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Rebellion Rebellion | Fires over Kesh - The Bryn'adûl v The Kesheri Imperium

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Fires over Kesh
The junglands of Kesh have been incinerated, its defenders eradicated. The Deep Space Coalition had persisted as a rival of the Bryn'adûl for years, fighting an unwinnable battle against a seemingly unending enemy that persisted relentlessly in its Genocidal Campaign. The Bryn'adûl invaded their space, assimilated entire worlds - planet after planet they were forced to fall back, retreating again and again. In a joint attack on Kesh and Eadu, the Coalition made their last stand and were ultimately destroyed.

Whilst the forces of the Bryn'adûl stand among the ashes of their fallen enemies, the elemental force-cloak that had hidden the Fortress has seemingly revealed more than the Bryn'adûl ever thought was on Kesh. Entire cities, continents once hidden now revealed and they are not undefended.

The Bryn'adûl forces turn their gazes to the horizon, these new Cities conjuring a malicious delight. An entire Civilisation at their clawed fingertips, everything they hated about this Galaxy presented to them. The Bryn'adûl mobilise in mass, ready to invade these cities and destroy Kesh. The gates have been unlatched, mirages and illusions set aside as now the true battle for Kesh will begin. On the ground, the blooded and battle-hardened forces under the leadership of Marauder Nacht prepare for battle as a massive Invasion Force arrives from Eadu, lead by the Chieftain Tathra Khaeus.

They will bring forth a truth only known to them - the strength of the Draelvasier encompasses all. They live with purpose, with battle and adversity as the core elements of their existence whilst these fledgling persist in an fruitless and insignificant existence. The great might of the Bryn'adûl forces will bring down a hammer, they will bring purpose and truth to these weak Humans and in the end, their deaths will have served a greater purpose than any life they have lived.

The joint forces of the Bryn'adûl encroach upon Kesh, knowing this truth in their hearts. They will wreak havoc and annihilate their enemies, for the Bryn'adûl, for their Chieftain.

Weakness is a cancer, and we are the cure.

The cities of Kesh have been revealed to us, our main focus will be the mega-city of Gyn, decimate the city. Kill all in your path and conquer this planet once and for all.

Set fire to this world, assist Marauder Nacht's planetary forces and destroy any who would stand in our way.

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Keshiri Imperium Staff - Solan Charr Solan Charr | Noah Corek Noah Corek | Herah Herah | Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae |
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Solan Charr

The Defense of Kesh

With the reclamation and the momentary loss of the planetary shielding, its generators in Tahv and Gyn took offline long enough for two new forces to enter into the mess created by the traitors and terrorists dealt with in the days prior. While Tahv's shielding remains offline, damaged beyond the ability to repair in a suitable time, the generators in Gyn remain able to be activated and with the new threat having found its way to Kesh's surface the generators and shield would be needed again.

In addition, the fleet assembled over the long years, a selection of ships taken from the past nations Kesh fought for or stood beside, that it made ships for and had served on, would find their way to real space and would bring their guns down upon the reinforcements who would be coming to take down the very facilities and shipyards that were needed to keep the fleet in operation. Solan had given very clear orders, defend the Shipyards and secure them, slow the advance of reinforcements, and provide support from the air. This was their last stand in a way, their home and their defenses. Ships would not run, many would sacrifice, but it would be necessary for the victory, even if Pyrrhic.

But that is not the only battlefield standing before the Keshiri Defenders. Gyn, the city once that served as the foreign hub, containing embassies for governments such as the Black Rose, the Republic, the Vitae, the Mandalorians, the Silver Jedi, nations Keshiri soldiers had fought and bled for. There were so many lives spent helping others, and now the Keshiri stood having defeated one foe and the reinforcements brought set up guard around the city. Gyn held the Shield Generators, not for itself but the planet as a whole, it held the districts where many lived and worked at one time. But now, now the masses who had served before, or served now fought again.

The Keshiri were not a weak people, and the Bryn would find something new to fight, an enemy that did not only use technology that would match modern governments, having built the weapons for the most recent Republic or still made weaponry for Aurora Industries and Rendili. But the Keshiri were a people bred on Beauty and Strength, a people once led by a sith leadership who war was the only option for. Conscription laws of the past and Solan's own had turned the Keshiri into a people who would bleed and die for their home. There was no other homeland, and even if they lost a hundred people, a hundred more would take their place and fight harder in revenge.

That was the job of the Keshiri people today. They would face Conquerors as warriors and soldiers, defenders of their homeland with nothing greater to lose. They would protect the world they built with their hands, they had spent years toiling to create.

Let them come, for Kesh awaits, with all its weapons, beasts, and dangers.


OOC Portion:

Hello all, I hope you all are going to have fun with this and look forward to reading everyone's RP.

There is a lot that Kesh has on it, but for now, let's keep things simple. Expect to see a mismatch of equipment from all eras, from the most recent republic that had been settled on Carida, to as far back as the Shadow Empire and the Vitae Alliance.

Objectives for Defenders are as follows.

1. Defend the City, and ensure the Generators remain online. The Planetary shield Generators in gyn are three generators settled throughout the city with a garrison around them. Also, expect heavy fighting in the city if they make it past the outer defenses. Around the city, expect hardpoints, bunkers, anti armor weapons, turrets. Kesh has been a world in combat for a while now. Have fun, and feel free to ask in OOC about specifics on equipment or what to expect, I apologize for not having a comprehensive list ready immediately.

2. Objective two is designed for those who need a space based one, even if they are naval marines types. The Shipyards over Kesh are vital to the upkeep of the fleet and the economy of the planet. These must be maintained and secured for the defenders, and to sacrifice everything to slow down the reinforcements coming from the Bryn. Routing the enemy is not the goal, but if you can, do it! Kesh has allies and those who wish to see its continued success, we simply must hold out today.

3. BYOO: Bring your Objective. The Planet has old temples, multiple cities, people still need to be evacuated, artifacts taken and preserved from museums or government buildings. There are still outposts out there that provide air support and defense for the people of Kesh that are of a vital need, and an Ion Cannon is currently inoperative in the Southern reaches of Keshtah Minor, the main continent. Many things that people can work on and go and get to do. Your goal for this, make a story you love and do something you can enjoy. Not everyone likes to fight, but there are always more options than just fighting.

As stated in my compatriot's starting post, my staff are myself, Noah Corek Noah Corek Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae Aeizori-Mei Kaeirosae and Herah Herah , please come to us with any issues and we will do our best to help you out.

