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Character Srina Vail Talon


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    Srina Talon of Clan Vail grew up on the planet Eshan in the Inner Rim Territories with her mother, father, several sisters, and one brother. Her father, Raihane Talon, was a highly respected diplomat in the Echani Court that spent most of his days after his military career ensuring that trade routes in Vorsisalo airspace were kept stable. Her mother, Aeris, was a warrior that had served in the military for over two decades, but by the time Srina was born the stern woman had put that career behind her. She had shown affluence for artistry and made quite a profit from her creations through trade. She also took to ceremonial training and guiding new firedancers. Aeris could be removed from the military, certainly, but the fighter within would never die.

    Srina took strongly after her mother in appearance, nearly identical, as Echani are prone to be, whereas the rest of her siblings seem to resemble her father a little more. Her temperament is also identical to Aeris. For much of her formative years, Srina was the dutiful daughter. She went to school, studied, and practiced her sword-play until she bled. All that being said—They had a pleasant life in a loving home with pristine stone spires by the sea. The water was always warm, the weather always fair, so training wasn’t entirely unenjoyable. She often accompanied her siblings, especially, when she worried that Tellu might get into trouble.

    She took after mother. Serious. Astute. Tellu—Tellu had high spirits and embodied all that was fire. Srina was the exact opposite. It had a tendency to drive a wedge between herself and her siblings from time to time. They mistook her chilly nature and prim posture as dispassion and dislike. Nothing could be further from the truth. Age and training would slowly make that clearer. There are many moments when Echani can be misunderstood, but that, could be all too common.

    Echani can also occasionally be perceived as a scantily clad race of warrior women but the truth is far more complicated. The people of Eshan strive for
    perfection after their various civil wars and one of their most notable achievements, outside of art and music, is their mastery of martial arts. Every citizen is required to undergo some sort of training in melee combat and most would report it as being part of their childhood education.

    To that end, Srina went to primary school, secondary school, and then finally Dagorlind [Singer in Battle] when it became possible. She appeared to be force sensitive at a very young age, though considered rare, it wasn’t exactly uncommon. Her gifts were incorporated by the Priestesses and Clan leaders into her studies and were barely mentioned outside of the curriculum. She worked hard and excelled. Be it physical or mental. Slowly, her future began to take shape and she felt sure that she was on the right path. Most Echani politicians begin by serving in the military and Srina wished to follow in her beloved father’s footsteps. She found value in holding an open discussion and agreed that keeping a level of transparency in the government made Eshan stable. She wanted to ensure that his efforts continued and spread for the betterment of their people.

    She was far sweeter in her younger years, beneath layer, after layer of ice. Hopeful, impressionable, and idealistic.

    Learning, training, and fighting while being enlisted in Dagorlind changed her. The lessons made her even more distant and cold to those that loved her. The dreams that she used to foster slid away like sand through an hourglass as she rose in ranking. The more proficient she became in combat the further she moved from being a voice of reason. It was a bittersweet day when her swiftness of foot and calmness of mind led her to solidify her career as a warrior. Her friends were surprised, her family, so proud—And Srina, so secretly heartbroken. This was not what she wanted.

    Fearing that she would disappoint and shame her family she accepted the calling. Her title was one that was granted to a specific unit in the military that focused on flaking and infiltrating. It should have been an honor. She should have been ecstatic. Srina remembered being presented with the synthetic bodysuit armor, with the vibroblade, and a disruptor pistol. She remembered holding the ornate helmet with the amplifier that resonated their screams in such a way that it terrified their enemies. They wrought havoc like malevolent and deadly ghosts in enemy lines.

    Srina hated the position. But, she seemed to be good at it. She had her ups and downs but for years she fought and worked to better herself. If this was to be her purpose, she promised herself that she would be the best. She used burgeoning force abilities to aid in her battles but truth be told, even with instruction from the Priestesses, she didn’t really understand how these gifts from their bright lady worked. She could feel some sort of connection to something much larger than herself but her instructors insisted that it was the work of the Goddess. It was not her place to question what their faith had given her, merely her place, to use it accordingly.

    The young woman built up quite a name for herself and fortunately, or unfortunately, certain Elders of the Six Sisters took notice. Srina returned to her family home one evening to find emissaries of a Clan that her family was loyal to awaiting her return. They brought a proposal of marriage. The young woman was very surprised. Unions of this nature were very rare and almost unheard of. Regardless, it was official. To refuse would have gravely insulted the house that offered.

    Her father went back and forth with the emissaries on her behalf to no avail. Her equally lovely elder sister Valina even offered to take her place but they simply would not hear it. As hostilities rose it was decided that Srina would need to remove herself from the equation. Her mother and father were hesitant, but, it was the only excuse that would keep her safe. She didn’t know the damage it could ultimately do but the two houses could not fight over her if she wasn’t there. Perhaps, her suitor would then move their eyes elsewhere.

