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Approved Tech Uproar Blaster

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Dash Kessler

Technically Outlawed.


Intent: Create a hopefully nifty hard-sound weapon.
Image Source: Loren Broach
Canon Link: Hard-Sound Gun
Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Tricks of the Trade
Model: TOTT-002 Uproar Blaster
Affiliation: Open Market.
Modularity: No.
Production: Minor.
Material: Durasteel, Blaster Components


Classification: Hard-Sound Blaster
Size: Average
Weight: Heavy
Ammunition Type: Powercell
Ammunition Capacity: Large
Effective Range: Average
Rate of Fire: Average
Stopping Power: Extreme
Recoil: Very High


Focused Hard-Sound Projector
Textured grip for comfort


Sounds Deadly: Fires condensed sound waves that bludgeoning the target in order to injure, disorientate and otherwise incapacitate them. This not only allows it to be effective against a wide range of opponents, but makes it exceedingly difficult to defend against. Handy vs your local chapter of the lightsaber brigade.


Kick Back: The kickback recoil on the Uproar is akin to that of an ornery ronto and then some. Unless you happen to have Wookiee-like strength, regardless of how cool you think you are, it is strongly advised that you don’t try to play action hero with this weapon. Go with two hands, braced stance and space your shots. Your wrists will thank you later.

LOUD: You might avoid the brunt of this weapon by virtue of being on the other side of barrel, but frequent use can and will damage your hearing. It is also, and the designers cannot stress this strongly enough, really not recommended that you use this weapon on a stealth related mission.


As the name would suggest, Uproar is designed to be loud and proud solution to all your immediate combat troubles. Utilizing concentrated sound waves, it produces a narrow concussive blast of sonic energy in lieu of a conventional projectile, effectively subjecting the intended target to acute blunt force trauma. The full potential of this weapon is most readily displayed when used on organic subjects, being capable of rupturing (or outright destroying) organs, breaking bones and generally putting one heck of a crimp in their day.
Furthermore, as this weapon is also a sonic based in nature, the auditory nerves of the target are overloaded in the process. This invariably leads to burst eardrums, immense pain and severe disorientation that can further incapacitate them. The effects are notably spectacular (and fatal) when turned on members of the Bith species.
Please note that Tricks of the Trade will not be held liable for any loss of the user’s auditory function whilst they are utilizing this weapon. But then, if you’re not smart enough to realize you should wear appropriate protection when operating sonic weaponry, a little hearing damage is the least of your problems.
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Dash Kessler

Technically Outlawed.
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