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Invasion The Return : The Battle of Mandalore [TN Invasion of TSE Mandalore]

The Return

The Briefing
2 Hours till Zero Hour

Akita stood at the front of the room as the gathered attendees chatted. Nearby, Kaine's datapad beeped, a unique notification, letting them know that the final intelligence reports had come in from the Mandalore system. That had been a hard decision. By seeking that information, and getting it out, they had not only burned those sources, but also tipped off the Sith that the Mandalorian were coming. Kaine and Akita and Adenn had judged the value of the information and the necessity of having it, worth the sacrifice. The agents knew what was being asked of them.

The old Gurlanin looked up at the room, away from the datapad.

Thankyou for coming. We don't have a lot of time, and you've all been patient with the lack of information. It's time for me to let you in on the plan.

He activated the room's large holoprojector, and the room darkened to highlight the display. The Mandalore system, a convoluted mess on the system view. 9 planets and a whole collection of moons, orbiting a single primary star. After a few moments, the display zoomed in to focus on the fifth planet and its pair of satellites.

Occupied Mandalore, or Moridinae as our old friend Darth Carnifex has named it. Concordia, which theyve turned into another Death Star.

As he mentioned the two celestial bodies, the display highlighted the new additions to the system. Areas on the surface of both the planet and the moon were highlighted and began to pulse for identification.

The Sith have fortified the moon with a plethora of weapons. Those weapons must be prevented from firing on Mandalore.

A fleet of ships appeared between the moon and the planet, focused around the moon's equator.

Our ships will stand between Mandalore and harm while our strike team takes down those weapons.

A second force appeared, moving down to Mandalore's surface, while a third moved down to the Moon.

The ground force on Mandalore will be tasked with the most important mission. They will free and rescue as many of our vode currently in Sith captivity as they can. Our people are no doubt being poorly treated, and likely slated for extermination at best. The Sith can and have done worse. We owe it to them to get them the hell out of there.

Akita stepped back, and slapped Kaine Australis Kaine Australis none too gently on the back.
From here, it was to the Mandalore to lead his people to success or failure.

-------- Zero Hour --------

The intelligence provided at the cost of hundreds of Mandalorian lives had given the Network's forces a clear and up-to-date picture of the Mandalore system. It had, most likely, led to Sith Intelligence figuring out that the Mandalorians were coming, and probably the timing of the assault. That couldn't be helped. The Network knew they needed the information, and if the price was alerting the defenders, they'd have to factor that into the plan.

Akita had been surprised to see that Kaine's plan was a very un-Australis one. Though on the surface, he wished the assault to appear to be a typical Australis rush, raid in force, little forethought, in truth, it was a delaying action. The battle didn't matter. The homeworld, symbol that it was, didn't matter. Not today. Today, they had come to rescue their captive sisters and brothers.

Bethikas - Bombarding
Direwolfs - Bombarding
Terror Australis - Bombarding

Between Concordia and Mandalore
Shieldcarriers - Lots
Fighters - A tremendous amount

Ships began to emerge in-system, led by the Terror Australis, a visible symbol of the Clan's presence. They came out of hyperspace in ones and twos, then threes and fours, and continued to pop out into the system. Dozens. Hundreds. They kept coming. The Network was throwing almost all of its military forces into this operation, and it showed. The starship forges of Myrkr, of Hodasal, of Alsakan, and other minor worlds poured their fresh bounty to the Network's cause.

Diversionary raids elsewhere, some on cargo vessels, some on outlying systems, had kept up the facade that the assault force wanted to hit Mandalore. There was no hiding who was coming and where they were coming. But, the attackers hoped, they might be able to hide their true purpose until it was too late.

The outer system also recieved visitors, though not nearly in the gargantuan numbers now assaulting Mandalore and its moon.

Each fighter garrison recieved a single shieldcarrier as a guest. Not enough force to overwhelm and destroy each garrison, they didn't need to. Their job was to tie up the fighters and stop them having an impact elsewhere. Each carrier's 30 squadrons of droidfighters would launch and swarm the enemy. It was calculated to be a stalemate, which suited the attackers just fine.

The prison complexes recieved somewhat greater attention.
Clan Australis's elite force of stealth vessels decanted above the 7th planet. Heavy cruisers provided fire support while frigates, corvettes, and landing craft moved into the gravity well to support the landings. Strongpoints and defences were targeted from above with precision heavy weapons. Shields and defences were engaged with ion cannons. Heavy troops came down via shuttle, ready to liberate the prison camps. The outer system would not see the main battle, but liberating those camps was a primary goal of the Mando'ade.

Between Mandalore and Concordia, Network shieldcarriers dropped from hyperspace in great numbers.
These were key to The Network's plan, capable of absorbing significant damage, they would stand between Mandalore and harm coming from Concordia. They formed several lines of rocky sentinels between the moon of Concordia and the planet of Mandalore. The rest of the fleet was well outnumbered by the mass of gargantuan asteroid-like ships standing between the moon and the planet. But this was only one part of the mission.

Almost one entire half of the moon's equator recieved more attention, as further vessels dropped into the system, far closer to the satellite. These were ostensibly space stations, far slower through hyperspace than warships, but absolutely festooned with weaponry which was now trained down on the fortress moon. Ten of the bulbous organic stations popped back into realspace and moved in a great wave down into their bombardment positions around the moon's equatorial trench. Keeping well clear of the pack of organic behemoths, a wing of Direwolf-class battlecruisers also moved in to bombard the fortress moon's weapon arrays. Joining the Terror Australis, the assault fleet began to pound the moon's equatorial trench facing Manda'yaim with relentless fire.

Though this was an incredible array of firepower, and an incredible sight to boot, things weren't quite done just yet. Finally, the ground assault forces themselves began to drop in. Two main thrusts, one towards the planet of Mandalore itself, one towards the moon of Concordia. A very red, very fast ship led the assault towards Concordia; the Red Razor, aboard which was Kaine Australis himself.

Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo Beltran Rarr Beltran Rarr Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter Valkren Calderon Valkren Calderon Hego Hill Hego Hill Lirka Ka Lirka Ka Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex Holt Holt Darth Tacitus Darth Tacitus Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae Mig Gred Mig Gred Raya Najwa Zambrano Raya Najwa Zambrano Reyn Australis Reyn Australis Taeli Raaf Taeli Raaf Joycelyn Zambrano Joycelyn Zambrano Elani Zambrano Elani Zambrano Vandra Zambrano Vandra Zambrano Sarrius Daruna Sarrius Daruna Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais Cara Dorniarn Cara Dorniarn Valdus Bral Valdus Bral Ryv Ryv Irveric Tavlar Irveric Tavlar Abel Australis Abel Australis Braith Achlys Braith Achlys Tahlah Cadera Tahlah Cadera pls tag anyone i missed
Bureaucratic Baddie

Location: SINN broadcast studio
Objective: Rally the troops, dishearten the invaders
Allies: Tekkio Tekkio | The Sith Empire
Enemies: The Network
Post: 1

"A little more on the cheeks I think then we should be right to go."

The Theelin make-up artist nodded and continued to lightly brush foundation on Aerarii's face. As a Treasurer-General and senior member of the Sith Imperial Banking Clan he was accustomed to putting his best foot forward when meeting with clients and executives. The same principles applied when preparing for his occasional appearances on the Holonet. In the past, he'd been called upon to speak to loyal Sith viewers about changes to Banking Clan practices, reassuring them that everything would be fine. This was the first time he found himself facing a potentially hostile audience, and he wanted to make sure he looked his best.

