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Scherezade deWinter

A scion to three powerful Sith blood lines, Scherezade deWinter is the youngest of the deWinter line, having emerged from the prison of the Darkness in which she had been contained as a baby for over seven hundred years.
This is a small window to her life of chaos, adventure, destruction, friendship, love, and betrayal.

Name: Scherezade deWinter
Nickname: n/a
  • Princess of Endelaan
  • Princess of Chaos
Species: Mostly Human
Sexuality: ¯\(ツ)
Marital Status: Single
Birth Planet: Endelaan
Living Situation: Aboard the Giggledust
Company: Whimsy

Faction: Agents of Chaos
Position: Free Agent
Force Alignment: Darksider, Sith

Gender: Cisfemale
Age: 6 months, 18 months, 18 years, or 700 years, really depends on your point of view
Height: 6"0
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Emerald Green, omit a green glow in some situations
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark brown, reaches to the middle of her back

Lineage: Scherzade deWinter is the daughter of the King and Queen of Endelaan, making her officially the Princess of Endelaan. Additionally, she is a scion to the deWinter family & Family of Darkness.

Comments Regarding Appearance:
  • Green eyes glow.
  • Thicc

Known Family
Parents: Nessarose deWinter Nessarose deWinter & Diomedes Antares
Godmother: Razelle Breuner Razelle Breuner
Grandparents: Shery deWinter Shery deWinter , Lorcan Dessel, Cameron Centurion, Lisa Antares
Twin Brother: Brayden Antares
Siblings: Madalena Antares Madalena Antares
Aunts: Morgaine deWinter Morgaine deWinter , Asteria deWinter Asteria deWinter , Cordelia deWinter Cordelia deWinter , Fallon deWinter Fallon deWinter
Uncles: Angelo Cavataio Angelo Cavataio , Adam Dessel
Uncle-Cousins: Caid Centurion, @Aiden
Cousins: Celestine deWinter Celestine deWinter , Cora deWinter Cora deWinter Aurelia deWinter Aurelia deWinter Daphne deWinter Daphne deWinter

Droid Companion: Twinkle Doom
Beast Companions: Baal

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Learns easily
+ Scherezade possess a lot of knowledge that was placed in her mind by her grandmother.
+ Royalty
+ Crazy Creative
+ Chaotic to the core
+ Extremely loyal to those she lets enter her heart
+ Ambidextrous with the right hand slightly more dominant when writing or operating gentle mechanics, and the left hand having a slight advantage during combat and weapon handling.
+ Blood Hound - a Force affinity that comes with the following:
  • Scent bloodlines and species through the blood.
  • Ride the Blood - garner memories from people's blood.
  • Follow the Blood - smell blood sharply and be able to follow a trail of it even when it's old and dried.
  • Pull the Blood - a favorite killing method when not using sharp and pointy objects.
  • Blood Magic - Sith Magic that requires blood comes naturally and easy to her.
  • More
- Blood Hound weaknesses:
  • Extremely susceptible to Force Light.
  • Extra weaknesses while near a Light Force Nexus may occur.
- Inferiority complex
- Temperamental
- Unpredictable
- Bigot - Scherezade shares the deWinter trait of harsh racism towards anyone belonging to the Mandalorians.
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The Force
Acolyte Powers
Neutral Apprentice Powers
  • Animal Friendship
  • Basic Healing
  • Basic Telekinesis
  • Farsight
  • Force Empathy
  • Enhance Ability
  • Force Cry
  • Force Jump
  • Force Persuasion
  • Force Scream
  • Force Sense
  • Force Speed
  • Force Rage
  • Telepathy
Darkside Apprentice Powers
  • Force Rage
  • Sutta Chwituskak [Kinetite]
  • Torture by Chagrin
Witch Initiate
  • Arrows of Fire I
  • Night Sight
Master Powers
Neutral Master Powers
  • Alter Environment [Earth]
  • Astral Translocation
  • Create Life
  • Grant Knowledge
  • Force Absorb
  • Force Bubble
  • Force Resuscitation
  • Mastered Technopathy
  • Memory Rub
  • Shadow Walk
  • Transfer Life
Darkside Master Powers
  • Dominate Mind
  • Drain Knowledge
  • Force Lightning
  • Sith Sorcery
    Dark Side Web