Now, get out there, and defend your home, or help us defend it if you are lending us your hands.

Location: Gyn
Wearing: Armatura | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | The Sofitor
Wielding: 8 Nozhi Blades | 1 Whimsy Knife | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives | Clarion | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke | Combat Gauntlets | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader KD-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets
Enemies: The Brynadul
Allies: Agents of Chaos | The Keshiri Imperium | The Dark Hand
Unknown: The Red Dragon
Specific Tags: Open!

She had not been here when the deal was struck. It had been Alwine Daye Alwine Daye who had come with some of the other Agents of Chaos, and had negotiated the agreements, had signed whatever was needed. That they would help… In return for the Keshiri Imperium to relinquish their other territories and maintain their control over their one single planet.

It was a beautiful agreement, truly. It also saved them a lot of headaches. Some of the Speakers had been more in favor of going for more diplomatic missions, getting other planets and their leaders to agree with them based on ideology and merit rather than go and burn everything down. Scherezade definitely belonged to the later though; she wanted to see planets burn. And her position, or rather, her lack of specific position, let her do just that.

Normally, if everything had gone through peacefully, she would never have even considered to step foot on Kesh. It was pretty, sure, but that wasn't what attracted her when it came to locations. But no. This… This was war. There were people, if people was the right word at all, that had already destroyed a jungle and a Sith Temple that for some reason some people seemed to care about.

But, Scherezade had been promised. Promised that these enemies would be a challenge, that she would not likely make it out unscathed. It had lit her eyes with excitement and she'd boarded one of the first ships that had made their way to this part of the galaxy, bouncing from wall to wall with excitement the entire way. Some people had found it funny. Some had found it annoying. But when she stepped off at the dockyard some time ago, all her blades were shiny and ready to go.

She stood now, with all those that had wanted to come with her. It was the boring part of war. The part where they waited. The planet's capital city had avoided most of the damage by these creatures, though some damage from other creatures had occurred before. Shields were up. They had to wait for them to be broken down, or until they could make their grand exit and go kill stuff.

The Blood Hound shivered with anti… cipation.

She was ready.

ᴡᴀʀ'ꜱ ᴄᴜꜱᴛᴏᴅɪᴀɴ

Objective: B
Tags: Fomoris Fomoris | Rahm Rahm | Xrobas H'kahn Xrobas H'kahn | Bazh'Thu Bazh'Thu | Hrajlmak'Natok Hrajlmak'Natok | Hraelga Nacht Hraelga Nacht | Galak Galak | Primarch Drek'ma Primarch Drek'ma | Krael Vizkla Krael Vizkla | Leknion | Karnax Karnax |
Armour | Axe | Shield | Belt-Fed Launcher |
Orbital Forces: x
46 Phedrak Carriers [15|3] Per | x50 Conquesters [16|4] | 76x Ra'mak War Beasts | x1 Hadad's Carrier |
Planetary Forces: N/A

When the call of reinforcements came, the forces of Eadu were fresh from the blazes, joined by the local blockade force - the Bryn'adûl moved against Kesh. The Titan himself had not the time to clean his armour, arriving aboard the bridge of the Divine Brutality with cloth in hand, irritated and scowling. His quaking footsteps alerted all to his presence, washing slag and dirt off of his collar. Tathra had entered the Command Deck; ahead was the observation screen - a telepathic hologram displayed by the central observatory stones. They were already in hyperspace, enroute to Kesh.

The colossal Titan flagged off the approach of Captain Krald and moved for the marble table beyond the Commanders Chair, he had no time for useless creatures. Tathra ran his fingers over the surface - a telepathic connection was established as his vision flickered, sitting down the Chieftain was greeted by the voices of the many Ships orbiting the planet.

"Maintain orbit, focus on the enemy fleet. We will deploy forces to the surface and engage the fleet alongside you. Give me the co-ordinates of their fleet."

There was no debate, no discussion. A rumble of acceptance came as Tathra turned in his chair to the attending Captain Krald. "Krald, inform the Primarch to prepare Hadad and H'kahn, the other Servitors. General Galak to ready the 10th. I will see to the rest. Deploy the fleet in incursion formation." With that Tathra rose from the Command Chair, those duties fell to Krald.

"I relay acting command to you, Captain." The annoyance was unmistakeable in Tathra's voice, the massive Drael brushed past the Captain - half growling as he breathed, Tathra would deploy to the ground whilst the Planetary Shield remained inactive.

When the fleet arrived, they'd been given co-ordinates of the enemy fleet. Thusly, the Conquesters of Tathra's fleet deployed adjacent to their Invasion Force of Ships, the Phedrak Carriers deployed at different angles above and slightly further away from the enemy fleet. As they arrived, thirty of the Phedrak Carriers deployed above the enemy fleet jettisoned their Sqaudrons of Phedrak Fighters, in seconds four-hundred and fifty squadrons of Phedrak Fighters swarmed down toward the enemy fleet, tendrils of white fleshy vessels came spiralling downward like a hornets nest. The other sixteen Carriers launched their two-hundred and forty squadrons down to the planet, alongside one-hundred and thirty-eight Heldrak Dropships from the Carriers all headed down toward the planet surface like black orbs flying downward to the surface.
cHalf of the Ra'maks remained in orbit whilst the others made their way toward the planet.

Twelve thousand Dispersal pods came crackling down from the Conquesters as well as they opened fire with their Ballista's on the enemy fleet. Their invasion force tracking downward toward the planet from seemingly all directions. Those brave defenders couldn't hope to stop them all, couldn't hope to stop what was coming.

Tathra now stood in a Dispersal Pod himself, looking down at the planet below. Raged seethed underneath his heavy carapace, the failure of his own kind - even a slight one such as this was an insult. It made his stomach tie in knots, the idea of such a rouse - how the Primarch nor the Seers did not foresee it would be a blight upon his mind until this battle was over. That had to be Tathra's focus, the battle. He couldn't rely on anyone else, not even his own kind. The boldness of the planets defenders was commendable, but all too familiar - misguided and ignorant. They would come to understand the truth in time, but by then it would all be too late.

"Fine. I'll do it myself."

The wretches of Kesh would die at his hand. He pulled the latch, and the Pod began its descent.



Objective: 1
Allies: Kesh Imperium, Red Dragon, The Dark hand, anyone not a monster.
Location: The edge of the City, awaiting enemy forces.

