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Approved Starship The Vodvtaki Siege Palace

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  • Armed Beyond Comprehension: As a pinnacle of Imperial design, the Vodvtaki is equipped with state of the art weaponry designed to unleash persistent barrages upon the enemy, whether in a field, forest, or city.
  • Extremely Durable: While not invulnerable, the Vodvtaki is extremely resistant to damage and can theoretically withstand a sustained siege for days thanks to its advanced defensive systems and reinforced armor.
  • Anchor-Elevator: Perhaps the single most important piece of the Vodvtaki is its unique unit deployment method: the Anchor-Elevator. When not in use, the pillar of metal remains retracted inside the Vodvtaki, serving as the Draco Sector before it shoots down like a spear from the heavens where it will then pierce the ground and lock the ship into place via extensive hooks and magnetic fields. Once this procedure is complete, it will then activate its internal lifts and transport the Imperial forces from the ship to the ground to unleash them upon the enemy.
  • Round-The-Clock Army: Stationed aboard the Vodvtaki is a rotating selection of Imperial Legionnaires, ordered to guard the interior of the Vodvtaki should any enemy invade, preventing the Vodvtaki from falling immediately.
  • The Power of Xenophage: From the strobe lights and roaring crowds of their black and red stage, Xenophage Primordial performs an endless concert that is part-musical passion and part-Sith ritual. The music they produce has been identified as a corrupted form of Battle Meditation for the soldiers to be unleashed upon the enemy, with the heavier, grungier songs being the most effective.
  • A Snail is Faster: The Vodvtaki, unfortunately, boasts perhaps the worst speed, hyperdrive class, and maneuverability of any Dreadnought, and perhaps any ship for that matter, in the Sith Empire. This lack of speed also makes it to where it cannot as frequently participate in battles like other vessels in the Empire, and thus can only be deployed to worlds of greater import. Additionally, as it is equipped with mostly large weapons designed to throw out single albeit powerful shots, its firing rate is significantly lesser than other vessels.
  • Rear Blind Spot: As with all vessels designed by the Empire, the Vodvtaki bears an unfortunate rear blind spot that enemies can exploit for sustained assaults and possible stealth entry.
  • Invading the Anchor-Elevator: Should the enemy have the numbers and skill to force their way past the Legions that depart the Anchor-Elevator, they will find a clear entryway into the Destroyer. Thus, they will be able to lead an assault upon the interior of the Vodvtaki and possibly eliminate it as a threat entirely should they maintain a successful attack.
  • What is Stealth: The sheer size and magnitude of this ship makes it incapable of performing a silent approach and is highly visible at a great distance in both space and orbit. This incidentally gives enemies some time to prepare a defensive line against the inevitable siege that befalls them.
The Vodvtaki is a massive, city-like starship that serves as the Dreadnought for Lorale Farmar and his forces within the Sith Empire. It additionally serves as the pride of Kascalion Giedfield and his engineers, seeing it as a symbol of domination and perfection for the Empire, a glorious black hole in the sunlight. The sheer magnitude of the Vodvtaki forced

Boasting thousands of emplacements capable of leveling entire cities in the opening barrage alone, the Vodvtaki is a monstrous machine that roams from planet to planet, aiding the Empire in conquering enemy planets and subduing rebellious ones with disgusting ease.

Utilizing its unique Anchor-Elevator and its wide array of hangars, the Vodvtaki is capable of deploying hundreds of thousands of soldiers hellbent on subduing an entire enemy force within a day.
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Runi Verin

Two pounds shy of a bomb.
Lorale Farmar Lorale Farmar

Solid first SSD pitch. Only two issues I can see.

While I'm fine with an SSD carrying smaller vessels such as this, at these numbers you are pushing well and truly past the limit of what I'd allow. Even assuming you're packing them in like sardines, a single Exterminator alone would take up more than one squadron's allocation. Athena more so at 450m. Please reduce.
While I'm fairly sure Zef Halo Zef Halo extended permission to use Corondex Arms wares in TSE submissions, this will need to be evidenced in the permissions section above if you intend to keep these two items.

Give me a nudge when you're done - otherwise good to go. Nice touch with the band, by the way. I dig it.
Lord of Conquest
Runi Verin Runi Verin Added permissions from Zef and reduced the Exterminator and Athena to 2 Squadrons. Added the free squadron limit to the Starfighters and Bombers. Hope everything checks out!

And thank you regarding the Band. I really enjoy the concept.
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