moridinae too early in her estimation. They had been too obvious and had no idea that everything was transpiring as the Sith had planned. They would learn that in due time.

Turning on the spot, she activated the holo-transceiver connected to Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex , bowing before the Emperor. She noted the presence of Darth Ophidia Darth Ophidia lurking within the shadows as always.

"The final rituals have begun, my Lord. We merely await your command before we unleash our creation upon the forces landing on the planet."

Jaranamo Sal

Don't you owe me money?

The Galactic Fleet - MC85 Class Mon Calamari Cruiser Stars Die Twice
It took a lot of effort and promises, but Jaranamo was finally able to convince the good people of the Core Wordls and those in the Outer and Mid Rim who could out to strike back against the tryanny of the Sith Empire. And looking back at it, he didn't regret anything. "Admiral, let's get this show on the road eh? Full engines ahead. Position the fleet in between Mandokore and the moon
Son of Manda'yaim
Post : 2
Location : Little Keldabe
Objective : Engage the Sith
Forces :
Sunset Australis
Gear : Armour, Blades, Shoota
Dancing with : Vandra Zambrano Vandra Zambrano Raya Najwa Zambrano Raya Najwa Zambrano + ?

Little Keldabe was much changed in the days since Reyn had been back. Already he hated it here, the stink of the Sith's presence seemed to have seeped into everything on Mandalore, what the shabla aruetiise called Moridinae. He wasn't force sensitive, but that didn't seem to matter, he felt sick.

His companion hadn't helped matters at all. In truth, Reyn was still hurting from the loss of his long-time partner Natalya in the battle on Kesh. She'd been a droid, which had been a hell of a shock, and yet she showed more emotion, compassion and care than his current companion. Sunset didn't seem to care about anyone or anything. He re-assessed her, even his mother, who had seen far worse in her time, and fought and conquered, unlike the Colonel, had a heart. He doubted Sunset did.

In no time at all, a squad of Sith troopers rounded a corner some distance ahead of them.
Reyn moved left, Sunset right, and scrambled into what cover there was. A foot high ferrocrete barrier for Reyn, and an overturned durasteel conveyer trailer for Sunset. Reyn aimed with his pistol as Sunset opened fire with her Lance Rifle. Two hits, two kills, and the Sith troopers dropped, smoking holes in their armour.

Reyn paused, as he saw non-troopers with the pack. Were they eating icecream? Two girls, ostensibly Sith in appearance. He thought he recognized one of them, but it couldn't be, could it?

He fired at another trooper, and thought about warning Sunset, but decided against it. She was as likely to ignore him as not, anyway. Now, they were in it.

Raya Najwa Zambrano Raya Najwa Zambrano Vandra Zambrano Vandra Zambrano
Lady of Castigation

Location: Fortress Imperious
Objective: Divine Punishment
Allies: The Sith Empire | Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex | Sarrius Daruna Sarrius Daruna | Lirka Ka Lirka Ka | Darth Ophidia Darth Ophidia | Eversor Eversor
Enemies: The Network | Kaine Australis Kaine Australis | Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae
Orbalisk Armor | Braith's Spear

Concordia, satellite moon of the planet of Moridinae - Mandalore by the culture that was being wiped away from its home system - housed a great many weapons, none greater than the fortress Imperious itself. She had been here to defend its walls from the Jedi and their filth when they had tried to play a game of vindication, and she was here now clad in her living armor with her spear in hand. Like the system that was once home to the fallen warrior culture, Braith had changed significantly in a rather short period of time. The sclera of her right eye was as dark as the force she drew upon for strength, both eyes equally violet without a trace of the heterochromia that had acted as a key identifier for her, and right side of her face was marked by the horn-like protrusion that emerged at her cheekbone.

She did not sit on a throne as the nephew of her lover did, rather she stood just inside of the very front gates of the sprawling fortress as the sirens blared within to alert the Imperial forces of the arrival of their enemy per their audacious declaration of war. What could an alliance of traitors, cutthroats, and bounty hunters hope to accomplish in order to stem the unfathomably strong tide of the Sith Empire that even the combined forces of the Jedi and Mandalorians proper had failed to do at nearly every turn?

War droids that came screaming down from the sky, fighters that burst through the upper atmosphere above, and the awareness that her only reliable weapon in this battle would be the spear in her hands and the body beneath the Orbalisks she wore, only added to the adrenaline that pumped through her veins. This was war - war as she truly desired, war which would run the dirt red with blood, war which would see a limitation of the force and armor that would dissuade her and the rest of them from lightsabers. This was as close to the fight for the death she had endured every day thousands of years ago, nothing but her spear and her wits.