Salis didn't really pay a ton of attention to who Kesh was politically speaking. They were here to aid them, that was all she cared about aside from learning a relative idea of their military capacity. But especially on the abilities of the enemy. Large in number, aggressive tactics, strong physical abilities, often carrying heavy weaponry, use beasts for battle. In her mind that was quite sufficient. She had gone ahead of her, recently made, husband and his forces. Choosing to arrive with a small troop of the basic tx-1-robots, supplied with PLX-1_portable_missile_launchers at her own cost, who would mostly just as additional firepower rather than front line enemies. She armored up, setting out quickly towards the battlefield chuckling to herself as she held up her MK_II_Paladin_blaster_rifle aiming it into the distance and waiting for the forces to get closer. She wouldn't be the first in her crew to shoot however. As the missile launchers the robots carried with them were perfect for taking out the well armored enemies, since they were designed for anti-vehicular and anti-personell purposes. Of course she had paid little for this, the models were old, but effective. She didn't care so much how long the troop of droids with her remained. They meant nothing afterall. It was when the enemy got close that the fun would began. Salis herself was a former Sith Knight. But to call her a knight now would be an understatement, her excessive enjoyment of combat and killing provided her a considerable path to the power of the dark side. One she often exploited to the point of being a threat to other masters let alone those without the force. Combat was a pleasure her entire life, to kill was something she enjoyed.

Of course, in spite of her personal enjoyment of such a quest. She didn't dare over-do it when it was necessary to provide the maximum amount of assistance. That was why, in addition to the number of missile launcher armed robots, she had Zepher, a rather intelligent and trustworthy droid, commanding the astro-class-lx-combat-freighter: which hovered preparing for enemy forces to approach. Fully intent on simply blasting away at them with its combination of laser cannons, ion cannons, quad laser turrets, and if it became necessary, the proton torpedo launchers.

She didn't care why the enemy was doing what they were doing. She just wanted to cut off some limbs, set the fear into their hearts as she unleashed an onslaught upon them when they finally dared to come close enough. The sense of upcoming battle was invigorating. Whether the Byrn'adul succeeded in their venture or not, today was going to be fun.

Present: 10x tx-1-robots with PLX-1_portable_missile_launchers prepared to fire at approaching Byrnadul forces.

On person:
Salis Lightsaber
Stun Pearls
-Salis's armor
-Several phrik throwing knives
2 Model_Kylan-3
Wrist_link with up to date commlink and chrono that also connects to head piece.

astro-class-lx-combat-freighter: Hovering at city defenses, facing enemy
All Terrain Rough Rider (In ship)
-Basic Astromech droid.
Zepher with MK_II_Paladin_blaster_rifle.
4 tx-1-robots assisting operation

Solan Charr

Objective 1

Location: Outer Edge of the City

Theme Songs:
Forces (Usable for all Defenders):

  1. A Gardener's Heart
  2. Single Blade Lightsaber
  3. Blaster Pistol

Tags: Noah Corek Noah Corek Vulpesen Vulpesen Adara Raxis Adara Raxis LeoraLiliana LeoraLiliana Salis Salis Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter Tathra Khaeus Tathra Khaeus Darth Adekos Darth Adekos Raijin Arashi Raijin Arashi Arbiter Others

Solan stood, his eyes focused on the sky as while their home had been revealed, there had been some hint that this was to come to pass. Rocho had seen these monsters and fought them, an event he had explained to the Imperium and now the Imperium stood ready to defend the generators meant to defend their home. The Planetary shields were down for now, one of the battalions from the city garrison working on activating the two generators while the third generator within the city protected the city itself.

Above the battle would begin already, but the ground would be filled soon with the same chaos and carnage as well. And Solan stood there, his eyes staring out across the plains and towards the forests to the south and the east. The sun had risen and now fell, the air filled with the sound of the soldiers getting their trenches, the turrets, the bunkers and the many droids and vehicles set up. Solan himself wore no armor but the very basics, no great metal suit, no vastly imbued robes. He stood there dressed as any common soldier, his hand gripping a comm now as he heard the news that the enemy had dropped their troops and they were heading for the ground.

Raising the comm to his mouth, Solan would speak, his voice clear as he spoke to his soldiers, to the citizens who would stand this day to defend their homes, to the people who had been with him every step of the way so far and the people who had once served themselves in Kesh's military. Conscription had given his people the right to stand for their home, and that they would. Every man who could be supplied would have a blaster, those that didnt would be in vehicles or turrets. Pistols, rifles, scatterguns. Blaster and Slugthrower. Everything would be used this day against the enemy before them.

"People of Kesh, Allies with us today. No matter what happens today, no matter how many come from their ships in orbit and crash upon us. We will fight them, bleed them, and we will survive this. They will die before us in the fields, and if that should fail, they shall die within our streets and our homes. We will see to it that they break, that they find a world they cannot take. Kesh is a beacon of the wild reaches of the galaxy, we are the first real threat to these demons and monsters. We will make them regret even touching our home, much less planting their feet upon it. I give you my word, we will not fall, they will have to kill every single one of us, or break this planet, before they break us. They do not take prisoners, they do not show mercy, ensure that you do not either." Solan let go of the transmitter, turning his hand and his saber into the air and activating it. The light acting like a torch as the sky continued to bleed into the afternoon. It would be some time before night found them, but the monstrous demons may find themselves fighting into the morning before they have a hope of reaching the generators.

His other hand gripped tight on a stone, one he had gotten from his daughter and reclaimed. A few different bags of seeds on his waist, placed their and holding the long time tool of his. A pistol joined them, a backup should all go to the worst case, but the strongest thing he had was that of the force, his eyes closing, the physical world dying out around him and the force taking over. His body paled, his hair seemed to lose even more shine to it. He shifted, his limbs moving like a corpse now for a moment before resettling. His veins turned black and his eyes opened again to hold nothing but a glazed over appearance. Solan smiled, drawing on the rage, the hate, the anger at these monsters who tried to take their home from them. Solan would just smile, waiting for the first one to try.

"Come, deliver upon us your own fury, you shall find ours in ample supply."

Elias Starwell

The Prodigal Son
Objective: Bag em & Tag em
Location: Approaching Kesh
Equipment: See Bio
Ship: Reckoning
Target: Tathra Khaeus Tathra Khaeus , other Bounties

Sitting at the table crafted from veshock wood, feet planted on it Gilaad sat back in his reclining chair. Between the Mandalorian’s lips a freshly lit Chandrilan cigar exuded smoke into the confinements of the room. A smile had found its way onto the warrior’s lips mere moments ago as the Ragnar Syndicate approached what was soon to be a warzone. In the center of the table in front of the miniature display of Isaac Iden Isaac Iden a keyring of tracker fobs pinged incessantly. “I’m tellin ya Ceros, this is the big one. I told ya that this would be the job to put us on the map! Best part, you don’t even have to scold me for disintegrating anyone this time.”