[*]Mastered Blood Magic
[*]Mastered Sith Alchemy
Knight Powers
Neutral Knight Powers

  • Alter Elements [Earth]
  • Basic Technopathy
  • Battle Precognition
  • Blood Trail
  • Combustion
  • Enhanced Force Sense
  • Enhanced Telekinesis
  • Enhanced Telepathy
  • Force Barrier
  • Force Blinding
  • Force Choke
  • Force Cloak
  • Force Deflect
  • Force Spark
  • Memory Share
Darkside Knight Powers
  • Basic Blood Magic
  • Basic Sith Alchemy
  • Force Drain
  • Spear of Midnight Black
Spell Weaver
  • Arrows of Fire II
  • Blood Trail
  • Call Mist
  • Dispel Illusion
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  • Copero's Wail
  • Combat Gauntlets
  • Dozens of Czerka Fighting Knives
  • Nastirci Combat Knives
  • Lightsaber - given to her by Katrine Van-Derveld. Has not yet been ignited.
    (pasted from this post)

    "I have something for you," she quickly said as she left Scherezade where she was, moving into the back of the cargo bay to open up a few of the boxes there before she found what she was looking for, wrapped neatly in a dark velvet cloth. With it, she returned to the teenager and, extending her hand to her.

    "This comes from the Sith Academy in the nightlands of Ryloth. It belonged to its Headmaster but he's been dead for so long, only his ghost had remained in this realm. The spirits, spirits trapped inside it consumed him. Only this remained behind," she explained, waiting for Pebble to take it and see what was inside. "I have no use for it and I've thought of giving it to you when you become a Spellweaver but I feel like you might need it sooner rather than later."
  • Nessarose deWinter's Lightwhip - Made by @Sanies Robur before the Gulag years. Taken from a Hutt Boss while on Tatooine in this thread.
  • Fire and Smoke - given to her by [member="Josh DragonsFlame"]
  • Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrower Pistol
    Glitter Bullets - anywhere between 3 and 10 at all times.

[*]Knight Obsidian Sword
Personal Droid
Other Vehicles

PC Character Kills
  • [member="Riggs"] - Killed by Glitter Bullet in Dark Zone.
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Scherezade during her first months out of the pebble.

Scherezade deWinter and her twin brother Brayden Antares were born on Endelaan before the Gulag years to @Diomedes Antares and [member="Nessarose deWinter"]. Their birth was a complicated and dangerous one, as the twins came out of their mother embracing each other, nearly killing her in the process. The first year of their lives were filled with safety and love. Their parents, the Warrior King and Sorceress Queen of Endelaan, were much loved by the people of the planet, and the twins were showered and pampered with everything babies can. Scherezade still has memories from that year, coming at her in flashes, of warm sunlight, smiling faces, the smell of both of her parents, and her mother’s milk.

Just before the Gulag came, Scherezade’s sight of the warm and sunny Endelaan turned to black, and she later realized that she had been placed in something called the Darkness, while her grandmother trapped her inside a pebble that was randomly tossed on Ryloth. She was trapped there for over five hundred years. At first, she did not panic, because she could feel Brayden there with her, but when he disappeared, the Darkness became a dark and scary place. She felt each and every moment of those five hundred years pass within the Darkness, but there was nothing she could do about it.

And then the Darkness became emerald green, and her grandmother, Shery deWinter, appeared in front of her. She touched Scherezade’s forehead and imprinted all her memories and knowledge into the child’s mind. When Scherezade opened her eyes, she was no longer inside the Darkness, but on Ryloth, covered in nothing but a white sheet, inside the body of an adult, and next to her was [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"]. Katrine told her that she had come out of a pebble. Katrine immediately took Scherezade on as her Ward, which Scherezade later discovered meant that she had been adopted as her little sister. That very night, Scherezade was also claimed by the Jart, one of the three spirits of the Mandragora. And thus, her life began.

