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Approved Tech Lancer-pattern War Droid

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I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
  • Intent: Create a fast-moving skirmisher droid for the Sith Empire.
  • Image Source: Drone Ambush by Pixoloid Studios
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Class Four
  • Weight: Light
  • Height: Average
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments:
  • Misc. Equipment:
    • Advanced 360-degree Sensor Suite (Incl. thermal, motion, audio, vibration, and lifeform sensors, et al.)
    • Magnetizable All-Terrain Legs
    • Secure Holonet Transceiver
    • Extensive Heat Vents
    • Ionization Buffer
  • Resistances:
    • Energy (And other Blaster type weapons): Average
    • Kinetic: Low
    • Lightsabers: Very Low
    • Sonic: Low
    • EMP/ION: Very Low / Average
  • Short-range Communications Scrambler: To aid in its role as a skirmisher, the Lancer is outfitted with a potent if short-range communications scrambler. The device is able to suppress communications in a radius of up to five kilometres, though more advanced communicators are likely to function unless near the centre of this radius. It can leave certain frequencies unaffected, typically relying on the element of surprise to eliminate its (hopefully) scattered foes before they can recalibrate their communicators.
  • Advanced Droid Brain: Given its fairly independent role and the possibility of being cut-off from its commanders - potentially by its own scrambler - the Lancer is outfitted with an unusually capable droid brain, though, like virtually all droids, it struggles to match the innovation and unpredictability of organic soldiers. Unusually enough, it is programmed to possess an almost feral quality, being partially modelled after the neural patterns of the black nexu.
  • Retractable Manipulator Arm: In order to increase its versatility, the Lancer is outfitted with a single retractable manipulator arm with an inbuilt interface port designed for brute force slicing - which is fairly ineffectual against more advanced encryption methods. Aside from recovering enemy intel, its limited finesse makes it primarily useful for throwing back grenades, opening doors, and other relatively simple feats.
  • Sensor-Baffling Paint: While not as advanced as reflec, the Lancer's chassis is painted with an experimental compound designed to make it more difficult to detect. In testing, it has proven quite effective in heavily foliated settings and urban environments, and much less effective in open areas or when overheating.
  • Faster Than Fast: Sporting powerful mechanical limbs capable of propelling it forward at incredible speeds and through almost any terrain known to Sith-Imperial engineers, few beings or even vehicles can match the Lancer in sheer speed, though a sustained sprint will generate large amounts of waste heat to dispose of.
  • Sudden Death: From its antimaterial railgun - capable of tearing through an unshielded vehicle or reducing the torso of an enemy commander to a smoking crater from kilometres away - to its repeating blaster and grenade launcher, the Lancer has been carefully designed for swift and brutal hit-and-run attacks.
  • Cunning Predator: Supplementing its speed and weaponry with a sensor-baffling paint job and a droid brain sporting an unnervingly predatory "personality", the Lancer is both cunning and relentless when given the order to engage, emerging from foliage or bombed-out buildings to chip away at enemy forces with cold precision.
  • Hotter Than Hot: The unfortunate side-effect of its incredible speed and powerful railgun, the Lancer has a tendency to overheat quite quickly, especially during intense hit-and-run action. Typically, this only makes it easily detectable by thermal sensors, but especially heavy use can force it to shut down or risk melting from the inside! Naturally, the use of even low-tier thermal weapons against it would only exacerbate the situation.
  • Skirmisher: Designed for hit-and-run tactics, not pitched fighting, the Lancer's thin chassis is only capable of withstanding blaster fire for short periods, and you can forget about deflecting lightsabers. Due to its lack of shielding, it is also vulnerable to well-placed shots at its weak points, especially its railgun barrel.
  • EMP: While somewhat well-protected against ion-based weapons, the Lancer is extremely vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses.
Long gone where the days when the Sith-Imperial Legion entered the field with nothing but flesh-and-blood soldiers, a long line of droids, Sithspawn, and stranger things yet having been designed, created, and procured to enhance and supplement the well-oiled war machine of the Sith. Their conquests showing no sign of stopping, the Sith and their engineers are ever eager to develop new techniques, new vehicles, and new harbingers of death (and subsequent orderly assimilation, of course!).

Seeking to supplement ubiquitous war droids like the "Scourge" Mk. I and OMYN-series, the Lancer is designed to be far more agile while still packing a much heavier punch than a mere probot. Forced to sacrifice the usual thick plating and shield generators for speed and firepower, the droid has been programmed to utilise more complex tactics than most of its kind, skirting in and out of the shadows between barrages of deadly blasterfire and the occasional thumping of its railgun. Indeed, it is its Droid Brain, whose "personality" is partially based on the neural patterns of the black nexu, that is perhaps its most curious component, with Legion mechanics frequently describing it as "strangely eager to get back to the bloodshed".
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