Sheer excitement shot through the dar’manda’s body as he shot to his feet, standing at average height for a human. “Solomon, Thera and Helska are going after the sith lady. You know them always wanting a challenge. While I’ll be taking Px, and regretfully Arador. Are you sure we really still have to keep him around?” As the last of the names left his lips the hunter’s hazel eyes rolled. At his statement, his handler responder with a barrage of insults and swears that would’ve made any a Jedi blush.

“Fine, I got ya, he’s as much a part of this as I am.” Puffing on the cigar a few times Gilaad’s eyes raised to the door for a few seconds as though he could see through the walls of durasteel and quadranium. While he trusted Px as much as one could trust a droid specialized in killing it always felt as though Arador was simply waiting to stab him in the back. With a sigh that exuded a wave of smoke to cover the holo emitter he straightened. “I’m going to gear up, see ya on the other side brother.”

Ending the message Gilaad reached down snatching up both his bantha leather hat and the dented helmet. A very apparent scorch hole stood out amongst the tan leather of the hat as it found its way to the hunter’s head. Walking through the interior of the vessel breathing in the fresh scent of his cigarra Gilaad thought back on when he joined the Ragnar syndicate, what he’d brought the others together for. A group of some of the galaxy’s finest and most ruthless hunters. Assassination? That was fine by him. Terrorism, who hasn’t committed a bit of domestic terrorism once in their life? Bounty hunting? That’s what he lived and breathed for.

The clack of the mandalorian’s boots echoed off the interior walls as he entered the cockpit right behind PW-3PX. Through the viewport, the planet of Kesh grew closer with each passing second. The excitement of the hunt could be felt all throughout Gilaad’s being. His skin itched from it. His momma once told him that itching was the sign of a wealth to come. The thought simply turned that smile into a wide grin. A gauntleted hand landed on the droid’s shoulder. “This is it son, this is it. Meats back on the menu. But where the kark is Arador?!”

A r a d o r _ K h a n
| Location | Kesh, Planetside
| Objective | Collect Bounties and Dispense Retribution

Khan hummed to himself as he was busy disassembling his weapons, cleaning each part and putting them back together as the ship full of bounty hunters was heading over to Kesh. A sly, crimson digital grin was etched onto the expressionless helmet he wore. As Gilaad was busy splitting up the hunters into teams, when it came around to him saying 'regretfully Arador' he got up and walked over to the cockpit as he rested an elbow on the other hunter's shoulder as he simply said ' Go kark yourself. ' A hidden elbow blade would shoot out, mere centimeters from Gilaad's throat as they soon retracted, Khan lifting his arm up off Gilaad's shoulder as he offered an unenthusiastic ' Oops. '
Khan returned to his original seat as he began to holster his weapons, the weapon binder on his shoulder opening up as he nestled a small blaster carbine and a few additional bits of equipment before it sealed up. He'd magnetically lock a few grenades in place as he was checking off on his list of equipment to deal with whatever he might find before interlocking his metallic fingers and stretching them out. Another day, another pay. They would soon approach the planet as he glanced around at the other hunters - a big ol' dysfunctional as all hell family that he had to put up with. Quite a few of them but it just meant that there would be more credits to go around if less of them returned once they came to collect. It'd been a while since he had hunted, not since he last butted heads with Koda Fett.
A final check of his equipment and he was soon satisfied as he leaned against the interior of the ship waiting for them to finally get out and stretch their legs. He heard Gilaad's tiresome voice wondering where he was as he simply responded over his comms, " What the kark do you want boy? "



Objective: Flyboy!
Location: Entering Kesh atmosphere
Equipment: See Bio
Ship: Reckoning
Target: ???

Flying was for droids. A statement that in this case was correct, I was faster, stronger and more efficient by all physical and mental standards. The human brain was capable of processing images or information at rate averaging greater than thirteen milliseconds. Slow. Very slow to say the least. Even now information was rushing through my internal processes vastly greater than any mere humanoid could comprehend. Multitasking. Piloting the "Reckoning", updating star charts, scanning incoming frequencies, communications and lastly listening to the voices of two middle aged hunters. Gilaad Bralor and Arador Khan. My encompassing gaze fell apon the ship controls where my gold plated hands rested firm. Like iron manacles. A jerk to the left was warranted in order to shift coarse, shaking the ship with a rigid but precise movement. " Beginning descent. Now." I warned, attempting to sound as happy as my programming could allow. Next came a downward jerk on the control stick. A move that forced the engines to thrust downward into the outer most layer of the atmosphere. Unsurprisingly the rumble was muffled quite so.

Flying was for droids after all.

" Boy? There is no boy aboard this ship without my knowledge, Arador. Lest this boy is you. That would be, Logical." I snapped almost immediately apon hearing his remark to my master. Gilaad. Though I was owned by him, I neither spared him or his family of relevant scum when is came to my unique personality module and Gilaad, the old man was next.

My head tilted slightly and turned to the right granting me a side view of him. A movement that suggested a arrogant smile.

" I've been meaning to ask you a question, Gilaad. It has been in my experience that each specific time we are on arrival to a bounty that you will in fact suffer from a form of pruritis, followed by elevated heart rate. A man of your no doubt exceptional skills and experience should be in perfect health. A logical prognosis include hyperthyroidism...which does explain the situation you had last we visited Zeltros." After such a remark I loosened my grip, adjusted approach trajectory and angle of descent. The diving motion that had occured momentarily was eased into flawlessly. Transforming into a gentle slide hundreds of meters above lush green textures below. It was revolting to behold.

Too much shades of green, not enough gray, black or red for contrast. That would soon change though.
Murderous Marauder
Gyn , assaulting the city
Equipment: [X] [X] [X] [X]
Personal Units [direct control]
Hraelga's legion

The thousands of drones had been deployed, when the first invasion seemed to be going smoothly, Hraelga thought it was all done and she'd be forgiven for her earlier transgressions, but no such luck. For when she thought the day was won and the crusade had conquered yet again, the planet seemed to shift, word spreading of entire cities appearing out of nothing. It seemed that the Deep Space Coalition was not the only thing hiding upon Kesh and while the coalition had been dealt with, it seemed yet another challenge was thrown to into the Marauder's way.

