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The Sith Imperial News Network


  • Corporation Name: Sith Imperial News Network (SINN)

  • Headquarters: Bastion

  • Locations: Lianna

  • Operations: News, Propaganda, Intel Gathering, Entertainment, Advertisement,

  • Tier: 3

SINN is the brainchild of Astrid’s, constructed with the help of a few important figures within the Sith Empire. It’s primary operation is broadcasting newscasts across the HoloNet, both within the Empire and across the galaxy. Usually they are Astrid’s focus, but there is also a team of writers and editors, taking the gathered information and transforming it into something presentable. As the company grew, it began producing entertainment shows ranging from original creations to broadcasting various sports. From Podracing, Huttball and Shockboxing, to more internal ones such as the Sith-Imperial Tournament. Alongside that popularity came advertisements, deals that were struck with interested companies that wanted a slot within the daily broadcasts.

Internally, SINN works as part of the Empire’s war machine. Producing propaganda to enlighten the masses to the benefits of being a Sith-Imperial Citizen. It also involved the advertising of the various parts of the military, something that has become significant booster to the recruitment rates in both the Imperial Legion and Armada.

But behind closed doors and encrypted channels, SINN also coordinates with the Empire’s Intelligence Network. Working alongside organizations such as the Saaraishash, providing information that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Early on as the Sith Empire was growing, it became apparent that they would need something to reach out to the masses. But rather than building something and then selecting someone to run it, they started with finding a figurehead that suited their needs. Enter Astrid Gray, plucked from obscurity by the Saaraishash and brought to Bastion. There she was interviewed and tested by several key figureheads within the Empire, resulting in her getting the job.

From there she was given the daunting task of constructing a company from scratch. Using resources and personnel allocated to her, Astrid created what would become SINN; the Sith Imperial News Network. Based on a station above Bastion, the company broadcasts various HoloPrograms ranging from factual news to entertaining shows.

Subsidiaries: N/A

Parent Corporation: N/A