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Approved NPC Reaper Squad

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Intent: Expand on Firemane. Codify Freya's squad.
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Role: Assault infantry.
Permission: ARGH gear available per this thread. Permission for all ArmaTech gear and all other subs made by Laira Darkhold's writer here and here. Firemane obtained a supply contract that allows it to use Fire for Effect gear here. Permission to use Tricks of the Trade submissions here.
Links: Flashpoint Roche, Into Darkness, The Outbreak, After Darkness.

Unit Name: Reaper Squad.
Affiliation: Tegaea, Siobhan, Freya, Firemane Industries and Technology.
Classification: Infantry.

Wrist or Underbarrel Weapons:
Heavy & Support Weapons:
Melee weapons:
Description: Reaper Squad is an elite heavy infantry squad in the service of Firemane. Its history goes back to the glory days of the Pyre and the Omega Protectorate. It is closely tied to that of Tegaea, Siobhan and Freya. It is an elite strike force that can be used against specific strategic objectives. It is perfect for leading a charge of allied troops against an enemy position or conversely aiding allies in holding it. The members of the squad excel in combating Force-users and Sithspawn abominations. The squad is commanded by Sergeant at Arms Freya Solveig, a veteran of many Protectorate and Firemane campaigns.

The Reapers have fought zombies, Sith, Eldorai insurgents and Jedi zealots, among other things. They are equipped with the best weapons and armour Firemane has access to. Its members are personally selected by Freya. The unit has acquired the moniker Kerrigan's Muscle, which is an appropriate way to sum up their role and methodology. Due to its record and long period of service, Reaper Squad is one of the corporation's prestige units. Cross-training with members of the Order of Fire, Firemane's Force-using branch, is common. Indeed, Lady Kerrigan has made it a deliberate policy to assign the squad to train Acolytes who have shown promise in terms of raw power, but are naive or have an inflated sense of self-importance.

Freya is thoroughly unimpressed by Force-Users and frankly a bit of a sadist. In other words, the perfect nasty drill sergeant. Those Acolytes who get an attitude adjustment and are able to meet her exacting standards have proved they have what it takes. Those that break down or lash out get the boot. An example would be the spoilt Princess Kasoka Starwalker, who was convinced she had a great destiny as the next chosen one. Until Freya beat her up in the boxing ring. The girl was in tears by the time the match was over.

All in all, the unit has twelve members, with Freya as squad leader. Particular squadmates of note are Shard, Nazura Jai Akmal, Sakora Kobayashi, Damash, Ymir Magnhild, Za Otta, Orrne, Thran Mardok, Verena Kost, Yircaire and Kasoka Starwalker. Shard is a male Dahomian who was first tested in battle fighting the slavers and warlords who once plagued his homeworld. Like Freya, he is an Omega Pyre veteran. He focuses on heavy weapons. He is a brute of a man who carries one of the missile launchers. Nazura is a female Qadiri from Karahamor who joined for the pay and to see the stars. She serve as the spotter and markswoman of the team, but also reloads for Shard when needed. The two have a bit of a competitive relationship, but also have a thing. When the team needs to call in an artillery, orbital or air strike, she handles the target painting equipment. She is also good at making precision shots with a shatterboltgun.

Sakora is a female Atrisian who left the planet after Empress Madeline established a totalitarian regime in the wake of Akio Kahoshi's assassination. She used to be a Stormtrooper whose unit specialised in hunting Force-users. The Atrisian is a close quarter combat specialist who favours a Reaper Shotgun or an Eradicator Blaster. In addition, she is also good with explosives. She is a bit of a loner and not very sociable, but competent and dependable. She is good at breaches and making an entry. Damash is a tough male Zabrak who favours a rotary cannon. He can get a bit on the battle so he just unleashes his cannon on the enemy until there is only ashes and chunks left. Damash used to be a Republic soldier and fought in their war against the One Sith, but later deserted after becoming disillusioned with the leadership.