In a sense she was glad that she had mainly relied on the standard drones and brutes to get the job done, knowing fully well that the Chieftain would never be happy if one of the more intensively bred and maintained units were lost. However, this time there was no excuse not to use them, as her legions drew near the megacity they had discovered, Hraelga suited up, having had one of her zealots bring her the armor she usually never wore, simply because she found it to be restrictive, but this time, with such a sudden opposition, she could not risk anything so freely.

Delivering her orders, she motioned the few Obalisc units directly under her control to start bombarding the city, making sure her orders would be sent throughout the legions. There was no getting around it, they had to bring down this new threat to their superiority as swift and as ruthless as only the Bryn'adûl could. Raising her hand, she gave the drones and brutes the order to attack and deliver the first blow upon the city alongside the bombardment, her rhivaks would tear down the walls, the buildings and topple this status symbol down to the dirt.

Even though her legion was smaller than the newly arrived forces, the attrition from the earlier conquest not really playing in her favor either, Hraelga had already sent word to the Chieftain Tathra Khaeus Tathra Khaeus of this unexpected turn around on Kesh, For now though, she decided to play it smart, holding the greatest assets close to her as her trump card, while her drones swarmed the land, her brutes relishing in their appropriate brutality, she remained calm and at the back of the lines, surveying the situation and keen to see what was going on.

Sarask Hiskt

Objective: B – Lower the City’s Shield Generators.
Equipment: Weapons
Current Location: Kesh, Gyn, outside of the City. Northeast, near the Marisota river.


Death had come to Kesh. The pod broke the cloud barrier in a cluster. Some were blasted to pieces yes, but others slammed into the ground not a few miles from the defending city. Some were thrown off course, accident or no, some would reconvene with the main host. From the depths over one pod, far from the others however a long, crystalline arm would emerge.

Sarask crawled out of the pod that had brought her to this planet. She gazed around, not in wonder or awe of the doomed planet’s environment, more looking and hearing for hostiles. She was alone, and more than likely her pod had announced her arrival to any within a mile radius, if they weren’t busy looking at the enemy force arrayed against them. Some may come looking for an easy, lonesome kill.

She moved. Graceful, elegant and most of all predatory, she sauntered with two feet into the treeline. In her hands laid her weapons, two kasurigama that clinked with every step, the balls dragging against the ground. The sound annoyed her, any could hear. She flicked her arms a few times, and the chains soon wrapped themselves around her forearm. Now she couldn’t be disarmed, now she’d be less heard. Now she could continue with her mission. She soon dropped to all fours, gripping the dirt beneath her rough finger knuckles and feet.

She tilted her head, hearing the tell-tale explosions of a bombardment striking somewhere on the planet. She moved forth, from a walk to a run, from a run to a sprint. Though the trees made an obstacle for her, she wasn’t worried. Should she crash into one, her body was covered in a natural, crystalline armour. Faster and faster she went, avoiding trees by pushing off of them, accepting the mild bumps until she began to simply plow through. She tapped in to what they called the Force, and she became a blur. Faster, quieter.

Her target, the city’s shield generators. It didn’t matter how much collateral damage came from their assault. Attrition and time were left to the drones, to her time was a luxury. With hurried, accelerated footsteps, death had come to Kesh.
Son of Manda'yaim
Location - Kesh, Gyn
With: Natalya,
The Stormwolves, Red Razor
Post : 1
Enemy : Team Ugly (Come at me)
Allies : Team Pretty
Gear : Stealth'gam, Blades, Shoota

To be perfectly fair to his parents, they'd had other things on their minds recently. He loved them for trying to keep him and his siblings safe and sparing them the conflagration on Manda'yaim. Indeed, his siblings and Mama Caz and the others were perfectly safe, and would remain so. Reyn had other ideas.

He'd already been dodging the fallout from his earlier adventures, and so continuing to stay off his parents' radar, Reyn had showed up on Kesh, hoping to keep moving and out of the line of proverbial fire. Combat was easier than angry parents.

Reyn and Natalya watched the attack begin as the enemy force came down upon Kesh. Reyn turned to his companion, blue eyes shining with cheek.

Don't bother giving me any orders. This is for Mandalore.

Natalya decided not to argue the point. If he wanted to put himself into danger, she'd just have to keep him alive. She'd have been far more concerned, except he'd had the sense to steal his father's stealthgam, which was a fine piece of technology. It would help.
She just nodded.

That will do, the lad decided. He was sensible enough to take any small victory where Nattie was concerned. Now, his thoughts turned to the battle to come. The monsters coming down from orbit. Let's mess these fools up, he thought.

Explosions began to rock the city and the noise of battle could be heard.

Behind them, the ragtag force they'd brought along was dug in. There weren't many of them. They were there to guard the escape ship which was concealed under sensor masking and camoflage net, in a hardened shelter. Reyn, and Natalya, they were going to play in the streets. It was his plan, and it wasn't the greatest plan in the galaxy. Screw it.

Reyn drew his pistol, blade in his other hand, and ran out into the conflagration. Blaster pistols in both hands, Natalya ran with him, covering the black clad Mandalorian youth.

So it began...

Solan Charr Solan Charr
General Brutus
Equipment: Barad Spec Ops Armour, Barad Spike Rifle, Barad Glaive
Location: Gyn
Forces: 8 Squads of Brutes, 8 Ravager Brutes, 6 Quilxyn, 4 Rhivak
Objective A - Planetary Force
Allies: | The Bryn'adûl |
Enemies: | The Agents of Chaos | The Dark Hand | The Kesh Imperium | The Red Dragon |
Tags: N/A
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Another day, another conquest for the Bryn'adûl to display to the listening Galaxy their might. Another demonstration of their strength, and the singular fate of those who stood in the path of the charging horde. Formos, Eadu, Hurikane, Baros, Maldra IV, and many more had already fallen to the might of the Bryn'adûl. Krael did not speak with regret or guilt for the roles he had played in any of these events. He did not wait in mourning, or speak well of those who had fallen to his blade, or to his ammunition. He had stood on top of a dead Krayt Dragon, and laughed at it's weakness.