Chapter 1 ~ Release from the Pebble
Her first weeks out of the pebble were a wonder. Scherezade’s eyes were big and curious, trying to learn everything the galaxy had to offer. She searched constantly for her parents and her twin brother, as well as other family members, but also traveled much, mostly at Katrine’s side, while Katrine clothed her and fed her, trained her, and the two became friends.

About a month after her release from the pebble, Scherezade was on Haseria as part of a CIS mission. When her eyes fell on [member="Darth Metus"], the memories of her grandmother rose wthin her and rage took over. She was not in control of herself when she pulled a knife and stabbed him between the ribs, hitting his heart, and almost killing him. Others who were around saved him and tossed her away, and she was hit by Force Lightning, her mark of the Jart marred. She lost her connection to the Jart that evening, and kept it as a secret from everyone, Katrine included. She took a few days off to hear from the rest of the damage her body had undergone that night.

Slowly, Scherezade began to grow as a person. She learned that she didn’t like sweet food or coffee, developed a passion for hunting and preserving meat, skinning, and more. By pure accident, she was found by her aunt [member="Asteria deWinter"] and ended up moving into grandmother’s Penthouse on Coruscant together with her cousin [member="Celestine deWinter"]. However, none of those relationships turned out to be very close, and Scherezade still felt alone most of the time. It did not help matters when she realized that she was just barely tolerated among the CIS due to Katrine’s status as Nightmother. She began to take on the weirdest and most random missions she could find, but it was all to no avail.

Scherezade also found her aunt [member="Morgaine deWinter"], who survived those centuries merely by being high on spice. Morgaine confused Scherezade for her mother, Nessarose, and begged for her forgiveness about eating her pets and farming their poop. Scherezade was highly uncomfortable with the entire situation, but ended up giving in and pretended to be her mother, offering Morgaine forgiveness in return for her ship, the Giggledust.

Now that she was no longer restricted in her movements around the galaxy by Katrine’s own plans, Scherezade took to traveling as wide and as far as she could, often getting into trouble. Yet at the same time she trained hard, both with Katrine and on her own, learning to master many abilities both as a Force User, a Darksider, and a Witch. Her plans of chaos and destruction became infamous, and included (but were not limited to) poisoning CIS enemies with laxatives in the drinking water, creating Glitter Bullets that were designed specifically to target Mandalorian armor and weaken it, and the creation of the Hutt Breeding Program. She even began to form detailed plans regarding the destruction of several key planets in the galaxy, but the heads of the Confederacy put their foot down and ended those plans before she could take the first step to making them happen.

Yet still despite the best of her efforts, she was not a particularly welcome person anywhere. During these months she began to believe that she was inferior and unworthy of her ancestral planet, Endelaan, her mind now setting to need to prove herself to be worthy before making an attempt to return there. Further shame was added by the fact that she realized she was following the path of the Sith Warrior, something not a single woman in her blood line had ever done before, as they were all Sith Sorceresses. Yet the Sith Sorcery aspect never came as natural to her as using weapons and being physically active in combat did, and while she did mostly embrace it, she remains terrified that this would be seen in a bad light by those of Endelaanian culture.

Chapter 2 ~ What is Love, Baby Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me, No More