Ymir is a warlike, boisterous and jovial Valkyri with an impressive beard. He fought in the great war against the Vinterbound, a species of dangerous zombies. In his own words, he has joined the Company to test himself against worthy foes and show the world that Valkyri are warriors to be feared. To him, war is not just a necessity to defend one's home, livelihood and people, but also a proof of one's strength and vitality. He is a devotee of the Goddess Ear and not fond of Jedi. In his opinion, their peaceful ways are incompatible with the martial traditions and religious beliefs of his people. He uses a Beskar axe in melee combat.

Za is a Neimoidian who got fed up with her species' plutocratic, Social Darwinist ways and their reputation for greed and cowardice. In her youth she was a member of a group of dissidents who opposed the plutocracy. Deciding she could do better than be a cog, she took to the stars not to pursue vainglorious schemes, but to become a soldier. She gets on surprisingly well with Ymir. Za dislikes battle droids, believing that those who would rely on machines to do the fighting for them display cowardice. She favours a bolter or an assault rifle, and acts as team medic. Za is a bit of a jokester and likes to make fun of bigwigs. She is trying eternally to get Freya to laugh at her jokes. It rarely succeeds.

Orrne is a lungless Gand male. In addition to being a tough combatant, he is also a capable technician and slicer. He is extremely anti-social as he does not understand other customs. His main motivation is the acquisition of technology he can return home with. As a result, he is often tinkering with gadgets and pieces of tech the team comes across on a mission. His technical skills also make him good at repairing weapons, vehicles and so on.

Thran Mardok is a human male and a demolitions expert. He is a former 'privateer' who joined Firemane when the Alliance folded and found his new job was better paid and less risky, though with a few more rules. He has an impressive skill for finding structural weaknesses in buildings and vehicles. He is fairly calm, but self-interested and materialistic. Still, his knowledge of the underworld has proved useful for the squad on certain missions.

Yerena Kost is an Icarii female and a new member of the team, having been brought in after the Tephrike campaign. She is a professional, somewhat uptight soldier who is said to know all regulations by heart. This has made her the target of jokes on the part of some other members of the squad. Her mother was an OP soldier and so Yerene joined Firemane due to it being run by two of the Protectorate's founders. Unlike her mother, she is a Force-blind. Yerena is a capable assault trooper, skilled in driving and piloting. She is trying to make a name for herself. She is quite by the book, but very brave in a fight. Due to her species' unique biology, she can survive dismemberment and even decapitation. However, an Icarii can be killed by severing the brain in half.

Yircaire is an Eldorai melee expert. He is Force-Sensitive, but the Angelii rejected his attempt to join them on account of his gender. He spent some time in the less prestigious Eldorai Sciiac Reserve Battalions, but then left and joined with Firemane. There he found the pay to be better and the treatment fairer. He has limited Force abilities, but is very adept in battle. He tends to prefer the Centurion Armour to the tankier, but significantly heavier Ironside Power Armour as the former gives him more mobility while protecting him from most attacks. He often performs a scouting role and is a very good shot.

Kasoka is a Togruta female who left the Jedi to become a rogue because it was the cool and trendy thing to do. She started as an entitled, naive brat who thought she had a great destiny and that Non-Force-Users were beneath her. So she waltzed in expecting to be the next chosen one but got paired with Freya. Who proceeded to beat up the Togruta in the ring. Kasoka used the Force against her, which was against the rules, but it just got the Sergeant mad. By the end of the fight, Kasoka had been thoroughly beaten. It was very humiliating for her.

Surprisingly, she turned into a decent soldier after having sense knocked into her, though she remained a bit of a stuffed shirt. Her life took a profound turn when the squad was confronted by a dark artefact that tried to drain them of their life force. Kasoka was able to shield her comrades long enough to neutralise the device, but this came at a cost. The artefact had drained her Force connection. Ironically, being turned into a squib has significantly improved her attitude and made her a lot cooler. She wears heavy armour and uses big weapons with a lot of firepower now. The Togruta is rather embarrassed by her surname and thus prefers to go by Kasoka.