That was how he had become known as the Krayt Killer. There was no physical reward that his masters could offer him that valued greater than the fame, respect and reveration that he had gained among the legions of Baedurin Brutes that he lead. He had killed and mocked an enemy that was considered to be a terror to the galaxy, an unkillable legend. He, however, was not done with his ascension yet. His plans spanned many more displays of even greater strength, his next target was a Sand Demon, the natural predator of the Tatooine Krayt Dragon.

Yet he had no time to think of the future when his mind belonged in the present. He had presently been mid-transport to the planet of Kesh, to assist in the decimation of the forested planet, and to deal a final, crippling blow to the Deep Space Coalition that had long been a thorn in his side. He had longed to make a final example of them, and mount the heads of their strongest on his spear. Yet he was unfairly robbed of the chance by his transport arriving too late.

Yet, as one thing ends, another begins. And his transport had been just in time to provide his forces a clear path to greater prey. The Mega-City of Gyn. A civilised place, and civilisation meant weakness, and weakness was an opportunity for an example.

So that was the story of how Krael came to be placed in the current situation he was in. Aboard a small drop-craft, linked and coordinated with a series of others, dropping down from Orbit to storm a planet, accompanied by enough forces to to satisfy two Captains. Many of the forces were the same as the ones he had lead on Formos. Though, now having a replacement Major and Ravager for those lost in taking the planet.

With a final look around his drop pod, the Krayt Killer stepped forward, and grabbed a lever, tugging it down. As the lever swung down, all that was holding the drop-pod to it's mothership was gone, and the forces began plummeting down to the planet's surface, other pods detaching in quick succession. Krael reached up, holding onto a metal bar as the pod slowly began showing the signs of re-entry, extreme heating on the bottom hull of the pod, seeping inside. Though not nearly enough to cause any Baedurin Brute of new standing a mild annoyance.
Location: Gyn
Wearing: Mandalorian heavy armor: Style here:
Equipped: Vibro-ax , Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, 12 emp grenades.
Squad: 11 men , heavy gunning artillery cannons all quipped with side arm blasters.
Enemies: The Brynadul
Allies: KESH, Agents of Chaos,:
Post: 1
Tags: Open

Leo wasn't a true loyalist to the planet... While she had lived here, home was not a word she used. She wasn't in this war for herself, or her ties for she had no connection... well just one, Solan Charr Solan Charr was fighting for it so, so was she. She had a debt to settle and it was a long time before it would be paid.
She had been assigned to follow Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter , keep her alive, assist her team and keep an eye, while allies yes, it was always best to hold a side of caution.
So when the lady in questioned joined, she would join at her side, her canon unlatched and in hand leaning on her shoulder at a tilt. Leo's shoulders rising and sloping as adrenaline started to boil in her blood, her foot tapping her heel in an unnamed beat. She was chomping at the bit to get started. War was only fun when heads were flying and right now she was eager to send them.
Fear of these monsters coming could be felt in her men, they gripped their weapons and readied themselves for the onslaught... The was no comfort she could give them... Death is a puddle in the water of war and they were up shit creek.
"Round out and give space, we may need to move out so keep ready lads." She'd call to her men looking to each of them and then to her new battle buddies. Oh this was going to be a beautiful day.
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Objective: 2
Allies: Kesh Imperium, Red Dragon, The Dark hand,
Location: Space, preparing for assault.
Ship: mki-enforcer-multipurpose-fighter-transport using the pod seeting of Two laser cannons, one Flex Tube proton torpedo launchers fitted with Proton Bombs to take on the bigger ships.
Squadron: With a squadron of the-apollo-class-interceptors.

Rocho didn't often participate in space battles of this magnitude. It wasn't that he was afraid of them, they just were not his type of thing. However, it did not mean he would be inefficient. The Trandoshan had a history with the military and this ship was even made for his rank as an Imperial Knight, not that it mattered anymore. He had equipped the ship particularly to fight this enemy, the advantage of variable pods on the wings. Flex tube launchers for the big enemies, and two laser cannons for the smaller ones. Based on his experience with the Byrn'Adul in his fights on the ground, and what he'd seen of their ships at the time. They tended to lean towards extremes. Everything had very specific purposes. If it was fast and strong, it was probably either few in number, or weakly armored. If it was slow and sturdy it was probably either carrying someone else, or had a lot of firepower. They had few sets of all around very dangerous ones, and a number of very fast easy to kill enemies, just as a number of strong and sturdy but slow members. It was likely, that with their strange ships, they had followed a similar pattern.

For the moment he waited with the allied forces, monitoring his ships capability. Focusing his mind and body for the optimal possibility of speed, awareness, and dexterity of controlling his ship. The enemy ships were soon on their way, and off Rocho was as well, peeling off with other fighters to the outside of the enemy forces, firing as they went almost headlong into the weaker areas of the enemy which had been here first rather than the fresh troops, forcing the brynadûl-phedrak-fighters to either depart of try and rush them. With the aggression that they had, the answer was rush. Rocho was at the head of the team, having sufficient defenses and firepower to take them on and shields being sufficient to take at least a few hits, not that he was going to let that happen easily.

He also had to make an opening, the number of enemies were many and they weren't going to make it through a crowd. "Launch the missiles!" he ordered and right away two were sent off in the direction of the fighters, forcing them to either clear out or die. Fitting to their nature, they just kept firing. To their credit they actually made one detonate early, however the second still got to them paving just enough for Rocho and most of the squad to pass through and distance themselves from the enemy forces from the outside, while the ones that didn't get out raced back towards Keshiri forces. Perhaps that was all well, they kept attention. That was always good. Then came evasive maneuvers, Rocho and his team had to swerve out of the enemy attacks, not yet able to turn around to face them, but at least forcing them to keep an eye on them. The interceptors had an easier time of this due to their existing manuverability and speed, Rocho had to pay more attention to the force. However eventually two of the interceptors split off and were able to blast the enemy from the sides, giving them enough space between themselves and the main forces to begin to circle around. "We're out here to attack the main ships or distract their forces. Keep them occupied or destroy their way of escape or heavy artillery. Keep your distance, there's always some weird trick up these guys sleeves with their bioengineering or whatever the heck it is. I've seen animals shoot blasts from their heads so keep your eyes peeled and don't get too close. Remember we're headed to circle around, either get them on our tail and eliminate, or get ready for an assault on the main ships."
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Marauder of Bryn
Objective - B
Tags: Tathra Khaeus Tathra Khaeus | Salis Salis | Solan Charr Solan Charr | Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter | Fomoris Fomoris |
Glaive | RAW | Kukri | Bryn Shot | Spiker
Forces: The 10th Regiment [6 Companies] | 200x Savage Drone Vanguards [400,000] | x200 Drone Battalions [160,000] | 10,000x Rhivaks | 5,000x Brumak | 50x Seeker Units | x400 Quilxyn |

Aboard the Heldrak Dropship

"Upon our birth, we took upon us - an oath."
According to our tenants, survival or extinction!
"On the blood of our forefather, in loyalty to the truth - we swore to break those who were weak."
Even to our dying breath!
"We will crush those who would lead purposeless lives, those who would allow weakness to fester!"
We will purify the Galaxy - weakness purged with no exception!

