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Approved Starship Umbra-Class Dropship

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Aithne Charr

Heir of Fire

Credits: The design of this ship is thanks to the work of AdamKop of

Intent: The intent for this is to create a quick insertion dropship that not only brings soldiers down to the surface but can be modified to bring troops down. As such, the MCF Umbra-Class Dropship was thought up and designed by Void whom then turned over the designs to Juthan. The Dropship itself is a specialty ship made for use by the Maw Consortium and by extension, The Corsair Brotherhood. With that in mind it is to be major produced and fielded during operations that require a larger presence than the previously constructed Shard-Class Boarding/Drop Pod could deliver.

Manufacturer: Subbach-Innes, Keshiri Driveworks

Model: MCF Umbra-Class Dropship

Affiliation: Approved Keshiri Driveworks Customers

Modularity: Highly Modifiable due to Cargo Capacity when needed to transport vehicles

Production: Mass-Produced

Material: Durasteel

Description: The MCF Umbra-Class drop ship is a quick, maneuverable, transport for supplies, soldiers, and vehicles. Its deflector shields protect it for a time against fighter fire and light ground weaponry but falls short on heavy defense against laser weaponry and no defense other than the hull against kinetic weapons. It has a fully functioning radar and nav-computer, both of which borrowed from no longer flyable fighters the Consortium had and reverse engineered. Its engines allow for it to gain the speed of a TIE bomber, though its mobility suffers if carrying heavy vehicles and walkers, making it an easy target. It is equipped with its own air supply allowing for it to be launched from space and to enter a planet below instead of needing the command vessel to enter the atmosphere.

Classification: Dropship
Role: Troop Transport and Carrier
Height: Variable
Width: 17 meters
Length: 17.4 meters long
Power Core Generator/Reactor:
  • SFS I-a2b solar ionization reactor
  • Secondary generator for cannons
Hyperdrive Rating: None
Minimum Crew: 3 (One pilot, one Engineers, one Gunner)
Optimal Crew: 7 (Two Pilots, Two Engineers, three Gunners)
  • Two rotating fire-linked laser cannons
  • Two Side Laser cannons that are controlled from within by two separate gunners
  • Two Warhead Launchers controlled by the copilot (A maximum of eight shots for each launcher)

Hangar: None (Can be outfitted to carry tanks or assault vehicles on its underbelly)
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Forward/Rear projecting Novaldex deflector shield generators (Only able to withstand light weaponry, Kinetic weapons are not stopped by it, nor are anti aircraft laser weaponry)
  • SFS N-s6 Navcon
  • SFS F-s5x flight avionics system

Passenger Capacity: Twenty Troops/ Five Light Vehicles/ Two Heavy Vehicles/ One Walker (Numbers are interchangable. Such as it can carry 24 infantry only or ten infantry units and one heavy vehicle or Etc.)
Cargo Capacity: Five Metric Tons
  • Two Weeks Water
  • Two Weeks Food
  • Five Days Airsupply
  • Seventy two hours of back generator power for an emergency beacon or transmitter
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Three (Due to the engines equipped to it, and due to the fact that it can be used in ship to ship transportation, not just air to ground transportation.)

Fabula Caromed

Belle of the Brawl
Minor factions aren't allowed to mass-produce. Otherwise this looks good. I like the detail.

Pending consultation with staff, apparently the thread I used for reference is out-of-date. There's nothing stopping this thing from being approved. Awaiting a staff stamp.
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