Unit Size: Small
Unit Availability: Unique
Unit Experience: Elite.
Combat Function: Reaper Squad is an elite assault force. Bravery, skill and tenacity are key characteristics of this unit. It has access to a potent arsenal of weapons and equipment, including formidable Power Armour. It has an experienced, tough and ruthless team leader in form of Freya Solveig. They are also very experienced in fighting Force-Users. In addition to combat training, they also learn secondary skills such as piloting, driving, engineering, medicine and demolitions.

However, it is only one squad. As a result it is easily outnumbered by superior enemy forces. These may not be able to match its skill on an individual level, but this only helps so much against force of numbers. Moreover, it is a pure infantry unit. As a result its members are vulnerable to tanks and long range bombardment via air or artillery strikes. This means they will be dependent on support in larger engagements. Its members are tough and have been conditioned to resist mental assaults, but they are still only mortal. While some members of the team possess special racial abilities, most do not. Thus they must rely on skill, training, teamwork and leadership to prevail in a fight.

If they use their Power Armour, it gives them to solid to very good protection against a variety of attacks. In addition, it also significantly increases their strength. However, they are also very slow in it, which is a disadvantage against light infantry that uses guerrilla tactics, hit-and-fade attacks and traps such as land mines. Heavy weapons would obviously also be effective. The Ironside Power Armour is heavy, which makes it an extremely poor choice for operations that require stealth or subterfuge.

Alternately they wear Centurion Armour, which is made of Phrik. This suit grants better protection against lightsabres and gives them greater mobility, but obviously does not increase the wearer's strength and they cannot carry Firestorm missile launchers if they use it. The team has access jet and jump packs and is good at incorporating them into their tactics. This may be used to make a dynamic entry, unloading with grenades and explosive/automatic weapons.

Use of drop pods increases their mobility and can give them a tactical advantage over the enemy by allowing them to say deploy on top of the enemy or in their rear. As a tradeoff, they are very vulnerable to flak if deployed in drop pods. These are particularly weak against starfighters and only have minimal guidance. While minor course corrections can be made, it is like turning around a Star Destroyer.


  • Elite heavy infantry. They are well-trained, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, can hit very hard and are very tenacious. Use of power armour grants them incredible strength and resilience. The squad members are very well-coordinated.
  • Extremely experienced in fighting Force-Users and Sithspawn.
  • Only one squad. Easily outnumbered. Unit lacks support forces.
  • Power Armour is extremely protective, but also heavy. They are slow and lack agility in it. Overall, the squad is a broadsword or a hammer, not a scalpel.
Historical Information: The history of Reaper Squad is closely tied to that of Tegaea Alcori, Siobhan Kerrigan and Sergeant Freya Solveig. Back when Tegaea was the commander of the Dark Stars mercenary company, the unit served as the strike force she led into battle. Like her, several of her fellow sellswords were former Republic soldiers. Others had served the Sith, the Mandalorians or criminal organisations. When Tegaea was recruited by Cira to become her second-in-command, she merged the Dark Stars with the fledgling Omega Pyre. Reaper Squad became her personal squad. It played a prominent role in the early battles Tegaea and Siobhan fought in the name of the Pyre, such as Dahomey, Vandelhelm and in overcomong a zombie apocalypse on Denon.

There Freya Solveig was recruited for the unit. She was a native of Denon. The harsh conditions on her homeworld and the constant risk of death or worse had hardened her. Having managed to stow away on a vessel, she joined the Pyre and caught the eye of Tegaea due to her leadership skills and valour in combat. Sensing a kindred spirit due to their similar backgrounds, Tegaea put her in charge of the unit. When the Pyre transitioned into the Omega Protectorate, Reaper Squad swore allegiance to the new government. As Tegaea presence on the battlefield became a rarity due to her bureaucratic and diplomatic duties as an Exarch, the unit was transferred to Colonel Siobhan Kerrigan. Corporal Freya Solveig and her squadmates fought bravely at Eriadu and Bespin.