These words were broadcasted through dozens of Heldrak dropships, a total of one-hundred and twenty-three broke atmosphere. Gyn was the primary target, however scans revealed the presence of a localised city-wide Shield. No matter, planetary shields, localised shields - they'd seen it all before. Galak was deploying in the secondary wave. The Savage Drones would deploy from Dispersal Pods, all four-hundred thousand of them deployed from the pods which had landed sporadically around and throughout the defensive perimeter, landing among any Keshiri forces beyond the shield.

Behind that, General Galak would land with a large force - all four hundred of their Quilxyn deploying as a defensive battery ahead of the Brute's main force deployed in mass. Rhivaks flanked in adjacent formations to their Brumak counterparts, the one-hundred of their Drone battalions deploying into a secondary Vanguard formation ahead of the Brutes of the 10th Regiment.

Their seeker units deployed underground, awaiting an assessment of the enemy forces in the area. Galak stood with rifle in hand, observing silently. Tathra and the Primarch were enroute to his position, alongside a swath of additional forces from Marauder Nacht's already enroute. These events, did not bode well for the Marauder, after Maldra and now this - she would be on a tight leash. For Galak, this full scale battle was a gift - the Bryn'adûl Warriors would destroy their enemies and annihilate the defenders of Kesh.

Whilst Galak had no interesting in competing with the Marauder before, this proved to Galak she was incompetent to lead - he, alongside the Chieftain would show them how it was done.

"Rhivaks, Brumaks - forward positions!"

The Librarian

Heir of Fire
Location: In Orbit near the Aurora and Rendili Shipyards, Aboard the Keshiri Flagship, The Skyfall.

Objective: 2

Forces: Fighters/Bombers remaining 85%, Capital/Named Ships found in the links as to their state of destroyed or not.

Disclaimer: I hate not having a second fleeter. Time for Mimban 2, Electric boogaloo.

Aithne stood with her back straight, eyes forward and watching both through the force and through the very screens infront of her, seeing that there were ships incoming and her smile grinned as she reached out with the force, her hand drawing to her very controlled twisting of space itself and grinning as she closed her hand. Her mind had reached out touching her people and pushing them into a rush and pushing them towards the conflict ahead as the ships started to zip out of Hyperspace.

Aithne was not her father, nor her Godfather Aedan Miles Aedan Miles but to discredit her ability to lead the fleets of her father's was something that made her grin. Her mind worked, touching each of the commanders as she sat there on the Skyfall, the oldest ship, the flagship, the very ship that started the Keshiri Fleet and now was dwarfed by other ships in the fleet but that did not matter. It was the symbol of the Keshiri people, the memory that what they fight for is a long time coming and Aithne continued to twist her hand as she pulled on the force to order her people in a far more cohesive manner.

And when the enemy arrived, they would find no fleet caught off guard, but one ready for them. The arrival of the carrier's overhead was a bit surprising, bringing carriers in that close without support was a deaths sentence. Then came the battlecruisers, half a hundred at the least with carrier support of their own. Aithne smiled and her hand danced, worldlessly giving the commands through her panel and through her own mind as she ordered the activation of the Shield cruisers in the second wing of the Liberation fleet. Large shields folded out, occupying the space between the battlecruisers and the Keshiri defenders, the folds spreading out and reaching to create a great wall. A wall that the thousands of shots would slam into, the intended initial burst stopped in their tracks as even if they could push through, any course that had been planned was disrupted, and any that still started to make their way to the fleet would find a wave of flak firing at them and tearing them apart.

The Battlecruisers could be dealt with when they moved into a proper position once more, instead,there was the matter of the carriers and their absurd number of fighters... luckily that was the specialty of the pirate brothers and the daughter of them. Aithne turned her focus up and with it the cluster class cruisers of the Keshiri Defense Fleet, and the multiple wings of the primary Shadow Fleet. Flak and laser cannons turned the darkness of space into a light show as the guns fired up into the sky, tearing apart organic fighters, ripping apart their flesh and scorching it. Dire Class Patrol ships moved, with movement like that of a bomber, but the weapons expected of corvettes, missiles were launched and detonated into clumps of the biological fighters. Praetorians and Hammerheads turning their guns as they ships now twisted in space to fire at the very underside of the carriers presented to them.

The corvettes and cruisers were not alone in this effort though. The drones of the dozen Sev'rance class carriers, hundreds of droid fighters filling the air as well and space now turning into a dance between fighters and ships, mixing and tearing into each other. Droids were slower than these organics but could maneuver better, losing to the initial engagement as a great number of them fell in the first strike, but worked to recover.

And the manned fighters, they had a different job. Rendili Fighters, Devastators, Umber Dropships, Cutlass Gunships, Remnant Fighters, X-wings, and A-wings. It was truly a mix of many different past conflicts brought into one and their job was to just as the organic fighters came to strike at the fleet, strike back with far more strength. Rendili Fighters, Cutlass Gunships, X-Wings, A-Wings, and other superiority fighters split off, fighting for their own lives, but within their formations were something more. Scurrg class bombers, bringing vast payloads, Deliverance Class Corvettes with bombs and turrets, shields that protected their crew during the approach. Devastators with heavy torpedos and Apollos with a special little prize as the interceptors gunned it for the fleet of carriers, splitting off and looking to reach the carriers before any of the other ships.

It was these apollo class interceptors who separated and twisted, running between ships and letting go of their payload. Five fighters, five charges, a cylinder-shaped bomb that stayed there in between the carriers and floated, nothing coming at first but then, a blast. The sound ripped through the interpreters on the ship as the telltale blast of seismic charges rocked and shot out at the sides of the carriers. Against normal craft, shielded and protected against such blunt use of charges like this would be useless... but biological ships, that while strong, were still living beings and faced the dangers of such kinetic damage... that would likely twist at the carriers in particular. That would not be the end though, as Aithne smiled, her notice that fighters were getting through, soldiers dying, a few dire class patrol boats going down already. This was already taking a toll on her people but this was not the end.