Sliding her right foot forward and her left back, Braith's posture shifted. Her hands, both of them, were held along the lower portion of the middle of the haft of her spear with its tip directed towards the blast doors. The moment the entrance was breached she would act as the next, and the living, gate to prevent further entrance - though the infantry within the facility were undoubtedly already on their way to prepare for the inevitability that fighting would reach the interior of the fortress proper.

Alexandra Feanor

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Objective: None, Stab Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex

Location: Sundari Palace Ruins

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Nearby People: Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf ,


Alexandra yawned, hiding behind the mask she wore and sighing as she looked at the creation Taeli had been working on. She remembered those long gone days of helping create such monsters, such beasts that caused so much death and this very twisting in the force made her sick. The only thing she could do to stop from becoming physically so would be to exert her own presence in the force enough to push away the dark. She knew it would not look well to most of the sith but she was here with permission of the Sith in charge, and if anyone wanted to challenge her presence here they were more than welcome.

Her lips had opened, ready to remark on the creature being crafted only for her to notice Taeli's communication with the Emperor she so wished to see skewered. Alexandra moved, staying out of range of the projection but very much so watching as she crossed her hands behind her back and waited for the two to finish their conversation. Though considering who it was on the other side of the transmission, she doubted her presence wasn't unnoticed anyways.

With that thought in mind she looked towards the creature again, wondering how simple it would be to stop this creature from simply existing, but then knowing how impossible it would be to leave this place if she attempted such. She would limit death, stop as much as possible, and if that meant letting this creature exist for now, she would take that small stumble in her own wishes.

It didn't mean that she still was sickened such a thing existed.

With another sigh she reached down, grabbing a flask and pulling the mask away from her face just enough to get a drink, waiting for Taeli to finish her conversation with the worthless emperor. Perhaps there would be something amusing she would find out today if she listened.
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Location : Riding Bo-Katan,
Fortress Imperious
Objective : Seize Fortress, disable the attack moon
Forces :
Alor Guard, Sundari Guard, Grand Army

There it was, the pyramidal mountain that the Sith called Fortress Imperious, towering over the polar landscape like a monolithic frozen overlord. Kaine detested the very sight of it, here on sacred Mandalorian soil. He forced his thoughts away from revenge and blood, and to their purpose. The prisoners, some women and children. They were why he had come. The Sith would pay.

Ahead was the mountain, below was the fortress's layered defences, turbolaser batteries, fighter squadrons, armies of armoured vehicles, legions of troopers, and Kad knew how many Sith and their acolytes. That was their target, but they weren't going to use the front door.

Below them stretched the massive scar of the colossal trenchworks the Sith had carved out of Concordia to serve as graving dock and production facility. That was their way in.

Opening a comm to the rest of the assault force, Kaine readied them to engage the enemy.

::Into the garbage chute, flyboys.::

Obeying his own command, Kaine applied the lightest touch to Bo-Katan's controls, and she angled to the right, and dropped like a stone towards the chasm. Fire began to come up in great sheets and waves at the attackers, far more than Kaine could easily identify the source of. It didn't matter, really. A blast from a walker, or an emplacement or a TIE could finish any of them as well as any other. Missiles and torpedoes streaked up at the Mandalorians, as Kaine weaved and dove, evasively, dropping hard into the subterranean gorge.

The hard-won intel had provided the Concordia mission with their entrance. Below the fortress was a tram system, secure to be sure, but not much against a force of war droids that could blast their way in and fly through it. The enemy would have to counter with fightercraft, not best suited to such tight quarters, giving the Mando'ade another advantage, or so they hoped.

But first they had to get in there, and that was by no means certain.
The combined firepower of the moon's defenders now came up at the attackers, and despite the pounding the moon was taking from the Network's fleet, Kaine didn't see any appreciable slackening in the fire coming his way. Well, this was never going to be easy, he thought.

Finally, he got to where his weapons would make a difference. Before them was an entrance to the tram system.

Kaine let go with everything Bo-Katan had in her formidable forward arsenal. Her devastator cannons traversed the entryway, carving through defenders and gates barring their path, as her lightning gun fried a wide path before her, frying troopers and blowing apart emplacements. Any shields present took a pounding from her ion cannons, and finally she loosed her shockwave generators at full power, the incredible blast wave sending debris and explosions and flames before her in a massive wave, further sweeping the immediate area clear, and making way for the assault force.

::Into the belly of the beast we go.:: Kaine said, and urged Bo-Katan forward, the bes'uliike of his force right behind him...

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Crud on a lightsaber, how in the great goose galaxy am I supposed to find one deluded thirteen year old boy on a planet which suddenly combusted?

“Vandypand, no. No slicy-dicing of the boy. Kill anyone with him, but... please help. We can do this.” And before Vandra gets bored and eats his face or makes him cut himself shaving while simultaneously finding a flight of stairs to push him down?

I ask me, do thirteen year old boys even shave?

