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Approved Tech Renegade Model 557

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Intent: To submit a more aesthetically pleasing version of a canon weapon
Image Source: [xhttp://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/A180_pistol]
Canon Link: Renegade Heavy Blaster Pistol
Primary Source: Not Applicable

Manufacturer: Sonn-Blas Corporationhttp://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sonn-Blas_Corporation
Affiliation: Closed-Market
Model: 557
  • Aesthetics
  • Top Rails for Attachments
Production: Limited
  • Bronzium-Duralium
  • Blaster Components
  • Kyber Focusing Crystal
Classification: Blaster Pistol
Size: Average
Weight: Average
Ammunition Type: Power Cell | Blaster Gas
Ammunition Capacity: 50 Full Power Bolts | 5 Disruptor Bolts
Reload Speed: Average

Standard Setting
Effective Range: Long Range | 80 Meters
Rate of Fire: Average | Semi-Automatic
Stopping Power: High
Recoil: Very Low

Disruptor Setting
Effective Range: Average | 50 Meters
Rate of Fire: Low | Double Action
Stopping Power: Extreme
Recoil: Very Low

  • Standard Setting: The Renegade Heavy Blaster Pistol, built by SoroSuub was reportedly the Second most powerful stock Blaster Pistol sold on the market. The Model 557 retains its predecessor’s fearsome firepower, range, and ammunition in a sleeker, lighter model using updated galvanized circuitry and Kyber focusing crystals.
  • Disruptor Setting: While the original Renegade Model lacked modular power settings, the 557 features a Triplex design with a high powered Disruptor setting using the power from 10 bolts from the cartridge
  • Stun Setting: A stun setting was also added to the Model 557.
  • Powerful Output: The standard bolt from the Model 557 is equal to the reportedly second most powerful blaster pistol sold on the market, making for a heavy punch and trimmed down design.
  • Soaking Up the Magazine: The disruptor setting on the weapon uses 10 bolts from the cartridge, drastically reducing its ammunition capacity.
  • Reduced Range: The Disruptor setting reduces the effective range of the weapon and decreases the relative accuracy of the bolts.
SoroSuub, Merr-Sonn Munitions, and Blas-Tech competed to produce the “Ultimate Blaster Pistol” during the age of the Galactic Empire under Emperor Palpatine, resulting in the T-6 and the Renegade blaster pistol models being produced. The Renegade was reportedly the second of the two, with the T-6 ultimately firing more powerful shots, however the Renegade was popular among spacers for its slimmer design, expanded ammunition capacity, and greater range compared to its cousin from Blas-Tech.

Following the creation of Sonn-Blas Corporation, a subsidiary merger of the two companies and the armament explosion of the Post-Gulag Plague era, the Renegade maintained use in limited capacity. Mostly among spacers or individuals unaligned with the weapons manufacturers associated with the rising and falling governments of the Galaxy. Sonn-Blas began to develop a modified and updated version of the Renegade, the Model 557, with a trimmer, sleeker design based off the Blas-Tech A180 blaster pistol. Using updated technology, wroshyr wood grips, a cautionary pulser in the grip, durable bronzium components, and purified kyber-based focusing crystals, the new blaster was able to host the new look and maintain the power and punch its predecessor had become famous for.

Disruptor and Stun settings were included, using more of the ammunition cartridge for the more powerful blast setting. Disruptors, having been given the reputation for disintegrating their targets were designated seperately from Blaster Pistols, however, Sonn-Blas wanting to claim one of its product line as the “Ultimate Blaster Pistol” felt the need to provide its customers with a weapon capable of competing with disruptors already on the market. The Disruptor setting has issues with accuracy at extended ranges and suffers from a reduced range compared to the Renegade’s gold standard, but it has the capability to turn a fully grown wookiee into a pile of ash. It also absorbs the energy of ten blaster shots to produce the bolt, drastically reducing the ammunition capacity the original Renegade was preferred for.
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Laira Darkhold said:
Reduced Range: The Disruptor setting reduces the effective range of the weapon and decreases the relative accuracy of the bolts.
Since you have the Range listed in hard numbers for the normal blaster function range, How much range does the disruptor have roughly?
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