At Roche, they distinguished themselves when a Pyre company led by Siobhan faced a numerically superior Sith force on the asteroid G99. Though they suffered heavy casualties, the Pyre soldiers were able to successfully hold off the Sith offensive and help the captured 73rd Republic Battalion, commanded by Delila Castillon, escape and rejoin the fight. Ultimately the allied forces were forced to retreat into a hangar. Facing overwhelming odds, Kerrigan displayed her ruthlessness by tearing down the roof, denying the Sith key tactical data and preventing them from overrunning her unit, albeit at the cost of many of her own troops. Freya was among those who survived the fight and managed to evacuate.

After being reformed to make up for the casualties, Reaper Squad fought in the final battles of the Bando Gora War. Freya fought with courage at Gehenna, where the unit served as a heavy infantry strike force, taking down a Bando Gora Chieftain. She was awarded a medal for her efforts. When Tegaea Alcori was forced to leave the government of the Protectorate after the Sith Assassin Kaelin Isandros inflicted near-fatal injuries on her, Freya joined them in the formation of Firemane and was promoted to Sergeant. Reaper Squad provided training for recruits and taught the Eldorai how to use modern weapons.

Though obviously membership would change over the years, as squad members died in battle, retired or were moved to other positions, Reaper Squad retained a reputation for being part of the Old Guard. This is a moniker given to Firemane employees and troops that have been in the services of Tegaea and Siobhan since their Pyre days or in some cases even prior to that.

While one should not make sweeping generalisations, on average members of the Old Guard tend to get liberties that are more difficult to obtain for the so-called new blood. Lady Kerrigan tends to listen to their advice more and they are far less inclined to fawn over her. For a while, Freya was in command at Firemane HQ because so many of her superiors had vanished during the Netherworld Event. Faced with Eldorai insurgents, Bando Gora zealots and traitors, she carried out an extremely ruthless crackdown to keep order. Lady Kerrigan later legitimised her actions.

Reaper Squad has been involved in many of the company's campaigns. Examples would be battles with Eldorai rebels and dynasts, the One Sith War and the First Galactic Alliance-First Order War, the conquest of the Xioquo and the eradication of a zombie outbreak on an island on Arkas. When Firemane lost contact with a mixed Eldorai/human settlement called Serenade, a small Firemane/Eldorai task force was dispatched to investigate. However, the small force soon discovered that the entire island had been overrun by zombies. In contrast to the usual stereotype, these zombies were intelligent due to being guided by a hive mind. Turning the settlement's defences against their foes, they used anti-air batteries to bombard the gunships, cutting the soldiers off from support. Hazardous weather conditions made it difficult to reinforce them.

On the Firemane side, Major Tempest and the Alderaanians Laira Darkhold and Dimeria Nykerian infiltrated the settlement to destroy one of the AA guns. Meanwhile, elements of Reaper Squad and Firemane regulars held off a zombie assault. Eventually the zombies threatened to outflank them by appearing in their rear after swimming through the sea, so Freya led the Firemane troops in a fighting retreat to their evac point. In the process she personally killed a huge zombie abomination with a shatterbolter. Eventually Firemane carpet-bombed the island after both AA guns had been knocked out and the task force had retreated. After this battle, Reaper Squad received some of the first suits of Ironside Power Armour that left Firemane production centres.

When Firemane discovered the isolated planet of Tephrike, it established first contact with the Jedi-led Dominion of Light, a totalitarian theocracy that was at war with two other factions. However, the negotiations were torpedoed by an extremist faction within the Dominion, which attacked the Firemane delegation. In response, Firemane declared war and entered an alliance of convenience with the Republican Guard, an anti-Force-User rebel faction.