Chapter 3 ~ Blood Spells and Madalena Antares

Chapter 4 ~ Ministry of Secrets

Chapter 5 ~ Agents of Chaos
We are now here.
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  1. Pebble in Hand... [COMPLETE]Scherezade is broken free from the pebble in which she was sleeping since before the Gulag years. Katrine Van-Derveld takes her on and guides her in the ways of the Mandagora.
  2. New Moon Rising: Part 1 [COMPLETE] Scherezade is trained by Katrine and they cover Force Empathy, Force Speed, Force Jump, Telepathy, and Force Healing.
  3. Unattended
  4. TOTAL WAR [COMPLETE | INVASION]Pebble's first invasion goes horribly wrong as it's made clear her questions regarding safety piss people off more than anything, and she gets claustrophobic while riding in a sandcrawler. Also, she kills a zombie in the sands.
  5. A Case of Mistaken Identity [COMPLETE] - Scherezade meets Pash Tafo and mistakes him for her father. Her heart breaks. Then they talk and become friends.
  6. Stepping Stones [COMPLETE] Scherezade received some training in Sith Sorcery by Rapax.
  7. Giving Strength to the Pact
  8. With us evil lives on the right side of wrong
  9. New Moon Rising: Part 2 []
  10. Lost, Unbound, a Purpose Found [COMPLETE] Scherezade recruits Caska Fen into the Mandragora
  11. Seven Seas [COMPLETE] Scherezade realizes her aunt, Asteria deWinter is awake, alive, and well. Her aunt dislikes her being a pebble. Milestone - Scherezade doesn't let anyone call her a Pebble after this thread. An auntie-niece relationship ensues.
  12. How Do We Do This Thing?
  13. Tea? What's That? [COMPLETE] Scherezade meets Lady Kay and learns a little bit about faction ruling.
  14. The Second Triumvirate [COMPLETE] Scherezade is introduced as the Princess of Endelaan at an Ancient Eye summit.
  15. Silence [COMPLETE | DOMINION] Scherezade joins Katrine in Haseria. Whatever was planned never happens because Scherezade sees a Mandalorian (Darth Metus) and rage takes her over. She finds the weak spot in his armor and stabs him between the ribs, causing other CIS members to turn on her. Thread ends with her on the ground, electrocuted by Force Lightning, unable to get up.
  16. By the Blood [COMPLETE] CIS goes off to kill some Mandalorians. Scherezade misses out on all the fun and never forgets, never forgives.
  17. You
  18. Swing on This
  19. Legends Foretold of Dust and Gold [COMPLETE] Mandragora stuff.
  20. Forthwith from Legend [COMPLETE | DOMINION] Scherezade actually friggin' cooperates with a Mandalorian, breaks into a scavenger ship, changes its programming to commit a suicide bombing by slamming into the other scavenger ships, and runs for her life, taking the good Mandalorians with her.
  21. Distractions Abound
  22. Ancient Echoes [COMPLETE] Scherezade kills some intruders for the Ancient Eye.
  23. It's a Trap! [COMPLETE | DOMINION] Scherezade's sucked into a weirdass speed dating game thing. It gets violent.
  24. There Be Monsters [COMPLETE | DOMINION] Scherezade goes to Monastery, fights a sabercat, almost dies, defies orders, and almost dies before deciding to act as bait for more monsters.
  25. Don't stop 'till you get enough
  26. Play the Game
  27. Echoes from Outer Silence
  28. Dare to Learn
  29. Age of the Lupine []
  30. Flashpoint: Maramere [COMPLETE | DOMINION] Scherezade shows up on Maramere three days before the CIS, posing as a kitchen wench to gain the pirates' trust. The day the CIS arrives, she contaminates the drinking water with strong laxatives so that when the droid army enters the fort, the pirates are literally too busy chitting their pants. When the CIS offers the pirates the option to surrender, Scherezade rages and kills some of them who have surrendered.
  31. Expedition: Dragonflower [COMPLETE] Scherezade runs in the forests with Katrine Van-Derveld and Gerwald Lechner.
  32. You Saw Nothing [COMPLETE] Scherezade and Gerwald Lechner get to really know each other.