While he waited, the treasury official reflected on the last time he had worn this uniform. The polished Sith Imperial uniform complete with armoured breastplate to mimic those worn by the Mandalorians, was the same cut and colour as that worn by Legion officers with their badges substituted for those of the SIBC. It had served him well on Kintan; that was of course until the Sith Lords he was fighting alongside had ordered artillery fire on the part of the city he was operating in. Aerarii had barely escaped, his Repulsortank only just making it to safety as death rained down from above. Try as he might, the bureaucrat was yet to learned who had given the order, though he quietly persisted. His sway was not yet that he could call in serious favours with the military. Hopefully today he would change that.

Finished with make-up, Aerarii headed back out into the studio. The SINN broadcast station was a nondescript building in one of the many industrial areas that had sprung up on Mandalore since the Sith Empire had come to occupy the world. High powered multi-spectrum transmitters would broadcast his messages across Mandalore and Concordia and into nearby space, blanketing civilian frequencies with Sith-approved propaganda. From then on it would be a game of cat and mouse as the enemy tried to block or locate the transmission while the SINN technicians shifted their frequencies and bounced the signal off dozens of repeaters and satellites. Shielded and hardened from aerial attack, the studio was also guarded by Sith Legionnaires under the leadership of Lieutenant Tekkio Tekkio .

Regardless of the defensive measures put in place, a cold fear was growing in the bureaucrat's stomach. When word of the Mandalorian invasion had gone around, his first thought had been to flee and return to the safety of Sith space. As he had demonstrated on Kintan, a warzone was no place for a man such as himself. Evidently, Grand Treasurer Beltis Kishar throught otherwise, and had tasked Aerarii with staying behind to run a propaganda operation designed to inspire the loyal Mandalorian defenders and weaken the resolve of the traitorous invaders. The Treasurer-General, while fearful for his life, also tried to see the positives of his predicament. Beltis must have seen him as a potential rival, otherwise why would he go to so much effort to have Aerarii killed or set up to fail? Best not to think about, lest he sweat and his make-up begin to run.

"Mandalore," Aerarii said as he took a seat at the broadcast desk, offering a nod to the armoured man seated next to him. Teyn Gratiir, sheathed from head to toe in his ornate beskar'gam, turned his armoured head to the bureaucrat but offered no form of acknowledgement. Gratiir's position was a challenging one – as Mandalore the Conciliator he had to appeal to the savages of this world and win their loyalty while also faithfully serving the Emperor who had appointed him. Aerarii did not envy the man.

A technician standing next to a hovercam droid began counting down. "Going live in five, four, three ..." On the count of one, a single green light appeared on the droid.

Their broadcast was now live.
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Kaine Australis

Coopers Cooler
Post : 1
Kit: Armour,
Gun, Sword, various other bits and pieces in profile
Location : Riding
Objective : Seize Fortress, disable the attack moon
Forces :
Alor Guard, Sundari Guard, Grand Army

And so the Mandalor gave his first orders sending people off to die in the name of Manda'yaim and the Mando'ade. The briefing took place only a couple hours before the full force deployed, to keep information from leaking out.

Warmaster! Kaine looked to Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud You will lead the assault on Manda'yaim. Get our people out.

Rally Master!
He was pleased to see Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae smiling back at him. He couldn't do this without her at his side. You're with me. We're going to Concordia.

There was one more, and Kaine had to search the crowd of assembled beings to spot him. Then he did and nodded.

Sky Marshal! You have command of the fleet. You will have every ship we can put to space at your command. Do whatever you can. Kaine wasn't going to sugarcoat it. Kaine was asking Mig Gred Mig Gred and his fleet to stand in the way of Kad knew how many weapons emplacements and soak up damage. It wasn't the nicest mission.

None of them had any illusions this would be difficult. But they had a chance. There was always hope. If they could get in, hold off the Sith, and get their Mando'ade brothers and sisters free and away, that was a victory the Sith could not deny. They could come back for the planet. They couldn't replace people the Sith murdered. This had to be done.

Kaine looked gravely at the assembly.

They are going to be alerted. But they are expecting me, not all of us.

We are a network of friends and allies, and together, we can get our people out. We can strike a blow and draw a line against the darkness. We can show the galaxy that no matter the odds, we will stand against tyranny and fight for our people.

Nobody gets left behind. Not on my watch.

For Kaine, the last four words stabbed his gut at the memory of Hammerfall, but he stood firm. He had to be like iron. He had to lead these people into the fire.

Will you follow me into fire?

He didn't wait for a reply, but began walking for the door. Ready or not, he was going to get his people back.

-- Now --

Clad in his war plate, the Australis Alor and newly minted Mand'alor moved to the comm in the cockpit of Red Razor, now streaking towards Concordia, and began the broadcast.

The comm went out in the clear, taunting the Sith, but also giving them fair warning of what was to come.

::I said we'd be back.

This is General... strike that, Mand'alor Kaine Australis. You're sitting on my planet. I know you're not going to surrender, and i'd be disappointed if you did. Make your peace with your makers, because we're coming to kill you all.

For justice, for the future, for Mandalore.

We have come home.::

He flicked off the comm.

Reckon that will rile them up? Grinning, Kaine pulled his heavy helm down over his head and went aft. Razor's cargo bay was full to bursting with the armoured figures and other toys packed into the small space. All the comforts, beds, bunks, storage, had been stripped out, to maximise space in the little freighter. They would manage alright.

Razor rocked as it hit Concordia's thin atmosphere. Outside, fire streaked the sky as the opening bombardment began.

Kilotons of ordnance began to rain down on the moon's armaments. These were ionite shells, fired from organic cannons. The cannons of the asteroid looking ships were organic because of the fatal damage Ionite was capable of causing to electronic systems. Ionite which was now falling like steel rain across the moon's equator. Clan Australis wasn't known for fighting fair.

Red Razor, streaking well ahead of the rest of the assault, homed in for Concordia's polar region, and the Fortress located there. The nerve centre of the entire system, it had to fall, and so Kaine had taken on this mission himself. If the moon wasn't neutralized, Mandalore and the vode still living there would burn. Not on Kaine's watch.

The cargo bay door came up, the air hissed out in a cloud, and Bo-Katan dropped from the cargo bay of the Red Razor. Beside and behind Kaine were another dozen Basilisk war droids, each carrying his squad, as well as the Alor Guard and the Sundari guard. They were the lightning strike. They would go for the prize.

Behind them, other transports began to disgorge drop pods containing the Grand Army, hammering down onto Concordia. They fell almost slowly compared to the weight of fire lighting up the moonscape which rained down in sheets from the orbiting bombardment platforms, but fall they did, rocketing down to the moon's surface, ready to engage the defenders there, and take the Moon back.

This was as good as it got. Inches of beskar and transparisteel between him and the void, strapped to several tonnes of war droid, heading into an implacable enemy stronghold that was prepared and waiting. The Neo-Crusaders never had it so good, dropping from space onto unsuspecting Republic worlds. A Mandalorian warrior lived for the challenge of facing the best, and while they were his enemy, Kaine always respect the capability of the Sith. They were the best, and he was here to throw himself into the gauntlet. Let them kill me if they can, he thought.

Power rippled through the war droid as she brought him down towards the fortress, weapons bristling, fairly humming with restrained destructive power ready to be brought to bear. Soon, now. Very soon.

In truth, looking at the odds from a logical perspective, they didn't have a chance. The Sith were entrenched, prepared, and well equipped to hold off an assault for a very long time. Fortunately for the Mandalorian prisoners, Kaine didn't intend to take the planet, not today, not until their people were free. They were here on a rescue mission, not a full blown planetary capture. All across the system, his vode and allies would be doing the same thing, releasing from their transports and preparing their forces.

