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Approved Lore The Scarlet Breed

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Lord of Conquest
  • Intent: To create the group of Lorale's assassins and religious leaders
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  • Links: Lorale Farmar, TSE, TOA
  • Organization Name: The Scarlet Breed
  • Classification: Cult
  • Affiliation: Lorale Farmar, TOA, TSE
  • Organization Symbol:
  • Description: The Scarlet Breed are, in some respects, the true leaders of the Order Ascendant under Lorale Farmar, acting as the religious administrators and military enforcers.
  • Hierarchy:
    • The Ichor
    • The Crimson Clerics
    • The Headsmen
    • The Spawn
  • Membership: Comprised of by fourteen individuals handpicked by Lorale Farmar and Kascalion Giedfield, the Scarlet Breed is an elite organization with very little room for alteration of members. Should any new member be added to the ranks, they must first prove themselves considerably to Lorale to where he is willing to have them subjected to the arduous training needed to perform as expected. They would thus be forced to endure, as the current members had when they joined, severe torture via the Dark Side so as to build their endurance to pain, persistent combat trials to increase their skills in battle, sleep deprivation so as to stay awake for days on end, starvation so as to require as little food as needed, and dehydration. Those that survive by their willpower are then enhanced by Kascalion's alchemy to varying degrees so as to serve at peak capabilities and ensure the desired outcomes are held in place, particularly those related to sleep, food, and drink. Rising in the ranks of the Scarlet Breed comes with heavy price as they must prove their loyalty to both Lorale and the religion they preach so fervously.
  • Climate: The general feel of the Scarlet Breed is one of simulatenous and contrasting respect and contempt, with each member vying to earn the most raport with their father. While this competition between members is unnecessary, as stated by Lorale himself, many of the lower members of the Breed feel that they do not recieve the same level of respect that others do, such as Ulger Osbald or Suls Creeper, both of whom occupy the highest and second highest ranks in the Breed respectively. Naturally, this leads to infighting and disdain, although it never reaches to the point of murder.
  • Reputation: Amongst the Sith Empire, the Scarlet Breed are an unknown and are thus treated with mysterious glances and rumours of hearsay. To the Order Ascendant, they are one of the pinnacles of success and are reveared as demigods, their victories in battle treated as holy and their very words regarded as sancrosanct. To the common soldier in the Order Ascendant, to be one of the Scarlet Breed is to be the child of, in their eyes, the God of War.
  • Curios:
    • The Two Marks of Lifeblood (Spawn): Two vertical scars on the left and right wrist, signifying the Spawn's willingness to give their own life for the Scarlet Breed. Tattooed over with red.
    • The Three Marks of Gallows (Headsmen): Three horizontal scars across the base of the neck, marking the Headsmen's duty as executioners. Tattooed over with green.
    • The Four Marks of Purification (The Crimson Clerics): Four x-shaped scars across the chest, back, stomach, and groin, marking their participation in the Purifcation process to rid themselves of the last vestiges of doubt and sinfullness. Tattooed over with black.
    • The Five Marks of Sainthood (The Ichor): Five straight scars across the front of the body, starting from the forehead and ending at the pelvis. The current Ichor rarely shows these scars as he is often in full garb, which covers the entire body. These five marks identify the saintliness of the Ichor under the rule of Lorale Farmar as he was not forced to undergo the Purification process. Untattooed.
  • Rules:
    • 1: All members are to refrain from discussing any and all information regarding the Scarlet Breed's objectives.
    • 2: All members are to approach their objectives with the utmost dedication and intent.
    • 3: Headsmen are to eliminate their targets as violently as possible so as to instill fear into the enemy.
    • 4: Crimson Clerics are to give sermons before and after every major battle and bless the worthy and the martyrs.
    • 5: Headsmen are to immediately eliminate any source of dissent in the Order Ascendant and Empire, small or otherwise. If incapable of doing so personally for valid reasons, they are to pass the requirement onto those closest to the source with approval from the Ichor, or the Avatar.
    • 6: Crimson Clerics are to regularly anoint clergymen into the Order Ascendant.
    • 7: All rituals are to be performed under the attendance of the Ichor.
  • Goals: With fervor unmatched by most and dedication normally only seen in Jedi, the Scarlet Breed work from the shadows and the forefront to ensure the advancement and completion of the Order Ascendant's "Grand Dictum." Battle, dedication, glory, and religion are their cornerstones in life and they know nothing but obedience and the effort to complete their objectives for their master.
  • Anastasia Graves: Headsman
  • Alrekur Varmarson: Headsman
  • Krastourd Kril: Headsman
  • Skoss Brik: Spawn
  • Tiz Brik: Spawn
  • Yacmoa Eaha'm: Spawn
  • Crin Brag: Crimson Cleric
  • Jargaza Yshu: Headsman
  • Bolsca Imani: Crimson Cleric
  • Thonn Krux: Crimson Cleric
  • The Creeper: Headsman
  • Vigilant Salvation: Headsman
  • Pollous Byrnhorn: Crimson Cleric
  • Ulger Osbald: The Ichor
As a relatively new organization created by the Wolf of Noxis, there is not much historical information for the Scarlet Breed, although what is known is usually considered to be of relative import. The most important piece of their history that can be deemed concrete is that they are comprised entirely of Lorale's "children" and most loyal followers, gathered from various points in recent years and conditioned to serve only the goals of the Wolf of Noxis.

They are alleged to have been behind the fall of many planetary governments throughout the Tingel Arm as well as the implementation of the Order Ascendant and Sith Empire's religions and styles of government. Additional pieces that have been uncovered are the assassinations of various officials within the Sith Empire who were deemed "unfit for service" or "insubordinate," the theft of advanced technonlogy blueprints from the Empire's enemies, capture and interrogation of HVTs, and so on.

In the end, the lack of known history for the Scarlet Breed serves as yet another entry into the book of unanswered mysteries connected to the Wolf of Noxis.
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