  33. Young and Menace
  34. There's No Place Like Home [COMPLETE | DOMINION] Scherezade travels to Orcus with the Mandragora to take care of some local business. Gerwald Lechner starts a wager about who can get the biggest body count. A bunch of people join in but cheat, so it ends up being a contest between Gerwald and Scherezade. Scherezade has the lead when she turned into a pin cushion an Gerwald carries her off the battlefield. Technically, she won, so he has to clean her ship.
  35. May I Still Kill You? [COMPLETE] A few months after her attempt to kill him, Scherezade meets with Darth Metus.
  36. SSB Action - Mystery Auction [COMPLETE] Following her newfound semi friendship with Darth Metus, Scherezade joins him for an auction and asks the stupidest questions ever.
  37. Appetite for Destruction []
  38. A Familiar Stranger Among Sand and Sea []
  39. Desert Folk [COMPLETE] Scherezade discovers that a Hutt Boss has her mother's lightwhip. She teams up with a sand muncher, kills the Hutt, enslaves the sand muncher for two minutes, and makes out with her mother's light whip, some credits, and Hutt DNA.
  40. Another Day [COMPLETE] Scherezade meets Adron Malvern and he gives her some training in sword fighting.
  41. Trade Mission to Geonosis [COMPLETE] Scherezade finds a Gungan and questions him to discover some weak spots while she works on her plans to bring doom and destruction to Naboo.
  42. A Guy Like You [COMPLETE] Scherezade and Gerwald go on a trip to Coruscant, and she tells him that she loves him.
  43. Dark Zone [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Scherezade's ship crashes on the virus prone planet and she teams up with other CIS members to fight their way out.
  44. Les Confederate Misérables [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Following the events of Dark Zone, Scherezade waits for Gerwald while she'd held in quarantine, not knowing that while he was supposed to check up on her before they leave to free his siblings of Stewjon, he's busy sleeping with Katrine.
  45. The Rise of the Black Bha'lir
  46. Fireflies [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Gerwald having made no contact yet, Scherezade goes to Fireflies to meet up with a contact (Sor-Jan) regarding a future plan to remove her information from the CIS database.
  47. A Shadow in Time [COMPLETE] Scherezade meets Kamon Vondiranach who attempts to execute her for the sin of being a Sith and attempts to spark a war between the CIS and the GA. Scherezade's either dead or near dead at the end of it.
  48. Call My Name and Save me from the Dark [COMPLETE] While Scherezade fights for her life, Gerwald chooses Katrine and the two exchange their first I love you's. Scherezade wakes up from a week long coma slightly after that, and after receiving the news, is utterly broken. She leaves the Mandragora, severs her ties, and breaks even further.
  49. Bells and Blasters [COMPLETE] Trying to cope with her broken state, Scherezade attends a CIS wedding. Gerwald and Katrine are there, and Katrine finds her brother. Scherezade breaks further and makes an attempt to sink the Fortressa.
  50. Pleasure Planet [SJO DOMINION | COMPLETE] Trying to forget about Gerwald and Katrine, Scherezade flies off to Zeltron, where she means Josh DragonsFlame and seduces him.
  51. Devil with the Silver Tongue [COMPLETE] Aboard Josh's ship, Scherezade and Josh talk too much.
  52. Hutt Breeding Program []
  53. Fire Foamy [COMPLETE] Scherezade is summoned by Petra Cavataio, who steals information from her, erases her memories, and gives her a whisper stone.
  54. We Are Not Children Anymore []
  55. The Masks that are Worn
  56. Beautiful Castange [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Scherezade arrives on Castange, gets drunk, and is picked up by Mandalorians.
  57. Sometimes, Less is More []
  58. Happy Force of July [COMPLETE] Scherezade joins Daisy's family event on Haseria.