They all knew why they were here, it was why most of them had agreed to join the effort. The time it took the Sith to work out their true purpose might be the difference, at least he hoped so. It was a fool's hope, he knew, but hope nontheless. And you're the fool, Mand'alor, he told himself, silently.

We'll see. Kaine growled to himself, inside his helmet, looking down on Fortress Kharis. We'll shabla see. The Mandalorian threw full power to the war droid's engines, and headed off to war.

Lirka Ka Lirka Ka
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Reyn Australis

Son of Manda'yaim
Post : 1
Location : Little Keldabe
Objective : Engage the Sith
Forces :
Sunset Australis
Gear :
Armour, Blades, Shoota

Turnabout was fair play, at least insofar as Reyn Aethelred Australis-Cadera was concerned. His father, the Mandalore, had requisitioned his ship for the mission to Mandalore. Not only that, the old chakaar had stripped out nearly the entire interior to 'save weight' as he called it. Reyn had cursed up a storm, but there was little he could do. At least not with regard to the Razor.

He'd considered the issue for about five minutes before deciding on his plan. Dad had pinched his ship, so he'd pinch Dad's. The codelock to Redscythe was easily overcome with the override code provided by Cerani, and Reyn had been about to enter when his arm had been caught in a vicelike grip.

Where are you going?

Reyn turned to regard a female he'd heard tell of but never met. Sunset Australis. Osik. Being the son of Yasha and Kaine, he wasn't easily overawed, but this woman might just be tougher and meaner than both his parents. He decided honesty was the best policy.


She smiled. That smile got his attention. Then she looked at the fighter. That seats two, right? Clearly she knew the craft well, as she pushed past him, letting go of his arm, which ached as the blood came rushing back to it. He turned, and saw the Colonel had already strapped herself in. Sighing, Reyn climbed up to sit in front of her in the tiny cockpit, bringing the canopy down over both of them.

---- Now ----

Redscythe shot away from the transport now angling into Mandalore's atmosphere. Their target was the city of Little Keldabe. They were to engage the enemy and provide cover for the rescue forces. Throwing himself into the teeth of the enemy suited Reyn just fine, and he was glad to have a warrior of Sunset's capability along for the ride.

The sleek fighter made good time, tearing a hole through the sky as it made its way down faster than most other craft in the galaxy, cutting through the air towards their destination.

Reyn held the controls in an iron grip, not wanting to fly them into a burst of flak or turbolaser fire. The Sith were dangerous enemies, as he'd learned on his last battle with them. He'd do better this time. He had to. This was for Mandalore.

Redscythe hit the ground, and the two armoured and heavily armed Mando'ade jumped out, boots landing together, weapons up.

Now, they hunted.

Raya Najwa Zambrano Raya Najwa Zambrano
Written in Blood
Location: Fortress-Moon of Concordia, Detainment Facility 7-C
Objective: Butcher the trespassers in the Emperor's name.
Equipment: Lightsaber (Red), Sith Lanvarok, and a curved ritual dagger.
Tags: Lark Lark | Aaran Tafo Aaran Tafo & Taru Cadera Taru Cadera

So this was what passed for Mandalorian Intelligence? He had to say, he remained unimpressed. The young man before him had attempted to slither into one of the fortress's generator complexes only to fail. So predictable. The Sith had uncovered their little gambit, and they would find that the system's defences were ready for them. That he was ready for the carnage to come.

"You may know more, you may not... but I lose nothing by making sure." Smiling sadistically, the Pureblood slid his blade into flesh once more, peeling off entire sections of skin as the warrior screamed. So much for bravery.

After minutes of the brutal treatment, he was interrupted by a concerned-looking Medic and informed of the Mandalorians' arrival. Excellent, now the real fun could begin. Leaving the medical officer to save his prisoner - so that he might be interrogated again, once the battle was won - he set off in a hurry, seeking whoever was in charge of this section's defences - or an airspeeder, if they struck elsewhere.

The prisoners had begun to bore him, anyway.
Governor from Hell
Location: Fortress Imperious, command room.
Objective: Survey and Prepare
Allies: TSE and Friends
Enemies: Network and Friends

The command room had become something of a favorite for Lirka, the Governor had established it as her “throne room”, of sorts. She could survey all that mattered, enacting her bloody retribution from the safety of this deeply set chamber. Of course, the inclusion of a Command Throne helped as well, one of many things the “Sephi“ had installed in her usual showmanship. That is where she sat down, watching a blue hologram showing her the happenings across the system, finally. The Mandalorian trash had showed their hand.

Whilst some let anxiety take hold, knowing full well if they lost they would suffer the most brutal of punishments: Lirka remained a sea of calm in the growing chaos, a toothy grin appearing beneath the blank faced helmet she almost always wore. Finally, she waved her hand, issuing the first of many orders wiher that near regal “grace”.

”Activate system comms, the Governor has a message.”

One of the many techs within the command room, a wily young man, quickly nodded his head and went to work broadcasting the Governor out. Her armored bulk, repaired after the fighting on Kintan appeared in holographic form across major cities, and her voice boomed in any comm system they could hijack on the various worlds of the system.

”People, of Mordinae heed my words! Do not fear this feeble rebel attack, for they have brought upon themselves annihilation! No. Do not cower in fear or cry in jest as war comes to your world once more! Smile, show glee, for the grace of the Empire shines down upon all this day! For hear my decree, all non-citizens within system who do assist in repelling this barbarian horde shall be granted full Imperial citizenship upon this battle’s conclusion, in addition a sum of 1,000 Imperial credits will be given for each Barbarian slain, and a sum of 500 for every rebellious dissident you put down! Glory Imperator!”

The comms shut off, Lirka had little expectation of the weak Mandalorian loving dogs on world to take hold of her offer, but it was for the records. She had offered them a deal, a wildly generous one at that, and if they refused?...well who’s fault was that when she burned their homes and demolished their people? She turned to another tech, watching the horde of vessels appear in space. Holding the line for the planet below, listening to engineers shouting damage reports as guns went offline from the Ionite weapons. The slightest snarl from her lips came from that report...

”Call Sector Command! I want at least 2 Fleets in system! We won’t have another chance so fine to crush the Rebel trash. Position the Orbital Cannons at Imperious, I want them shredding any capital ship they can!”

Though now, it seemed the calm was breaking. Battle lust was taking over, but she stayed in her throne...watching...waiting. Listening as hordes of Imperial fighter craft took to the sky from the Hangers placed around the mountain, the thudding as the capital ship’s worth of turbolasers pelted the attacking forces, the full might of Fortress Imperious was brought to bare against the Mandalorian attackers, but Lirka. She stayed. The time for slaughter would come.
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Eccentric Lord Of Opulence
Post: 1
Location: Little Keldabe
Objective: Intimidate miners for finds / Defend from the attack
Equipment: Lightsaber, Armor that has been made superfluously flashy with gold paint and embossings, and a bright purple cloak for further ostentation.
Forces/Allies: Any Sith Empire forces in Little Keldabe, and a pair of IG-106 droids.

With a meaty thud, the miner fell to his knees, clutching his throat desperately. The sickening sound of frantic gasps and gurgles filled the otherwise silent room. Darth Avernus held up the small bas-relief and frowned, his other hand trembling slightly as he reached through the force to constrict the miner's airway. The relief was no bigger than a datapad and no thicker than eight centimeters. It was caked in dried dirt so much that whatever the relief depicted was hard to discern. It wasn't often that the miners would dig up anything other than the usual, but when they did, Darth Avernus demanded it was brought to him. He was always pleased to have yet another piece to add to his gallery. What didn't please him, was the damage done to the relief by the mining equipment. Such an interesting piece, ruined. This displeased him greatly.

