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Approved Starship Sekairo-class Stealth Transport

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Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog

Image Credit: http://zombat.deviantart.com/art/Iduun-Raider-385860407
Intent: To make the board's first stealth transport for commando insertion, and to commemorate an honored IC enemy.
Development Thread: Stygium Crystal (( Objective : Perform a mining operation, a raid, an excavation, or steal to obtain stygium crystals from any of the following planets: Aeten II, Maramere –OR— kill a player character account who has more than 500 posts and get them to verify it.))

Ven'Rain Sekairo (1700 posts) killed here, verified here.
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Productions
Model: J-94 Sekairo-class Stealth Transport
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe
Modularity: No
Production: Limited
Material: Durasteel hull, glasteel viewports, stygium crystals
Description: In the aftermath of Ven'Rain Sekairo's execution by Ashin Varanin, and the funeral of a guard murdered by Sekairo, the Fringe continued a tradition begun with the Seroth-class -- naming their best new ships after their most tenacious enemies, as a mark of respect for their warrior qualities. Sekairo had stood up to Ashin and Spencer together -- and, on Kayri, had tackled Shinju Ayasha, Vilox Pazela, and Penumbra by herself. She had earned a place in Fringe's memory. As a result, the Sekairo-class was born.

The vessel is, by all accounts, an unremarkable dropship save for the cloaking device. It has the speed and maneuverability of a small freighter, a modest weapons loadout, and a significantly reduced passenger capacity compared to an average dropship. Incorporating the gravitic modulator technology perfected with the Seroth-class, its mission parameters are very limited: Deposits small teams of elite soldiers or Force-users deep within enemy territory, or gets embattled 'lone survivors' out alive. It can carry enough consumables and gear to maintain mission flexibility in a wide variety of conditions, and enough light vehicles to make the trip worthwhile. In short, it is the kind of ship that @[member="Ven'Rain Sekairo"] would like to use -- and if she ever returns to the site, she's more than welcome to steal one :)

Classification: Transport
Role: Commando team insertion
Height: 18m
Width: 30m
Length: 38m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar ionization reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 1, class 12 backup
Minimum Crew: 2
Optimal Crew: 4

  • 2 dual laser cannon turrets (1 prow, 1 stern)
  • 2 cluster missile launchers (10 warheads per launcher)
  • 2 proton torpedo launchers (8 warheads per launcher)
  • 10 speeder bikes OR 1 Akure-class tank OR another Fringe tank/small walker
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Stygium cloaking device
  • Gravitic modulator
  • Thrust trace dampers
  • Shield generators
  • Force cylinder
  • Navicomputer
Passenger Capacity: 20
Cargo Capacity: 20 tons
Consumables: 1 week
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 4
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