  59. Exodus Day [COMPLETE]
  60. Exodus Day - the Bathroom Sequence [COMPLETE]
  61. After the Parade []
  62. Echoes of Eternity []
  63. We've Got the Moves Like Jabba [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Scherezade implements her first live try with the Hutt Baby Program and blows up the apartments of the rich Hutts and crime bosses on Tatooine.
  64. Force, let me be able to fix this one thing [COMPLETE] Following the lead Petra Cavataio gave her, Scherezade travels to Dathomir and finds her uncle, [member="Angelo Cavataio"]. The two bond and become close, and she convinced him to go and talk to her aunt Asteria after 700 years of being apart.
  65. One Man's Regret []
  66. Safe & Sound [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Scherezade is drunk on Naboo and nothing of note happens.
  67. Scherezade had a Thousand Tales, and This One Might be About Betrayal [COMPLETE] Still on Naboo, Scherezade is contacted by Josh who wishes to speak with her after he met Katrine. Scherezade accuses him of betrayal. They get over it. Then she realizes he loves her (in a nonromantic way). She accuses him of not adhering her once again. Thread ends with a hug.
  68. The Menagerie [SJO DOMINION | COMPLETE] Scherezade joins the SJO on a mid-day of fun and meets Josh's son. However, when one of the SJO's has a meltdown and Scherezade is entrusted with the care of his son, she panics and accidentally kills a porg.
  69. Psyche []
  70. Freedom for Felacat [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Scherezade infiltrates the Royal Palace on Felacat and poses as a servant, waiting for the CIS. Suffers bad memories and flashes of her time with Gerwald since the big enemy here are pirate Trandoshans. Ends up massacring them alongside Daxton Bane.
  71. Into the Deep [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Scherezade has a moment of panic.
  72. Operation: Double Edged Sword []
  73. Almost My Type of Place []
  74. Here Come the Honey Boos of the Confederacy []
  75. It's Enough, Already [COMPLETE] Scherezade meets her uncle, [member="Caid Centurion"].
  76. Awkward Meetings [COMPLETE] Gerwald and Scherezade meet. It's painful. Scherezade realizes there is no place for her in this galaxy.
  77. Kalinka, Ka-Kalinka, Ka-Ka-Linka, Kakdyla [COMPLETE] Scherezade arrives to the Kalinda system (with Daisy, later joined by Dianah, Jaron, and Caid) to take care of some local gangs that have taken the royal family. The mission is a success but the prince is found dead.
  78. The End Draws Nigh []
  79. Tabula Rasa Sorta? [COMPLETE] Scherezade deWinter no longer exists.
  80. A New Knight [COMPLETE] Madalena is recruited as a member of the Knights Obsidian.
  81. All Stories Are True [COMPLETE] Madalena visits Josh and Jason to celebrate her acceptance to the Knights Obsidian and is unable to sleep due to nightmares that pleague her about a Nothing and a certain woman with green glowy eyes.
  82. Getting Down to Smooth Sounds []
  83. Staffing Issues []
  84. Casino Royale []
  85. Galaxy's Divinity: Voyage to Emergoop []
  86. Things You See in the Graveyard []
  87. Forests and Friendships an Cultists, Oh My! [COMPLETE] Madalena and [member="Dianah Vi'Dreya"] embark on a KO mission together, fight a cult, become friends, and rescue Loth puppies.
  88. Escalation Protocol [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Madalena and [member="Daisy Americus"] team up, take over a chicken, and kill the enemies! Pew pew pew!
  89. CIS Civil War: The Battle for Beverage Supremacy [COMPLETE] Madalena shows up with the intend of being audience and ens up fighting for the side of coffee. Coffee wins!
  90. For the Nights I Still Remember [COMPLETE] Madalena visits [member="Josh DragonsFlame"] and they celebrate the third birthday of his son, Jason.
  91. Welcome to the Academy [COMPLETE] Madalena is sent to the Academy to let people know they passed exams?