"I- didn't-"
The miner attempted to force words through his compromised air passage.

Avernus released his grip on the relief and let it clumsily fall from his hand and crack in half on the floor below, with a crash so loud the echo in the small room assaulted the ears with sharp retaliation. He reached through the force further, forcing his hand closed. As he heard the crunch of the miner's windpipe, he released him to suffocate on his own. The other miners watched in terror as their comrade writhed and gurgled on the floor, condemned to such a cruel fate. He turned around to the table behind him and moved towards it, the length of his cape making him appear to glide along the hard surface of the floor. He picked up his glass and took a sip of the blood-red wine within, sighing through his nose as he swallowed.

"Somebody clean this up if you would." His voice was as neutral and non-commanding as ever. No hints of remorse or even agitation bled into his tone.

His voice didn't need to be commanding, and it was no longer than a second before two volunteers among the miners began to sweep up the crumbled relief and dispose of the body of their former compatriot. They knew it was better that they get it done before everyone was punished because no one stepped up. Avernus waved his hand dismissively and the rest of the miners quietly shuffled out of the room, clearly eager to be out of the presence of sith. He stopped as he felt... something. Someone had arrived, he could feel it. Just as soon as he had interpreted that feeling, he could hear the miners making a commotion outside of the small office he had made for himself there. He began to step outside, clapping his hands together twice to trigger the two cloaked IG-106 droids in the office to activate and follow him out.

His eyes squinted slightly as the wind kicked up a thin swath of dust in his direction. He barked at the miners "Get back to work!" Which sent them scrambling back to their usual posts. In the distance, he could see ship that had landed although it was obscured by a few buildings and the occasional dust kick-up. They must have just now landed, as it seemed that the sith authority here had even yet to react. It would only be a matter of moments before everything hit the fan, he could feel that too. His hand caressed his lightsaber in anticipation as he began to approach the landing zone, one droid at either side of him.
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Space Daddy Carni-Boi

Location: Fortress Imperious
Objective: Dash Them Against The Stones

Seated on his throne, the Dark Lord of the Sith surveyed his kingdom and found it sufficient.
By his edicts, the Mandalorian Culture was all but extinguished in the Empire's territory. Those who had ardently practiced its faith were exterminated, with only a few pockets remaining locked up in population reduction centers in the system. Those who had proven more amenable to denouncing their faith found some succor in the new world order that rushed to replace it. They mingled and traded with the rush of new colonists that had arrived to fill the niche that had been emptied when the Empire ravaged the system. Now they were all in hiding, taken to underground bunkers in the hours before the strike fully hit.
To the Emperor, they did not truly matter. In an Empire of thirty trillion souls, what were a few million to be used as sacrificial lambs to lure in the emaciated wolf? Like moths to the flame, they had come. It was anticipated that the disgraced former Warmaster, though now he called himself Mand'alor, could not resist the succulent bait laid out before him. The systematic deflowering of his homeworld, the mistreatment of his fellow vod, and the knowledge that the Sith did what they wished and as they pleased on the ground that was once considered sacrosanct. It was a familiar feeling to the Dark Lord, it had driven him for decades after the Mandalorians ravaged Dromund Kaas and rendered it a barren wasteland in their last great confrontation with one another.
It was only fair that he repay the favor, tenfold.
Carnifex pressed a button on the arm of his throne, opening an encrypted line to the planet Mandalore below. "Emperor to Vodvtaki, you may open fire." He clicked off the communication, there was nothing else to be said; only a command to be understood. He then pressed another button, opening up a line between himself and one of the sub-commanders of the Fortress. "Commander, should Australis make landfall on the base, make sure he finds his way down here. I would like to finish what we started on Mandalore."
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Adenn Kyramud

Buy'ce olar, kar'ta ogir
Location: Mandalore
Objective: Destroy the Sith
Links: Drop Pods(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/mandalarms-drop-pod.125211/) | LAAT(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/laat-x.118757/) | Hellwalkers(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/hellwalker.121648/) | AT-AD(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/at-ad-all-terrain-attack-droid.120880/) | Beskad Warriors(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/beskad-warriors.124076/) | Beskar Elite(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/beskad-elite.124075/) | Tracyn Mirshko(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/tracyn-mirshko-fire-courage-dragons.122635/) | Hell’s Angel(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/mandalarms-at-999-k-hells-angel.124477/) | Titan Tank(https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/titan-tank.120983/)
Allies: Mandalorians, Network, allies of both
Enemies: TSE, allies of Sith
Tags: Vaulkhar Vaulkhar | Irveric Tavlar Irveric Tavlar

Mandalore, home of the Mando’ade, a fact that had always been and always would be. Except for the fact that the Sith had forced them off the planet. Adenn had never forgotten that fact, nor had most Mandalorians who had fought on the planet. The Mando’ade had been hounded by their enemies relentlessly and then they’d been betrayed by the Sith. Honestly, Adenn was surprised that none of them had seen it coming. Then again, they’d been too focused on the enemies beyond, not the possible ones with them. Never again. Adenn had sworn that it would never happen again, that they’d get revenge one day, and that the Sith would fear the Mandalorians again. That day had come now, brought about by Kaine Australis, helped along by others, and now being set in motion with all the force vengeful Mandalorians could bring to bear.

Clan Mortui was at the forefront of the charge towards Mandalore, as Adenn was in charge of the fight there, as Kaine had asked him to lead the fight. Not that there was much to lead or command, only to order the Mandalorians forward and into the attack, for now. They emerged from hyperspace along with the rest of the fleet, with afterburners on full to charge Mandalore. Most of the front ships were expendable, there to soak up the damage so that the ones carrying troops could get to Mandalore. The expendable ships did their jobs and did it well, allowing Clan Mortui and others to arrive in orbit of Mandalore swiftly. Immediately drop pods were deployed, transports rushed to the surface of Mandalore, bringing down various war equipment, while others still used basilisk war droids or Tracyn Mirshko’s to get to Mandalore’s surface. It was a mad dash down, led by Adenn Kyramud himself, riding into battle aboard Calyr, his personal Tracyn Mirshko.

Adenn was the first down from his forces, but he was far from the last. Around him came more of his vode, directly around him were the Beskad Elite, and behind them the Beskad Warriors. Drop pods slammed home, deploying their troops, LAATs landed and deployed troops, Titan Tanks, and Hellwalkers, while another larger transport landed. In its hold was the massive walker known as ‘Hell’s Angel.’ It stepped forth in all its massive glory, visible for kilometers around, especially by the defenders of Sundari. Around it were the Hellwalkers, deployed for maximum range, reach, and effectiveness. Around them were the Titan Tanks, each tank outfitted in numerous ways, from rocket launchers, to shield generators, laser banks, and much, much more. Between them all were the Mandalorians, the clan members and the Chulan, many from Clan Mortui but also many other clans. Humans and aliens stood side by side, all vode in this fight, ready to unleash their rage upon the Sith. Each of the Mando’ade had seen the damage done to Mandalore on their way down, and the sight filled them with rage, a rage that demanded blood. And they would spill the blood of the Sith to avenge their planet and their people.

At their head stood Adenn, looking out towards the ruins of Sundari. He had seen the base the Sith had made, the statue as well. Both sights had enraged him too, not nearly as much as the other half of Mandalore, but it was more fire to the flame. Turning to face his gathered army, Adenn took in their expectant stances, even as more came down, each of them ready to fight to free their planet. Raising his voice and speaking over open comms, Adenn shouted out.
For Mandalore!!