"ALL SHIPS, FIRE!" With that order, the first physical one she had given, the sky would turn blue and green, heavy warheads rippling from their tubes from the Hellfire cruisers, slamming into the undersides of these carriers moved into range, The Leviathan, a battle cruiser from the days of the Omega Protectorate, sending waves of turbolaser fire up into the air and striking at the underbellies. A Colony class Carrier doing what it can as an Impellor provides cover for it and the shield class cruisers defended the most heavily, keeping the heavy guns of the enemy at bay, for now, knowing that the moment the enemy fighters destroyed them, or their shields failed that there was no chance for this to be a clean fight.

That thought concluded in her mind as the closest two hammerhead frigates burst and detonated, the damage done by the overwhelming number of fighters who streamed down. The Cluster classes still sending mountains of flak into these swarms, trying to avoid friendly fire as best they could as the dance most certainly claimed thousands of lives already in the opening moments. One Shield Class Cruiser's shield falling, its power failing and the ship becoming nothing more than a defense for the others.

How long could they hold, she hoped that this could end the way that they needed it too as the Infernus class she stood on turned its guns towards the carriers above, unloading both turbolaser and mass drivers into the living bio ships.

But there was more she could do, as she left her mind from her people, and reached out to the biological fighters, grinning widely as her body shifted and she further gave herself to the dark side. Her skin paled like her father, her veins darkened, and her hand twisted in the air, seizing the minds or beings that were the fighters, sending them into disarray or even into slamming into each other where they could. Her body twitched and shook as she continued this, trying to do whatever she could as one of the cluster class cruisers were overwhelmed and its people escaping to their pods.

This would not end in the loss of the shipyards, she would make certain of that, even if it took the lives of all those who would give them.

Tathra Khaeus Tathra Khaeus Rocho Rocho
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Octavius Bellator

Post: One
Objective: A
Allies: Agents of Chaos and Affiliated Goonies
Enemies: Anyone in front of him
Tags: Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter , Anyone who would like to play

Kesh was a fascinating little planet. Not for some of the reasons some might expect though, and certainly not for reasons Octavius had been thinking of when he had received word from the Agents of Chaos. When he had come to this planet, he had expected to find a grand civilization of culture and development never before seen elsewhere in the galaxy. He had planned to encounter individuals of immense intellect and understanding, warriors of unsurpassed skill and talent. He had come to this world believing that Kesh was something important, something special.

In a way, it was he supposed. It was a useless piece of rock that not one, but two galactic powers wanted. At the end of the day, he supposed that was enough. Enough to see people fight and die for.

As the two powers dueled in orbit of the planet, and forces began to land and engage in battle on the surface, Octavius was waiting. The Agents of Chaos had yet to openly engage either side, though one of those sides was supposedly their allies. He did not entirely accept the thought of working with others, but he had been asked nicely to participate in the defense and leave the city mostly intact. He would do what he could. Armed with a simple lightsaber and a large rock he had...found in someone's home, he readied himself to fight a war for a planet entirely pointless to him.

Rising from where he stood on one section of the wall at the outskirts of the capital city, Octavius began walking towards one of the turbolifts for the ground level of the city below. It would be better for him to not be out in the open when things finally began to be entertaining.

Mig Gred

Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii
Location: Gyn
Gear: In Bio
Objective: Good ol' fashion revenge.

Mig walked out from the Red Razor, looking to the coming enemy force. Bryn'adûl. That familiar darkness hit him again. The one he'd felt back on Eshan years ago. Now though, he was here with his nephew, Reyn Australis Reyn Australis , to try and stop this. He walked up to the young man, hearing him tell the other person with them he wouldn't take orders from her. He sighed, eyeing his fellow Mandalorian.

"Well, if you won't listen to her will you listen to your superior, an Alor, and your Ba'vodu (uncle)?" Mig look just pulled out his lightsabe Trayc'kad, igniting it.

"They're physically tougher, so you have to think about your approach. Be tactical, quick, and cunning."

Solan Charr Solan Charr
First Warlock
Post: 1
Objective B: Assault on Gyn
Location: Eastern Marisota River
Forces: 8
Brute Companies, lead by 2 Captains, 8 Majors (320 Total) / 320 Skags / 800 Drones (Direct Control) / Initial Air Support
Barad Armour, Wendigo Spiker, Glaive / Spike Rifle (Majors)
Drones: Wendigo Spiker, Daggers, Claws


Almost as quickly as the forest highlands had fallen, the real battle for Kesh had begun. They had been hiding under a blanket of sorcery. Crawling from under the illusion of safety when the Kesh Inferno had engulfed all life in the woods. There was no rest between. Shaman Hrajlmak'Natok gathered the battle-torn forces in his sector and began the march between the Marisota River and the mountains, eventually circling around to Gyn's western extreme. Although vastly outnumbered, the Deep Space Coalition had reduced the initial invasion force with a desperate defense. A full-scale capital assault would be doomed. And it indeed it was before the might of the Bryn'adul emerged from hyperspace. Great organic ships dotted the skies. Dispersal pods descended upon the horizon in vast numbers. By the time Hrajlmak's northern assault force had closed the gap to Gyn's west, the invasion had begun in earnest. Reinforcements were plentiful.

No sky, only smoke. The Kesh inferno had become a black mist that swallowed the horizon for miles along and just as high. For the Keshiri, a nightmare image. For Hrajlmak, a symptom of an effective treatment. He turned his back to the forests and looked along the river's length at Gyn. It stood proud and healthy in the face of all odds. Heldrak's poured from the clouds on all its sides and yet, from what he could see, its people were undeterred. He felt their passion. They would defend their home, and they would die in glorious heat.

"No time to waste, Shaman. The 10th have just landed". One of the two leading Captains spoke from atop his skag. Hrajlmak nodded quietly. The plan was simple. Phredrak air support would strafe the eastern line to soften them up for the first wave. The 8 Brute companies, all mounted on skags, would charge full speed and smash through the line, followed closely by Hrajlmak and his drone infantry. All going well, Hrajlmak's force would be within reach of Gyn within the hour. All going well.

Phredrak's twisted out of the sky into a dive. As they approached, the voices behind Hrajlmak chanted. Quicker and quicker as the fighters drew closer. They unleashed a salvo, and the eastern army went into a frenzy. Hrajlmak didn't say a word when 320 skags barreled past him at nearly 150mph.