  92. The Emperor's Ball [COMPLETE] Madalena attends the TSE Disney ball.
  93. Keep to the Stars []
  94. Turning the Good into Better [COMPLETE] Madalena trains a bunch of KO's.
  95. Not Naked & Maybe Afraid [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Madalena wakes up on Rishi (with Dianah, Jaron, and a few more). They've got Force-blocking collars and need to survive the jungle's wilderness.
  96. Hyporian Nights [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  97. Takes Two to Tango []
  98. Echo Across Time [COMPLETE] Madalena meets Scherezade's twin brother, [member="Brayden Antares"].
  99. Continuation of a Line [COMPLETE] [
    ] writing an Endelaan NPC, Eve.
  100. "Void"ed Check [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  101. Crystal Catch [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  102. A New Partner []
  103. State of the Union [COMPLETE] Madalena congratulates Josh on becoming the Master of the Silver Jedi.
  104. CIS KO Tournament | Round 1 []
  105. Betrayal on Seltos [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  106. Blood Needs to Trickle []
  107. A Plentiful Harvest [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  108. To Those I Trust Most [COMPLETE] []
  109. Aloha Archae [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  110. Unstill Waters [COMPLETE] []
  111. Try Some of Column A, Try All of Column B [COMPLETE] []
  112. Operation Infinity [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Madalena meets baby Scherezade.
  113. Jurassic Kingdom [SJO DOM] []
  114. Molded in Obsidian [COMPLETE] Madalena attends a Master ceremony among the Knights Obsidian.
  115. Love Gods [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  116. Enter the Maektrix [COMPLETE] []
  117. Mambo No. 5 [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Madalena shows up at another CIS party where the drinks are laced with a love potion. She sets Josh and Daisy up, protects Alwine Lechner from the flames she caused, and offers protection to Gerwald too. However, the night quickly turns sour and she leaves alone and in tears.
  118. Thank You [COMPLETE] Madalena officially meets and spends time with [member="Alwine Lechner"].
  119. Talk to Me [COMPLETE] Madalena meets with Brayden in the hopes of fixing things between them though she doesn't know what's wrong. Brayden denies her.
  120. A New Dawn [COMPLETE] Madalena finds [member="Redd"], another Lupine, and contacts [member="Alwine Lechner"] to let her know.
  121. A Promise is a Promise [] [
    ] writing an Endelaan NPC, Eve.
  122. Big Basa Boom [COMPLETE] []
  123. A Bitten Hand []
  124. Any Day Can Have Regret []
  125. Lifeday Sithmas Celebration [
    ] [COMPLETE] []
  126. 'tis the Season [SJO Winter Ball] [
    ][ COMPLETE] []
  127. The Unity Celebrations [
    ] [COMPLETE] []
  128. After the Unity Celebrations [COMPLETE] []
  129. Bah Hambug! [
    ] [COMPLETE] []
  130. A Very Kenway Christmas [
  131. How to Skin a Wookie []
  132. Welcome to the Confederacy []
  133. Oh, Hoylin [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  134. Triffis Drifters [DOMINION | COMPLETE] [] Madalena is aboard the Fortressa when droids all over CIS space go rabid. She takes care of things and almost dies in the process. Also meets @Rashae.
  135. Antebellum [DOMINION | COMPLETE] Madalena arrives on the planet as part of guard duty, and stumbles across a few snobs.Also gets manhandled by [member="Darth Tacitus"].
  136. The Devil's Lair [CIS invasion of TJE] [COMPLETE] [] As the Confederacy invaded the Jen'ari Empireon Copero, Madalena joined as part of the ground forces. In the chaos and confusion happening in the city, she meets [member="Cay-Yo"] and grabs him as a Prisoner of War.
  137. Prisoner of War [COMPLETE] []
  138. An Empire in Shadows: Part I [COMPLETE] []
  139. The Winter Long [COMPLETE] []