It was a cry echoed back tenfold by his vode, a cry shouted from every speaker, every comm, and every throat. And then they charged forth, intent on bringing death and ruin to the Sith, to destroy the defenders and avenge their vode a hundredfold. For Mandalore.

Mig Gred

Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii
Location: Orbit aboard Terror Austalis-Heading to Ka’pruni.
Objective: Blow the mine.
Allies: The Network and allies. Kaine Australis Kaine Australis Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud Stardust Solus Skirae Stardust Solus Skirae
Enemies: TSE and allies, Cara Dorniarn Cara Dorniarn
Gear: In bio

Hours earlier:
Mig looked at Kaine, giving him a nod. He knew what was needed. What they were fighting. He looked to Stardust and Adenn, then looked back at Kaine.

"Whatever's needed. Gred fleet took a heavy hit at Kintan, but some escorts were pretty clean."

Mig was aboard the Terror Austalis right now, relaying orders to all the ships in orbit before finally going to the surface. He may've been the Networks Sky Marshal, but he was planning for the worse. He gave the order to the ships to continue on their mission before walking to the hanger, and boarding the Echo's Light to head to the surface. To Ka'pruni, the Beskar mines under the Sith's name. He was going to be sure it would take them a long time be get back to the Mandalorian Iron should the invasion fail, but notable he only went with a small group. The courier soon took off, and flew towards the surface as fast as it could. It shook as some hits came in, and the particle cannons fired on anything unlucky enough to fly in front of them, but over all the fast ship finally landed nearb the mines, letting Mig and his handful of Mandalorians exit.

"O7, V1, R10. Stay here. Everyone else, get some charges and go." Mig quickly drew his Trayc'kad, knowing the enemy could be around any corner. "And free and slaves you come upon. We can swipe and oar hauler or something." The Alor sighed, slowly beginning to walk out while everyone got ready. They had struck quick and fast, so hopefully the Sith were in at least some disarray. He didn't know though. He was ready for revenge though. He may have been called a Mando'ad'jetii, and he may have had control of his emotions, but he wasn't a Jedi. He was a grey.
Daddy's Ray'a Sunshine

Objective: Have the Best Day Ever! Find Ram’ika the Worst
Allies: The Glorious Sith Empire Vandra Zambrano Vandra Zambrano Emperor Carnifex Emperor Carnifex
Enemies: Network Reyn Australis Reyn Australis @Sunset Australis
Equip: Ice Cream Waffle Cone, Swords
1 2, Armour
Post: 1

“Ooooo! Chocolate, yum!” Thus began the best day in Raya Najwa-Zambrano’s teen-bound life. Or so says the running monologue in my head. “It doesn’t even taste like genocidal depression! You know, the whole population go bye bye… you know? Mmm! Vandypand, what do ye think, fair insane-o-sister girl?”

I pass an ice cream cone to Vandra, and looking across Little Keldabe, all is right with the occupied and strip mined world. I’m chilling with my sister, Dad is actually nearby and there’s a threat to the planet. Today is the day.

The day, I say!

“You think Dad would like some? You know, if he could flavour… gee I'm lame. Dad's on Concordia anyway, it would melt.” Yeah, great idea Raya, save a frozen treat for the Emperor of the Sith Empire like some kind of six year old… ugh. But, this is still the day.

The day I get to prove once and for all to my father, that I’m one of the few kids of his seventy that he remembers. Calls on, when he needs things done. I'm not just one of the myriad crowd. With my sister Vandra by my side, we're an unstoppable team to quell the terrorists and take charge of some small piece of this planet's defence.

Yes. I shall rise to the big booted footsteps of my best sister, the shining star of all Zambrano progeny. I will, after this glorious battle, be able to walk up to Joycelyn Zambrano Joycelyn Zambrano and say ‘hey. Wanna go… hunting?’ And not be taken as some lame eight year old with pigtails. It’s all going to work. And it starts with Moridinae.

Cliink.. Clink cliink.

“Huh? My comm?” I raise my gauntlet, and a small hologram of my bestie from another nestie Adara Raxis Adara Raxis appears. Oh this can't be good.

“Ram is on Mandalore.”

“Oh ff-“ The stomp of my foot cancels out any ‘no no words’ as I visibly deflate. “Addiiieeee. You cannot be serious!? Your little brother is… tell me he’s come to defect to the Sith as the one true path for all Epicanthix and is like, waiting to… I dunno…. join the military or something?”


“Friii-ah… no. No! No. I know that look. No, Adie! No!”

“But… but he’s my brother. My little dopey brother… with grandeur delusions. Just… find him? Make him not die in a glory trawling fire?”

“Adiee, but this… this is my best of days, I…” I nibble my lip, scanning around as the klaxons blaze and on one of the screens, an image of Aerarii Tithe Aerarii Tithe flashing into live feed beside Teyn Gratiir. “… I can finally prove myself to my Dad and… you have like, four brothers just befriend another one.”

“Raya.” Adara pouted her cheeks in the holo, and my heart sinks. I blow air into my cheeks, hissing it out as I sink into an alleyway. “He’s my closest brother. My idiot, overreaching brother. Little Ram'ika.”

“…. is this the same one that put explosive gel in my hair when we were kids?”

“……….. noooo?” Adara coughed and sunk back in her call. “… yes.”

“It took two years for my hair to grow back! Aw, frick I’ll gut him myself!” I feel for the sword at my side, snarling into the street as in the corner of my eye I see my best friend in all the galaxy’s lip wobble. “Fiiine. If I come across Reyn and if I can take him down, and if he doesn’t keep killing things like an archaic Mandaboobian, then I might be able to capture instead of kill him. But… Adie, if he’s killing my people…”

“Thank you thank you thank you! You’re the best friend in all friendships!”

“I know, I know… hey! Don’t stop singing my praises, this is the one shot I have to prove my fighty worth and I’m spending it potentially making sure your brother doesn’t do the deadman’s flop. So what’s his armour look like?”

“Ahhhh… sometimes he borrows Baba’s? Or… sometimes he’s in…. red?”

“You see this face? This is my not amused face.” My lips purse and I scowl at the image. “So you want me to find a maybe red armoured Mando boy on Moridinae, who has the wondrous Epicanthix immunity to all things mentalist, and who… wait.. he can’t even use the Force can he? GOSH Adara! I’ll give you one of my brothers as a brother, seriously, I’ve got like, sixty four!”

“I love you with all my platonic love.” Adara smirked and she and I both know she’s got me. That’s when it hits. If I can capture the son of Kaine Australis Kaine Australis alive, then Daddy and Uncle Braxus have one heck of a bargaining chip! This could work! And then I’m keeping my promise to Adie, while simultaneously proving that I do belong in the House Zambrano gang of awesome Epicanthix-bred warrior royals!

“Yeeah, I love and hate and love you too. You stay safe, okay? No swooping. Let me do the swooping. Byee.”

Freaking eh. Leaning against the wall, the penalty of being the Demon-Lord’s daughter fits comfortably on my rather lanky shoulders. I finger the hilt of my sword, a gift from a brother I’ve never really met… some sort of peace offering between Manu and my mother, Ahani.

It’s a beautiful sword and Wakazashi. The pole-arm is nice too. Something about a woman named Baiko, who followed the same path Mom put me on. Little did I know until I was playing around on Bastion with Adara that ‘Baiko’ was the same Grandma Baiko who tried to kill her when she was a little kid. The one my Dad saved little Adara from by cutting Baiko in half.