“Right. We can do this... Dad would love knowing we’ve got one of Australis’ kids.” .... gosh one of my dozens of brothers would be epic to have around right. Now. Vandypander McDeathKill Zambini would definitely not care about whether thirteen year old boys shave before she slit his throat.

Right. Hold my cone.” Booms and explosions begin further off, battles peppering through the city. A comm bead in my ear is clicked on, the low hum of Sith troops marching toward an influx of Mandalorian and ‘Network’ terrorists. “Ooooo one sec.”

The chocolate fudge ice cream feels like silk on my throat, a ring of chocolate around my lips I rub off (mostly) with a palm. Nothing like one last bite of dessert to get the right sort of energy. Focus. Totes important, focus can also be my worst possible whoops.

“Okay now hold my cone.” How do I find Reyn Australis? “And... ah... watch my back?”

My helmet lays on its’ side, and I plunk down in the narrow alley. A sign reading ‘REYN AUSTRALIS HERE’ would be way too suspicious... but how do I find him? Or get him to trust me enough to shackle his petulant little brother bumbum and throw him back first onto a shuttle for safe keeping?

“What did Adie call him? Reyn? Payn? Ra-Ra the Uuugh? No, that’s not it...” Dad might not have taught me Sith magic, or even how to use telekinesis, but what the Emperor Kid-Make-ifex did teach was patience. Tactics and the position of fear in most mortals. My mind unravels in piecemeal, stretching out upon the fields of war on Moridinae and touches on various spots. Buildings not likely to fall down. The rubble of Little Keldabe. Pieces of Moridinae, with arrows pointing in my direction. But... a name... what.. name? “Rumbum? Ra? Nope... reypey... no that’s not...”

A few streets over, some Mando mooks use an ad hoc battering ram against what appears to be a trooper outpo-

Ram. It’s Ram.” Each of the arrows ‘painted’ on the walls takes a name. Ram.

Ram. —>

So! Either he’ll see and figure it out or we’re going to be bombarded by battering rams in five minutes time. Ozone and the fizzle of plasma against durasteel yanks my eyes open. Two troopers falling to the ground.

“Vandy! There!” I point at some chin length hair, someone rushing behind cover. “Kill it! Kill it with fire!!”

I launch to my feet, melt into the wall and thrust my helmet on my head. As the systems boot up on the HUD, I wish it was easy to lock myself behind something so... sterile.

Mandalorians don’t look like people at all, just droids in armour with crimson fluids. Far too easy to chop down, until the sound or the chip in armour. The eyes through transparisteel. I unsheath my katana, one I know Reyn would hopefully not be too young to ignore.

Hopping up over cover, I catch sight of a Mandalorian in red, and I dive back down.

“Oy! Mookalorian! Get off Moridinae before your bones get turned into dust for the strip miners!” My boots pound the pavement. I need a better look. Is it Reyn? Red on him... at my right and left, two troopers each storm through the gap where their brothers were shot down, and I skitter as fast as my frame allows, leaping over the ferrocrete barrier to flip over the Mandamookian.

Sword hacking down at his right shoulder as the troopers lay fire.
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Objective: Witness an Albino Wookie
Gear: Pride & Myth

"If that concludes it gentlemen, im afraid things have gotten..." Mythos looked at his holoprojectors and saw the silverback wookie. "Hairy over here. It's time for me to work my magic."

It was a rumble of violence, Mythos gave the command to not engage. After seeing the alchemical spear the thing was carrying and the sheer power it carried with itself he knew only his personal power could deal with this and he wasnt keen on losing men. "While I take care of this prepare the tram, load the bodies and prepare to get out of here"

He didint notice the Bombs or Lorena and her boyfriend making a fuzz. The sight of an albino wookie coming straight for him was a bit more interesting. Everyone wanted a peice of him these days, everyone thought they could swallow more than they could chew. From Atrisia to Mythos City, he was making everyone choke.

Mythos walked calmly, removed his lightsabers from his belt and clipped them to each other methodically. He walked corridor by corridor until finally he ended up in a hall facing down the frame of three hundred pounds of Sith Marauder.

He took off his suit, placed it neatly folded beside him. Removed the bracers and jewelry one by one, placing them dress right dress next to each other and pulled up his sleeves to his elbows. He took his lightsabers and placed them next to his suit as well, then flexed his muscles underneath so hard all the buttons in the shirt popped one after the other.

He had lived in Midvinter without the force, he had hunted beasts in Oberdaan and Dxun with his daughter. Father and Daux Cat side by side, using only his hands and survival skills he took down bigger challenges. He would not face this beast as a man, it would not be right, it would not be honorable. The beast had a weapon to kill him, but he had his bare hands too.

One chance however, maybe this was just a misunderstanding? Maybe the Caff was cold.

"Gryyyyyaaaaaa Garrrrlll Graaaaaaa"

(Not a Fan of Soda Pop?)

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