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Baifa Monü Zhuan

  • Manufacturer: Guiying Clan
  • Affiliation: Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter
  • Model: Force Sword
  • Modularity: Able to switch between fan and sword forms
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Force imbued Crystaal
  • Classification: Fan/Dagger/Sword
  • Size: Large/Very Small
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Reflective: Most materials made with it end up highly reflective and almost mirror like and can reflect lightsabers.
    • Lightsaber resistant
    • Deflects blasterfire
    • Can ground lightning
    • Very sharp
    • Fan/Sword Forms: Able to shift between use as a fan or a sword. In its sword form the blade telescope along a track that extends its reach while the fan can spread out. The differeing forms also alter what it can do as the focused segments of the blade can channel the force to enhance altering the environment like making whirlwinds.
  • Force Enhanced: Designed to function as a force blade able to ground lightning, deflect lightsabers and focus the force.
  • Force Focusing: Designed to focus force abilities while in its fan form. Specifically Alter Environment to enhance ones capabilities with the skill but training and understanding of said skill is still required.
    • Force Enhanced: within force nullified bubbles the blade returns to its normal properties.
    • Heavy: For a sword its size it is very heavy and bulky.
    • Presence: The blade gives off a force signature for those who can sense it.
There is not much known about the tessen blade before it appeared in the royal treasure vaults. Finely crafted and radiating the force the stories that were tied to it... were frankly compared to others fantastical. Full of Guiying commanders who could not be defeated in battle or with it lived to be hundreds of years old while those around them perished from age. The first earliest story is that the blade was a gift from the gods who came from the skies. Geometrically shaped thrones that housed them and wielding blades that were unbreakable. The fan was crafted from the crystaal steel of Atrisia itself and imbued with the life energies of the universe to make it much much stronger. There is agreement that this was likely one of the ships the je'daii or jedi took out into the galaxy from the Tython system searching for new worlds like Ossus.

The debate of it is mostly on why the weapon was left behind and what the purpose was in how they created it as the style is distinctly Atrisian and the theory that has been working is they took force sensitives they could find allowing their cultural influence to craft the wepons and it stayed on Atrisia afterwards. The next legend of it appearing is in the hands of Xiyin Guiying one of the earliest generals of the clan who led his small band of soldiers against a much stronger force and accomplished what was deemed impossible. Not only surviving but he conquered them for three battle as reinforcements arrived from neighboring regions to crush the upstart general. At one point he is said to have charged on horseback into the enemy camp through the army smacking them to the sides with ease.

He charged into the general Meiniang's tent and fought her from the back of his horse. Legends say her skill was heavily regarded as some of the best and even with his power he couldn't defeat her as they fought towards the river. When he saw the chance to eliminate two threats Laohu regarded as the jedi serpent turned on Meiniang and ordered a charge on her position with Guiying. The two stopped fighting as the brute of a mans hammer fell upon them to try and fulfill a story he had been told as a child. The river itself was a massive battlefield as the blood ran and Guiying delivered a combined blow with Meiniang shattering the jeweled armor the warlord wore and scattering jade stones into the river bed. The efforts for the moment united the two and to cement their alliance they were married to unite the clans and form a stronger force.

Then the legends seem to be lost with vague references to the blade appearing and being seen on generals but never used. Only the most talented were given it as with the rise of the yovshin and more commonplace soldiers of Atrisia the need for special weapons fell away. Warlords became lords under the emperor and empress and the fan was presented as a gift at the wedding of Jaiyi Guiying and Tian Niu whose daughter would become known as the Onyx Empress and instill across Atrisia a great many military foundations with academies, fortress and specialized forces. She held the fan on her hip from her time as a teenager when she first fought in the uprisings of the sea lords to her death supposedly nine hundred years later after pitting her lords against each other for riches.

The means of her death were the most horrific as it was said she had been stabbed, pierced with arrows, poisoned, strangled, drowned and even trampled by a horse but still rose again while gripping the fan. There is not much theory to how she might have survived and the tales are likely exaggerated for effect. Stories of her legendary military mind showed that she kept her lords battling within reason to prevent them from uniting against her. After her death finally the fan wasn't seen for another several; thousand years except for when the royal family cleared out most of the treasury to work on reconstructing Atrisia and ushering in the Jishi era with restoration efforts. Using the accumulated wealth from tens of thousands of years to do it let the citizens unite under them.

After her work the blade was presented to Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter by the royal family. At great risk she came to the aid of the world and its people winning respect and those who were with her adoration in a form. The penchant she had for different knives observed on her person made the idea of the blade being given to her a given.... should she want it over simple credits or some other form of payment within reason.

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