Also, the day I first met Adara, when she was dirty in a ripped dress, crying in my father’s arm as he brought her to the Behemoth away from Sabarene. We played together, her, and Uncle Braxus and Dad. I didn’t understand at four years old that we were all going to conquer Commenor. Or that Adara’s little toddling brother would grow up just like us and go from toddling and trying to blow things up with random grenades to ‘freeing Mandalore’ from Sith oppression.

What’s an Emperor’s daughter to do, right?

“You! Goof Trooper!” I flail and point at a Sith Trooper, one of the many that serve my family and the glorious Empire Daddy created (in my head) because he was bored and anti-galactic-map-clutter. I put on my most official of official voices, attempting to feel as big and tall as my 6’4” mighty mouse frame allows. “Vandypanders. We’re going hunting… oh, and… Save the ice creamery makers.. dude, it’s really good. Best ice cream on Moridinae.”

Now, where are you, Ram?
The Face of the Eclipse Rebellion
OBJECTIVE: Free the enslaved
Allies: Curtis Learchin Curtis Learchin , Arla (NPC)
Enemies: Mythos Mythos (so far)

"Ready?" Lori donned her new armour, loading her blasters into their holsters once she was sure that they were charged. Then she fit a satchel full of detonators, string, clay and other surprises. Her lightsaber was secured on her belt and a dagger was slid into both boots.

She looked to Curtis, not with fear in her at all but determination. "We have to sneak into the factory. If there's a way underground, let's find it. If not we'll have to get in through a window or something. Get as many civilians out as we can and bring them back to the ship. The fleets will keep everyone occupied up there. One of the advantages of being a small ship."

Arla had jimmied their transponder into that of a Sith transport. Their arrival to Mandalore was hours before the invasion.

Taking a deep breath, she gave a nod to Curtis and opened the cargobay door. Arla was to remain behind with the ship. She usually did.

Scherezade deWinter

The Blood Hound
Codex Judge

Location: Mandalore
Objective: Objective II – kill stuff. Figure out how turkeys of war happen.
Wearing: Armatura | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | The Sofitor
Wielding: 8 Nozhi Blades | 1 Whimsy Knife | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives | Clarion | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke | Combat Gauntlets | Tessen | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader KD-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets
Allies: Omfg, I can't believe Scherezade is allied up with the Mandalorians. Hell hath frozen over, folks! | Open
Enemies: TSE & their friends | Open
What. The. Krak.

She hadn't believed it. She hadn't believed before she showed up here. She hadn't believed it when they were making their way to the planet. And now that she was on Mandalore itself, she still couldn't friggin believe that she was actually doing this. Actually aiding the Mandalorians. Not because of an attack that she and her people were leading, but something that the Mandalorians themselves were conducting, and she was here to help. To keep a promise that she had never wanted to make, but had made because of the Agents of Chaos' goals.

And now she was here. Not, in order to kill the Mandalorians and their war turkeys, but to kill Sith. It was ridiculous. And now the Sith had also somehow become her enemies, and it wasn't just because of that vandalized shipyard thingie from a few months back. A year ago, if anyone would've told her now would look like this, she would've laughed. After all, wasn't she right on this planet, around nine months ago, to help the Sith kick the Mandos off of it?

Sighing, Scherezadetossed some cheese cubes into her mouth and looked around. Still no carnage. Still no big blazing stuff. Still no war turkeys.

Gobble gobble?

"Hey guys," she asked in between the chewing, hitting the Mandalorian's frequency side, not really carrying if it was actually secured or not, "Do the war turkeys still exist or did the Sith eat them all up? If they still exist, where do I find the button to unleash them?"
Rebellious Blood
Objective: Follow Lori's Lead
Allies: Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais , Arla (NPC)
Enemies: The Sith Empire
Viper (Light Armour), Parthalan (Swordstaff), Saberstaff
Post: 1

Curtis gripped his swordstaff with an odd intensity. The time had finally came. Today he would fight those who had taken him from his home, and he would enjoy every last second of it. But he would stay at Lori's side while he did it, he was still her bodyguard after all. On his belt sat his saberstaff, he wouldn't hide it any longer, it would be a useful tool for them both. And this was as good as a time as any to show it off to her.

"Ready, just watch yourself" He replied, looking at his captain/lover. He would protect her as best he could, and at least they were ahead of the invasion. His training would be put to use today, and as the cargohold opened he smiled.

Anger, hate, fear. All of these would play a part today. For better or for worse.

"Here goes nothing"
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Kaine Australis Kaine Australis

OBJECTIVE: Rip the heart out of an isolated Network Shieldcarrier

The outer system also recieved visitors, though not nearly in the gargantuan numbers now assaulting Mandalore and its moon. Each fighter garrison recieved a single shieldcarrier as a guest. Not enough force to overwhelm and destroy each garrison, they didn't need to. Their job was to tie up the fighters and stop them having an impact elsewhere. Each carrier's 30 squadrons of droidfighters would launch and swarm the enemy. It was calculated to be a stalemate, which suited the attackers just fine.
Six stygium-cloaked, gravitic-modulated, and otherwise-concealed Sekairo-class stealth transports full of Whiphids, deployed from a distant Whiphid Raider frigate with an unaligned IFF. Said Whiphids armed with spears, cleavers, VLK Blue Ice automatic grenade launchers, and Whiphid-scaled slugthrower rifles. Said Sekairo stealth transports on approach to the Network Shieldcarrier's cavernous hangar.

They couldn't see each other, didn't talk to each other. Each cloaked ship's compliment of Whiphid hunters included at least one of the Toglannoq, They Who Walk the Ice - the Whiphid Force tradition. They coordinated by long-honed nonverbal hunting instinct, as if the shieldcarrier was just a snow demon, an ice tiger, or a giant mastmot. Good prey.

They'd spoken before they disembarked, though. <There is nothing here worth fighting for,> Velok had said, gesturing at the sparkling lights of the Sith Empire emplacements on their Raider's sensor screen. <The Empire offers paltry glory and minimal challenge, but it also controls one of our worlds, and so we fight alongside the little humans. But let me turn your attention to worthy prey, this isolated asteroid carrier seeking to suppress one of the outsystem starfighter bases. Sensors suggest it has an unusually powerful hyperdrive. We will take it.>

That had been half an hour ago. Now the old stealth transports slid around the dogfight and made for the shieldcarrier's copious frontal bay. Behind the lead boat's pilot, Velok the Youngest watched the huge ship intently, eyes flicking over the rough surface of rock and biotechnology.
Breaker of Beskar
Location: Aboard the Azure Star.
Objective: Quell any opposition to Sith-Imperial rule.
Equipment: Personal armor, CF6 Concussion Rifle, two vibroknives, engineering packs.
Enemies: The Network and Co., Mig Gred Mig Gred


Red letters crawled over the datapad screen like insects exposed from under a stone. It made little sense to her as she walked between the furnaces, frustrated that her data was corrupted so. The scene faded out of the periphery of her vision, the grated walkways morphing into white tile beneath her shoes. Foundry walls collapsed in a noiseless mist, reforming into a living room under a white stucco ceiling. Open doors allowed the sunlight and warm breeze of Bakura fill the space. Seated at the repulsortable was a woman, her light brown skin and black hair contrasting the room's soft white interior. Seeing Cara's worried face the woman gave a sympathetic smile, "It's been too long. You tried. Time to rest, don't you think?"

A dull throb had begun to constrict Cara's chest, "No...no," though she tried, she found her legs were unable to take her closer. "A little longer, please?"

An explosion sounded from every direction and groans of weakened metal began to fill the room. The datapad grew warm in her hands and she glanced downward, then looked up to behold a figure behind the woman. Whoever's face it was behind the t-visor held a malicious gaze and worse intent. His armored hand had wrapped over the woman's mouth, the white of her dress changed to the yellow ocre of his armor.