    It was unthinkable to disobey those that had given birth to her. For some reason, they were adamant that she not marry, at least, this man—Dalantus Vectius Eägon. There were rumors. She didn’t know what to think but Srina could say nothing more.

    She resigned from the military and was sent away in the middle of the night in one of the shuttles registered to the Talons. It was terrifying. She had rarely been away from her family, from her home, but the training she had received buried her fears. She was tired of her every choice falling outside of her control. She had been forced into becoming a warrior. She agreed with her parents. She would not be forced into becoming a wife and the eventual destruction of her Clan. The infraction would be small, but the only reason a larger Clan sought out another in this matter was with intent to absorb it. Most of the time the transition is mutually agreed upon. The Clan seeking her hand essentially seemed to be planning a hostile takeover where the Elders and the rest of Eshan would be nonethewiser.
    Arrival to Coruscant:

    Srina traveled for quite some time on her own. She escaped pursuers from Clan Eägon with the help of a few mercenaries, though, not without injury. About a year after her departure she started having Force Visions that drew her to Coruscant. Confused, inwardly frightened, and unable to make the visions stop she eventually followed them. This led her to Malok Malok and the Confederacy.​
    There she was taken in, sheltered, and given training. Her new Master became an extremely important figure in her life. A swiftly developed Force Bond ensured that they remained in-tune with one another at all times and in all things. They were a strange pair. Polar opposites—But terrifying in the same room.​

    Making Friends:

    She fought in several subsequent invasions but it all culminated to an alliance with several other major powers in the area. Through diplomatic efforts, they were able to band together to deal with the threats in the area. The Confederacy formed an alliance with the SJO, ORC, GA, and several other major powers that carried through for quite some time.​
    A bond with the Ancient Eye, through an extremely difficult encounter with a ghost, led her to become very close to Kainan Wolfe Kainan Wolfe .​

    End Game:

    The fall of the Galactic Alliance came as a shock to everyone. She was part of the rescue team but by the time they arrived to Coruscant, due to travel time, the nation had already fallen. An SSD had literally fallen on the Archives while Sithspawn roamed the streets. Aryn Teth Aryn Teth , the Supreme Commander of the Galatic Alliance, and a fast friend, was evacuated with hundreds of other Coruscanti citizens.​
    It took a long time to recover from this. The entirety of the galaxy was shaken. It was no surprise.​

    Tellu Time:

    Tellu Talon came to find Srina after Clan Eägon attacked their family for her absence. Srina hadn’t been informed yet, likely, due to the wars unfolding. Within the Dragonflower Nebula her sibling found her. And attacked. It was an act of pain, not of hate, and the sisters eventually were able to calm down and find peace. Srina was nearly destroyed by Tellu’s halberd—But there was no lost love. She understood. Tellu had lost her wife and child. There was nothing Srina could do about that but be there for her and help her mourn as best she could.​
    First Brush With Love:​
    An inexperienced Srina fell for Aryn Teth fairly swiftly after the fall of the GA. Perhaps, it began before. She wouldn’t be able to say with any certainty. There was a connection that seemed to transcend anything she had ever known. It wasn’t the Force. Something else. They eventually pledged themselves to one another, with a hopeful, quiet love story on the horizon.​

    Eshan - Crown of Sorrow:

    Srina returned home with more than just a few Confederates in tow. Her homeworld had been orbitally bombarded by the Mandalorian Empire. She hadn’t wanted to ask nor place the burden of her home on the nation that had taken her in, but, the Vicelord wouldn’t have it any other way. A grueling battle ensued that terrorized the entirety of the planet—But in the end Eshan retained its sovereignty.​
    The CIS offered aid to Eshan and kept the SSD Fortressa in the area to maintain an exclusion zone. She knew the Six Sisters wouldn’t be happy about having another nation, led by a male, protecting them but the Queen endorsed their care. There wasn’t much else to be said. Srina returns to Eshan as frequently as she dares to ensure that restoration is underway and that her family is doing well.​
    During the initial attacks her eldest sibling, Valina, was killed. Srina…Still has not come to terms with that and has compartmentalized the loss. Many of her other siblings were off-world at the time but Eira was still present. Srina worries for her, but, her wintry personality makes it difficult to express.​


    Not long after Eshan another blow came in the form of losing Tellu. Out of all of her siblings, due to age, and a variety of other factors—Srina had been closest with Tellu. Her sister sacrificed herself in healing the world and wound up in a coma. She later passed away on Monastery.​
    To this day she occasionally chooses to haunt Srina as a Force Ghost.​

    Kuat – Bombs, Away:

    Due to treachery and a secret plot Srina was subject to the after-effects of a thermal detonator during a battle on Kuat. Kyyrk Kyyrk , herself, and Aryn Teth Aryn Teth were in close proximity. Malok Malok nearly died saving her life, but, those efforts were not enough to save the life of her unborn child. Voph survived with minimal injured, but Aryn, required nano-tech to heal his injuries. The Force began to drain from him slowly but surely.​
    The culprit of the bomb at that time was thought to be the NR. The CIS was mistaken—But they wouldn’t find that out until much later.​

    Taanab – Night of Two Million X-Wings:

    After a Summit between several major powers dictated that the Mandalorian Empire had again gone too far the Confederacy struck. It was a strange battle. A one-sided battle. Srina spent much of her time with Tyra Tyra , her adopted child, who kindly gave her and a Duck a ride around the battlefield. She was promised a fight but it never arrived. Either way, through some craziness, and…I don’t have words for this invasion. It was crazy. CIS won. The end.​

    Eternity’s End:

    It came to light that the Invasion of Kuat was brought about by machinations by the Eternal Empire. A defector admitted to all of the atrocities that led them to war, and, the bombing that ended the life of her child. Srina feels extremely betrayed at this point. Her control over the Force has been slipping while her anger climbs higher and faster. For the most part—She’s kept it in check but she is far more final than she used to be. Cruel. The loss of her family, her child, the betrayal of her friend, has changed her in ways that have brought her closer to being a Sith.​
    The Darkside is a more effective tool. Srina intends to use it to the fullest against any and all that intend her nation, or her home, harm. Her fury knows no end.​
    Lover's End:

    In the wake of the loss of their child, Aryn Teth, has ventured off on his own. While the Force drains from him—Nothing has been the same. They can hardly feel each other as they used to and it has made grieving impossible. They have parted ways. It wasn't an act of anger, more so, one of extreme sadness and a mutual understanding that things could not continue as they were. Srina...Will always love him to some degree. As much as her heart is able.​
    She simply can't be with him.​

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    Raihane Talon [NPC] - Father (Echani Diplomat)
    Aeris Talon [NPC] - Mother (Artist & Ceremonial Trainer)
    Ryndrae Talon [PC] (Uncle - Father's Side)
    Elessar Talon [PC] (Uncle - Father's Side)
    Valina Talon [NPC] - Eldest Sister (Died during the Eshan Saga)
    Ghost of Tellu [PC] - 1st Younger Sister (Died on Monastery - After Hoylin Dom)
    Cyprine Talon [PC] - 2nd Younger Sister
    Viluy Talon [NPC] - 3rd Younger Sister
    Zna-Abaroth Zna-Abaroth [PC] - 4th Younger Sister
    Var Talon [PC] - Younger Brother
    Eira Talon [PC] - 5th Younger Sister​


    Aryn Teth Aryn Teth [Ex-fiancee]


    Isley Verd Isley Verd
    Aryn Teth

    1.) Dalantus Vectius Eägon [NPC]

    Dalantus of Clan Eägon is a celebrated Echani warrior that is the bane of Srina's existence. On the surface, he is an exalted warlord with extensive training, battle prowess, and accolades. This is surprising considering the very matriarchal nature of Eshan. He is from an old family with deep roots, wealth, and influence. Most Echani would jump at the chance of a marriage contract with someone of that caliber and breeding. Yet, all is not as it appears to be. Srina and her Family know that this man is vicious and bloodthirsty in a way that their culture does not abide from their shared time in Dagorlind. He lives for the kill, the thrill of it, and enjoys every moment. His desperate attempts to secure her hand in a legal union are less romantic than he would lead most to believe. He has convinced his Elders that between the two of them, through their love, they could produce the strongest Echani warriors in history. The truth is that he seeks a foothold in Clan Vail so that he can dismantle it and add her family name, wealth, and lands to his own. Being a noble, being respected, isn't good enough for him. He wants everything as far as the eye can see. He operates by twisting the old laws to his favor and by retaining a very charming personality. He used the chaos of the Invasion with the Collective to slip through suspicion.

    Since Srina's initial departure from Eshan, to protect herself, and her family, Dalantus has sent numerous parties after her. From Sith assassins to his own militia to her own distant family.

    Dalantus Vectius Eägon died horribly on Eshan during Exodus Crash. The threat is neutralized.

    2.) Kaine Australis Kaine Australis - For the orbital bombardment of Eshan and the subsequent damages done during Exodus Crash. Followed by his participation in events that took place during the Crown of Sorrow.

    3.) Eternal Empire - Srina has been led to believe that the EE, including Kainan Wolfe Kainan Wolfe , plotted a treasonous act that resulted in the death of her unborn child. The subsequent departure from CIS space has left her suspicions justified yet not entirely confirmed. Pushing them into war during the Corrupted and with the final betrayal more personal than most. This anger runs deep.

    4.) Koda Fett Koda Fett - Frenemy.

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