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Approved Tech Sith-Imperial "Scourge" Mk. I War Droid

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I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
  • Intent: Create a modern version of the old republic-era Sith War Droid for use by the Sith Empire.
  • Image Source: Wookieepedia [X]
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Sith War Droid Mark I, Droideka
  • Classification: Class Four
  • Weight: 162 kilograms
  • Height: 1.96 metres
  • Movement: Quadrupedal
  • Armaments:
    Two Twin Heavy Blaster Cannons

[*]Misc. Equipment:
  • Deflector Shield Generator
  • Ionization Buffer
  • Advanced Monoeye (Incl., e.g., thermal, motion, and life form sensors.)
  • 360-degree Auxilliary Sensors
  • Magnetizable All-Terrain Legs

  • Deflector Shield: The generator is similar to that of the Droideka of old, but is larger and cheaper. In most regards, it is comparable to the Droideka's shield, which was capable of deflecting or absorbing virtually any manner of energy or projectile fire up to the level of a light artillery bolt, as well as rebuffing lightsaber blades and physical attacks. It should be noted that, while quite powerful, concentrated fire or repeated attacks, especially from a lightsaber or comparable weapon, can overwhelm the shield generator.
  • Droid: As a droid, the Scourge Mk. I is well suited for hostile environments, unbothered by morale, easy to store, and constantly alert to potential threats.
  • Durable: With its sturdy chassis and powerful deflector shield generator, the Scourge Mk. I is incredibly resistant to most forms of attack.
  • Powerful: Armed with two twin heavy blaster cannons, the Scourge Mk. I is just as capable when it comes to dishing out damage as it is when absorbing it. In a pinch, it could even impale an opponent with its legs.
  • All-Terrain: With a set of four flexible duranium legs, the Scourge Mk. I is capable of effortlessly traversing most terrain, including the hull of starships. It is even capable of driving its legs through everything from hard-packed dirt to duracrete in order to climb nonmagnetic surfaces.
  • Droid: As a droid, the Scourge Mk. I suffers from a lack of creativity and a certain amount of predictability.
  • Shield Exploits: Just like the Droideka of old, the Scourge Mk. I's shield is unable to stop stationary or particularly slow moving objects. Similarly, it has a weak spot at the very top of the shield bubble which a lightsaber would be able to penetrate.
  • Slow: While capable of advancing inexorably for hours upon hours, the Scourge Mk. I's top speed is quite low, with most organics being able to easily outrun it.
  • Specialised: They're called War Droids for a reason; aside from gunning down enemies, they can't do much else. Their weapons have a stun setting, so they could potentially be used for riot suppression, though in that capacity they lack the capability to do much more than vocalise generic warnings and gun down those who violate them.
  • EMP Vulnerability: While somewhat well-protected against ion-based weapons, the Scourge Mk. I is extremely vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses.
Based on the Sith War Droids of old, the Scourge Mk. I is intended to provide a heavily armed and armoured supplement to organic forces and lighter droids. While lacking in speed and versatility, it makes up for these shortcomings with its impressive firepower and hardy deflector shield. In addition to the Sith War Droids, the Scourge Mk. I was heavily inspired by the CIS-fielded droideka, especially in regards to the type of shielding used.

In comparison to the so-called "destroyer droid", the Scourge Mk. I is more heavily armed, sports a considerably more sturdy chassis, and is somewhat cheaper to produce. Unfortunately, it lacks the mobility of the droideka, putting it at a disadvantage against rapidly moving foes. As a consequence, it tends to function noticeably worse as a Jedi-killer than its CIS predecessor, unless of course the Jedi can be forced into a corner or chokepoint of some kind.

While most of its armour plating is incredibly sturdy, this is not the case for its joints and neck, which are considerably weaker to allow for greater freedom of motion. Despite what one might expect, neither its monoeye nor its underside is particularly vulnerable, with the monoeye featuring a thick pane of glasteel and the underside sporting the same armour plating as the rest of the droid, primarily in order to compensate for its shield's inability to provide adequate protection against landmines.


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[member="Adrian Vandiir"]

Adrian Vandiir said:
Durable: With its sturdy chassis and powerful deflector shield generator, the Scourge Mk. I is capable of all but ignoring small arms fire.
Please revise this strength from a vague statement to something more specific.
"Small arms" is simply too broad in the context of SW technology. You will also need to reword it so it doesn't read so much like immunity.


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
Netherworld said:
Please revise this strength from a vague statement to something more specific.

There we go. A more precise description has been added in the Special Features section. It would seem the Droideka's shield was more powerful than I had initially imagined; I removed all reference to the Scourge Mk. I's shield being stronger than it and directly quoted the Wookiepedia article in regards to what the shield could do. I also added that the Scourge Mk. I was "somewhat cheaper to produce", as I figured that an upscaling of the shield generator and technological advances since the Clone Wars would make it possible to produce that component significantly cheaper.

(Now, the new description kind of reads like immunity too, so I added the "It should be noted..." part myself.)
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