Errant letters leaked from the sides of the datapad, pouring onto her hands with a searing of hot slag.

- - -

Aidee's concerned warble hovered over Cara after the engineer had lept from her resting station. Wires snapped while cables remained plugged into the cybernetics of her back and arms, pulling her down to the floor where she still resisted them. After coming too she paused, feeling a wash of embarrassment in the empty quarters. The droid whistled in a worried tone. Cara pulled the cables from her arms and neck while Aidee removed the ones from the spine.

After the news of Mandalorian invasion Cara surmised they'd come for what pitiful scraps remained at the mines. Possibly they viewed themselves as saviors for their "kin." She scoffed at the idea. Truly, Mandalorians thought only of their own interests, pillaging the galaxy with their barbarity then crying foul when they are repaid for their actions against Dromund Kaas. Mandalorians were rust on the galactic machine, meant for no other fate than to be scoured.

Leaving her personal ship she surveyed the Ka'pruni mine. She had been here before as an overseer, collecting data for personal means. Now she had returned with fifty war droids and one hundred Sith Legionnaires at her call. Thirty of the war droids stood guard over miners inside the Ka'pruni facility, while twenty held position outside. Six lancer drones formed three teams of two and patrolled the barren landscape. Meanwhile, legionnaire troops were flanked around the facility itself, ready to close the net around those who begin trouble with outside war droids.

Outfitted in her personal armor, Cara positioned herself at the entrance of the main building. Miners who looked upon her saw not a face but a black mirror, in front of which was projected the Sith emblem as a red hologram. Her anger had been stoked, and today it would burn without restraint.
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Irveric Tavlar

Position: Sundari
Objective: Mandalore - Repel the Mandalorian assault.
Allies: Vaulkhar Vaulkhar ; Slain Dare Slain Dare ; Gilaad Bralor Gilaad Bralor ; Arador Khan Arador Khan - The Sith Empire
Enemies: Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud - The Network
Battle Armor
'Vishnu' Military Shield
DG-41 "Inferos" Disruptor Rifle
HG-88 'Big Iron' Hand-cannon

The Imperial General's short lived occupation of Sundari had so far been...mostly bloodness. It was a point made by Tavlar not to stoke the burning rage of the Mandalorian soul any further than the Sith had done prior. In all truth - Irveric respected the warrior code of the Mandalorians as he did most any combatant who would throw themselves into the arena of war. There had to be that base level respected offered to them any other at least. Yet here ; under the crimson saber, they were regarded as limp dogs ; the sick man of the Galaxy. The sharp 'T' shaped visor of the Mandalorian warrior which had struck fear into the hearts of many for millenia had been snuffed out to negligible insignificance.

With his Dark Jedi confidant at his flank the General surveyed the streets of Sundari, interupted if only by the curt nods of his troopers as they passed him by ; forgivingly forsaking the martial posturing and stance at attention that Tavlar's station earned him in favor of a faint gesture that showed respect to his rank ; his leadership but kept their sights on his orders all the same. Draped in his beskar steel battle armor Tavlar treaded territory as alien as it was too familiar to him. Several anti-insurgency and bandit hunting operations were the furnace to which Tavlar's mettle was tempered in the heat of harsh battle.

That feeling of familiarity never left him. Shifting his gaze to a decent sized glas-steel pane leaned against the side of a merchant's hovel. In the dustied reflection he didn't see the graying battle mind he'd grown to be ; no. He saw the conscript, holding his helmet all the same as he peered back at him. His Beskar battle armor reflected with the battle rainment of a trooper of the One Sith. Marred and beaten graying face replaced with only so suddenly crucified youthfulness, gray dust covering every inch of the younger projection in the glass with eyes that appeared far more solemn, forlorn and broken than the frigid gaze that Tavlar had known of himself for his life since. As if the vision knew what was coming of him before it ever did.

His illusion was swiftly extinguished once Tavlar took up his helmet and slid it over his gaze once more ; the reflection now depicting what was truly there as he buried himself beneath the visage of war. As soon as the 'acumen' HUD set over his vision and periphery - the fierce thundering of Mandalorian ordinance began.

The settlement under Tavlar's watch as heavily fortified. If there was going to be any chink in the armor in the garrison holding Mandalore - it would not be the 12th Armored Assault. Irveric made sure of that ; deploying sizeable detachment of several battalions worth of infantry and walkers amongst the city streets to pacify the populace whilst an armored blockade took up post around the city's perimeter. Though designed to keep the populace trapped ; it would certainly do well to keep the Mandalorians out. It would've been a scathing critique taken with him from higher commanders if Tavlar had neglected to use the mechanized assets of his army.

Originally meant to intercept rogue caravans and smugglers ; squadrons of repulsor tanks were set in layered panzerkeils were the anvil to which the initial Mandalorian offensive would beat themselves against in their attempt to liberate the city. Turbo laser, mass driver and heavy missile fire met the Beskad offensive with barely a moment's reprieve for them to set their ground as the scattered formations of anti-aircraft Claymore IIs and Carnivore tanks set tight volleys of crimson blaster shots and guided missiles into the air way. They were not doing battle with a governor of feigned credentials given a slice of the 'despoiling of Mandalore' out of nepotist arrangement, no. Tavlar was a battle mind who'd long had his mettle tested via generation's worth of uninterrupted warfare.

The mass of steel the Mandalorian walkers lumbered with provided easy target priority to the armored commanders taking charge of the layered wedges that enveloped the settlment ; taking aim with anti-armored ordinance toward the lumbering joints of the walker legs in an attempt to send them crashing to the ground ; crowding the enemy's avenue for defense. Faltering the effectiveness of the defensive armor formations would prove difficult as wedges of all purpose repulsors screened in front of formations of repulsor tanks holding anti-aircraft and anti-armor ordinance.

However as much as Tavlar favored his use formations of lighter repulsor tanks in spades ; the lynchpin of the settlement's defense lied in the two HAVt Barrages which sandwiched the city on each side. If the Mandalorians sought to breach through the main path and entrance way on either side ; they'd have to demolish these powerful dreadnoughts of land as they already traded blows with the approaching titans with slow but punishing volleys from their mass driver cannons.

Flicking the comms of his helmet to channel with his undead confidant ; Tavlar spoke with cool frigidness as he offered narrow eyes to the sight of plummeting drop-pods.

"Vaulkhar, to me. We need to consolidate the garrison and get eyes on the offensive." Tavlar stated with his ever characteristic frigid stoic-ness before flicking them once more to a Lord Colonel to which he'd charged with managing the armored formations enclosing the city.

"Lord Colonel ; report."

"Sir, Heavy ordinance and armor with dropship support - they're conducting an outright assault though I'm sure you're well aware." The Lord Colonel responded - the sound of several turbo laser volleys threatening to drown out the officer's comms.

"Copy. You know our doctrine ; punch holes and encircle if you can, we'll fight them here. At once." Tavlar ordered with a word of command to his subordinate before soon enough the General drew the 'Big Iron' from his hip. Ever cool and upright in the chaos as he sought to regroup with the Dark Jedi who'd accompanied him to Mandalore.

  • The battle begins
  • The armored formations protecting Sundari make contact with the Mandalorian assault.
  • City garrison begins to consolidate ; attempting to create choke points for the Mandalorian drop troops.
  • Armored formation looks for avenues to begin an aggressive counter assault on the Mandalorian offensive.