  140. You Are A Rock Upon Which I Stand []


  142. Strange Terrain | CIS Invasion of TJE-held Zonmira [CIS invasion of TJE] [COMPLETE] []

  143. Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex [CIS invasion of ME] [COMPLETE] []

  144. How Dare You?! [COMPLETE] []

  145. Of Fallen Stars | The Confederacy [COMPLETE] []

  146. The Forge Festival [COMPLETE] []
  147. Chaos Choreography [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []

  148. Smart Meetings [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []

  149. Blood in the Water [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  150. Pandora's Box [COMPLETE] []

  151. XIII []

  152. The Corrupted | Prelude to War []

  153. Sound the Drums of War [CIS Dominion of Hex Y-40] [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []

  154. The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat [CIS invasion of NR] [COMPLETE] []

  155. The Dawn Will Come []

  156. The Dawning []

  157. Chaotic Anomalies [COMPLETE] []

  158. Into the Jungle | CIS Dominon of M'haeli [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []

  159. Amour Rapide | CIS Dominion of Stobar [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  160. What Games are Played []

  161. I'll Take Mine Poached []
  162. Hush []

  163. The Second One []

  164. Shot Down at Tatooine! []

  165. The White Rabbit [Bounty Thread] []
  166. Coming Clean []

  167. You're Not Her [COMPLETE] []

  168. Kill a Slaver and You Know it, Clap Your Hands! []

  169. A Magnate of Trouble []
  170. Ghosts of the Heart Line []
  171. Whispers of the Past []
  172. Ay Ee Yeye You're My Little Butterfly []
  173. Into the Darkness [COMPLETE] []
  174. Sharpened Knives - Episode I - Domino []
  175. Sharpened Knives - Episode II - Sko'saht []
  176. Sharpened Knives - Episode III - Rick Kaloo []
  177. The Blood Games - Uthixo Nazim vs. Scherezade deWinter [COMPLETE] []
  178. The Midnight Ending and A Sunlight Beginning []
  179. Arkam Knights | CIS Dominion of Arkam 13 [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  180. Where It Begins and Ends []
  181. A Touch of Evil [COMPLETE] []
  182. Mutual Whines []
  183. Turbulent Tutoring []
  184. Of Two Worlds []
  185. Squad Goals: deWinter's Amazongs vs Taff's Troopers []
  186. Daylight [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  187. Midnight Inferno [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  188. Consequences of Pragmatism []
  189. Devils... Monsters... [COMPLETE] []
  190. The Dance of Fifteen Blades []
  191. Springtime Prom [COMPLETE] []
  192. We All Thaw This Coming [ORC invasion of TSE] [COMPLETE] [] ORC's side
  193. Interest and Interrogation []
  194. Intermission [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  195. Heretic Station []
  196. Hunting the Fallen []
  197. Whispers of the Past []
  198. The White Rabbit []
  199. Floating Peace [COMPLETE] []
  200. Golbah City Shuffle []
  201. Worshipped as Gods []
  202. Troopers, Three! Yo! Virtual Reality! []
  203. Giving to the Givin [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  204. Raze Rezord DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  205. Hell or High Water []
  207. Opening Pantora's Box [TSE invasion of ORC] [] ORC's side
  208. Spy Games []
  209. Independence Day [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  210. Sleep, No More [COMPLETE] []
  211. Frosted Feathers []
  212. Needles on Kamino []
  213. Ice To See You []
  214. To See What We Can See []
  215. Dark Entanglements [COMPLETE] []
  216. Umgul and the Chocolate Factory [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  217. Rumble in the Jungle [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  218. Three Witches Watch Three Watches []
  219. Cavillion Zoo [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  220. Poundin Rain - The Rookery [COMPLETE] []
  221. A Moment of Peace []
  222. Crown of Sorrow [CIS invasion of ME] []
  223. Devotion. Bravery. Sacrifice. [COMPLETE] []
  224. Party in the Taanab []
  225. Hear Me Roar [CIC invasion of ME] [] CIC's side
  226. A Rogue's Tale []
  227. Kitty in the City []
  228. The Eyes of the Galaxy [SJO invasion of ME] [] SJO's side
  229. Fate of the 'Verse []
  230. Casualties of War []
  231. Divergence [CIC invasion of ME] [] CIC's side
  232. The Black Garden [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  233. Clash of Titans []
  234. Metal Lord Chemistry []
  235. I'll Make a Forcie Out of You []
  236. You'll Shoot Your Eye Out []
  237. At the Bottom of a Bottle []
  238. Operation Hammerfall [TSE invasion of ME] [] TSE's side
  239. After the Smoke Clears []
  240. A Splash of Freedom []
  241. Better Later than Never []
  242. Monsters Unleashed []
  243. A Shadowed Perch []
  244. An Interesting Piece of History []
  245. Bottom of the Wine Barrel [COMPLETE] []
  246. Little Base of Horrors [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  247. Salt and Souls [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  248. The Long Search []
  249. Lay Low []
  250. Cookie Factory Rumble []
  251. Turkey []
  252. Kabal Stomp [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  253. Rise of the Techno Union []
  254. Break in Your Stride []
  255. From Heat to Fire []
  256. Improving Perfection []
  257. Wedding Woe [DOMINION | COMPLETE] []
  258. The Familiar and Forgotten []
  259. Sweet Dreams are Made of deWinters []
  260. Class - in Session []
  261. Walking the Coals []


    Agents of Chaos

  262. The Jaws of Hakkon []
  263. The Blood Hound & the Wolf []
  264. I N D I V I S I B L E | Lies of Peace, Truths of Sedition []
  265. After the Void []
  266. First Blood []
  267. Above the Clouds of Bespin []
  268. Harvesting a Mask []