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Approved NPC Bryn'adûl | Brutes

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The Bryn'adûl | Brutes


  • Intent: Updating the Brutes to align with current Bryn'adûl warfare.
  • Image Credit: X
  • Role: Infantry | Shock Trooper
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Provided throughout
  • Unit Name: Bryn'adûl Brutes
  • Affiliation: The Bryn'adûl
  • Classification: Enforcer | Black Ops | Infantry
  • Equipment:
Brute Armaments:

  • Description: The Brutes of the Bryn'adûl are their most reliable force, tactical and precise soldiers with high combat skills and follow the command of the Chieftain with no exception. They are mainly comprised of the Draelvasier subspecies known as the Baedurin, and possess incredible strength that is only matched by their efficiency.
  • Unit Size: Medium [Deployed as a Company of 40 Brutes]
  • Unit Availability: Rare
  • Unit Experience: Elite
  • Combat Function: Serving as powerful enforcers, the Brutes act as a personal agency for critical operations. They are on field leaders, and a specialised infantry force used to help complete more complex operations and apply pressure to enemy forces.
The Brutes are also split up into various ranks and specialisations to encompass a wide variety of attributes and talents. Being fielded as a Company of forty Brutes, this is usually comprised of six-man squads.

These Squads are comprised in this manner: Two Brutes, one Grenadier, one Heavy & a Brute Major. These Squads are then organised into Units of four Squads. This unit of four is then directed by a Brute Captain, and thusly with every deployment of forty Brutes, two Brute Captains are on the field.

  • Brute: The most basic and common variation of a Brute is simply referred to as such, typically carrying a Wendigo Spiker, 2A Spiker or Rifle. This is the lowest rank attainable within the Brutes, and is typically where most Brutes reside primarily.
  • Brute Grenadier: The Grenadier is the demolition weapons member of a Brute Squad, carrying a Bryn Shot and Radesh Shredder.
  • Brute Heavy: A Brute Heavy carries the Radesh Automatic Weapon, and is typically slightly more heavily armoured than other Brutes.
  • Brute Major: The Brute Major is the leader of a Squad of Brutes, and typically carries a Barad Spike Rifle. The Brute Major oversees his Squad and follows the directives of a Brute Captain.
  • Brute Captain: Brute Captains are given the responsibility of overseeing up to four Squads of Brutes, typically pegged for their ruthlessness and efficient nature, Brute Captains statistically are promoted from the beginning ranks of the Brute core, directly to Captain.
  • Brute General: Up to a total of three Generals can oversee an entire deployment of Brutes. Typically oversee large scale operations such as the capture of planets, systems and other important operations.
  • Brute Field Marshall: A Brute Field Marshall is a rare sight, adorned in heavier and more impressive armour and with several years of service under their belt. A Field Marshall oversees a large number of operations and can only typically be found during particular significant events.

  • Backbone: The Bryn'adûl Brutes are the forefront most well known enforcers of the Bryn'adûl, they are powerful and adept warriors that serve with a zealotry that parallels only the most fanatical of followers. They live and breathe the ideals of the Bryn'adûl, acting on the will of their forefather, and the good of the galaxy.
  • Tough: Just like any Baedurin, the Bryn'adûl Brutes are exceedingly tough - their skin almost impenetrable by heat based weaponry such as plasma.
  • Strength: Every Draelvasier is formidable, but the Baedurin were granted a sum their Chieftain's strength. Born of his brawn, an average Brute is roughly twenty times stronger than a human.
  • Warrior: The Brutes are the elite of the Bryn'adûl Infantry; they are marksmen and melee combatants. They are expertly trained and well armed.
  • Huge: Baedurin typically stand anywhere between 2.4 to 2.7 metres in height, they are giants. Whilst this grants them the strength of titans, it also weighs on their bodies. They can be quick, as quick as any human - however they do not posses the greater flexibility of humans.
  • Winters' Grasp: The fire in their veins makes them strong, but it also makes the Baedurin's flesh feeble in the presence of the cold. Their blood runs hot, their bodies thriving in the sun. But it is the brightest flame that is snuffed the easiest, the cold is as deadly as any blade.
One battle after another, the Brutes of the Bryn'adûl have been the longstanding companions to the imagery of the Chieftain. They were the first fully fledged military outfit to be branded with the Bryn'adûl name. The Brutes have been at the side of the Chieftain from the first, helping build their society into the fearsome entity it exists as today.

The Brutes are excellent warriors, reliable and have stood against the turn of the tide on every battlefield. The Brutes have existed as the enforcers of the Bryn'adûl for what is closing on a decade. They succeeded on Commenor and shortly afterward decimated the united forces of both Mandalorian and Confederate stalk on Eshan. The Brutes are fearsome, and endlessly loyal.

Now, marching onto the Galactic Battlefield, the Brutes have been expanded into greater numbers - compiled into task forces of forty. The Brutes have served loyally as the Bryn'adûl's main source of Baedurin strength successfully and will continue to do so throughout the Chieftains Galactic Campaign.
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[member="Tathra Khaeus"]

So there are some things that need addressed:
  • The image, as it stands, is 494 x 816 so it needs to be in a spoiler due to it exceeding the maximum allowed height for image by the new Codex standards
  • Please link the species of Dravalan
  • As they stand right now, strengths and weaknesses are not balanced. Enhanced strength, extreme toughness, expertly trained, and even blood rage are quite hefty strengths and currently are balanced against blood rage (where I am failing to see how exactly this is a weakness as currently described), infrared vision (again, not seeing how this is a weakness as the armor's HUD would compensate for this, plus cold-blooded species and droids would still show up as either being moving blurs against a static heat background, or even as colder than the background), cold I can accept if their armor does not protect against this, but if it does, then this is not a weakness either, gemstone (with the armor covering them, this is not going to be a weakness at all), brutes is contradicted by the expertly trained strength as it is currently written and also is a fluff weakness for a combat unit to begin with, and heavy is not a weakness as currently written as I see the armor sub still allows them to sprint and move well enough, and their enhanced strength renders this moot.
  • I would like to see some of these fluff weaknesses replaced with actual tangible weaknesses that can be present in a PvP or PvE scenario.
[member="Taeli Raaf"]

Making edits at the moment.

But I don't see how the Gemstone isn't a weakness, given the calibre of weapons used by both PC's and NPC's, a thick layer of Durasteel can still be passed through pretty easily and is basically a kill switch for heavy arms fire. Which, is a evident weakness given how tough they are overall.

I've removed expertly trained and tweaked blood rage, as I clearly was too tired and didn't write what I meant to.
Additionally, I don't see how the Heavy weakness isn't a weakness as the armour sub states they can sprint over short distances but they can't go very far. This does impact PvE and PvP as enemies with higher levels of agility can easily outmanoeuvre them as they prefer to stay put or move slower.

The strength doesn't render it moot as the clear implication is that they can be lazy, the strength itself also in both the armour sub and this emphasise how dangerous they are in close quarters, not how it makes it easier for them to move or use their armour. I specifically stated in the armour submission that they are physical handicapped by the weight of the armour. That applies here.

Also added two new weaknesses at the bottom of the list.

John Locke

Moved to Pre-Codex as per request.

Please remember to include a list of changes when you tag a member of Codex staff to move this submission back for live judgement.
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