Raw numbers can be given on request.
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Lord Commander
Slavery was the single most profitable line of credit that Mythos had recurring and as such one of the largest slave depots he had was here, in the main factories deep underground in Mandalor. The glorious Sith Empire had done what it does and Mythos like a scavenger had set up shop and profited on the misery of the aftermath. Dealing with slaves usually just took a few Jack booted thugs and they fell in line... but this was mandalorians he was dealing with.

Out of all his slave pens in the Eternal Empire, The Unknown Regions, The Sith Empire and the Core this was the single most difficult slave operation that existed in his chains. Escape attempts were a daily thing, revolutionary movements were put down almost on a monthly basis and it got so bad Mythos himself had come down here to literally beat some sense into his disgruntled 'employees'.

Deep underground he set up parameters and security checkpoints every half a mile, every tram had with it armed guards from his Nubian NSF and every security checkpoint had an Opressor Walker verifying credentials and identification. It was a para military operation in conjunction with his company, two empires and at least a few shareholders. However... Mythos wasnt here for a military operation... he was here on business.

His suit was professional, instead of his Axe and weapons he brought his lightsabers and his protocol droids as well as his enterauge of economic growth and development. He sat in the core of the trams and in the command center of the entire operation with dozens if not hundreds of holographic displays that gave him a full view of the surroundings.

"Get everything on record and move these bodies out to Abajji by the morning. I'm going to make Vyra Silara Vyra Silara a statue in the temple of Gehena and I cannot afford any more delays."

Loreena Arenais Loreena Arenais Curtis Learchin Curtis Learchin
Mythos Mythos

The Oppressor Urban Assault Walker took up almost the entire tunnel, which was arguably the whole point of a checkpoint. Gryylarc eyed the walker balefully as he came up to the checkpoint in question.


At his belt, a tiny translation droid beeped to life. "Lord Gryylarc, servant of the Elder, wishes an immediate audience with the proprietor of this slave processing establishment."

The big old Wookiee leaned on his alchemical spear and squinted past the walker, down the tunnel. A hovertrain or car was coming, maybe guards or someone more important. Probably still humans, though. Earlier on, when he entered the tunnels, he'd watched a repulsorlift vehicle go by with its guards and its scent of slavery.


"Lord Gryylarc is amenable to meeting either here or at a location of your convenience."
The Bloody-Handed Bastard

Mandalore - Sundari Bio-Dome
Objective: Maintain Order, Repel the Offenders
Allied Forces: The Sith Empire - Irveric Tavlar Irveric Tavlar
Enemy Forces: The Network - Adenn Kyramud Adenn Kyramud
Gear: Lightsaber | Sword | Armor
Theme: The Bloody-Handed God
"Truly a travesty."

Vaulkhar's spite filled gaze was locked heavenward from the moment the Network's forces arrived. Where once there was nothing, a massive fleet suddenly appeared above the planet. His father had expected as such, imperial intelligence rarely proved incorrect. It was the sole reason the Sith Empire were once more out in force. The resources provided to the Sith via the planet's occupation were vital to the continued growth of the imperial war machine, but importantly, the occupation sent a message to the rest of the galaxy. Nowhere was safe, no planet too sacred, no people too strong. Even the beskar-willed Mandalorians could not hope to hold off the empire's piercing reach. Their people fell to the might of the dark side, their planet a constant reminder of the gravest insult the Sith could present.

"Wouldn't you say?" the undead monstrosity turned to look at the man held within his gauntleted grasp. All around them, the bodies of Mandalorian citizens too cowardly to fight back during the earliest days of the occupation littered the streets. Those who bent the knee and lied in wait, holding out for the likes of Australis and his lackeys. This particular no-named individual was just the last to die, struggling against the bastard's vicelike grip on his throat. "I had hoped when your people were sent away, beaten like the flea-ridden dogs they are, you'd at least learn a lesson. It seems that is not the case," Vaulkhar's grip tightened, the clawed tips of his gauntlet biting into his victim's fleshy throat. "I would think the warriors who drove the fearsome mythosaur to extinction would've evolved sometime in the last millennium," as the fallen Jedi's words reached their end so too did the struggling warrior held in his grasp. Vaulkhar dropped the body among the rest, unceremoniously leaving them behind as he turned on a heel to rejoin the good general, Irveric Tavlar at his call.

"I must say, Vaulkhar," a hoarse voice cut through the now silent street. "You once would've ended them in a way befitting a warrior. Look what has become of you in death."

Beside the dark-clad frame of Vaulkhar walked his darkest reflection. Nearly identical in appearance, the specter of his now black heart took pleasure in its host's wanton disregard of life. It was correct. In life, the Dark Lord's bastard would have ended them swiftly and mercifully, not drawing out their suffering. In death, he had changed. The code he once held dear now just a distant memory. Vaulkhar held onto it in some regards, using it to try and maintain some sense of self, but it amounted to very little. In the heat of battle when danger stood all around him, he lost himself to the dark side's corrupting presence. It was only when the fallen wrought destruction did he find true pleasure. It sickened him. And his thrice-damned father was to blame for all of it.

Each step brought him closer to the stationed garrison he and the general were expected to hold. There was little in the way of concern within the fallen Jedi. The Mandalorian people were broken once and would soon break again, this time assaulting their former city.

Passing by a tinted transparisteel window pane, Vaulkhar slowed to a stop. He allowed himself to look upon his reflection, only to grind his teeth together in frustration. In life, he was a beautiful man with piercing eyes and honey-gold skin. In his resurrected state that all changed. His skin was devoid of color, his hair as dark as a lightless night sky. His eyes burned with an unfathomable rage that could quell even the fiercest of beasts. However, even his corrupted reflection was not his own. Dark veins of black swam beneath the surface of his skin as his hair grayed and his flesh paled further. What looked back at him was the cursed reminder of his horrid existence.

"You cannot escape what you are now, son of the Butcher. Open your eyes to the greatest of truths. You are meant to eclipse the light and serve a far greater purpose. You are a tool."

As quickly as the hallucination came it vanished. Vaulkhar was left alone, staring at himself in the middle of a poorly lit street. He bared his teeth and growled before tightening his hand into a fist. It collided against the glass with an echoing thud. Fissures spread outward from the point of impact, spiderwebbing across the surface rather than shattering into hundreds of small shards. Turning away from the minor act of destruction, the damned Jedi moved once more to unite with Tavlar. And soon enough, Vaulkhar managed to reunite with the beskar-clad general as he issued orders to the ranks of soldiers beneath his command.

"It was foolish of them to launch this attack. They do not have the forces necessary to conquer both the planet and its moon," behind Tavlar, Vaulkhar took up an elevated position atop a hulking creature. It's scaled flesh shifted up and down in response to its breathing, each one sending out a stream of hot air into the courtyard before them. "I am surprised so many of the brotherhood have stationed themselves within Fortress Imperius. It appears the Mandalorian fleet is positioning itself to block movement between the planet and its moon. Yet another tactical blunder at the hands of the council," Vaulkhar watched a nearby holofeed as dropships descended outside the city, almost entirely unbothered. "Perhaps our defensive will be far more dogged than it need be."

Already, the general's forces moved to engage the Mandalorian forward assault unit. It nearly delighted Vaulkhar to see the discipline in his allies troops, though as far as he was aware, it was no longer within him to feel such. Instead, his ever-burning rage was momentarily quenched in a wave of apathy. It was unlikely the two commanders would see a battle for some time, meaning the bastard would require something to keep his attention. A hand lowered to gently pat the massive creature's scaled head as he looked down at Tavlar.

"When we are finished here, my friend, perhaps we can find a better use of our time. Though, you'll likely see another promotion, which means I'll be dragged to another battlefield," Vaulkhar's words were hollow as he spoke them, typical given his current state of being.
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