After carrying out surgical air strikes against the Jedi Temple, communication centres and military installations in the capital, Firemane deployed elite forces to the surface. Reaper Squad was one of them. In concert with the Republican Guards, they were charged with seizing the Fortress of Purity, a crucial citadel on the way to the capital. The indoctrination of the Jedi and their treachery caused Siobhan to suspend the Rules of Engagement and declare the area a free fire zone.

The fight was a bloody one, for the Dominion compensated its technological backwardness with religious zealotry and Force prowess. Landing into the combat zone was hazardous because the Dominion attacked transports with kamikaze pilots and then activated a weather control machine, summoning a storm. Unable to reach their intended landing zone, Freya and her troopers instead exited their craft via their jetpacks.

They landed straight in a Dominion trench. There they fought Dominion soldiers and linked up with Mezha Krazhmir and Viper Company, a crack Republican Guard unit. It probably helped that none of the Reapers were Force-Sensitives. Adopting the principle that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, the two groups decided to team up and wreak havoc in the second line of the Dominion's defences. Fighting their way through the trenches, they ambushed Dominion mortar crews, who had been shelling allied troops. Freya and Mezha worked together to kill a Wookiee Jedi Commander, then they turned the guns on the Dominion.

However, they soon faced a determined counterattack and had to stage a fighting retreat. To cover their pullout, Freya and the Reapers used their jetpacks to fly close to their pursuers and drop grenades on them, while the Vipers covered them with accurate sniper fire. But more Dominion soldiers filled the breach. Soon the Reapers and Vipers were running low on ammunition. The Dominion deployed a super heavy tank that was all but immune to their heaviest weapons. So Freya and Mezha worked together to take it down. Freya immobilised it with a shatterbolter, while Mezha used her stealthy cloak to get close and drop a grenade down the hatch. However, more Dominion troops came. Cornered, the two units would have been overrun if Mirage Squadron had not carried out a bombing run and the Republican Guard had not sent reinforcements to stabilise the line.

After a brief respite, part of Reaper Squad and the Vipers were dispatched to crack bunkers. The Dominion was using illusionists to conceal defensive structures and small units. One such bunker had succeeded in pinning down a Republican Guard unit. The Reapers could not pierce the illusions, but the Force Dead vipers could. With the Reapers covering them, the Vipers got close enough to drop explosives. Then both groups stormed the bunker, overcoming the illusionist who had tried to use his mental powers against them.

However, the soldiers soon realised that the bunker connected to a large tunnel network, which led into the base. Ordered to hold the area until reinforcements arrived, they wired a captive Jedi zealot with explosives and turned him into an improvised bomb to take out enemy soldiers. However, subsequently fierce fighting ensued in the tunnels. The Reapers and their allies clashed with Dominion clone troopers and the elite Jedi Vanguard, who used Force imbued shields and weapons. Freya personally slew one of their officers, albeit after being injured. Still, the soldiers were being pushed back. When they were close to blowing the tunnels, they got reinforced.Reaper Squad's experience in combating Force-Users and Freya's leadership prowess made it an asset in the fight, though Firemane only prevailed at a cost.

In the final stages of the battle, the Dominion attacked the allied forces with hordes of Younglings who had been fanaticised by constant indoctrination. The exhausted soldiers were forced to gun them down. Freya, Mezha and Synthia Vao, one of the Vong's comrades, found the corpse of General Kennobi. The Dominion Jedi General had committed suicide after sending the Younglings to die. There they met Colonel Varkathras, commander of the Firemane task force.

With the battle won, Firemane pulled out, though it made an agreement with the Guard to provide them with weapons and supplies. As part of this deal, Firemane bombarded the citadel of the Disciples of the Vader, a human supremacist Sith cult. While their castles crumbled all around them, the Sith used dark sorcery to summon demons on Firemane's command ship. Freya and Mezha, who happened to be on the ship as part of an awards ceremony, helped repulse the abominations. The dynamic duo saved Tegaea's life. Reaper Squad remains in Firemane's services to this day.
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